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This is a story of family sex. If there is something not to your taste in it, leave it and move on. Everybody’s 18n blah, blah, blah.


I’m Jim, married to Molly. Two kids, twins, Kate and Kevin. Molly got the idea of telling my story and I eventually gave in. The story of how, in 1973, I lost my virginity to my mother.

My family lived in the residential area of a small city in the northeast. Mom, Myrna, dad, Tom, me and my older sister Sarah. She’s four years older than me. Mom and dad are tall and thin, so the rest of us are too. I’ll fill in more later.

I was never good at or interested in sports, so growing up, I was an outsider. My sister, being four years older traveled in a different social universe. We got along just fine, but we weren’t close. I hadn’t been around girls since I was fourteen and I saw myself as odd, out of step.

The schools in our city were pretty bad so my Grandparents paid my tuition to a private boarding school. The school was in a tiny crossroads of a town up in the middle of New Hampshire. In the ’70s there were no co-ed boarding schools and not many co-ed colleges.

I can say during my senior year, after achieving the age of eighteen, my roommate and I would masturbate each other and occasionally exchange oral sex.

This, while better than self-love was not what I wanted. I wanted a girlfriend. I wanted real sex. But every time I got near a girl, I was clueless and assumed they wouldn’t like me anyway. In June of 1973, I graduated from boarding school. `

James, the ticking bomb.

I got a summer job, 8-5, construction mechanic. Sarah was off in the middle of the country. She graduated from college and got an internship. Every morning, I woke up hard and masturbated looking at the same, worn-out book of unattractive people fucking. This was the 70’s. No internet, cell phones, VCR tapes were still exotic. If you wanted porn, you had to go to small grocery stores on the bad side of town. In the back was a magazine rack. On the bottom shelf, titty mags. Names like “Juggs” and “Big mamas”. They just showed tits. Even Playboy was just starting to show pubic hair. Nobody shaved. In the back of the magazine, were ads. Ads for real porn. You had to send a letter, with a check or money order if you were an 18-year-old with no bank account, and in a month, you would get a plain brown package. Real porn. Video? Didn’t exist. 8MM movies. A half-inch wide film, you had to have a projector, and no sound. Every night and every morning I looked at those pictures and stroked my cock imagining what a woman felt like.

James, the pathetic masturbator.

We lived on a typical, tree-lined street. A small split-level home, three bedrooms on the second floor around a ten-foot-diameter hall, one bathroom. My parents are great people. Very loving and tactile. They hugged and kissed often and knowing they were so in love made me feel secure. They enjoyed an active sex life, which their son, their horny sex-needy son, could hear from his room at least three or four nights a week. Not yelling foul words and all that. This is reality. I heard groans and moans, coarse whispers, the bed slamming the wall. Yeah, I jacked to that image too.

James the pervert.

My parents were typical for that era, conservative, strait-laced. I had seen both of my parents in their underwear, dad in army-style formless white boxer shorts, and mom in what we call now ‘granny panties’ and white bras.

This summer, however, dad would finish his shower, dry off, and take the three steps from the bathroom to their room naked. I couldn’t recall if he did that when Sarah lived here, but he did it now. I guess it’s just easier and since I was the only kid home, not an issue.

Once, I caught my mother doing the same thing. I was lying on my bed which had a view out the door and saw her lithe body leave the bathroom nude. She took the three steps at a normal pace, never glancing my way. It was then I noticed that my mom had a long, lean body, nice ass, blonde, untamed pubic hair, and very firm handful breasts with hard jutting nipples. When you’re a horny teen you can be very observant. Since my mother was much better looking than the women in the porn mag and since she was the first woman, I’d ever seen naked, that brief glimpse became the fodder for my masturbation sessions. I probably objectified her by imagining her not to be my mother as I lay on top of her in my fantasy plunging my erection into her vagina. I didn’t give the whole thing much thought.

I was home for a week when dad got a fat promotion. We were excited. Now we could afford a vacation and a new car. The hitch was, that dad had to go out to Kansas somewhere and straighten out an underperforming factory. He said he’d be back by the time I left for college.

I fell into my summer work routine. Mom would get up with me each morning and make me breakfast. On the first day after dad left, I was shoveling in my scrambled eggs and mom was sipping at a cup of tea.

“James, do you have a girlfriend?”

My newcratos mother, for some reason, called me by my full name. Never ‘Jim’ or ‘Jimmy’. ‘James’.

