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Cross Roads Ch. 02

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Thanks for all the comments on my first chapter I took what you all said and reworked both chapters. A re edit of ch1 has been submitted so if you want to you may read it again. I also want to apologize for the time it took to write this my PC is busted and have to write everything on my smart phone. Feel free to comment on chapter 2.

A verry special thanks to kitten2010 for editing this for me. You are one kick-ass lady.

Live with out limites.



I stood alone in the street unsure of where to go next. The little daylight I had left was fading fast. I needed a place to stay, a safe spot to sleep while I looked for a cheap apartment to stay in. I was homeless for the first time in my 20 years.

I walked the streets with my bag looking for a place to sleep when I saw the old park tool shed. Since the park was no longer in use, I chose to sleep in the shed. The place smelt of stale urine, the windows were busted and it had no door. At least I would be out of the wind for the night. I took my bag and got out the blanket and made myself a makeshift bed.

When I finally woke I was sore. My body hurt; my neck was stiff and the pain in my ass had not subsided. I could have sworn it was getting worse.

I had a week off work to look for a place to stay so it was time to begin looking. I got up and started to look around. It was an empty room with nothing inside and so rundown I’m surprised the roof had not collapsed on my head.

I started to walk around town, looking for a ‘to let’ sign but I saw nothing I went to the local paper and asked for adds on cheap apartments and again no luck. I was starting to lose hope when I remembered that there was this house that belonged to an old lady that passed away a few years back. Her only son didn’t care really so if I could get in to the house, I could stay there for a few weeks to find an apartment.

I headed for the house my mood a little lifted. On my way there, I saw Max’s car driving slowly. I ducked out of the way but I think he saw me so I ran long and hard up one street down the other. I had no idea where I was going, I just ran. I had to get to the house so I changed course. On my way there, I tripped over a log and cut my hand. I ignored all the pain and kept going. If he was following, I had to get away.

When I got to the house I used the front gate seeing as how it was unlocked. I walked along the house and decided to stay only in the back rooms as to not draw suspicion. It was already dark so I went about checking the doors hoping something was by some miracle unlocked. When I checked the garage door, it was unlocked so I got in to the house. With the flashlight I got from my bag, I walked trough the house and saw it was covered by a thick layer of dust. I tried a light switch to see if there was power, but alas, nothing. I made my way through the rooms. In one there was a bed that had a mattress covered in a white cloth I was glad I had a bed; a place to sleep and hide during the day.

After I ate some of the food I had, I was lying on the bed and I realised I was bleeding again, most likely from all the running. I went to the bathroom and I was surprised that there was water. A cold shower is better than no shower I guess.

As time progressed, my hand and ass had not gotten better. I went back to work and I struggled. I could not focus and within a few weeks, my boss told me to go see a doctor and take a few more days off. Now I was stuck with another vacation I did not want, I had no money for a doctor, and I wouldn’t have gone anyway because I was too embarrassed.

As I was walking home I started to feel lightheaded. After five minutes of trying to press through it, the world around me went black. When I awoke I was unsure of what was going on or even where I was.

“Finally, you’re awake. How dare you scare me like that? I have better things to do than sit here day and night and worry about some kid,” a voice scolded.

I looked around and saw the owner of the voice, a very attractive man, was looking at me. He had golden brown eyes a natural pout in lips that were so full and red I just wanted to kiss them. His body was in good shape, big broad shoulders and even with him sitting I knew he would be tall.

“What happened?” I managed to whisper

“I was Casibom walking my dogs when I saw you collapse. I saw the cut on your hand and your pants were bloody so I brought you here to the hospital,” the man said in a stern voice.

At that point a nurse came in to the room. “Good, you’re awake,” she remarked and then she left as quickly as she had entered the room.

“How long was I out?”

“About three days. You were in and out the whole time, coming to and passing out again. I’m surprised you have not passed out yet”

At that point, the door swung open and in trotted a small lady. Her brown hair was beginning to grey and her blue eyes were full of life. I found myself trusting her immediately.

“You gave us a scare when he brought you in. I was afraid that you weren’t going to pull through,” she said in a soft voice.

I wanted to speak but before I could open my mouth, I was out again. In the passing days I felt better. The stranger that helped me kept coming back.

One morning when I woke up the doctor was there with a syringe. I stared with wide eyes at the needle. “Oh don’t worry, this goes in your IV drip. I’m Dr. Claire McKnight, by the way,” she said as she inserted the needle in to the tube.

“I don’t have the money for this,” I blurted out.

She patted my arm. “No need to worry, dear. It’s all taken care of.”

“Uhm…thank you, ma’am…”

“That’s Claire to you” she said with a smile. “Now, dear, tell me what happened to you, please. I don’t want to make assumptions about what happened but…well, it’s hard not to.”

