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Double Date

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Group Sex

It was Saturday morning, and both Kim and Kassidy were happy, they had gone to the frat party, and they had both been fucked. Kim, as usual, was awake before her sister, and she was kissing and licking at Kassidy’s nipples. She loved to wake her sister this way, and she was going to do it again. She loved the taste of sex in the early morning, whether it be a cock or Kassidy’s beautiful cunt. She worked her way down Kassidy’s body heading for the sweet nectar pot that she had between her legs. Kim could still smell Shane’s cock on Kassidy’s body, and it drove her wild. She pushed her tongue deep into her sister’s body as Kassidy’s legs automatically opened wider. Kass’s eyes opened and she smiled at Kim. She knew she would be brought to orgasm quickly this morning because she was thinking about the ass fucking she had got last night. Since the night she and Kim and their mother had gone to the Hilton and she and Kim had both been fucked in the ass by five guys they had picked up, she had wanted this more than anything.

Kim pushed her tongue deep into Kassidy’s cunt, as she felt her sister grab her head and hold her she felt her sisters juices cover her face and she licked the folds of her vagina to get all of the liquids she could. When she was finished she pushed Kassidy’s knees up exposing her ass hole and Kim kissed it and said “Good morning Kassidy.”

Kassidy said good morning back and they kissed each other deeply. They had loved each other since they were little girls and had been having sex with each other for the past 7 years. They cuddled and held each other saying sweet things to each other when they phone rang.

Kim picked the phone up and said “Hello.”

“Hello, baby, how are you two doing this morning?”

“Great, Mom, what’s up?”

“I was wondering if you two could come home next weekend, I’ll send you the plane fare. I feel like having a party and wondered if you two might be able to help.”

“Hang on Mom.” Kim covered the phone and asked Kassidy what her mother had wanted to know. Kassidy told Kim it would be okay with her if she wanted too. Kim uncovered the phone, and told Lynne, “We’d love to, Mom. What kind of party are you going to have?”

“I’m thinking of asking some of Johnny’s old friends over and I thought you girls might be able to handle some of the entertainment, if you know what I mean. I know I could handle all of them, but I thought they might like to have a little variety. What do you say?”

Kim said, “So you want us to whore for you. You are soooo bad, Mom. It sounds like fun.”

“Remember most of his friends are as old or almost as old as he was.”

“That will be okay, we don’t care about how old somebody is, you showed us that when you started living with Johnny.”

“I’ll see you next week then, I love you both. Bye bye.”

“Bye, Mom, we’ll call you this week and let you knew what time we’ll be there.”

When Lynne hung up the phone, she smiled to herself. She was happy her daughters had agreed to help her, she was going to call 20 or 30 of Johnny’s friends and tell them about the party. She had already had sex with at least 10 of them and she looked forward to letting them loose on her daughters. She wanted them prepared for real life, and she loved the time they had spent together in the Hilton when they were here during the holidays. She had seen both of them get fucked in the ass for the first time, and she noticed that Kim enjoyed sucking cocks as much as she did, and she was glad they liked black men. She chuckled to herself as she thought “They are as much of whores as their mother.” She wondered what they did last night.

When Kim put the phone down she leaned down and kissed Kassidy passionately as her hand covered her cunt. She pulled back and told Kassidy they need to go to the library and get their work done. They showered and went to study.

Kassidy and Kim left the library about 5:30 Onwin after finishing what they had to do, and were walking back to their dorm, when two guys from the football team, Darnell and Armand met them and they started talking first about school, football and eventually they started talking about sex. Kassidy had dated Darnell and unknown to him, he had been fucked by both of them, they had done their switching thing and he had never known the difference.

Kassidy asked what Darnell was going to be doing later and he said he didn’t actually have plans, why?

Kassidy said she was just curious, meanwhile Kim was talking with Armand and he had asked if she would like to go out tonight. She told him she would love to and she giggled as she thought about Darnell. Kim told Armand that she wanted Kassidy to go with them, and he turned and asked Darnell if he wanted to go to the same club they were going to. Darnell told Kassidy that he had just found something to do for the evening and asked if she wanted to go with him. She laughed and said she would love to. They said goodbye and agreed to meet at 8:00 outside their dorm.

