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Amy Ch. 03

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Over the next several weeks they settled into a comfortable routine, hardly seeing each other. Amy had enrolled at the community college studying to become a physical therapist and, after eating breakfast and packing a lunch for her father and herself, would leave for classes just as he was waking up.

Tim would spend his mornings working around the house, mowing the lawn, washing the car, cleaning gutters etc, until noon when he’d eat his main meal of the day, usually casseroles that Amy had prepared. He’d then shower and leave for work.

Amy got home at 2 or 4 depending on her classes and did a little housework, made suppers – the casseroles – studied, then watched some TV if there was time. She was often in bed when he got home. Her friends had eventually stopped calling her since she no longer wanted to be a party girl.

It was on the weekends that they were able to spend a little time together. Money was tight and her classes were intense; physics, biology, chemistry, (maybe she should have paid more attention in high school) but they were sometimes able to go to a movie, or occasionally dinner.

One Friday night Tim came home and collapsed in his chair exhausted. His face was ashen, the lines deeper, dark circles beneath his eyes.

“Would you do me a favor, sweetheart? Would you put about this much Bourbon in a glass with some ice, please.”

Amy fixed the drink and brought it to her father who drained it in one swallow. Her eyes went wide.

“Another?” she asked after he let out a sigh.

“Please” he said, eyes closed.

She brought the second drink and he sipped it. She stayed next to him and waited. Finally he said,

“They got rid of second shift today.”

“Oh my God!” she said

“Fired everybody but me and Lucy. Scotty, Jimbo, Ellen. Everybody. Jesus, it was a blood bath.”

“Ellen was getting ready to retire, wasn’t she?”

“Two weeks.” he said. “Two goddamn weeks. Now what’s she supposed to do?”

“So, what, you go on days now?”

“Right. I’ll have 14 machines to take care of by myself, Amyl left too. Plus they expect me to be an operator in my ‘down time'”.He made imaginary quotes in the air. “Unbelievable.”

For weeks Amy had been circling Help Wanted ads for jobs that she though he might be able to do, and leaving them at his place at the table for when he got up. But money was tight and jobs were scarce.

She had put her hands on his shoulders and begun a gentle massage.

“Daddy, your muscles feel like wood, lean forward, I’ll rub your back.”

She crouched behind him on the chair and massaged his shoulders and neck and worked her way down. She tugged his shirt out from his pants and slid her hands underneath to work the lower back. She suddenly stopped.

“Wait right here.” she said getting up and going into her room. Soon she was back with a bottle of massage oil and her Anatomy textbook. ,

“Strip down to your shorts and lay down here on the sofa.” He didn’t respond.

“I can’t work your back like this, just take off your clothes. Leave the boxers on if you want.” She picked up her textbook.

“you’ll also be helping me with the Massage unit and the anatomy section of my course.”

He did as he was told and she helped him with his boots. He lay down on the sofa and bursa otele gelen escort she put a couple of throw pillows under his ankles. Amy straddled him, sitting on his backside, poured the massage oil into a small puddle in her palm and rubbed her hands together, heating it. She began by working on his upper back, looking at the illustration in her anatomy book on the floor and calling out the muscles as she went.

“Splenius Capitis; Posterior Lateral Triangle of the Trapezius” she said massaging each muscle thoroughly before moving on. “Deltoids; Teres Minor and Teres Major.”

She worked hard and took satisfaction in her father’s moans and sighs as tight knots of tension were massaged away.

“Latisimus Dorsi; External Abdominal Obliques.” she quoted moving further down the back.”Gluteus Medius and Gluteal Fasciae.” She tugged his shorts partway down to get at these.

Amy went to the end of the sofa and lifted her father’s foot to massage the soles.

“Abductor hallucis; Flexor digtorum brevis and Abdutuctor digiti minimi.” Then she worked up the back of his legs in long strokes, letting her hands slip into the leg holes of his boxer to get at the gluteal muscles, Maximus Minimus, Medius. Running her hands up his inner thighs she let the tips of her fingers occasionally brush his testicles, elliciting a soft gasp which made her pussy clench.

“OK, Daddy, time to turn over so I can work the ‘anterior’.” She said a little nervously, quoting the illustration in her anatomy text.

“Um…maybe I’d better uh…just lie here like this for uh…for a little while if that’s OK.” he said.

It took her a few seconds to understand, and then she said, “Oh. Daddy, it happens all the time, perfectly natural. It’s no big deal, really. Just turn over.”

Actually she had no idea if it happened all the time or not but she saw no reason why it wouldn’t; a man having his naked body massaged by an attractive woman while he lies there passively. Reluctantly he turned over but kept both hands over his crotch. His eyes fixed on her tank top where her hard nipples were poking against the fabric. She smiled to herself; a man’s just a man, she thought.

She began at his toes and ran her hands in long strokes up both legs to his hips, her progress blocked by his large hands which covered his erect penis and testicles. Finishing with his legs she moved back up his body and straddled his upper thighs, where his protective fingers were only fractions of an inch from her crotch, she leaned forward to rub the Deltoids. The fabric of her shorts brushed the back of his hands. Putting more oil on her hands she moved to his pectorals letting her lubricated pinkies lightly brush across his nipples. The effect this was having on him was obvious as tiny shudders of pleasure made him quiver. She widened her knees, softly pressing her pussy down onto his hands.

She lifted one arm and laid it across her thigh, and she named for him each muscle in the arm as she massaged the tension out of it.

“Bicep; Long head and lateral head of the tricep; Brachioradialis; Extensor digitorum.”

