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Entering Orbit Ch. 02

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Sarah tried to stretch in the cramped confines of her sleeping cubical as she slipped off her daytime coveralls. There was barely enough room in the closet-sized space to turn around, and getting changed required some dexterous acrobatics that would have been impossible in normal gravity.

Sarah had been on the Space Station for five days now, and the strain of the work was beginning to show. Designed to be operated by a crew of six astronauts, cutbacks and delays meant that there were normally only two people aboard, an American and a Russian. Right now there were five of them – Alexi and James, who would be returning to Earth tomorrow, plus herself and Grigory, who would take the next six-month shift on orbit. Pete, the millionaire space tourist made up the fifth person on board, but he didn’t have the training to help them out unloading their specialised equipment and re-packing the second Soyuz for the return trip. As far as he was concerned, he was on vacation. Sarah didn’t really approve of the blatant profiteering being shown by the Russian Space Agency in flying tourists, but it helped to pay the bills that allowed her to keep flying, so…

Letting out a happy sigh, Sarah released the clasp on her constraining sports bra and watch it drift away across the tiny room, letting her D-cup breasts float free. The uncomfortable garment was a pain, but given the generous size of Sarah’s chest it was something of a necessity in zero-gravity, especially when working in tight quarters with four men. Sarah was 36, an attractive woman, and so was used to receiving surreptitious glances from men, especially the bunch of juvenile fighter-jocks that made up at least half of the astronaut corps. She’d spent most of her career trying to downplay her sexual characteristics in order to be taken more seriously.

Despite the sports bra, she’d received looks here too. Alexi and James both had women waiting for them back home, but they had been cooped up on the Station for six months now, and she definitely got the impression they’d missed having some female company in that time. In fact, if the hungry expressions she’d caught on their faces were anything to go by, their wives were in for a sleepless week or two upon their return.

Pete had been almost as bad, though he’d not been away from Earth for even a week, and hadn’t exactly been celibate during training. Sarah remembered one night in particular in Moscow, the night before a photo-op meeting with a delegation from the Russian Duma, when she’d had the room next to Pete’s. The hotel was past its prime, but the youthful millionaire most definitely wasn’t if the sounds that had come through the room’s thin walls were anything to go by. Sarah closed her eyes as she remembered it, her hands drifting unconsciously to her floating breasts. They’d gone on all night, and the woman’s very vocal exclamations of pleasure made it clear the man was at least as skilful a lover as he was a stock broker. By the following morning, Sarah wasn’t sure if she was angrier with him for preventing her from sleeping, or for leaving her turned on and frustrated.

Sarah took a sharp breath as she gently squeezed her left breast, then snapped her eyes opened as she realised what she was doing. What was wrong with her?! Ever since the launch (the launch! She felt a hot pulse in her core at the memory of that incredible launch!), she’d found herself more and more daydreaming about sex. She never used to think about it so much. Maybe it was an effect of weightlessness, screwing around with her hormonal balance? Maybe it the fact that she was doing much less exercise in zero-gee was leaving her with more pent-up energy, looking for an escape? Or maybe it was just having been without for over three years. Being confined in a small, sealed area with four fit, virile men, at least one of whom had seen her flustered after losing control on the flight up. All but one of whom had been making eyes at her all week. Sarah’s eyelids half closed again and her hands moved of their own accord as she felt her pink, exposed nipples begin to stand erect…

No! She snapped herself out of it, and quickly pulled on her nightshirt and panties. She was an astronaut, a professional! She couldn’t just keep losing focus like this! Angry at herself, she pulled a clipboard from its velcro pad and began going through tomorrow’s schedule. But she couldn’t concentrate on it. After twenty minutes she gave up, and pulled aside the fabric door of her cubical to go in search of some water.

It was late, and the station’s lights had been dimmed for the evening, with most of the small viewports covered to screen the light of a new sunrise every ninety minute orbit. Sarah could hear the steady breathing of her crewmates over the ever-present hum of the air conditioning, as she pulled herself along the capsule. Leaving the Zvezda module, she entered Zarya and filled Beylikdüzü Ukraynalı Escort a squeezy tube from the tiny Station kitchen. As she did so, she caught a glimpse of movement from the far end of the Station. Through the length of the Destiny lab, she could make out a crouched figure in the Unity module, a figure that a year of training meant she could instantly identify as Pete. He was drifting by Unity’s big porthole, the blue glow of Earthlight bathing his face. Giving up on sleep for the moment, Sarah pulled herself along and headed up to meet him.