Myrna, the formal.

You need to know that my mother would have been a killer lawyer. She had a habit of asking questions to which she already had the answer and by that method trapping me into an honest response.

“No, mom, I don’t.”

This was not a topic I wanted to discuss. It was, in fact, a source of embarrassment. I had run into old friends from town and many of my contemporaries had lost their virginity, had girlfriends and social groups. I was incredibly awkward around women. They were a mystery and I just knew if I tried to converse, I would succeed only in saying something stupid. So, I said little and was marked as ‘dull’.

I knew my mother would not let this go, “Why not? You’re a very attractive young man, intelligent, funny.”

I got up. I had to escape. “Mother, I gotta go to work.”

As I passed her, her hand shot out and grasped my wrist, “You’re twenty-two minutes early. Answer my question, please.”

Myrna the inquisitor.

Time for the suspect to confess.

“I feel like a clod around girls. I don’t know what to say. Anything that comes out of my mouth sounds stupid. I’m scared to touch them, in any way. They’re just a big mystery.”

Mother sipped her tea, “So, you’ve never had sex?”

I should have snapped right back with ‘yes’, but I paused, remembering those dark nights with my roommate.

Mother smiled, “Ah, so you experimented in school.”

I was so red I thought my face would catch fire, “I, uh, we, uh…”

“Shhh”, She said. “That’s not unusual under the circumstances. Masturbation will only take you so far.”

I flushed again, “I’m sorry, mo…”

She cut me off, “Stop. Do not apologize for masturbating. You’re eighteen years old. If you weren’t masturbating, I’d take you to a shrink.”

That did nothing to lessen my humiliation. She wasn’t done.

“So, do you like men? I mean boys, I guess.”

The cross-examination was getting worse. Every part of me required inquisition. I didn’t have an answer for that. Zack and I had masturbated each other and graduated to oral sex but there was no emotional connection, just a mutual need. But my mother was relentless, and it was making me mad.

“Well, mother, we did it almost every night, so I guess I do.”

My mother’s lips disappeared. Good, a little shock might shut her up. Zack and I didn’t do it every night or every week. But I’ll confess that when we did the idea of exciting someone else was fun and having my cock serviced, even by a guy, was awesome.

“Oh. Well, that’s interesting.”

As she sipped her tea, I thought I saw her hand shaking. Her face a mask of banality.

Myrna the Sphinx.

She was done for the time being, “Okay, head off, I’ll see you when you get home. Looks like it will be just you and me for the summer.”

It was Friday. I had spent the day taking the engine and transmission out of a huge front-end-loader. I was grease and filth from head to toe. Mother had told me when I started this job, to come home through the garage, drop my clothes, come up, and shower. I left my greasy pants and shirt in the garage and went upstairs in my white cotton briefs, with black smudges where I took my cock out to pee during the day. As I got to the first floor, I heard her in the kitchen talking to another woman. I bolted up the three steps to the second floor and ran to my room.

Wrapped in my robe, I went to the shower and left the bathroom, clean, but still robed.

Walking into the kitchen in shorts and a tee-shirt I saw that my mother was talking to Mrs. Roberts. She was divorced, which in 1973 was considered a mark of shame. However, the story that went around was that she caught her husband having sex with another man and since he left town pretty fast, it gave the story legs, so she got a pass. In the ’70s there was no ‘gay’. You were ‘queer’ and an outcast.

Mrs. Roberts was about ten years older than me and very attractive. Unlike mom, she was curvy and had big breasts with this thick mane of auburn hair and blue eyes that bored right through you. She was very outgoing, funny, and sometimes inappropriate. Why Mr. Roberts wanted to have sex with guys instead of her baffled me.

“Hey, Jimmy. All graduated and ready to start college?”

She was still a woman, however, “Hi Mrs. Roberts. Yeah, I guess.”

“Call me Alice. I’m divorced now. So, what are you doing all summer?”

I looked at my mother. In the 70’s you did not call adults by their first name. She nodded.

“Stuff. Working. Mowing the lawn.”

Alice laughed lightly and took a sip of her coffee, “You were right Myrna.” Mother smiled.

I didn’t like the sound of that one bit. I glared at mom.

“Yes, James, I was telling Alice about your awkwardness.”

Myrna the gossip.

I stood in the kitchen slack-jawed, “You what? newcratos giriş How could you?”

