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Threesome Ch. 2

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As we sat there, sipping on our wine, we were all motionless. It was quiet; nobody seemed to want to say anything. I could tell from the atmosphere that we were all in a state of shock. I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell had just happened. Then, Tom spoke, “Who’s up for some more fun?” The coy look on his face told me he was up to something. My eyes gazed down at his crotch and discovered what he was up to. “By the looks of it, I’d say YOU were up for some more fun, Tom,” I teased. “Gina, let’s see how much fun Tom is up for tonight.” The evil grin on her face told me she knew exactly what I meant.

Gina and I removed the rest of our clothing as Tom watched eagerly. Once undressed, she and I looked at Tom, then to each other. I approached her slowly, making sure that Tom was in good position to watch our performance. I leaned into her and placed a deep kiss on her pouty lips. As she opened her mouth slightly, my tongue darted in and met with hers. Our mouths opened wider, allowing Tom to view them dancing and playing together.

My hand moved to her chest as she eased her way into the chair. Once seated, her legs widened, allowing ample room for me to play. I continued kissing her, and brought my hand to her pussy. She was so wet that when I toyed with her twat, it made a slippery smacking noise. I had totally forgotten about Tom and concentrated all of my efforts on Gina. She let out a sigh as I continued fingering her cunt. Tom admired her. She looked beautiful with her head tipped back and the light hitting her chest softly.

I pulled away from her lips and moved down her neck with soft kisses. Continuing downwards, I paused for a moment to bite on each of her nipples softly. They were like small marbles embedded in her fleshy breasts. I sucked them into my mouth gently, then gnawed on them relentlessly. A quiet squeak escaped her mouth. Taking two fingers, I plunged them deep within her pussy. Again, the pleasure/pain mixture nearly sent her over the edge as I felt her inner muscles contract quickly around my hand. Her pussy juice coated my fingers as I thrust deeper and deeper inside.

My lips trailed down to her stomach, running further down to her snatch. I traced her lower lips, occasionally flicking my tongue across her swollen clit. She moaned, as her hips bucked up each time my tongue touched her clit. I knew she wanted me to zone in there, but I felt like making her squirm for awhile. I removed my hand from within her and replaced it with my tongue, lapping up the juices that escaped. I probed deep into her hot cunt. My firm tongue plugging in and out several quick times caused her to thrust into my face. My cheeks glistened with her sticky sex honey.

With my still moist fingers, I began touching her puckered ass. She released her ass muscles sending an open invitation to my fingers. As her sphincter relaxed, I eased my finger inside, feeling her tightness wrap around me. I inched my way in, moving back and forth slowly, finally pushing in as deep as I could go. My mouth began working softly on her clit as she pushed her ass downward, trying to force me in deeper. I sucked her swollen clit into bağdatcaddesi escort my mouth and flicked my tongue slowly at first, then faster. As my pace quickened, her body thrashed out of control, thrusting down on my hand, forcing my finger deeper inside her ass. Her juices had lubricated my hand enough that I could force another finger into her ass. Her body sucked it in without hesitation. My fingers were filling her up, yet I felt she wanted more. So I shoved yet another finger into her wanting ass. It was a tight fit, but there was plenty of lubrication, so it wasn’t too difficult. She pounded her ass into my hand, her clit slipping from my mouth several times. Her body started to shake uncontrollably as I applied more pressure to her clit with my mouth. She gasped as her body peaked into orgasm. “Oh God,” she moaned. She came quick and hard while I continued finger fucking her ass, her muscles gripping tightly around my hand. Her cunt poured juices out, dripping onto the chair. I could tell that her clit was becoming overly sensitive, so I moved my mouth lower to lap up her pussy juice. As her climax subsided, I eased my hand from her ass and brought myself up on top of her chest, kissing her body on the way up.

My face shined from her juices as she grinned then kissed me deep. Slowly, she pulled away and traced her tongue along my chin, licking her own juices from my face. We turned towards Tom and found him in the exact same position he was in when we started, although I believe his hard cock was needing some type of release. He was stroking himself in a rather brisk manner. I turned to Gina, whispered in her ear, then we both turned to Tom. “I believe you’re next, darling,” Gina said with a sadistic look on her face. I shot an intense look back at her and knew we were both on the same wavelength. Tom was in for the time of his life, yet he had no idea what was in store for him next.

Gina and I made our way over to Tom. He sat there, eased back in the couch, with that “Bring it on, baby” look on his face. His cock was standing at attention as Gina and I gazed into each other’s eyes. We moved towards each other and kissed deeply, with Tom watching. Our mouths inched their way down to Tom’s aching cock, our lips parting slightly as we pulled away from each other.

Our tongues began dancing on the head of his cock, gliding all the way down his shaft. Gina tasted his balls while I moved my mouth up and down along the side of his prick. When Gina sucked one of his balls between her lips, I sucked the head of Toms dick into my own warm, wet mouth. A sigh emerged from Tom, as I shoved his cock deeper and deeper into my throat, lubricating it well.

Gina’s hand stroked along the opening of Tom’s ass. I moved Tom’s meat into my throat once again while Gina moved her hand down to her still wet pussy. She thrust a single digit inside her, removing an ample amount of juice. Then she brought her hand to Tom’s ass and carefully worked her finger inside. She eased a single digit inside his ass, while I shoved my head against Tom, nearly choking myself on his cock as beykoz escort it slid between the walls of my throat. Gina fondled Tom’s ass as my mouth quickened its pace. Tom was in absolute heaven; his breathing became labored. I knew he was nearing orgasm, but wanted to make it last.

