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Slave Gets Punished and Redeemed

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Hello everyone. It’s been a while I know but I’m back. Today or tonight, whichever you’re in right now, we’re delving into some serious BDSM sado-masochism Slave/Master dynamics. So if you’re not exactly into sado-masochism punishment or are disgusted by it you’ve been warned now. Like ‘Femboy Caught In the Locker Room’ this story is a back and forth cooperation by me and, as I’ve come to call him, Master Hunter. He starts then it’s me back and forth. So, if you’re into sado-masochism then sit back and enjoy the read.


I come home from a long afternoon of work to a mess made by my slave.


After hearing master scream at me to come to him I immediately rush out of the bedroom. “Yes master?” I look at his face and see anger knowing something isn’t right.

“What the fuck is this!?!” I point at the uncleaned kitchen “I ordered you to clean this today!” I yell.

I look at him shellshocked and respond looking down in shame, “I’m sorry master. I went to sleep after you left and I didn’t wake up till 20 minutes ago.” I responded shamefully.

I grab your cheek forcefully “You’re fucking useless!” I scream to your face can’t even follow simple orders!

I knew I deserved punishment for my selfish actions so I didn’t even respond but instead gave master the paddle he always had me keep on else I’d be locked in the stocks.

“Strip down, and bend over onto the counter.”

I obeyingly lift my prissy skirt and lower my panties to my ankles bending over the kitchen counter accepting my punishment as a selfish disobedient slave without a sound from my mouth.

I pull the paddle back, and spank you.

I yelp and start to cry from the first lick knowing many more are going to come. I just keep looking forwards accepting my fate.

I hit again.

I yelp again and start to cry tears of shame and punishment.

I spank you harder.

“Beg for the next one.”

I yelp louder than the previous two and then I heard master tell me I had to beg for my third one. I beg with tears running over my face and sobbing. “Please pu- punish this diso- disobedient and selfish slave for- for not following your orders ma- master. I should never thi- think of myself master. Only you master. I for- forgot that today master.” I beg sobberingly and stuttering.

I spank you again.

“Beg louder!”

I cry even more now and respond to his his command yelling, “PLEA- PLEASE PUNISH YOUR SLAVE MAS- MASTER! I’M A DISGRAC- DISGRACEFUL SLAVE TO YOU- YOU MASTER!” I beg yelling.

I lower the paddle “It’s time to go downstairs.”

Knowing I’m heading to the stocks I whimper as I follow behind master toward the basement. Staggering in my heels, almost falling, with my panties around them crying.

I stop at the stairs “You go first.”

Still walking behind master I stop when he does telling me to go first. Knowing I’d probably stumble, fall, and push master down the stairs with me I obeyingly go down the steps first. Sure enough after a couple steps I trip and fall down the steps. Landing on my side. I cry and try to regain my breath as the fall knocked all my air out but I wasn’t getting air for another several seconds. Realising soon after I hurt my boobs during the fall.

I come down the stairs and pick you up.

“Can’t even walk down stairs properly…”

As master made it 3/4 of the way down I could finally breathe again although wheezing. As I stood up with the forceful picking up of master I started bawling in pain and shame. Thinking to myself, “Why does master keep me if I’m such a disobedient and selfish slave? Maybe if I ran away he could find someone better than me. Someone that wouldn’t disobey him. Someone that wouldn’t disappoint him.” I thought as I followed behind master to the stocks.

I lay you on the couch let me check you for injuries. “Before I proceed, show me where you hurt yourself.”

I obeyingly point at my breast area and back. Also rubbing the back of my head in pain. I was bawling in pain and shame.

I put my hand over your mouth “Sh, I can’t do anything if you’re crying.”

I try to calm myself down by closing my mouth and trying to take deep breaths but I start to feel sleepy. My eyes feeling heavy fluttering closer and closer to a close.

I let you rest, as I check your injuries

I find that you have no broken bones, only bruises, I lock your wrist to the couch silently, and go upstairs to get some cream.

Falling into sleep removed all the pain, shame, and disappointment. I start to have dreams within what seemed to be seconds.