“Hi,” she said quietly, touching his upper arm as she came up beside him. Pete turned and smiled. “Hel..” he started, before his eyes dropped, the friendly smile fixing on his face. “…lo”.

Sarah mentally cursed herself. She wasn’t wearing the bra, and her weightless breasts were drifting free and unfettered under the loose material of her nightshirt. With obvious difficulty, Pete pulled his eyes away from her chest and looked back out of the window. “It’s quite a view,” he commented lightly.

Sarah felt her cheeks redden, but was determined not to let this man fluster her. “It’s a view you paid a lot of money to see,” she retorted. “But I suppose even a man like you can’t get everything he wants by paying for it.”

“True,” he chuckled softly. “This was something of an expensive vacation, but I think I got my money’s worth. Great accommodation, fantastic scenery.” He turned and looked directly into her eyes “The only thing missing has been a holiday romance.”

The memory of that Moscow hotel briefly flitted through Sarah’s mind again before she regained control of herself. “Space is not a Club 18-30 venue, Pete,” she reminded him. “It’d be difficult for you to get up to your normal bedroom antics when you don’t have a bed.”

He raised an eyebrow. “And what do you know about that?” he asked.

She blushed, but came out defiant. “Just the way you used to keep me awake with your latest conquest whenever we were in neighbouring rooms.”

“You were listening?” he asked archly.

“It was hard not to!” she blurted. “All night every night. I can’t imagine what you were doing to get a reaction like that!”

“So you did try to imagine it, did you?” he asked.

Sarah couldn’t believe how the conversation was going. Whilst she was still floundering for a reply, Pete said “It looks like you’ve been imagining it recently.”

Sarah looked down where he indicated, and saw that her erect nipples were plainly visible through the material of her top. Embarrassment, anger and arousal all conflicted in Sarah’s mind.

“Anyway,” Pete continued, “I don’t image the lack of a bed would be any hindrance. Surely your training must have covered those secret NASA experiments everyone’s heard about?”

“Experiments? You mean those idiotic websites claiming that NASA sent up mixed shuttle crews to test zero-gee sex toys?” Sarah laughed. “Surely you don’t believe that.”

“Maybe there were no official experiments then,” Pete granted in his low, deep voice. “But married couples have flown together, and most shuttle crews were mixed. With so many fit, prime men and women working so close together for weeks at a time, I’m sure that more than a few of them must have given in to their curiosity.”

As he was talking, Pete had drifted closer towards Sarah. She saw his eyes fixed on hers and felt the heat rise in her. “Do you mean to say you were never curious yourself?” he asked, his strong hands gripping her upper arms to stabilise the two of them. “You never wondered how it might feel to be endlessly falling as a man to touches you, brings you alive?” Her breathing became shallow as he brushed her face. She turned her head into him as his fingers traced behind her ear. His other hand left her arm and traced down between her shoulders, before coming to a rest in the small of her back, pressing her body tightly to his. Her eyelids fluttered, his lips centimetres from hers, as he whispered, “Have you never wanted to be kissed in freefall?”

“Yes,” she whispered, abandoning herself to her desires. “Yes, I want to…”

She closed her eyes as his mouth claimed hers. Her lips parted as his questing tongue deepened the kiss, the hand in her hair pushing her to him as her own hands reached around his torso, feeling the muscles of his back through the thin station jacket. They drifted slowly in the soft earthlight, their bodies entwined as they strained to force their weightless bodies together. Pete’s hands moved down her body to grip her bottom firmly, before continuing to slide down her thighs, directing Sarah to move her long legs around him. Sarah crossed her ankles behind his tight backside, the strong muscles of her legs pulling their bodies together, as Pete began to kiss her neck.

Sarah let a low groan escape her as Beylikdüzü Üniversiteli Escort Pete’s mouth worked along her neck to the top of her chest. Still held tight in her grasp, he separated their torsos fractionally and began to slid her cotton top up her body. Sarah raised her arms for him, feeling the bulge of his erection press against her as he exposed her breasts to his gaze. For a moment they just drifted there, his hands gripping her torso as he drank in the sight of her naked chest in the soft blue light. She had never felt so wanton, so sexual as she did at that moment, drifting in mid-air as this man ravished her with his lustful eyes. She could see his hunger, feel his arousal.