Gina worked on Tom’s asshole while I gently ceased the sucking motion and brought my body up onto his. My leg ran across Tom’s lap as I moved into perfect fucking position. I slowly worked my pussy around Tom’s rod. As the head of his dick touched my opening, he let out a sigh. Ever so slowly, I kept working Tom inside me, inching along bit by bit. I knew he wanted me to thrust him inside quickly, but working slowly would only make his desire stronger. My slippery cunt cupped his cock as I pressed against him. After a few minutes of working down on him, he was finally within me. “OH MY!” he cried. I pulled myself up, nearly losing him from my pussy, then thrust my body against him. His body jerked forward, as he wasn’t expecting the quick penetration.

Tom placed his hands on my hips, forcing me to ride him. I continued fucking Tom while Gina worked another finger into his ass, pressing upward to stimulate his prostate. His body was shaking at this point as I fucked him relentlessly. The excitement of watching him enjoy the multi-stimulation was turning me on even more. Juices were pouring from my body as I neared my own climax. Gina must have realized this because she took her free hand and begin working a finger into my ass. Each time my body came crashing down onto Tom, Gina’s hand moved further into my hole.

I couldn’t control my orgasm as it came screaming from my body. My inner muscles tensed around Tom’s throbbing cock, my ass tightened around Gina and I belted out a huge moan. This was enough to send Tom over the edge as his prick contracted within me. As he exploded inside me I felt his cum spurt against my walls. Toms body gyrated as his hands forced the weight of my body into him. As Gina’s fingers withdrew from our bodies, my body continued with mini orgasms and Tom gasped. I sat on Tom, still for a moment, allowing my body to return to its normal state.

I eased Tom from my body and motioned for both of them to follow me upstairs. They followed without hesitation. As we entered my bedroom, I moved towards the nightstand and opened it, revealing my vast collection of toys. Rifling through them, I found what I was looking for and turned to face my friends. Resting comfortably in my hand was a strap-on vibrating cock, eight inches in length and very thick. “So, which one of you wishes to experience this first?” I said, holding up the toy. Gina’s eyes lit up as she raised her hand. “Me, me,” she said excitedly.

I snapped the cock around my waist and watched Gina’s beautiful body as she sprawled out across the bed. Slowly I slithered on top of her and lowered my torso on top of hers. Embracing her in a passionate kiss, I worked the slick fucking tool into her wet pussy, forcing it in, then backing it out. She moaned passionately while I began a methodic rhythm.

Tom stood by bostancı escort the bed watching our performance, gently stroking his organ, and within minutes was hard as a rock. Continuing to fuck Gina with the pseudo-cock, I reached down and switched it on to vibrate. The humming of the cock against my clit invigorated my body, renewing it with sexual energy. Raising my body from Gina, I positioned myself perpendicular to her, groping her beautiful breasts. At this point, Tom was no longer willing to be an innocent bystander…well, ok, not so innocent.

From the corner of my eye, I watched him move onto the bed. He approached me from behind and began kissing my neck, then raced his tongue down my spine. My body shook from the tickle of his tongue. As he moved down my back I leaned over into Gina again and embraced her in a wildly erotic kiss. While our tongues danced together, Tom licked my tight little star, delving into the darkness.

The anal stimulation, along with the vibrating strap-on was enough to send me right over the edge. My body quivered while I moaned in ecstasy. Gina was quick to follow as I pounded her with the cock. Her deep groans and my high pitched screams were music to Tom’s ears. He needed a piece of the action.

After several more thrusts into Gina, I removed the vibrator from her glistening pussy. “Ok big boy, you’re next,” Gina said to Tom, breathless and still tingling from her immense orgasm. She pulled the snaps on the strap-on and removed it from my groin, fastening around her own. With Tom kneeling on the bed, I moved towards his prick and engulfed it into my mouth. Gina took advantage when his body hurled forward and moved behind him, pressing the head of the vibrating cock against his anal opening. “Oh my God,” he cried, feeling the cock knocking on his back door. The rubber cock, still moist with Gina’s juices, opened his tunnel as the head of it eased inside.

My mouth, still wrapped around Tom’s dick, milked him for all it was worth. Again, the familiar feeling of double penetration forced Tom’s orgasm to build quickly from within. Gina forced the cock into his ass while I continued stroking him with my mouth. “Ohhhh,” he gasped. Gina quickened her motion and began reaming him while I took my hands to his balls. That was all he needed to bring him to explode. I shoved his cock into my throat, feeling his cum trickle down into my stomach. Gina continued to violate Tom’s ass as his body lurched forward. “Oh, oh, oh,” he cried, continuing to fill my mouth with his warm liquid.

With the last dribble of cum oozing from his rod, he collapsed on the bed. The fake prick pulled from his body forcing another moan from Tom’s mouth. I gave Gina another quick peck on the mouth and gazed into her eyes. “I think the poor guy has had enough for one night,” she giggled. Gina lay down in front of Tom, and I, behind him.

Our minds replayed the events of the evening. Finally, Gina spoke, “So, Tom, think you’ll be ready for more next weekend?” I laughed as I heard Tom respond, “Oh yes. But give my body a chance to recover before you two take advantage of me again, ok?” We all giggled, then drifted off to sleep. I could hardly wait for next weekend to come. Our friendship had certainly taken a step in a new direction. And I, for one, was certainly pleased with that.

Copyright, 2000 by Lydia Loveland, Ohio, USA – All Rights Reserved Not for distribution or publication without prior written permission of the author

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