I rummage through the medicine cabinet, and mumble “Can’t even keep this cabinet organized…”

I just layed there. Dreaming. Eventually after what seemed like minutes my dream became a nightmare. A nightmare about me running away and living in the alleyways. Getting brutally raped by people. The horrors of life. That’s when I realised in the dream it was a message. A message that what Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort I had was what some didn’t have and I had an owner that would take care of me as he saw fit. I found bliss in the message and my nightmare became a heavenly dream.

I find the cream, and walk back downstairs.

I was in dreamful bliss with a smile on my face unknowingly. Master coming down and seeing my smile.

I get a weird sensation from seeing the smile…

I get back to you, and prepare the cream, I blow slightly onto it, so it isn’t cold and doesn’t wake you up, I then apply the cream onto you

Dreaming in bliss learning that I will never once disobey master ever again made my heart start to pump even quicker than the slow pumps it had before. I slowly started to wake up to master looming over me.

“It seems you’re better at punishing yourself, than I am at punishing you… It seems your clumsiness hurts you more than I do…” I say a little annoyed.

Loomily I started to form a sentence. “Ma- Master? I- I will ne-never disobey yo- you ever again. I- I have cha- changed. I will ne- never sha- shame you again.” I say and just pass out soon again after.

“Ugh” I say silently, and place a hand on you “Alright slave…”

I go back into a dream state seeing myself being an obedient slave that master has always wanted from me.

I remove my hand and go back upstairs, and make some drinks.

After 15 minutes I finally start waking up fully and sit up groggy. Rubbing the back of my head. After a minute waiting for the grogginess to cease I start to stand up. Of course it hurt and I staggered a little but I regained balance and wondered where master was. “Master?”

I walk back downstairs with two cups of tea.

Seeing master coming back down the stairs made me stop worrying that something bad might have happened to him. I immediately try to straighten up past the pain in my back that was still there although less painful than it was initially. I bowed my head down in honour and respect of master coming down as I had been trained to for years for my owners. I said nothing until I’d been told otherwise.

I hand you a cup of tea “Drink this, you’ll feel better.”

With my head still bowed I looked up making sure not to make eye contact with master until I’d been allowed and grabbed the cup of what felt like something hot. Pulling it closer I realised it was tea. “Thank you master.” I said weakly.

“You may look up slave.” I say sternly, and take a sip of my tea.

Hearing master giving me permission I lifted my head up further to meet his eyes. “Thank you master. Black tea I take it master?”

“Yes, now drink it.” I say commandingly.

With my recent revelation I obeyingly lift the tea up to drink it. Blowing it off to cool it a little first. I take a sip.

“Finish it, and we’ll continue.”

“Yes master.” I start to try to drink it quickly not wanting to hold up master and my punishment from earlier. Blowing constantly on my tea to cool it. After a minute I finally finish my cup and set it down on the table to clean up later. Immediately feeling my blood heat up from the hot tea my face goes immensely red. “I’m done master. Please lead the way master.” I lower my head again as I go to stand behind master as years of training had taught me.

I point at the lighted table in the middle of the room. “Lay here.”

As master gave me the order to lay on the long table in the middle of the room I walked as fast as I could, leapt up onto the table and laid flat down.

I walk up beside you, and pull your legs back.

As master pulled my legs back I was a little confused as to why. I thought master was going to bring out the battery and cables after strapping me in but apparently not. I helped master when I realised he wanted my legs pulled back so I pulled them back. Staying fully silent as I’d been trained.

“Spread your legs and hold them for me.” I say, walking over to the drawer.

As commanded by master I lifted my legs up and spread them apart without using my arms as they just laid there by my side. I look straight up at the ceiling not worrying myself about what master is doing. He knows what’s best for me all the time.

I come back with rope. “Grab ahold of your knees with your hands.”

As commanded I grab my knees with my hands not bothering to look down at all.

I tie your legs and hands together, and divide your legs to keep them in place.

Feeling rope being tied around me I accepted but my mind decided to still think about what master was going to do. My mind forgetting I was his property and that everything from the moment I fell asleep after the fall was for his benefit and his reasons. I had no power and no say. My mind forgetting that but with an opposite mindset that battled with my freelance mindset for the benefit of master.

I walk back over to the drawer and rummage around the contents.