His hands slid back up her torso as they floated together in the warm air. Sarah closed her eyes as Pete traced his fingers along the sensitive underside of her breasts. Her breaths came raggedly as he squeezed them in his hands, her nipples hard and exposed, begging for his touch. Her legs held him tighter, and she began moving her hips against his crotch as Pete’s fingers finally closed on her teats, sending pulses of pleasure through her body.

“Oh God,” she whispered as his lips descended on her breast, sucking and pulling on her nipple with his teeth. Of its own accord, one of her hands moved down between them, feeling the hard lump of his arousal through his trousers. Her fingers stole beneath the elasticised waistband so that she could play her questing digits against the smooth flesh of his shaft. “I want you, Pete,” she whispered as he groaned at her touch as she squeezed for emphasis. “I want you’re cock inside me.”

Pete pulled back suddenly, sending them drifting to opposite sides of the capsule. Even as he flew, he pulled frantically at his jacked, almost ripping it off to reveal the hard, muscled torso beneath. Pure lust in his eyes, he pushed off towards her. She did the same, and they met in the centre of the room, pirouetting in mid-air as they collided and held on, tongues and lips exploring the exposed flesh of the other.

“I’ve been fantasising about you for so long, Sarah,” Pete gasped between kisses. “You were always so aloof, all through training. You were a real ice-queen.” Sarah drew a sudden breath as his fingers delved into her trousers to press firmly against her moist opening. “You’re not so cold now, are you?” he asked as he slid a finger along her wet slit. “No, now you’re hot and ready, aren’t you? Ready to add a few new chapters to the NASA Sutra, aren’t you, you filthy girl!”

Sarah could only groan in agreement as his clever hands worked her pussy, slipping two fingers deep into her hot core. She sighed at his penetration as her body clenched wetly around his invasive digits.

Pulling his hand free, Pete took a long, deliberate suck on his damp fingers. “Mmm, you taste good, Sarah. Better than that rehydrated crap we’ve been eating. I think I’d like to taste some more.”

Hooking his feet into a couple of hoops on the floor, he launched Sarah upwards, grabbing her waistband as she passed him. With one quick tug he had her trousers off, then hauled her back down by her legs.

“Here’s something you can’t do in gravity!” he laughed. Holding her by the waist, he spun her through 180 degrees so they were top to tail. Sarah couldn’t help letting a hand steal between her legs as Pete finally pulled his own trousers and underpants down, before releasing his feet from the floor restraints to float free with her.

There was his cock, just inches from her face – the first cock she had seen in three years. It was hard, about eight inches long, and fat, just as Sarah had pictured it in her hotel room. She could almost feel the heat of it on her cheeks as it seemed to strain towards her, gently throbbing in time to his pulse.

Reaching out with one hand, Sarah caressed Pete’s weightless balls, eliciting a deep moan from him, before skimming her fingers along the shaft. With thumb and forefinger she encircled it’s tip and pulled Pete’s foreskin fully back, exposing its swollen purple end.

Three years. Her first cock in three years, and it was magnificent.

So entranced was she by the sight of his manhood, she hardly noticed as Pete pulled her panties aside and laid her intimately bare to his own gaze. She barely noticed, that is, until she felt his hot tongue running along her inner lips.

She let out a sharp gasp as his tongue caressed her pouting slit, playing along the hot folds, sparking every nerve. Her grip on his shaft tightened as he reached her throbbing clit, sucking gently before moving back down along her femininity. Her eyes closed as she revelled in the sensations he was creating. Her left hand moved unconsciously to grip his firm arse, holding him in place as her right hand began squeezing and moving along his phalus in time to his lapping. Beylikdüzü Vip Escort She opened her eyes again to see Pete’s rigid dick in front of her, its scent filling her nostrils as his arms wrapped around her thighs, his fingers spreading her further so his supple tongue could delve deeper into her core.

Almost without will, Sarah pulled his dick closer to her, her fingers clasping it’s hot hardness tightly, and took a long, slow lick across his helmet.

