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Him Ch. 02

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As they enter the shower. His lips find hers once more. Tasting His cum mixed with the taste of her all at once. Whispering softly to her. “My name is Nick.” And yours?

Still overwhelmed by His handling of her and the lust He built within her softly stammering “mine is Liz.”

Taking her hand, leading them both into the large shower. The hot water streaming down upon the sweating flesh.

“Ohhh.” she cried. As the hot water ran across the burning parts of her ass.

Chuckling in His mind. Nick’s hand reaching down gently kneading the plush flesh there. Knowing it stung but finding it incredibly erotic that she didn’t fight Him over it and knew He was sure this was her first time with anything like this. Gently nuzzling her neck. Tongue glides out slowly dragging from base of neck to the ear. Biting it tenderly. Feeling the lush curves press against Him as the ivory flesh begins to tremble in the heated water.

Thoughts moving a mile a minute. Liz’s mind screaming “what the hell did you just get yourself into?” Shaking a little but His hot tongue distracting her to no end. Wondering how she let Him hit her with that paddle. Why did she allow Him to even guide her to His home without even knowing His damn name. What in the hell was in her drink earlier? All of this crazy through her head.

His finger tilts her chin. Nick’s blue eyes search for her lovely emeralds. Looking deep as His firm lips gain hers devouring them like a lion devouring a lamb. Moans escape her lips like music to His ears. Liz’s pale arms reach to grab His shoulders. Eyes closing as the heat begins to consume her again. Afraid of what might happen next but also afraid not to go further as she has never been so horny in her entire life.

Leading her out of the shower, Nick stands there dripping upon the carpet. Holding out one towel. Not two just one. Waits in silence to see what she does. Liz looks around for another towel as emerald eyes drink in His dripping form. Wanting to touch Him again so bad. Bare feet pad behind Him. Pressing the towel to his back. Slowly in circular motions drying Him. Moving down the arms, the back, across His firm ass, down the legs. Moving to the front. Down His chest, placing light kisses as she goes, down His legs, finally kuşadası escort back to His wonderful cock. Grins devilishly as she moves closer to it. Blowing gently the beads of wet slip away as the heat of the lovely mouth dries this area so well. Tongue delving out wrapping around the tip and teasing it with a gently suckle.

Backing away, still on the floor unsure of what do to, what He wants. Oh god what if He is mad that I dried Him? Trembling as suddenly her hair wrapped in his powerful fist pulling her from the ground. Looking at her swollen lips. Leaning forward crushing His to hers. Tongue forcing its way into her sweet mouth. Rolling around it. Suckling upon the tenderness. Nick wraps the towel around her and pushes her back towards the bed. Liz’s ass still stinging as eyes land on the paddle. A surge of wetness flows between the silky thighs. Pulling the covers back Nick guides Liz to bed. Then crawls in beside her. Pulling her deep into His arms.

Finally after about 20 minutes of just holding her He speaks. “You are wondering what has happened tonight?” or “what you have done?” Probably a lot of questions. Please voice them so that I may help you with them.” He said.

“Well I…I..have never been touched this way.” she stated. “I am unsure how You were able to do this without my protesting.” “Was I drugged?” she cried suddenly.

“No Liz.” He said reassuringly. “You were not drugged and you are ok.” He then began to explain the happenings. Explained about the lifestyle of Dominance and submission. How some women are submissives and do not realize it and how some men that are Dominants pick that right up and go with it. He noticed Liz in the bar and knew almost immediately she was submissive. Liz sat listening avidly but in shock. He also assured her that what she experienced tonight was very virginal. Nothing like what can happen and does happen. Liz was remarkably shocked. Had heard of kinky things like whips and chains and wearing all this vinyl and things but nothing like what He was discussing. He explained to her as well that what was occurring now was aftercare. What every good dominant gave to a submissive be she old or new.

“What is aftercare?” queried Liz.

