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Emma Leaves The Convent

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Author’s Note: Thanks to angel love for her excellent editing.


“Emma Louise Carlton! – Come to the front of the class.”

Emma squirmed in her chair, her shoes clicked together nervously and she sucked in her bottom lip. She knew that to delay would only anger Sister Judith even more, but she also knew what was coming. She mustered the strength to release her white knuckle grip of the school desk and stood, as she had been taught a lady should. She began the long walk to the front with all the demure a frightened school girl could be expected to display. Eyes upon her from either side and silence but for her footsteps and heart beat; she reached Sister Judith’s Desk and lifted her eyes from the floor.

Sister Judith stood for a moment and looked kind, almost loving. She took Emma’s chin and lifted her face until they made eye contact. Emma imagined this might be what it would be like with a man and for one brief moment she almost leaned in to kiss her mentor. Her tormentor however, had other plans.

“Do you believe girl . . . ” Emma hated it when Sister called her girl, “Do you believe that you are so much better than the rest of us, that the rules do not apply to you?”

Emma didn’t know what to say, to be silent could inflame Sister’s anger but to speak may be impertinent. Sister Judith saved her from the dilemma and addressed her via the class. “Do you believe that anyone here is impressed with a young harlot?”

Emma couldn’t believe that Sister Judith of all people would call her that in front of the other girls. “Lipstick is the clothing of street walkers. Is that what you intend to become – GIRL!” Emma had only worn the lipstick for Sister Judith, what had she been thinking. She knew what was next but it couldn’t hurt as much as the words.

This time Sister spoke softly, “Take hold of the desk child.”

Later in life Emma would often remember how strange it was to be so humiliated and humbled and yet feel loved at the same time. Emma took hold of the desk, her back to the class. She felt the glare of the other girls but also the closeness of Sister Judith; almost shielding her from them. Again the paradox struck her; her tormentor was also her protector.


Emma winced at the sudden sharpness of Sister’s voice and felt the ruler rest on her shoulder. Guided by the ruler she instinctively leaned forward, her backside offered in a display of subjugation. She felt her skirt being lifted and carefully folded in the small of her back, her panties pulled down just to the under curve of her buttocks. Even in punishment the nuns were neat. Emma knew that in this position her puffy labia could be seen by everyone. The moisture she had felt when walking down the class had become a flood. Just hearing Judith’s voice could make Emma wet but being touched by her, being undressed by her – she hoped the other girls couldn’t see. She hoped Judith could. Emma felt the cool rush of air over her pussy lips and buttocks and prayed that if she moaned the girls would think it was from the pain.

Thwack! Emma awoke to the sound of the compartment door sliding open. The red desert began to roll by as the train pulled out of the station and the sound of the tracks beneath her brought her back to her senses. In the doorway stood a man, half gesticulating a request to join the carriage and half making himself at home, packing away his bag in the over head rack.

Emma could feel the pain in her lip, where she had been biting it in her sleep. She remembered being handed two tissues, one for her tears and one for the lipstick. Now as then she felt she needed another; to deal with the wet patch in her crotch. She wondered if she looked flushed, if the stranger was aware of her disposition. She straightened her skirt and sat up. She nodded her acceptance to the intrusion, as if she had any choice in the matter.

Roughly sliding the door closed, and with his baggage stowed, the man fell onto the chair diagonally opposite to her. Emma quickly turned her attention to the window. She became aware of the slight musty smell in the compartment, of her heart beat and shallow breath. Her face flushed red. How embarrassing she thought, as she bit her bottom lip.

She wasn’t focused on the landscape rushing by, only her reflection and that of her new unwanted traveling companion. She studied the man’s reflection for a while. bursa eskort He looked to be in his late twenties. Sturdy as if he worked in manual labor, black facial stubble and hair. He was wearing a canvass shirt with the sleeves slightly rolled up and faded jeans.

“Country boy,” Emma thought.

He was sweating from waiting on the platform and in the air-conditioned carriage Emma could feel the heat radiate from him. She was engulfed by a wave of his scent and was surprised that far from being unpleasant it was a sweet and peppery smell that made her a little light headed. He looked at her through her reflection and their eyes met. Instantly she looked away and she flushed again.

“Hi,” he said as he opened his book and settled in.

Emma, had taken this journey before. Each Summer holiday since she was thirteen, she had traveled back to her Aunt’s house. The ‘Indian Pacific,’ a massive four and half thousand kilometer train journey from Perth to Sydney through desert, coast land and mountains. Emma had joined the train in Port Augusta the night before, roughly half the journey, and would arrive in Sydney the next morning. As always, her Aunt had only shelled out for a day/nighter seat instead of a cabin. Emma didn’t care, this was the last time she would take this journey.

“One night more,” she thought, “one night more of wearing this uniform and being a girl.”