At 8:00 they stood outside when a red camaro pulled up and Darnell got out of the passenger side and helped Kassidy into the back seat. Kim got in the front next to Armand and closed her door. The girls had worn short blue jean skirts, sweatshirts and tennis shoes. When Kim sat down her skirt rose up her thighs showing lots of leg. Armand put the car in gear and they started to drive away. She looked into the back seat and saw that Darnell had his arm around her sister, and his hand was holding her left breast. Kassidy smiled at her and they asked where they were going for the evening.

Armand looked in the rear view mirror and laughed as he said, “We’re going to take you to a black club in Augusta. Is that okay with you?”

Kim told him it was great for her, and looked into the back seat to ask Kassidy, who was kissing Darnell while he hand his hand beneath her skirt and probably was fingering her from the way it looked. Kim asked “Warm in there Darnell?”

Darnell pulled his hand from beneath Kassidy’s skirt and Kim could see that his fingers were wet from her juices. He looked at Kim and put the fingers in his mouth. Kassidy moaned and she grabbed his crotch rubbing his cock through his jeans. Kim leaned over to Armand and told him “I don’t want them to have all the fun” and with that she put her head in his lap, and began to fondle his cock through his jeans. Armand caressed her hair as she lay in his lap, and thought to himself “Damn this bitch is going to suck my cock I bet.”

Sure enough, Kim worked Armand’s pants open, reached in and pulled his cock out. She opened her mouth and put the head of his 8 inch cock into her mouth and started to make sucking noises as she worked his cock. She loved the taste of cock and she began to bob her head as Armand said “Damn girl, I’ve got to drive, but fuck your mouth feels good.”

Kassidy leaned up and looked into the front seat and saw her sister with her mouth full of black cock. Darnell pulled her back and ran his finger into her pussy as she spread her legs wide. She knew she would have to blow him too before they got to the club, so she enjoyed the fingering then pushed him aside and leaned over and undid his pants and pulled his cock free. She took him into her mouth. Darnell had a nice cock about 8-8 1/2 inches long and thick. She began to suck him and the only noise in the car was the sound of the girls slurping cocks as they proceeded to give their dates a good cocksucking. They were still working of the cocks when Armand pulled into the parking lot, but that didn’t stop them. Darnell was first and announced “I’m gonna cum” as he filled Kassidy’s mouth with his sperm. She sucked down every drop, and they both sat up and looked over the seat as Armand began to pump his sperm into Kim’s Onwin Giriş mouth and they watched as she swallowed and sat up and licked her lips. “I needed that” she said, and they straightened themselves and opened the car doors and walked toward the club.

When they entered the club, the girls looked around and saw that they were the only white women in the club, but that didn’t bother them at all. A lot of eyes were on them as they found a seat and sat down, they ordered a drink and talked. Darnell told Kassidy that he was still horny as hell, and he put his arm around her and pulled her close as he kissed her and ran his hand back up her skirt. Kassidy kissed him back passionately and her legs parted to allow him access to her pussy.

Kim told Armand “Looks like Darnell needs to get laid tonight” and she laughed. Armand said, “So do I Kim.” Kim smiled at him and took a swig of her beer, she snuggled against him and whispered, “Don’t worry Armand, you’ll get laid tonight, I promise you that.” Kim and Armand went to the dance floor and began to dance, Armand showing off his moves and making moves that looked more like fucking than dancing, but he was good, and Kim loved dancing with him. They spent a lot of time openly kissing while they danced, and she wanted to suck his cock again so bad her pussy was staying wet. She excused herself to go pee and Kassidy decided to join her. They headed for the ladies room and went in to relieve themselves. They talked about how horny these two men were and what they were going to do with them this evening. When they finished, they exited the door and were met by three large guys who told them how nice “You little white whore’s looked” The biggest of the three grabbed Kim and held her. He asked her if she would like some more black cock, except a man’s cock instead of a little boys. She felt his cock press against her and knew it was huge. The man bent down and kissed her pushing his tongue into her mouth. She moaned and kissed him back.

Kassidy stood between the other two men, and one of them said, “Looks like your sister likes Jeremy, little slut” She looked at Kim and saw that she was kissing back like she wanted to stick her tongue down his throat. She watched as the big man put his hands on Kim’s ass and held one cheek in each hand as he ground his cock into her body. Kim’s skirt had risen and you could see the bottom of her ass cheeks, and Kassidy watched as the man ran his hands under the hem of her skirt and over her bare ass.

Just then, Darnell came into view and said, “What do you think you’re doing”

“Looks like we’re going to take these little ladies home for you, boy. Looks like they want a man instead of a little wimp.” The large man next to Kassidy told him.