“My name is Arden,” I began. That was the easy part. “I was living with my boyfriend up until I think three weeks ago…he and his friend raped me. I left him and a few days afterward he was following me and I tripped and cut my hand” I looked at her and I could see sadness in her eyes. I decided to leave out the part of not having a place to stay.

“Okay, that explains it.”

“What do you mean?”

“You have serious damage to your anal cavity and rectum. There was an infection, but we took care of that.”

“Thank you”

“You were also malnourished and dehydrated. You were in such bad shape I thought you’d been living on the streets.”

I just looked down in shame

“You do have a home, don’t you?”

“I-I-I live in the old Robinson house till I can find a place to rent”

I was startled when I heard someone say,”You can rent a room in my house if you’d like, kid.” The guy that had found me was back and offering me a place to sleep. I was sure this man had to be some kind of angel.

“May I speak with you in the hallway, please?” the doctor asked, her question directed to my angel.


They left my room, but I could still hear them.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” the doctor asked.

“Mom, I’m lonely after…well you know. At least this way I can fill that big empty house.”

“It’s too soon and the resemblance is uncanny, don’t you think…”

He started raising his voice. “No I do not and you of all people should know that twins usually have very distinct personalities.”

“Fine, but remember this time I won’t be there to pick up the pieces.”

“Understood, Mother.”

Only he entered the room. “The doc said she would come back later. I think the two of us need to have a talk.”

“Uhm…OK,” was all I could manage.

“You can’t stay in that old place, it’s unsafe. Please think about renting a room in my house. I can offer you a great deal.”

“Why do you want to help me?”

“Look, I do not have to explain myself to some squatter. You can either take my deal or leave it. I’m trying to help you but if you don’t want my help I won’t offer it again.”

“That’s not what I meant. I don’t know if you know this, but when you leave the door open a person can hear what those just outside are saying.”

“Oh, shit I’m sorry…” He looked like he wanted to continue but I just kept going.

“As for your offer, I’d like to take you up on it if you don’t mind. What will I have to pay for food and lodging?”

“We can discuss that another time,” he said as the doctor entered the room again.

“Well, you are ready to go. There is a prescription waiting at front desk for you and you will have to fill out Casibom Giriş a form or two.”

I went to the front desk and filled out all the necessary information forms. When I came to the address portion, I looked at my hero.

“Just write Pepperwood estate.”

“Blake,” he said suddenly.


“My name is Blake, Arden.”

“Oh, nice to meet you, Blake.” I felt a little bad about not asking his name sooner.

“Let’s go get your stuff out of that shit hole and I’ll take you to your new home.”

He walked over to an amazing dark silver Volvo. I fell in love with the car.

“You coming?”

“Oh, sorry,” I said softly as I realised I was staring at the beauty that just disappeared in to the beautiful car.

I got in the car and we drove in an awkward silence. When he stopped in front of my “home” I could feel my face turning red.

“Just get your things, please. I’m in a hurry, you know.”

I went inside the house got my bag and left. I always packed my things when I left for the day, just in case. I left the house and hoped that I will never have to go back. He started to drive when I realised he was going out of the city I started to panic a bit.

“I think I changed my mind about this…”

The Volvo came to a screeching halt as Blake pulled off to the side of the road.

“What, why?” He looked confused and hurt.

“Because, I would have to walk in to town everyday to go to work. I can’t afford a car I’m still a clerk not a full fledged accountant yet.”

“You can use one of my cars. Just come with me to my house and we’ll do all the practical talk there.”

And so we left for his house.


A brief ten minutes later I stared in awe at what he’d called a house.

The main residence stood on a private small holding just out side of town. It was a sturdy old red brick mansion that was covered in ivy. The grass roof was ink black and all the windows had wooden frames. The gardens were beautiful; roses and lilies gave the lush green lawn and hedges vibrant colour. Fountains and lotus filled ponds added to the mystical feel. Winding cobblestone pathways made it look even more like a fairy tale.

The inside of the manor was a different story all together. The living room was a large room with black leather couches and a huge plasma TV. The walls were painted white and decorated with beautiful modern art. The kitchen was just as modern with black marble countertops and all the best appliances. He gestured for me to follow him through the dining room. A magnificent copper and crystal chandelier hug from the ceiling over a wooden table with a glass table top. The walls were painted the same colour yellow as the cushions on the eight wooden chairs that surrounded the table. The person in the painting hanging on the wall looked eerily like me, but instead of my curly brown hair he had wavy copper hair and his eyes were lighter than mine.

I pointed to the canvas that hung against the wall. “Who is that?”