I turned to dramatically storm out of the kitchen.

“Stop right there!”

My mother never raised her voice. I froze, my back to the women.

“Turn around and face us!”

Alice was taking a very long time sipping her coffee, with her face down. Mother’s eyes blazed.

“I did that because on the course you’re taking you’re going to become a homosexual and I am not having a fairy for a son.”

Some context. In that time, such language was not as insulting as it is now. Well, it was, but back then, it was considered acceptable. Mother continued.

“Alice has agreed to spend some time with you and get you out of your fear of women.”

“Mother, you should have asked me. I’m not afraid of women.”

“If I asked you, you would have said no. So, it’s done and yes, you are. It’s Friday. Alice is going to pick you up tomorrow morning. I’ll lay out a towel and your swimsuit.”

Myrna the procurer.

Sensing I was dismissed, I left.

Since no sex took place, I’ll gloss over the day. I started the day, awkward, embarrassed. Alice was amazing. She said when she picked me up, we were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend for the day, but she was more like a big sister. All-day she coached me on how to relate to women. Conversation, reading body language, when and how to touch. It changed my life. When we got back to my house, it was dark. She walked me up to my front door, where, oddly, the light was not on. I had my arm around her waist, my fingertip just inside the waist of the bikini that stuck out of her jean shorts. We paused and faced each other. She had taught me the signals, so I moved my lips to hers and kissed a woman for the first time. I was gentle, caressing her lips, she sighed and pressed back. I opened my lips and felt her tongue probe. We were French kissing on the front step of my house. My hands were on her waist. My cock had shot up to full size and as we kissed, I felt her pressing her body against me. My fingers slipped under the waistband of her bikini.

Her hand intercepted mine. We were still pressed tightly together. She spoke, her lips brushing mine.

“I have a boyfriend, and this is as far as he would allow me to go.”

She kissed me again. My cock surged. I loved her scent, her smooth skin. Alice pressed her pubis against my erection.

“Sorry, but I do have to tell you that if I didn’t have a boyfriend, I’d take you back to my house, let you take off all my clothes…”

Her mouth moved to my ear, her tongue caressing me.

“And I would suck your cock until you came in my mouth. I love cock.”

I came in my pants. I went to pull away. Alice held me.

“That’s a compliment, not a humiliation. You just made my night. I’m going to go home now and masturbate, thinking of what it would be like to fuck you.”

If I hadn’t just cum, I would have then. Alice pecked my lips and walked to her car. I knew that was it. Alice and I would never take it further. But she was successful. I was now a confident man.

I went to bed, masturbated twice more reveling in the saved sensations of Alice’s body and words.

I woke in the morning, the sheet off of me. Back then air-conditioning was for the wealthy. We had a big-ass whole-house fan. It made summer livable. Rubbing my erection through the cotton of my briefs I felt like a good yank. I looked under my bed for my fuck books, gone. Then my door opened. I bolted upright to conceal my hard cock.

“Good morning, son. Did you sleep well?”

Mother never came into my room. She breezed in, wearing a long light robe, and sat on the edge of my bed.

“I called Alice, this morning and she told me about your day together.”

Somehow, I knew that Alice had told my mother every last detail. I blushed. My erection faded.

Mother patted my thigh, “Yes, she told me everything. Please understand, this is our secret and nobody else will ever know.”

“What about Alice’s boyfriend?”

“He got the sanitized version, without the kissing and…”

“Mother, why are you here? You never come in to wake me.”

She shifted, getting the robe out from under her, which I thought was curious.

“After Alice and I talked this morning I felt better. Perhaps your path to fairyland is not so clear. Alice thought you had done so well that somehow you should get a bit more female knowledge. I agreed but, didn’t know how that would happen. Well, that’s what I told her. From now on this will be a secret between just you and me, understand?”

I nodded my head, very confused.

Myrna the sex therapist.

Mother reached down, loosened the knot on her robe, and slipped it off her shoulders. The garment fell away to the floor leaving my mother sitting on the side of my bed completely, gloriously naked.

“Ummm, mother?”

She stood up and turned slowly, “Go ahead and look. Our secret, remember? I’m a bit old and saggy so sorry about that but have a good look. Not like those trash bags in your dirty books. Yes, I know you had them, and, yes, they are gone.”