She had turned eighteen a few months before the end of the school year and given what had happened since then she already felt like a woman. She thought of Sister Judith and a ball of pain welled up in her chest. She felt the hot liquid in her eyes. She had said her goodbyes, she was ok with it and she knew this was how it had to be. She also knew however, that she was leaving something behind with her childhood, a love that she didn’t understand. Mother, sister, lover, tormentor; Judith had been them all. Emma focused her gaze on the landscape. The low setting sun flooded the compartment with crimson red light as the desert began to give way to the Blue Mountains. Emma closed her eyes and the throaty rhythm of the tracks rocked her back to sleep.

“I am sorry Emma,” Sister Judith said as she wiped the tears from Emma’s eyes. “I can’t make exceptions. If the other girls thought . . . ”

“But Judith…,” Emma whimpered.

“It’s Sister Judith, remember your place Emma!”

Emma bit hard on her lip at the chastisement. She wanted so much for Judith to see her as a woman now. “We are alone now, why does she have to keep up the pretense?” Emma thought.

Judith must have seen the pain in Emma’s eyes as she softened and said, “Look, meet me tonight. We shouldn’t fight.”

Emma smiled through her tears at the reprieve. “Hurry along now. They will be sounding the dinner bell soon.” Judith patted Emma’s bum as if to usher her out and Emma winced at the pain. A rush of guilt crossed Judith’s face and Emma felt loved again.


Emma had never known her parents. She had been brought up by her aunt in a middle class suburb of Sydney. Her father had not stuck around when her mother fell pregnant and her mother passed away when she was very young. That was about all she knew. Being a staunch Catholic, her Aunt had stepped in to bring her up and although she was not un-loving, Emma knew it was out of a sense of duty. When Emma reached thirteen years old, it was not a difficult decision for her Aunt to send her off to the convent in Port Augusta.

“Before you turn out like your mother,” Emma recalled her saying.

That was when she met Judith. Judith was a senior girl in her last year at the convent. It was customary for the senior girls to befriend one of the new girls to help settle them in. The senior girl was known as the guide and the junior as the ‘sig.’ as in cygnet.

One day Judith had walked up to her and said, “My name’s Judith. Would you like to be my sig.?” It was as simple as that, although Emma often wondered why Judith had chosen her.

In the year that followed Emma found herself imagining Judith to be the mother she had never had. Emma couldn’t believe her luck when Judith decided to take up orders, instead of leaving the convent, instead of leaving her. As Emma matured, Judith became like a sister and helped her through all the difficult moments bursa merkez escort of puberty. Then when Emma was about seventeen things began to change. Judith began to behave more like the other nuns and in particular, she picked on Emma. What Emma couldn’t understand was that out of sight of the other girls or nun’s Judith would laugh and play with her like nothing had changed. Then on her eighteenth birthday it happened.

“Well sig., you are eighteen. I suppose you think I shouldn’t call you child anymore?”

Emma spun around to see Judith’s beaming face and outstretched hands. She grabbed them and almost leaped into her embrace. Judith kissed Emma’s cheek and as she often did, paused and held the kiss a little longer than she did with the other girls. This was their signal, their secret sign that Emma was special. Emma felt Judith’s breath on her ear and it made her tingle. Judith released her embrace and took a step back.

Looking Emma up and down she said, “Well I dare say you do look a little older today than yesterday.”

“Yes,” Emma replied, “and in only a few months I’ll be out of here and off to find my prince charming.”

Judith’s warmth seemed to leave her, her eyes looked sad as she replied, “Yes, well all in good time young lady.”

Emma’s stomach churned. She wasn’t looking forward to leaving Judith either. She also hated it when Judith pretended to be like Mother Superior. She was only five years older than her after all. She apologized with her eyes and Judith seemed a little happier.

“Come to my quarters after evening prayer Emma. I have a present for you.”

Emma had been to Judith’s quarters many times before but never after evening prayer. What did that mean? Girls were not allowed into the nun’s quarters after seven – maybe; yes maybe it meant that she was a woman now. Emma had been filled with excitement all day. Just the thought of boldly strolling the nun’s quarters and brazenly sidling into Sister Judith’s cell for an evening made her feel heady and grown up. She shifted and squirmed through evening prayer.

“How could Father Francis go on so much?” Emma thought.

Turning to the girl next to her she whispered, “Yes, blah, blah, blah, we are all going to hell, can we go yet?”

The girl, Maria, was Emma’s ‘sig.’ Maria giggled and retorted, “Somewhere you would rather be Emma?”

Emma pinched Maria’s leg and mockingly threw her a scowl. Maria feigned injury, but behind it Emma perceived some truth to the girl’s unhappiness. “So this is how it goes,” Emma thought. “Father Francis maybe right, we do all have our demons.” For a moment she imagined how difficult it must have been for Judith.

Finally Emma was impatiently shuffling along the corridors beyond the chapel with the other girls and found herself at the corridor for the nun’s quarters. She stopped briefly, too scared to make the turn when she felt a dig in her back. Maria chirped up, “Go already!”

Emma smiled and kissed Maria on the forehead and with that she was gone. She took one look back to see Maria with another girl holding and comforting her. Emma swallowed hard and turned the corner, not wanting to think about what that meant.

