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How I Became a Slut

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I don’t know when or how it started…but… I was in my late 30’s when it did. I have not been an angle in my life… Sexually I mean. I have had my share of sexual experiences and I was usually in control of them. With a background of rape and molestations…it was no surprise that I always felt I had to be in control of it. I knew how to please a man, to make him want more, to leave him with the true feeling of complete satisfaction. I became very good at sex in every aspect. I could give a man a blowjob like no one. I learned the aspect of muscle control with my pussy to make his experience even more satisfying for him. I guess…looking back even though I was in control, I was looking for one strong enough to take that away from me. Someone who would make sure he was satisfied by me. Someone who could overpower my control of the situation and use me to please himself. Many tried to take this control… I would submit to them to a certain extent…enough to make them believe they had control, but I still reserved a large portion of myself that they could not get to. I remember one, he tried spanking me… I put a stop to that very quickly. Of course, being the “gentleman” he would stop. I never found anyone strong enough or one I could trust enough to relinquish that control. Until now… This is the story of my submission.

We met as friends. It was a true friendship where we could tell each other anything. Eventually, we came to know each other’s darkest side. The love and trust was complete between us. Even though we had both been hurt badly by others, there was a bond between us that could not be touched. We both had our reservations of course… But I have to say that I have given him more trust that I ever have given anyone. There is still a fear… A piece that I hold back…I am hoping in time this too will be given to him.

It started one night when we were at home. I love to suck his cock, and he knew that. All he ever had to do was look at me and I would be on my knees sucking away…loving the pure pleasure I could give him. We were sitting on the couch watching a movie on TV. He looked over at me and said…

“Come over here and suck my cock”

Of course I was more than happy to do so. I kneeled between his legs and released his cock from his shorts. He reached down and gathered my hair in his hands and pulled it tight onto of my head. He usually held my hair back for me, but this time it was tighter.

He snapped my head back and looked at me then told me…

“I want to fuck your face…I want you to gag on my cock this time.”

A strange fear ran thru my body… He never talked to me like this.

“Now be a good girl and suck,” he said.

I took his cock and began to suck as I usually do… Licking and teasing a bit but he snapped my head back and said…

“I said FUCK your face!! Not anything else…now open your mouth!”

With that, he pushed my face down and his cock went deep into my mouth. I have no problem taking his cock in my throat, but I usually have to work into it. He pushed his cock deep in my throat triggering a gag. He held my head down… My throat was convulsing all I could do was try to breath thru it. I put my hands on his hips trying to push back… But he was much too strong. He finally let me up to breath. I came up gasping and coughing. He snapped my head back again and said…

“Now that is what I want…are you willing to let me use you for my pleasure??”

With tears still in my eyes…I meekly said, “yes…” he could hear the fear in my voice. That seemed to intrigue him even more.

“Are you scared?” he asked me with a smile on his face.

All I could say was “yes”

He laughed and said

“Good… I want you to be” then shoved my face down again to suck his cock.

He did not want me to suck his cock…what he really wanted was to fuck my throat…fuck it hard and long. He would push his cock deep and move my head up and down slightly rubbing his head on the back of my throat. I could not help but gag… My throat convulsing each time. The power in his arms… His hands holding my head down was incredible. I tried to push back… Tried to gain some kind of control… But he would not allow it.

I was not sure what was happening, but all I knew was this incredible fear I had at the loss of control yet… I could feel the heat from my pussy swelling…the juices started to flow…oh my god…I was dripping every time he shoved his cock deep in my throat. He fucked my throat for 45 min like this before he came. When he did finally come…he held my head hard thrusting even deeper in my throat… He was so deep I could not even swallow the cum it just ran down my throat.

When he was finished but not until he started to become soft…he started pumping again telling me…

“Clean up my cock…I want nothing on it when I pull it out of your mouth”

With him getting softer, I could start to use my tongue to clean him and I did as I was told. After another 10 min of sucking his cihangir escort cock clean, he let me up.