Armand walked over and said “Damn it Jeremy, leave my woman alone.”

Jeremy looked at Armand and told him, “Boy go home to your mama, this little whore is going with me tonight.” He held onto Kim and held her breast in his hand as he talked with his nephew. She mouthed the words “What are you going to do?” to Armand, but he didn’t reply.

Armand talked with Darnell a minute and told him that his uncle and the two men were ex-convicts and they would beat the shit out of them if they did anything. So they turned and left Kim and Kassidy with Jeremy and the two other men. Jeremy took Kim back in his arms and ran his tongue into her mouth as he reached down and pulled her skirt up so her could run his finger along the slit of her cunt. She moaned as he slipped his finger into her up to the second knuckle. The men close to Kassidy ran their hands over her body as the three of them watched Jeremy manhandle her sister.

Jeremy took Kim’s hand and led her to the door and out into the parking lot. They went to an old Lincoln in the parking lot, he opened the back door and pushed her in. The others had followed and Kassidy climbed into the front Onwin Güncel Giriş seat between them as she heard the zipper in the back seat. She looked back to see her sister being fed 12 inches of black cock as Jeremy said let’s go to the house. The driver started the car and Kassidy heard Kim moan as she heard Jeremy say “Suck my cock you fucking white slut, before this night is over you’re going to suck a lot of black cock.”

Kassidy moved close to the passenger in the front seat, and reached down to put her hand on his crotch. What she felt stunned her, she had never felt a cock this large, she couldn’t even begin to close her had around it’s girth, but she knew she was going to find out soon just how big it was. There was no doubt that these men were going to fuck the sisters tonight, and she looked forward to it. She reached up and kissed the man next to her, running her tongue into his mouth tasting the cheap liquor he had been drinking. She opened his zipper and pulled his cock out it must have been 14 inches and as big around as her forearm, she began to pump him as they kissed. They could hear the moans from Jeremy and the slurping sounds Kim’s mouth was making as she sucked him.

Jeremy pulled away from her all of a sudden and Kim was stunned and he pushed her forward and pushed her legs apart. He climbed between them and put his cock to her cunt, and with a brutal force he rammed all 11 inches home. Kim screamed as she was skewered with his cock. She felt so full that she tears came to her eyes as he began to fuck her.

Kassidy was working the cock in her hand and the driver said, “How about me you white slut?” so she took her other hand and felt for his crotch, and discovered he had already taken his cock free and she wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it as well. She heard her sister moan and breath deeply as she was getting fucked and she stroked both of those beautiful cocks in her hands. While he wasn’t as big as the passenger, the driver’s cock was at least 9 or 10 inches and her hand again couldn’t close around it. She couldn’t wait to get somewhere and let these men fuck her. She looked over her shoulder and saw Kim, legs wrapped around Jeremy fucking the hell out of him. He was pounding her fast and hard and she was breathing very quickly. Kim hollered “I’m cumming again, God you are so good, damn, I love the way you fuck me.”

Jeremy pulled out of Kim and positioned his cock over her face, and told her to finish him off. She began to take him in her mouth and he said “No you whore, jerk me off I want to cum in your face, you white slut. Jerk that big black cock into your face.”

Kim took his cock and began to jerk him looking directly at the pee slit as she did. He began to show just a little white as she jerked and then she saw the slit open wide and she felt his cock swell and the first stream hit her between the eyes, the second shot into her hair and finished across her cheek the third hit her open mouth covering her tongue with his sperm the fourth shot into her open mouth and slid down her throat. He grabbed his cock and continued to jerk it as the cum subsided and he offered it to her and said “Clean it you cocksucker, I hate to put it back dirty.” She did as she was told and cleaned the head and made special effort with the pee slit, she cleaned him deep and he pulled it free of her mouth and pulled his pants back up.

Kassidy looked at her sister, she was covered in cum, and it made Kassidy hornier than ever. Her hands continued stroking the cocks in her hands.

Jeremy sat back and looked at Kim. “Well at least that is a start to your evening you slut. Sit up and show my friends what you look like.”

Kim sat up and the guys looked back at her. “You sure covered her Jeremy, I think it is your best job so far.”

They laughed. They pulled into a dirt road and went about ½ mile down it. They came on an old house and stopped the car. Kassidy looked out the window and saw 7 guys sitting on the porch drinking beer. For the first time she looked a little nervous. Jeremy opened the back door and pulled Kim out and said, “She’s all yours”

The night was about to begin.

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