She turned his palm over and massaged the pads of the fingers, noting the coarseness of the skin and the hard calluses, the fruit of a lifetime of bursa eve gelen eskort hard work, before returning it to it’s place on her hip. She repeated the procedure with the other arm and placed it on her other hip and looked at the bulge in her father’s shorts. Her hands went to the waistband and he immediately covered them with his own, stopping her.

Amy leaned back and looked him in the eye.

“Daddy, how long has it been since you’ve touched a woman?” She asked.

“You know how long.” he said.

“And that long since a woman’s touched you. I want to do this for you, Daddy. Just let me do this.”

She freed her hands and in one smooth motion slid the tank top over her head and dropped it on the floor. His eyes widened and she let him drink in the sight of her beautiful young breasts, the normally pale pink nipples dark and hard, pointing upward, the areolas puckered. She straightened her back, offering them to his eyes. They were perfect, firm and with not a bit of sag as they jutted from her rib cage. His cock twitched beneath the material of his boxers and she smiled. Yes, whatever else he may be, she thought, he’s still just a man.

She took his hands and placed them over her breasts, squeezing his fingers into her tender flesh. He felt the nipples poking into his palms. When she was sure his hands were fixed she again reached for the waistband of his shorts and slid them down. He lifted his hips and she tucked the elastic under his testicles lifting them.

Amy felt an irrational sense of pride in the size of her father’s genitals and admired his penis as it pulsed above his abdomen; the shaft hard as steel, the head soft as velvet. She placed a thumb at the base and slowly slid it up to the head and a drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip. She did it again and the drop became larger. She continued to express the clear sticky fluid until a quantity sufficient to coat the entire head had been gathered. She intended to use this natural lubrication since she was pretty sure the massage oil wouldn’t taste very good.

Her father’s hands continued their massage as she teased his penis running her wet finger around and around the head and over the super-sensitive diamond on the underside just below. Finally she bent and placed a kiss on the tip. She licked her lips savoring the salty taste of his pre-cum. Moving her hair out of the way so she was sure he could see, she slowly lowered her head, letting his cock push her lips apart as it would if it were entering her vagina. Lowering her head farther, she had to open her mouth wide to accommodate him. She took as much of him into her mouth as she thought she could stand and then slowly retreated letting the head pull on her lips as it was removed.

She repeated this action several times before picking up the pace. Not able to take all of him into her mouth, she pumped him with her hand while with the thumb and index finger of the other hand she made an OK sign at the base of his balls to keep them from drawing up as he got closer to climax.

Tim tangled his fingers in his daughter’s hair and began pumping his hips, thrusting his cock into her mouth. She looked up and saw his eyes were closed and a look of deep pleasure covered his face.

Soon his breathing became bayan escort bursa ragged and his stomach muscles convulsive. With her fingers she kept his balls from drawing up into the body cavity as soft moans escaped his lips. She wanted him to come in her mouth, to swallow the hot sticky fluid. But she wanted more to see him, to watch him release all the tension he was carrying. She straightened up and looked at his face. Funny, she thought, how extreme pleasure and extreme pain produce the exact same facial expression. Are they on the same continuum or opposite aspects of extreme feeling?

Several of her boyfriends had shown her how to hold them on the edge of orgasm in order to prolong the feeling and she slowed the pace, stroking him only once a second or so, to keep him hovering over the abyss. His head was rocking side to side and his moans were becoming strangled. She felt his legs trembling beneath her. The shaft of his cock grew even stiffer and his balls hardened as well. An animalistic groan was resonating deep in his chest and growing louder. His body stiffened, his hips lifted off the sofa.

“Just let it go, Daddy. Just let it go.” She looked down and saw the head of his cock swell as if taking a deep breath just before it exploded sending a thick white stream of semen flying up to his chest.

She tried to time her strokes to the spasms of his cock as she pumped a second stream out of him which landed on his stomach. More cum flowed like lava over her fist and she kept up the pace until she was sure he was completely drained.

She let go of his cock and bent over him kissing his face which had relaxed, its furrows and ridges smooth.

“I love you so much, Daddy.”

“I love you too, baby girl. Thank you.” He said, his voice deep, his eyes closed.

Amy held him for a few minutes and then went to the bathroom where she dampened a wash cloth in warm water and returned to the living where her father was snoring softly on the sofa, his boxers still down around his thighs. “He’s exhausted,” she thought. He barely stirred as she cleaned him up. She kissed him and covered him with the comforter before making her way into her room.

It was only then, as she removed her shorts and panties, that she became aware of her own desperate need. She ran her hands over her breasts and pinched the nipples. But she didn’t a warm-up, her pubic hair was damp and matted and her pussy felt wide open a familiar hard knot had formed in her belly. She threw herself onto the bed and with one hand on her breast, teasing and pinching the rock hard nipple, she ran her other hand down to her crotch. She ground the heel of her hand against the pubic bone just above her clit and easily slid 2 fingers inside sopping wet opening releasing some of the lubrication which had collected there. It tickled as it ran down to her asshole.

She raised her knees and spread her legs as wide as she could, and by tilting her hips and lifting them off of the mattress, she found that spot inside her pussy and pressed her fingers into it as she ground her palm against her clit. Images of her father’s cock spewing semen mixed in her mind with the feeling of the savage fucking she’d received from the biker’s merciless dick as she came in violent explosions of sensation. Electrical waves of pleasure raced from her pussy to her toes and up to her nipples as a second climax built up the wreckage of the first. A third orgasm left her gasping and vibrating as she held both hands over her crotch, easing herself back down to earth. Her breathing returned to normal and she rolled onto her side, placed a pillow between her legs and fell into a deep satisfying sleep.

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