He handed me my glass of tea and told me…

“Take a drink then drop your pants and lay across my lap with your ass up”

I looked at him puzzled and he raised one eyebrow and said…


“I just don’t understand…” I began to say before I could finish, he said

“I did not ask you to understand, I just told you to do something…I expect you to do exactly what I asked…no questions!” His voice was stern and a fear rushed thru me again.

I took a long drink then did as he said. His fingers ran over the lips of my pussy…I moaned thinking he was now going to pleasure me. He plunged his 3 fingers in my cunt with force. I yelped and immediately tightened up. I started to wiggle trying to get away. He pulled his fingers out… They were wet with my cum and he immediately slapped my ass.

“OWWWWW I screamed “that HURTS!” he laughed.

Again he slapped my ass. I tried to get up… He push me back down and said…

“You can take this… You may even like it”

Again…and again he slapped me. Tears filled my eyes…

“It hurts!!” I begged…pleading for him to stop.

I knew my ass was red from the spanking… But then his fingers went again to my lips… He started laughing when he realized just how wet I really was.

“Hey honey, you DO like this…your pussy is dripping.”

What he did not realize was what I did like was his control over me. The spanking was just another aspect of that. The fact that he had such control over me… I had to do what he said. That was the turn on to me. With one last slap, he told me to go upstairs and use my anal ball and get myself cleaned out. He was going to fuck me in the ass. I did as I was told without question.

When I came back downstairs, I had on only my robe. He told me to remove it, and I was not to be wearing anything for the rest of the day. He told me to lie on the couch face down and suck his cock. As I did, I felt oil being poured on my ass and his hand begin to rub it between my cheeks. His other hand was on top of my head holding my hair as I sucked. His finger began to poke into my ass…he fingered my ass until I was well lubed. His cock was growing in my mouth. I felt him slip another finger in my ass… Pushing deeper. His hand became very heavy on my head pushing me harder onto his growing cock. He lifted my head… Still holding onto my hair…and told me to stand up and bend over he was ready to fuck my ass.

My pussy was dripping still my desire was to be fucked… But his was apparently to fuck my ass instead. He pulled his fingers from my ass and pulled me to a standing position. He pushed me over and I grabbed the couch for stability. He moved behind me and rubbed his head over my pussy lips to moisten it then pushed it into my ass. Immediately I tensed due to the pain. We have had anal sex…but he is usually much more gentle in his entrance…letting me get use to the size of his cock. Not this time… I tried to push away, but he just grabbed my hips and said…

“No…this is what I want… Not what YOU want”

He started stroking his cock in my ass…thrusting back and forth…I soon loosed up and the pain left. Again, with the control he had… I came as never before. I could not believe the intensity of my orgasm. He fucked me the way he wanted to…hard… My ass began to get sore with the pounding it was taking. He finally came deep inside me. When he was finished, he slapped my ass and told me to go clean it out and relube myself.

Again, I did as I was told. I came back downstairs and was going to sit down.

He said…”Now I am hungry…go make me some lunch”

I looked at him and asked if I could sit for a moment to regroup myself. He again raised an eyebrow and said…


I immediately got up and went into the kitchen. He followed in after me and took a wooden spoon out of the drawer and gave me 4 swats hard on the ass.

“When I tell you to do something, I EXPECT it to be done without question… I have explained this before, next time it will be much harsher. Now be a good girl and bend over.”

He gave me another 2 whacks with the spoon. Next he took a butt plug and shoved it in my ass.

“There now, leave that there until I tell you to remove it. Now finish my lunch!”

It was rather uncomfortable making his lunch with a plug in my ass, but I was beginning to realize the more that I defied him, the more the punishment would be. I was starting to realize that I was becoming his sex slave. I had never been a slave like this before, I never even thought I would remotely enjoy it…however, the ache in my cunt was telling me something different. I made his lunch and took it to him with the hope I would be allowed to remove the plug and sit to regroup. He seemed pleased with his lunch and told me to sit on the floor beside him as he ate it. I mecidiyeköy escort sat half cocked, as I did not want to sit directly on the plug. He pushed me square on my ass and said..


As he ate his lunch, he began telling me the rules…

“You are my slave, you are to do what I tell you when, and without question…are you willing to do that??”