I took her in. I don’t know whose mother she was talking about but the one I was looking at was tall and lean, and tight. Her breasts, not huge. Probably a B cup and, unusual for a woman, symmetrical. She had huge, long nipples, small areolas, and a tawny mane between her legs. Nobody shaved or trimmed back then. I was enjoying a naked woman and trying to forget this was my mother. My cock started swelling and I made sure to stay upright.

She cupped her firm breasts, “Up here James.”

I looked at her face. She gently tweaked her nipples, “Breasts, boobs, tits, if she is in the right mood. Nipples, nips. No other names, they are all vulgar.”

I nodded, wishing my fingers were twiddling those nipples, which were now very long and very hard.

“Mine are unusually long and sensitive. Your father can get me to orgasm just by sucking on them.”

Gah, too much information, but stimulating none the less.

Mother spread her legs, just a little. One hand went down, and her fingers ran through her sparse, blonde pubic hair.

“Vagina. Which can be a bit too clinical. Pussy is cute. Down there, is also acceptable. Womanhood, but that sounds so Victorian. Never the ‘C” word. Even if she uses it. The rest of the names are all disgusting insults and never use them to describe a girl’s pussy in her presence.”

I noticed that she didn’t stop. Her fingers ran through her pubic hair and now between her legs a little as she spoke. Her face and chest got a little red and her breathing changed. She quickly took her hand away.

“I can see from the condition of your cock that we are making good progress. I hope this was helpful. Perhaps we will revisit this in the future.”

Mother turned, leaving her robe and left, shutting the door behind her. I heard her door shut.

I’d never heard the words, vagina, pussy nipples, oh, and cock, out of my mother’s mouth. My briefs were on the floor in a second and I jacked myself to the vision of what I was pretty sure was my naked mother masturbating in front of me. I came like a rocket.

My mother’s obsession with me becoming gay was interesting. I wasn’t going queer. I mean, it was better than jacking off and all that, but, after Alice, I wasn’t interested. But I certainly wasn’t going to tell her. My mother had become a different person and my perverse mind wanted more. What was it she said, ‘A secret between you and me?’

The next event of the summer was Becky. Once again, I’ll give the short version since this is not the focus of my story, but it was a vital part. I met her at our tennis club pool. She was visiting family. I was bummed when she told me she had to leave tomorrow but that’s life. Becky was my age, a little over five-feet-tall with brown eyes and hair. She had that wild outgoing personality that formerly had struck fear into my heart. I thought about Alice’s advice and went for it.

We hit it off right away. Joking, laughing. We’d mildly insult each other and laugh about it. I bought her lunch at the snack bar.

In the pool, we’d dunk and mess around. As the day wore on, I noticed her hands would brush my ass every once and a while and she even, in a mad wrestle in the water, just barely touched my cock, which had spent the day half-hard. I returned the actions, just brushing my hand over her fat round breasts and ass. I never found a subtle way to put my hand on her pussy, but I sure tried.

I wanted to kiss her, and I could tell she wanted to kiss me. I asked her to a movie that night.

I held Becky’s hand as we entered the theater. Once in our seats, she placed her hand on my thigh, down towards my knee. Getting the hint, I put my hand on her bare leg. She was wearing a mini skirt, which I took as a good sign. We looked at each other, waiting for the lights to go down.

In the darkness, I saw that same look Alice had. Since Becky was leaving tomorrow, I had nothing to lose. Our lips touched and it was electric. Becky jammed my mouth open with her tongue and we were Frenching like crazy. My cock was so hard, it hurt. I felt Becky’s hand move up my leg and remembered where mine was. As her fingers tried to grip my cock through the fabric, I ran mine over the wet vee of cotton covering the first pussy I ever touched.

We were at this a few minutes when Becky pulled back a whispered, “let’s go somewhere.”

Lover’s Point, a grassy wood with a dirt road. The custom was just parking lights when you turn off the road. As we drove in, we saw the cars off to each side, windows fogged and the sounds of sex, muffled by auto glass. I parked mom’s barge of a station wagon and cracked the windows. I looked at Becky and leaned to kiss her. She put her hand on my chest. No, not that. She couldn’t be a tease. I was crushed. Then I saw the look in her eyes.

“Let’s get in back.”

No sooner was the door shut then we were at it. Kissing like we wanted to crawl in each other’s mouth. My hands found her tits, firm round, hidden by her bra and shirt. I had my hands up the back of her shirt, looking for the catch. She stopped kissing me.

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