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Mom’s Anal Submission

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Madge Lewis: 40, Mother of two
Patty Klein: 41, mother of two
Violet Lewiss: 18, Madge’s daughter
Tracey Klein: 18, Patty’s daughter
Ken Lewiss: 42, Madge’s husband
Dave Klein: Tracey’s husband
Carla Movado: 35, Madge’s and Patty’s dom lover

Story Line:

Madge Lewiss, a prim and proper mother of a College Freshman son and High School senior daughter, finds herself caught-up in a web of incestuous lesbian sex with her own daughter, Vi, who discovers her mom’s affair with a dominant lesbian neighbor and uses the threat of exposure to blackmail her into becoming her lesbian sex-slave, as well. Madge’s secret lover, Carla, a lusty latin siren intent on enlisting every wife and mother in the neighborhood into her world of kinky sex and submission. Vi and Tracey are best friends, so naturally she brings her in on the sexual goings-on.


Madge- bedava bahis lusciously-curved brunette, 44DDD-30-38 housewife. Married to Ken for 23 years; Ken has had a few strokes due to his workaholic tendencies and his medication renders him impotent, which is why Madge sought solace in the arms of another woman in the first place. She has never imagined that she would submit to the “animalistic” desires of lover Carla, which include bondage, golden showers, and rough anal sex. She is a slave to Carla’s foot-long strap-on cock, until Vi stumbles-on the affair: now she serves TWO mistresses.

Patty- blonde milf who measures a mouth-watering 42D-30-38; she is the auburn-haired wife of Dave, who has his own “thing on the side” with a transsexual and has given-in to his latent “homo”

tendencies. Patty knows about it, and refuses to sleep with him, leaving casino siteleri her , leaving poor wifey high and dry, sex-wise, and vunerable to the wiles of Carla, and ultimately, her daughter. Her son attends an out-of-state University, giving daughter Tracey a prime opportunity to seduce her and use her delectable body for whatever outlandish purposes she wants.

Violet- a lusty, bi senior in high school who is indulging all of her kinky fantasies in her domination of her mother and other neighborhood wives. She has light-brown hair, and carries 115 pounds on her 36C-24-36, 5′-4″ frame. She loves anal sex, and has her mom on all-fours as often as she can with her huge strap-on dick buried to the hilt in that lush ass.

Tracey- honey-blonde child of Patty, she is boyishly-slim (34B-20-34), beautiful, and highly-sexed; she and Vi have experimented with lesbian bahis siteleri sex and she leaps into the “dom” role with her mom with no problem at all. She is aware of her dad’s indiscretion, and her Patty’s subsequent frustration, and she uses it to full advantage. She and Vi have made it a goal to anal-fuck and dominate each and every mature woman in the neighborhood.

Dave & Ken– has been “turned” by a “trannie” co-worker, and has become a gay “top” for his lover, Mike/Michelle. Ken just can’t cut-it sexually any more, and has moved-into another bedroom, to avoid the humiliation of repeated failures in the sex-department. Neither of these characters will have a major role in this series.

Carla- irresistible latina bombshell who has about 15 neighborhood wives in her stable. She is a mentor to Vi & Tracey, as well as some of the other daughters and young girls in the their sub-divison. She has a penchant for rough anal strap-on sex, and due to her “subs” financial contributions, (or rather their SPOUSE’S!)can spend her days servicing the horny wives’ perverted desires. She weighs 140 pounds, and measures 38D-24-42.

Part Two to cum…

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