Sister Judith’s cell was a drab little room. Convict built stone walls, a single window which let in the moonlight, a writing desk with a lamp, a wardrobe and a bunk with a crucifix over it. Emma had entered to find Judith sitting at her desk. Being careful to close the door behind her, she rushed in and embraced Judith, kissing her dramatically on the cheek before hurling herself backwards onto Judith’s bunk. Judith looked shocked at the grand entrance but beamed a smile that revealed her genuine joy at seeing Emma. It was only then that Emma noticed that Judith was wearing her night smock. She couldn’t remember the last time she had seen Judith out of her habit. Judith’s ringleted hair fell down over her cheeks and onto her chest, her arms and neck were exposed and her legs were bare to a few inches above her knees. The ribbon that would normally be tied on the front was undone and Emma could see the smallest amount of Judith’s cleavage.

“You look beautiful,” Emma stammered.

“Silly girl,” replied Judith but if anything her smile grew. “So I suppose you are here for your present sig.?” Judith teased.

Emma pouted, “No, I am bursa sınırsız escort here to see you. But I suppose if you have a present then it would be rude of me to turn it away.”

Judith knelt between Emma’s legs and reached under the bunk. Emma instinctively lifted her feet to the bed. Opening her legs, she peered between her knees to see what Judith was looking for. Judith paused and looked straight at Emma’s now exposed panties. Emma realized what she had done and giggled. Judith however, looked deadly serious. She didn’t move, her breathing shallowed and she didn’t for a moment look away. As if transfixed and in turmoil of a decision she couldn’t make, Judith just knelt there staring between Emma’s legs.

Even in her innocence, Emma knew what that look meant and her pussy blushed and throbbed at the attention. She found herself reaching for Judith, running her fingers across her cheek and into her hair, and then lightly grazing her nails behind her ear and down the back of her neck. Judith shuddered and looked into Emma’s eyes as her back instinctively arched at the pleasure. Judith seemed frozen, unable to act on her desires but also unable to pull away, her eyes drowning in Emma’s. All the power she had exerted upon Emma in the classroom was gone. Emma knew that Judith was under her control now; that for the first time, she was in charge.

Emma leaned forward and brushed her lips against Judith’s. Judith tried to embrace the kiss but Emma pulled back just enough to resist her. Judith’s hot breath rushed out in stammered desire as she attempted to follow Emma’s lips. Emma was intoxicated by the power. Judith swallowed and her eyes filled with tears as they begged Emma to release her from the cruel anticipation. Emma leaned in and began to suck gently on Judith’s bottom lip and then trace it slowly with the tip of her tongue. Then as she began to kiss Judith, she ran her finger nails down her smock, caressing the underside of Judith’s breast before finding her erect nipple.

Judith moaned and then whispered, “I want you Emma. I want you so much.”

“Stand,” Emma ordered.

“What…?” Judith said sheepishly.

“Stand Guide!”, Emma barked. Judith almost leapt at Emma’s new found confidence and stood before she even knew she had done it.

Emma slid from the bunk to the floor squatting in front of Judith. Lifting one of Judith’s feet to the bunk to create access, she began to lift Judith’s smock inch by inch. As she did, she ran her tongue from Judith’s knee and up her inner thigh. Within a few inches she could taste Judith’s juices running down her leg and realized she had no underwear on.

“Oh Lord help me,” Judith moaned.

As Emma was filled with the musty scent of Judith and only an inch from her puffy labia she thought, “He’s not going to stop me now Judith, not this time.”

Emma began to run her tongue up Judith’s slit, pausing at her opening. She worked her tongue in and out and then up and around her clit. Judith bit her lip and moaned then ran her fingers through Emma’s hair and gripped gently to steady herself. Emma circled Judith’s clit for a while to prolong the torture and then, after a pause, sucked Judith’s aching clit into her mouth. Judith almost doubled at the rush of pleasure and Emma had to steady her by grabbing her buttocks.

Judith squealed and was gasping for breath as Emma flicked her tongue over her clit. Emma could feel Judith’s juices gushing over her face as she bucked against her tongue.

“Oh God, oh God, make me cum Emma,” Judith begged.

Judith tasted fantastic and Emma longed for Judith to taste her. Emma could feel her own juices flooding her panties and reached down to play with herself. She parted her lips and fingered her own soaking pussy. Then, rubbing her clit, the pleasure swept over her like electricity. She couldn’t believe it, how many times had she imagined Judith’s pussy whilst playing with herself and here she was, bucking against her hand with Judith’s pussy on her face.

“Oh yes Emma, oh yes, right there,” Judith tightened, pulled Emma’s head into her and held her breath. With an explosion her orgasm rushed through her. Judith fucked Emma’s face as she gasped and Emma felt the rush of juices filling her mouth and dripping from her chin. This was too much, Emma felt the muscles in her legs and pussy tighten and then her orgasm rushed through her. From her clitoris to the pit of her stomach and then up her spine, wave after wave of pleasure hit her until she fell back exhausted against the bunk. Judith fell forward and straddled her. Biting Emma’s neck Judith could only speak in rasps, “Oh my beautiful sig., my beautiful sig.”

To be continued . . .

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