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I Want to be a Good Girl for You

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I want to be a good girl for you.

I want to keep my legs always spread, my mouth always open, my pussy dripping wet for whenever you want to take me. Wherever you want to take me.

In the park in broad daylight up against tree as strangers walk by pretending not to hear me moan and beg for more because they’re just too shocked to object.

In the packed crowd of a music gig, because that song turns us on so much and you have to drag me to the nearest dark corner and go at me as more and more of the sweaty strangers we’ve been writhing with forget the band and notice us and come closer because they can’t believe our nerve.

At a family wedding when you’re bored out of your skull but it pleases you to remember you made me take me panties off and you have them in your pocket an you give me that look, all through the best mans speech. The look that commands me to get dripping wet for you so the instant they all start applauding, you can grab my wrists, pull me into some quiet corner of the banqueting hall an just fuck me slowly, with your hand over levent escort my mouth because the only way we’ll get away with this if I can be quiet while I cum for you.

Anywhere you want to drop all pretence of respectability and just stick your dick in me until it’s fully sated, I’m game.

I want to be a good girl for you.

I want to suck your throbbing cock all night long without your fingers even going near my clit because I’ll be completely satisfied by your pleasure groans alone. Just the taste of you, the size of you filling me up, the generous doses of warm cum feeding my starving mouth, it’s all I need to get me off. To do it exactly how you like it. As you specifically instruct. And if I get it wrong, depriving me of your delicious dick for a single second is all the punishment I need. I’ll never get it wrong again, because I live to suck your dick. I’d drop to my knees for you anywhere, and anyone can watch and you can tell them through you’re a gasps and moans how I’m the best you’ve ever had because mecidiyeköy escort I’m so obedient. Maybe you say to the shocked, yet rock hard men next to you that they can sample my talents for themselves if they like.

That’s right, I’ll suck anyone’s dick if it pleases you to watch me. To see strangers, friend, brothers, get the same kick you get and it makes you feel so smug, so lucky, that you can get this all the time, six times a day even. But they only get it once, so they best make the most of it.

I want to be a good girl for you.

Fuck romance, fuck foreplay, fuck pleasing me, me cumming first, just fuck me. Pound me with your need and I’ll scream so loud for you so everyone can hear through the thin walls just what a fucking stud you are and what a good girl I am.

I want to be your slave, your fuck toy, your plaything. Do as you command and you don’t have to punish me with a whip or slap. You just need the threat of your dick going back in your jeans until I get a hold of myself and I will, because I need it, every day. kağıthane escort The only reason I get anything else done is because I have to eat, sleep, be sociable, but it’s all secondary, it’s all mundane distraction because all I really want is your cock inside me, fucking me into oblivion.

I want to be such a good girl for you.

I’d let you take me to the seediest sex club, full of sleazy strangers and I’d just lie back and spread my legs and let them all take their turn on me as you watched, pumping your dick and smiling at me and when I was almost on the verge of fainting with exhaustion, when I think I’ve finally reached my limit, you can saunter over, cock throbbing and fuck me as if I hadn’t just been gangbanged all night, like it was my first time. That’s how good you are. And you would whisper in my ear as you fill me with another stream of cum, that’s leaking out of me almost straight away because there’s literally no room for it: “Whose cock do you love the most?”

And of course, no matter how many cocks pounded me through the night, no matter how big they were, no matter how well they satisfied my unrelenting need, I’d just about manage to say, through my ravaged throat, through my gasps and moans, knowing the instant you say those two words I’ll cum so hard I see stars:

“Yours, it’s always yours”

“Good girl”

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