My mind raced, what if I said no…what if I said yes… But before I could ration it out in my mind, I heard myself say


“Good” he said, now that I am finished with my lunch, clean the dishes and come back here so you can suck my cock more”

I did as I was told without question. I finished the dishes then went to him on the couch and knelt between his legs to begin sucking him again. I licked and teased his cock and it soon began to grow in my mouth. Once he was hard, he pushed me back onto the ground and climbed onto of me. He pushed his cock deep inside of me…the fullness with the plug still in my ass was a bit painful…he was harsh, not gentle as usual… He laughed when he saw my face wince and said…

“Take the cock slut…I will fuck you dry if I want to…” his voice faded.

He continued to pound my pussy… He was slamming into me. I began to try to wiggle to get away a bit trying to take some of the edge off the blows but he grabbed my tits and pinched and pulled my nipples. He was ready to come again, I could feel him growing larger inside my swollen pussy…his cock pushing against the plug in my ass…He finally blew his load deep inside my pussy. He got up and told me that he did not feel me cum. I shook my head in acknowledgement that I had not. He told me to wait here and went upstairs.

He returned with one of my dildos. He told me that he was going to fuck me either until I passed out or came. He then told me to lie across the coffee table on my belly. He took some rope and tied my hands and legs to the table legs. After he had me sprawled out he took the dildo and pushed it into my pussy. He laughed and said

“Look at that cunt…it swallows the dildo. And the plug in your ass pushing in and out as I fuck your cunt.”

He reached up and pulled the plug out of my ass then before I could try and relax, he was pushing another dildo in my ass.

“Here, I will fuck you with two cocks…maybe that will make you cum.”

He alternated the cocks one in…one out…my head was getting light…I began to concentrate on the pleasure I was feeling…ignoring the pain. I could feel it building. He was going to actually make me cum like this. I was humiliated…I began bucking against the dildos until I exploded…the release was wonderful. He slid the dildos from me and untied me. He told me to go take a bath and get ready for round 2.

Round 2…

After a long relaxing bath, I went into the bedroom and laid on the bed trying to figure out what exactly was going on…the next thing I knew, he was on top of me with my face down and he was trying to push his cock up my ass again… I tried to get up and to tell him I needed the lube, but before I could say anything, he was laughing and said,

“Bitch, you should have lubed yourself when you got out of the tub…I told you I would fuck you when how and even dry if I wanted to fuck you…guess you will make sure you are lubed all the time from now on”

With that, he thrust his cock deep in my ass. I screamed in pain…he just pulled my cheeks apart and thrust deeper. I began to cry…begging him to stop…he took a dildo and pushed in deep in my mouth.

“There, that should shut you up” is all he said.

He rode my ass… Long deep strokes… I could tell he loved the feel of my tight unlubed ass. I could not move, his whole body weight was on me. The whole time he was fucking me, he was saying things…things that I never heard from him.

“Oh you dirty slut…you love getting your ass pounded like this don’t you… That is why you did not lube yourself. I cant wait to have my friends come over and fuck you so I can watch your little asshole stretch and get pulled by their cocks”

I was never so humiliated. Then he took his arm around me and flipped us over. I was now on top of him. He told me to fuck him… And fuck him good or I would be punished. I tried as best as I could, but the pain of his cock in my ass without lube was just too much. I knew there was going to be punishment…although, I had no idea what that would be. He finally came in my ass… But I knew he was still not pleased with my performance. He threw me off him in disgust…

“You little cunt…you will find out what it means to give a man pleasure…now, clean yourself up… Put on your makeup and come downstairs.”

I did what he said, knowing that the next thing I would encounter would be my punishment. As I walked down the stairs, I was shocked to see 3 of his friends sitting there. I stopped mid way on the steps when I saw them and sunk down so they could not see me. I heard his voice…

“Get kurtuluş escort the fuck down these stairs slut and fix my guests some drinks. They have come to watch your punishment… Hurry up!!”