Pete paused in his actions and groaned as Sarah took him deep inside her mouth. She had one hand wrapped around the root of his cock, making it unbelievably hard as he other hand clasped his buttocks. Her head bobbed up and down on his shaft, sucking hard on every upstroke, he tongue swirling around his tip. Pete had had a few blowjobs in his time, but this one was literally out of this world.

Feeling Sarah’s lips on his cock, inhaling her intoxicating musk and seeing her red, swollen pussy lips in front of him, Pete brought his mouth down once more and began to suck hard on Sarah’s clit. Gripping onto a thigh to stabilise them, he frantically worked the fingers of his other hand in and out of her slick opening.

Sarah was in heaven. Weightless in the warm air, her mouth and pussy both filled by this strong masculine body. She wrapped her legs tight around Pete’s head as he continued a steady rhythm, his rough, wet tongue pressing firmly against Sarah’s clit as her orgasm rose. Her hips bucked uncontrollably against his face, and his cock slipped from her mouth as the pleasure began to grow and peak in her core. Her right hand was a blur on Pete’s saliva-coated dick. Then the wave of her orgasm broke, the muscles in her cunt spasming as Pete forced his tongue inside, and an incredible ray of ecstasy piercing through her, blocking out all thought.

As the waves of pleasure slowly began to ebb away, Sarah opened her eyes to see that Pete had righted himself and was now facing her. Grabbing his face with both hands, Sarah pulled him to her and kissed him fiercely. His face was wet with her cum, and she could taste and smell herself on him as her tongue forced its way into his mouth, arousing her all over again.

Pete responded with a hunger of his own, one strong arm snaking around her waist to pull them together. Floating in mid-air, Sarah felt his hot, hard member pressing into her belly, and reached down to grasp it with one hand. Pete groaned as her fingers gripped him, breaking the kiss.

“Oh Sarah,” he moaned, “Oh Sarah, I want to fuck you so bad.”

“Then do it!” Sarah pleaded. “Stick it in me! Shove it in me like you did all those other girls!” She could see them in her head, a parade of beautiful young women being taken, one after another, by this millionaire playboy stud, each being brought to the pinnacle of ecstasy. “Do me like them! Make me scream like they did! Fuck me!!”

Moving both hands to her waist, Pete moved Sarah in front of him. She held her legs straight out in a V-shape in front of her, as Pete pulled her down so that the tip of his cock was just brushing her swollen lips, driving her wild. Grabbing the handholds on either side of the viewport to brace herself, Sarah pushed herself down as Pete’s hands on her hips pulled his weightless body to her.

Sarah closed her eyes as she felt Pete’s hard rod slowly penetrate her. Inch by inch, Sarah felt his hot, rigid member invade her, stretching open her tight inner walls, slipping deeper and deeper into her body until his entire length lay pulsing inside of her, filling her up. God, it felt so good! The still bright afterglow of her first orgasm combined with the feeling of endlessly falling to heighten every sensation. Time seemed to come to a standstill as she revelled in the feeling of him inside her. The cool flow of an air vent was playing along her chest, chilling her sensitised nipples, making them swell to an almost unbearable hardness.

Pete began to pull slowly back out of her, the friction of his motion sparking a thousand tiny fireworks as Sarah’s desperate sex clamped down on his iron shaft. The tightening grip of his hands on her flesh, and Pete thrust inwards once more, reaching even greater depths as the force of his motion set her weightless breasts quivering with the impact. Sarah’s legs came up behind him, clasping Pete’s body tightly in an effort to keep him deep inside her, but still she felt the thickness of his cock start to withdraw from her wet passage. Again his return thrust filled her, penetrating her to the core.

For minutes or hours they continued like that, each new thrust bringing Sarah ever-greater pleasure, until her entire body seemed alive with sensation. Through slitted eyes she could see Pete straining between her thighs, his breath coming fast as his movements increased in tempo. Closing her eyes, she allowed his increasing urgency to push her higher, his rapid but deliberate movements within her forcing her ever higher. Finally, with one last almighty push, she felt his manhood pump its hot seed deep inside her, sparking her own climax, forcing Sarah to bite her lip to contain the amazing feeling, making her head tip upwards in rapture. And when she opened her eyes, all she could see were stars.

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