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The Most Sensuous Game Ch. 03

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***the 3rd installment of a story following a young woman who is kidnapped and dropped on a tropical island where women are hunted for sex. This chapter focuses on an intimate first time shared between Natalie and her friend Jenna***

Jenna’s face lit up with happiness when she saw me coming through the island brush, but her joy was immediately replaced with concern when she noticed my swollen face and then horror when her eyes fell on the cloth bag in my hands. Jenna knew the bag was thrown to women here after falling prey to a hunter’s sexual conquest. It was a badge of shame.

My last memory before I woke tied to a post in the darkness on this island was walking home from the campus coffee shop where I worked. Whomever kidnapped me, stole more than my happiness and clothing, somehow they had also taken my speech and as far as I could tell, the voices of everyone on the island.

Before today, I had avoided falling prey to the men on this island for more than a week. Here they hunt me and who knows how many other young women down like animals and take us for their sexual conquest. Had it not been for Jenna, I would not have lasted as long as I did. She rescued me my first night, showed me the food sources and shared the hidden tropical pool that I now stood before.

Somberly I stumbled past her and sat on our small secluded beach. Jenna sat next to me, were she able to speak, I doubt she would have had the words. Opening the bag I shared the feast which had cost me so much – a couple rolls, fruit, nuts and 2 sticks of jerky. I think she considered refusing the food, but realized I needed my sacrifice, however unwilling, to make some sort of difference.

With the food in the bag gone, Jenna stood and led me to the cool waters as she had done on my first day here on the island. I stood there motionless, the cool waters midway up my stomach, my head tilted down, avoiding Jenna’s eyes. My only true friend slowly, methodically rinsed the sand, dirt and shame from my body one tender handful of water at a time. Her soft and gentle hands were calming and comforting.

Jenna’s hands gently held my head and slowly raised it. My eyes wandered up from the water until they met hers. In those deep, dark eyes I saw neither pity nor shame. When I saw her pouty lips mouth the words, “Oh Natalie,” I broke down. Jenna held me there in the water, lightly stroking my sun-bleached hair as I sobbed, and continued comforting me into the night even holding me while I slept.


I woke quietly, eyes swollen, Jenna’s arms still wrapped around me, our naked flesh pressed warmly together in the cool morning air. Jenna stirred behind me and I turned into her, looked deep into her eyes and mouthed the words “thank you.” I wanted her to hear those words, to know how much I appreciated çekmeköy escort her. Then, I kissed her.

The kiss wasn’t premeditated, it just… happened. It was natural, warm and as beautiful as this island paradise. I watched Jenna’s eyes close a tender moment after our lips first met. My eyes closed too, focusing my attention on touch. Her lips were warm, soft and full. The kiss started with our lips briefly parted, her lips closing around my top lip and mine around her bottom.

Jenna had kissed me during my first day on the island, but not like this. I’d never kissed another woman like this before. It started somewhat confusing because it was friendly but also loving and tender. My confusion lifted when I felt her mouth open and the warm wetness of her tongue slip into my mouth.

Immediately sparks of passion shot through my naked body and down between my legs. My tongue reached out to greet hers and together they twisted and danced in the shared warmth of our mouths. Jenna’s hands now moved across my back and stroked my hair, pulling the flesh of our bodies together. My hands too were wandering across her deeply bronzed skin and grasping fistfuls of her dark black hair.

This was starkly different from anything I’d ever done with guys who approached these intimate moments like they did video games – advancing through the levels as quickly as possible trying to win the game. Time stopped and the world floated away as our bodies were woven together in passion, and it was only the beginning.

In one swift and silky movement, Jenna rolled on top, never breaking our kiss. Straddling me she supported her weight on her hands and knees, leaning forward kissing me, unleashing feelings of an animal type passion I’d never felt before. Her hands found mine, interlacing our fingers and pinning them on the ground above my head. I was completely at her mercy – feeling both helpless and safe at once.

Jenna broke our kiss and pulled away, gazing into my eyes. I looked back at her, every ounce of my being pleading for her to continue. Slowly she lowered her head towards me, I lifted my head to meet her, but she stopped just out of reach, and a teasing smile crept slyly across her beautiful face. She leaned forward pulling her hips off me and lowering her right breast just out of reach of my longing mouth.

I had envied Jenna’s breasts the moment I first saw them in our secret pool. Round and full they resisted the gravity which must pull at their weight. They were larger than mine, probably a C cup back in the world where we had clothing. They were deeply bronzed by the sun and accentuated at the tip with dark brown, half dollar-sized areolas. Centered in each areola was a matching pencil eraser-sized nipple that now was hard, standing nearly an inch off her breast.