I sat there for a second thinking of what he had said upstairs…’can’t wait to have my friends come over and fuck you…’ Oh shit…this IS my punishment. I stood up and walked down the stairs and straight into the kitchen where I began fixing their drinks. My ass was sooooo sore from the pounding I had already taken… I was not sure how much more I was going to be able to actually take. I put the drinks on a tray and walked into the living room.

I know I had to have been about as red as red could be walking in there totally naked…all eyes looking at me like a piece of meat. As I handed Steve his drink…he smiled and reached out and took hold of my left nipple. His finger damn near met his thumb he was pinching it so hard…I wanted to slap him, to run and hide, but knew that it would only be worse if I did. He kept hold of my nipple as I handed Jake his drink. Jake reached out and grabbed one of my pussy lips. I let out a low moan. My lips were still sore from earlier too. Steve reached over and took a clothespin and placed it on my now very sore nipple. It bit hard into my soft flesh. Soon, Jake was telling me to spread my legs so he could see my cunt, as I did, he pushed 2 fingers into me. The pain from my nipple and now his fingers was much more than I could bear. I spilled the last drink before handing it to Barry. It flew all over Barry’s face. I was mortified. This was going to really get me in trouble.

Barry jumped up and said.

“Well bitch, I guess I get to be the first one up your ass tonight.”

I started to cry and tell him I was sorry, but before I knew it, I was on my stomach on the coffee table again being tied to it. I begged and pleaded with them all to not do this…I was already sore!! The next thing I felt was Barry shoving his cock up my ass. He rode me hard…but luckily, I DO learn from my mistakes and lubed myself well before coming downstairs.

A porno was playing on the TV with a girl getting the same treatment as I was…then I realized it was not a tape. These bastards were taping me!!! Soon, Barry shot his load up my ass and just as he finished, Steve came over and shoved his cock in me. Mike came around to my face and told me that if I had been a good slut they would have fucked my pussy, but for my punishment, they were going to fuck my ass all night.

I pleaded with him to stop all this, that being his was one thing, but I never agreed to his friends…

But he just said,

“You agreed to let me use you to please myself, and this pleases me…and this is your punishment for NOT pleasing me.”

When Steve had unloaded in me, it was Jakes turn next. I could feel Barry’s and Steve’s cum seeping from my ass as Jake thrust into me. My ass was sore beyond belief, but it did not matter to them. Jake fucked me the longest, I thought he would never stop. Finally he exploded in my ass too. I could now feel the cum from all 3 of them dripping from my ass. They all sat on the couch and Mike got up to make Barry another drink. They talked and joked about what I sight I looked like. My makeup was running all over my face from my tears and they were all in full view of my raw ass dripping cum.

As Mike sat down, I asked if I could be untied so I could make them some thing to eat. Mike said,

“In a little bit…you look so tempting there all tied up.”

I explained to him that the clothespin was still on my nipple and asked if he could at least remover that. He had forgotten all about that and realized that could cause some permeant damage so he did release it from my left nipple only to place it on my right one.

Mike was then sitting in front of me and he took his cock and began to stroke it. I just put my head down since I knew what was next. As soon as he was hard, he came around behind me and once again, he shoved his cock up my ass. The 3 friends began to cheer him on as he was fucking me. He shoved his cock deep in me and pulled out slowly. They all gathered around to watch as he pulled out and commented on how my tight little asshole would pucker. Soon they were all 3 stroking their cocks again.

Barry came around to my mouth and said

“Open up little whore, I want to fuck your throat.”

He grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth.

Mike was still fucking me with long even strokes. Barry did not last long… His breathing began to change to a rapid shallow breathy noise, I knew he was close. He thrust a few more times, then pulled back and shot his cum all over my face.

Jake was right there…he wanted to be next. I had to concentrate on keeping my throat open…Jake was much bigger than Barry and he was thrusting harder than anyone. He also shot his load on my face. Steve this time was the longest of the 3. Luckily he was also the smallest. I could catch a break sucking him off. Soon, my jaw was as sore as my ass. Steve shot his first stream down my throat, then the next on my face. At the same time he was covering my face, Mike was finally ready to cum. He shot it deep in my ass. I could no longer see from the makeup and the cum covering my face. I think I passed out at that point.

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