Seconds later my freelance mindset started to agree with my slave Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort mindset. Apparently making sense to my freelance mindset. Converting it. Until there was no inner mindset conflict. My slave mindset had won out and subdued my freelance mindset.

I find the anal vibrator and bring it back to you, putting it inside, and set it at the lowest setting.

Feeling an object I don’t remember I feel my clit stir in its hard plastic cage due to the new object enter my pussy and land on my g-spot. I try to remain as silent as I can but a muffled moan slips out. Immediately feeling shame overwhelm me.

Noticing your discomfort, I feel a faint smile go across my face “We haven’t even started…”

I remain silent with the look of shame on my face. Closing my eyes so as not to see if master punishes me for stirring in my cage. Knowing he hates me stirring in it or at least he gave that feel and attitude off.

“Since this cage isn’t working for you…” I take yours off, and go and grab the smaller one.

Feeling master taking off my normal cage and basically telling me he’s getting a smaller one I sigh with thankfulness. Knowing I had no right to an erection nor even to stir in my cage without masters rare permission even though I could never get an erection after the amount of time I’ve been in my cage and on testosterone blockers and estrogen to feminize me since my mistress had put me on them.

I start putting the smaller cage on you “This should actually work…” I finish latching the new one.

As soon as the smaller cage was locked and I heard the distinctive click I felt bliss and happiness come over me in a wave causing me to somehow forget I don’t speak without permission first I say, “Thank you mast-” I realised as soon as I did I fucked up. Immediately shutting my mouth in a hurry.

I give you an angry look, then go back to the drawer.

I cursed my brain for acting on its own due to bliss. Thinking what was master now planning now that I broke a slaves most basic rule. My brain starting to race.

I grab some nipple clamps, and come back and grab your shoulder, and pull you back, making you sit on your knees, and clamp you.

Realising master got nipple clamps made me scared. I hated nipple clamps and he knew it. They hurt but pleasured my nipples at the same time. My breasts but especially my nipples were incredibly sensitive and the clamps would make me suffer appropriately for my crime of speaking without permission to master. I willingly sat on my tied knees in anticipation. When master clamped them I almost yelped out.

I look unsatisfied with your yelp, and go back to my drawer, searching for a specific item.

Seeing master look unsatisfied I had a face of worry. “What is master going to punish me with now?” I said to myself while I totter back and forth because of the clamps.

“I’m tired of your speaking, and yelps.” I pull out a ball-gag, and show you the gag.

I bow my head down in subservience and respect. Opening my mouth to receive the ball.

“Look at me…” I say sternly.

I lift my head up on masters command with a shameful look in my eyes.

“Good, you should feel ashamed of yourself.” I say coldly.

I immediately close my eyes in anticipation of a possible slap across my face.

I lightly touch your face, before I slap you hard.

I recoil a bit and hold down a muffled yelp after master slapped me hard. Asserting that he’s my owner and I’m nothing but a slave that owes my thanks and life to him with whatever he requests. The thought putting a little smile on my face.

I pull the gag off for a second “Now tell me thank you for you slapping your face.”

I gleefully respond to masters command. “Thank you master for slapping me master.”

“Good.” I let the gag pop back into your mouth, by letting go of it.

I look at masters movements with glee. My mind no longer wondering what he’ll do.

I move back, and look at you, thinking about how I should punish you next.

I bow my head back down in honour and respect with gleeful thoughts running amok in my head.

“I think it’s time to turn up your vibrator.” I set it to the highest setting.

I hear master and before I’m ready I react jump a little to the vibrator master put inside of me not yelping in surprise thankfully. I keep my head down throughout the beginning.

“Keep your eyes on me…” I say degradingly.

I look back up at master with eyes with pleasure in them. Slightly shivering from my prostate being vibbed heavily. Trying to keep straight up with the amount of ecstasy flowing through me forcing me to breathe in more heavily.

I come and place my hands on the table, and just watch you.

Having master watch me while my prostate is vibbed to heaven. After my years of training I had been programmed that I can’t orgasm with permission. So master was punishing me with my prostate without the ability to orgasm which was itself an immense punishment.

I Ümraniye Vip Escort rub my finger across your body, teasing you with slight pleasure.