“That was my adopted brother, Ian. He died last year along with my dad. They were on a hunting trip and on the way back a drunk driver hit them head on.” His eyes were filled with sadness.

“I’m so sorry.” And I was, but I also felt anger swelling up inside me. Did he want me to replace his brother? Wasn’t that a little weird?

“After Dad died, Mom moved to the city and I got this whole place to myself…I wanted to ask you, if you don’t mind…may we test your DNA. Ian was found as a baby on the side of the road with no identification on him so my parents adopted him and named him. Your resemblance is uncanny, so maybe if we can just find out more…Believe me when I say we’ve tried. He was searching for most of his life for his parents. If you do this you may stay here with all the perks as long as you want. No rent, free meals, your choice of a car to use filled with fuel as you need it.”

“Why? Just tell me why?”

“Because my brother was obsessed with finding out where he came from. I just want to give him some peace.”

“I’ll do this for you, but only because I need a place to stay.”


I went back to work only to find out that somebody found my boxes in the storeroom. I was fired. That night, while I lay on the bed, I cried for what felt like hours. Casibom Güncel Giriş I eventually fell asleep only to be woken by Blake.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he made his way to sit on the bed. His pyjama bottoms hung loose around his waist. His chest was broad and muscular. He had light brown nipples and his abs were the best I’ve ever seen, six perfect squares and a light cover of dark brown hair.

“I was fired today…”


“It’s my own fault. When I left Max I put some of my things in our company’s private storage unit. That was against company policy. Somebody found out and told my boss.”

“Why didn’t you say anything? We could have gone and gotten all your things.” His hands were in balled fists, the veins on his arms were visible.

“I didn’t have the keys…I left them in my office that day I passed out…”

He gave me a look that I could not make out. It was somewhere between mad and sympethetic. “Our deal still stands. As long as you do the test you can stay here.” He stormed out of the room.


Two days later I stood in front of the hospital waiting for Blake. He was five minutes late when he sent me a text message:

I won’t be making it to the test. Mom has everything set up she’ll be at the front desk waiting for you.


I went inside. Dr. McKnight was standing, talking to a nurse.

“Ah, Arden we have been expecting you. Okay so what’s going to happen is were going to draw some blood from you as well as a swab from your mouth. All of that’s so that we can get an accurate test. We’ll have the results with in two weeks.”

I just nodded.

I followed them to her rooms where she drew the blood, swabbed my mouth.

I got up to leave, but the doctor stopped me. “Thank you.”

“You need not thank me, ma’am.”

“You don’t understand. Blake and his brother were very close. Ian’s death nearly killed him. He closed off completely at that time; he even broke off his engagement. Both my children died that day but now Blake is slowly coming back to me. That is why I thank you.”

“It’s not me.” I left after that.


I got home and saw all the cars there, so Blake was home. Why hadn’t he joined me for those tests? As I walked in to the front door all anger left and was replaced by panic. Blood was on the floor.

“Blake, where are you?” I shouted as I followed the trail of blood. I found Blake in a daze on the floor in front of his room. A red spot was on his left leg and was bleeding still. His face was covered with cuts and bruises.

“What happened to you?” I demanded.

“Nothing, just leave.”


“I said go.”

Before I could help myself my open hand slapped across his cheek. He looked shocked.

“Now tell me what happened to you,” I said, trying not to show that I was every bit as shocked.

“I got in a fight.”

“I can see that. With who and why?”

He mumbled something

“Speak up.”

“Over you. OK…I was fighting over you. I went and punched that idiot Max for hurting you. I told him the only reason that he wasn’t in prison was because you didn’t want to press charges.”

I looked at him in a blank expression. “Why?”

“Because when I saw you I thought I had my brother back. But as I got to know you I realised that you were not my brother and that I was falling for you.”

“But you were engaged! You can’t be gay.”

“Yes I was…to the man I’d been with since I was 16. Ian died a few months before our big day and Ray told me he wanted to move up the wedding…I left him.”

I just stood there probably looking stupid.

“Please don’t leave. I’ll stay out of your way.”

“Look, Blake, I am very grateful to you and I’d be telling a lie if I said I didn’t find you attractive and I do have a crush on you. I won’t leave, but I need some time to think.” I walked out of the room still in shock.

Over the next two weeks, I barely saw Blake, until the day the test results came. I was sitting in a chair reading my favourite book. He came in with a white envelope in hand.

“The results are here.”

“What do they say?”

“I haven’t opened it yet. I’m a little scared.”

“I’ll open it if you want.”

He handed me the envelope.

I tore the side with my finger and took out the two neatly folded pages. The hospitals logo was on the first. I read in silence. When I was done Blake looked at me.

“Blake, according to these results there is an 94% match…Ian was my brother.”

To be continued…

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