“Aftercare is where the kuşadası escort bayan submissive is allowed time to wind down out of subspace that place of intense feelings where everything is stimulated and you feel almost on overload. Then the questions begin within. The self doubting and the confusion.” “This time is for the Dominant to care for you and help you understand what you did and what happened and how natural and ok it was.” He said.

Liz shook her head in understanding. Her heart began to slow as she relaxed more an more into His arms. Nick’s strong body lean against her plush curves. He leaned down and kissed her gently.

“ You have pleased me well girl.” He whispered

Shocked Liz looked at Him then at herself. For the life of her she could not figure out how this handsome man would want someone like her. She started out with the question when

“Silence girl.” He said commandingly. “ I do not want to hear anything on that subject.” “You please me that is all that matters here.”

“Please forgive me Nick.” she begged. “I am not used to being pleasing.” “Most think I am to fat.” she coughed out.

“Shhhh babe.” He said. “All will be well.”

His hand between her thighs now. Slowly and methodically rolling over her pearl. Down the slit and up again. Liz’s pearly whites bit hard into her lip as the excitement built once again. Pressing her hips into the bed refusing to lift them though desperate for His touch. Nick knew she was fighting Him and also knew one day He would have to teach her that lesson of no fighting the Dominant. Suddenly two fingers slid easily into her hot wet pussy. Fingers gripped His arms as hips began to meet the rhythm He ensued. God she is so hot and such a slut. Nick was pleased with his find. Her hand moving down between them, wrapping around His thick cock. Moving up and down it at the same rhythm. Imagining Him deep inside her. Squeezing His hard tissue. Their moans mingling as the pressure begins to build for them both. In and out, up and down. Tongue intertwine, teeth biting lips as the rhythm isn’t broken. Increasing it as Liz was about to explode. Lifting hips higher to meet His fingers. Stroking His cock harder as she can’t hold back any longer. Suddenly Liz escort kuşadası bucks wildly against His hand. Screaming out in the room. Pussy soaking His hand as spasms rip through the ivory flesh. Her hand still working magic wanting Him to cum to. Glazed eyes meet His as the kiss breaks. Her head ducks forward kissing Him again. Still gripping His fingers buried inside her tight hot hole. Fingers squeezing, hands stroking. Tongue licking His lips. Feeling that long length begin to swell and thicken. His fingers begin moving inside her hard and fast suddenly. Faster. Harder the noise within the room of her juices fills their ears. Slamming into her as her hands continue manipulating that awesome flesh. Nick adds a third finger to her cunt. “Cum NOW Liz NOW.” He screams.

Just them they both explode. His cum shooting across her belly. Her juices soaking His hand dripping down upon His body. Her hand filled with His thick goo. Liz’s leg trembling from the force of the orgasm. Gasping for air as the waves of passion roll over and over.

Liz lifts up seeing His cum upon her hand and her belly. Begins to rub it into her flesh. Leaning forward taking the tip of the cum soaked cock and licking it. Suckling. Moving the pink tissue up and down the thick length. Getting all the cream off. Feeling His hand in her hair as she deep throats Him. Nick holds her their. His body on fire just to pump this beauties mouth. Liz swallowing His tip as it is so long. Finally allowing her up. His smile radiates His gorgeous features.

“Liz hon.” said Nick “You my dear are a natural slut.” “In a good way not bad.” “You are a submissive but you have to decide if you wish to find out what that really means.” He watched her as He explained. “Over time a submissive answers to One whom she calls her Master or owner.” “Sometimes she is collared to Him first and then her training begins.” “Other times she is trained without collar and submits to another.”

“Nick” said Liz. “All I know is You do things to me that I have never felt before.” “I do not know if I could turn away from it.” “I don’t know what You want from me.”

Nick held Liz through the rest of the night. He took her three more times greedily and passionately the first two. Then slowed the pace down and took her with care stretching her, priming her, giving her a glimpse of what there was to be offered………………….

Nick and Liz had a lot to talk about. But would she run in fear of what He brought out in her? Or will she stay and become enslaved by His power over her?


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