I started to bend over due to losing strength from the punishment in my pussy and master starting to rub my sensitive body. I started to lose control and moans started to come out unwillingly.

“Hold up straight slave.” I say with a slight smile.

I try very hard to obey master but my body did not want to cooperate whatsoever. After many repeated tries to straighten up I lost all my strength.

I catch your falling body by your throat “I said, straighten up…” I say, as I hold you up by your neck.

As much as I tried to obey masters order I just couldn’t. I had lost all strength attempting to before. With ecstasy coarsing through my veins it was hard to do anything. I closed my eyes in shame and for some supernatural reason I had a voice give me all the strength I needed to obey my master. As a slave I’d never considered the supernatural to be real but it was a little hard for me to resist the voice giving me back my strength.

The voice talked to me. Telling me I’m a good slave to my master. That I was worthy of his time. That I, an insignificant slave, had worth to my master. With the strength given to me I straightened up slowly but surely. Resisting the ecstasy that was in my brain and blood.

I let go of your neck “Good slave…” I slap your stomach lightly.

The slap master gave on my stomach in coordination with the vibrator was enough to give the boiling over point for a rare dry sissygasm. I couldn’t bare it but I had resisted my body from tensing up. I made a very long muffled moan from the dry sissygasm.

“You came, didn’t you?” I say angrily, and slap your face this “Calls for more punishment…”

I nodded my head in shame before master slapped me across my face. I bowed my head afterwards in disappointed shame. Thinking master was going to bring out the battery and cables in combination with the shame I felt I started tearing up. Tears building up and running down my cheeks.

I go to the closet, and grab the battery and cables, I come back and untie you “Put them on yourself…” I say with anger.

I obey his command. I grab two cable’s and put them on my nipples in contact with the clamps that master left on. I then take the very last one and put it on my sissyovarysack like master had done before. I tear up even more knowing what’s coming. Knowing that I deserve my treatment. I bow my head in respect, honour, and shame.

“Turn it on.”

I put my hand on the switch. Noticing it’s a bit higher voltage than I last remember. I sigh through my gag and flip the switch. I immediately fall backwards in shock. Twitching. My mind going numb with an electrical overload.

“Keep! Straight!” I yell over the buzzing.

My brain receiving far too much electricity that I couldn’t hear a single thing. All I knew was that I was receiving the ultimate punishment.

I stare at you angrily, as you don’t follow my instructions… I decide to turn up the electricity.

I involuntarily arch my back receiving an increase in electricity. My eyes feel overwhelmed and heavy. My mouth tingles with electricity all over. I pound the table with all my strength to overcome the electricity to alert master.

I turn off the battery “So now you can understand me?”

My hearing was buzzy but I heard echoes of master’s voice. I couldn’t shake my head or respond. The electricity had shorted out a large amount of my nerves all over my body. I then realised I might could possibly use my wrist and thumb to give a signal.

I tried turning my wrist up with my thumb up. It was very slow but I was able.

“It seems this treatment doesn’t work.. you can’t even follow simple commands.” I say with a low angry tone.

I heard masters angry voice as an echo but wanted to explain myself. I tried in my vocal cords to practice a sentence. I thought I could. Thankfully for this information master had set up a signal for me to give him to request for permission to speak. I had never once used it before. Not knowing if master still remembered the signal was worth the risk. I slowly pulled both my ring and pinky fingers up above my others. Trying to see if master would notice.

I notice your signal, and pull off your gag “Fine then, explain yourself.”

It was a relief to notice that master still remembered the signal. I took a very deep breath and tried to form the sentence of “I could not hear your command when the battery was on master.” But instead what came out was, “I… Not hear… Command… Battery… Mast-…” I realised I did not give my full sentence at the end of it. I feared that he might turn it on again cause of my choppy sentence.

“You couldn’t hear me?” I ask with a commanding tone.

I respond breathily, “Yes… Master. I’m… Sorry… Master.”

“It almost seems the battery was too much for you this time…” I look at the velocity, and realize how high it was. “Did you notice this?”

As more of my body calmed down and I could speak better I responded to master, “Yes master… I thought you had… Turned it up when… You got it out… I didn’t question it. I’m so sorry for not requesting to speak… Regarding it master.” I responded to master hoping it was worthy of his reason.

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