Repeatedly, cevizli escort Jenna brushed her erect nipples across my face and particularly my lips, staying just far enough away to prevent me from engulfing its darkened tip. The teasing was erotic; with each pass, my desire to suck on her nipples grew. Finally, she lowered one into the warmth of my wanting mouth.

I sucked her in deeply, forcing a groan of pleasure to erupt from her lips. My tongue playfully danced around her hardened nipple, flicking, licking and pulling at its excited rigidity. The expression in Jenna’s face and her soft moans encouraged my rookie efforts. I’d not realized how powerful it would be to give this much pleasure to another woman and how much it would turn me on. My body yearned to be touched, back arching into the air beneath Jenna’s hanging breasts.

Jenna slowly pulled a nipple from my mouth, and as she did I gave it a playful nibble. She then leaned down, past flushed face to kiss my neck. Her kisses continued downward until they circled my nipples which were screaming for attention. I watched the dark complexion of her face and lips until they pulled my small pink nipple inside. My breasts were much smaller than hers, a small B cup, tipped with small, quarter-sized pink areolas and nipples. Even though my body had been kissed by the islands tropical sun, it remained fair compared to Jenna and the contrast between her dark mouth and my milky breast was amazing.

As Jenna’s mouth and tongue teased my nipples I felt the warmth of her pussy resting on my own warm wetness. Slowly she swiveled her hips, rubbing our pussies together. The swollen lips of our pussies slipped against each other, our shared wetness proof of our aroused state. The grinding was bumping my clit perfectly, slowly building for an orgasm and it appeared to be working for her too.

Jenna released her lock on my breasts and sat up. Our fingers still entangled, but now embraced in the air between us. Her grinding was more deliberate and I felt the tingles of a warm flush wash over my naked body.

It was surreal, like watching an exotic porn star. Jenna’s eyes were closed, head tilted back, biting her lower lip. Each thrust and gyration of her hips caused a slight bounce in her incredible tits. Now I was lifting my hips to meet each intensified thrust delivered by Jenna. Together our rocking turned furious as our bodies fought to hold back the orgasms. Breathing ceased.

And then, together, we burst; pleasure pouring out of us like a torrential rain. My orgasm pounded my body with wave after wave of crashing pleasure. As our orgasms subsided, the grinding was replaced by the wet sliding of our swollen pussies together until Jenna finally collapsed on top of me. Even in my exhausted state I was turned on by our erenköy escort breasts rubbing together.

We laid there like that for several minutes before Jenna lifted her exotic body and kissed me. Our lips were full and soft, yet cool, their warm blood drained to other parts more deserving during our encounter. That kiss was more loving, more tender than I thought possible. We laid there together for a long time, neither of us wanting the moment to end.


After some time, reality began to creep into my mind, ending my special moment with Jenna. I think she felt the same way because we looked at each other one last time before rising to our feet.

We both knew it was time to leave the pool which had become our home. For this no words were necessary. The food was gone and as we foraged further and longer, our risk of another hunter encounter increased significantly.

Jenna and I slipped into the cool refreshing waters for one last swim. This time was different, I basked in her personal space, kissing, hands exploring and eyes lusting after each other’s wet bodies. I was learning Jenna was a tease. Her hands rubbed my breasts, fingers rolling my hardened nipples between them. She playfully squeezed my ass until finally her hand drifted between my legs.

She stood behind me, cupping and kneading my left breast while holding the warm opening of my pussy in her right hand. I waited with great anticipation for her to slip a finger inside me. Jenna began to trace the opening to my pussy up and down with her long, slender middle finger, parting its lips and sliding the wetness along, but just when I felt like she was about to penetrate me, Jenna kissed me on the neck, slipped her hands away from my body, turned and began to walk away, leaving me heated with no relief.

Turned on and a little frustrated, we set off, hoping to find escape or a new home that offered food, shelter and fresh water.

Cautiously we moved through the tropical jungle, searching all morning and into the thick heat of the afternoon. We were traveling through a part of the island where neither of us had been before. Just as I was about to collapse with exhaustion, I saw a large pool hidden in the understory. Jenna saw it too and together we rushed toward the cooling waters.

When we reached the water’s edge I felt the ground yanked from under my feet and crashed into Jenna as our bodies were hurdled into the air. We both screamed, too long and loudly when there are hunters about. After our initial surprise we bounced and swayed, uncomfortably balled together in a rope net, 10 feet above the sandy floor.

Before we had even stopped rocking back and forth a small group of young women emerged from the brush. Immediately I knew they were different. Like everyone else on the island they were nude, but their bodies were painted with exotic tattoos and they wore jewelry made from colorful rocks, shells and other ornaments found on the island. There was no comfort in their expressions and my body tensed with fear. These women were not here to help us.

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