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Finally, Finally Cums

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She had just applied her make-up when the phone rang. The voice on the other end made her pussy quiver and wet just hearing it. What are you doing calling me on a Saturday morning? Where is your wife?

He told her they had another fight and he decided to just head out this morning and could not wait to see her. It had been months since they had any time together and they had yet to consummate their relationship the way they both desired.

The drive up left him time to plan things, to go over all what they had discussed all these months. He was finally going to fuck her, the way her ex had never done. He was going to put the passion back into both of their lives, starting off what was to be an incredible long union, the way they both desired.

Their new life was going to begin with an intensity that could only be achieved by two people who had matured, who had experienced enough to know what it was going to take to last for the rest of their lives together. They had the intellect, they had the compatibility outside the bedroom, now they were going to see if they rocked in the bedroom the way they both were sure they would.

Luck was on his side, the front door to the condo was open, movers moving in other tenants. He was hoping to surprise her without buzzing up, and then he made his way up the stairs, looking for apartment 217. As he walked, he heard her voice, and he looked down the hall to see her walking towards him. His heart raced the closer she got and finally he scooped her up, twirling her around and around. She felt like a paper doll in his arms he was so excited holding her, and then he finally held her against the wall, her toes barely reaching the floor as he kissed her deeply, passionately. She returned the kiss as eagerly, her tongue exploring his mouth, her hands running through his salt and pepper hair, pulling him closer. His hands ran over her beautiful round ass, up to her perfect tits, not sure where to go next, what all to caress, trying to get it all in like a love struck kid getting his first taste of sexual contact. You could feel the sexual tension, both of them breathing heavy, both shaking from the inside out.

Finally they broke apart and she told him how happy she was, how excited to finally show her what was soon to be their new place. He held her hand, then felt her bottom, then held her hand, as they walked to the door.

Once inside, they pulled each other close, kissing again, her hands running over his ass, pulling him close as she ground her pelvic area into his, wanting to feel his apparent hardness for her, against her. She knew the effect she had on him, and how he affected her. It was like out of a movie, a fairy-tale. They had finally found the right one, the one that made it finally make sense.

Her lips tasted sweet, remember how she tasted earlier that year when they were stealing kisses. The old saying was true at the time, stolen kisses tasted best, but it was hard to argue that right now, it was just her kisses, stolen or not that tasted better pendik escort than anything he had ever tasted before.

With both sets of eyes open, they stared, they longed and finally they saw their future together. Finally they pulled apart and she asked him if he wanted a coffee. Nervously he nodded his head and he thanked her when she gave it to him. He was sitting at the island, a bar style chair and she half sat on his lap, half standing as he ran his hands up and down her back, one moment in her back pocket, the next caressing her sides, her waist.

They talked small talk, and slowly she half pulled, half dragged him down the hallway.

She was proudly showing him the apartment where they would call home. Here he was, the dominate man she had been craving, the one that would introduce her to a decadent world, one of naughty pleasures instead of the boring mundane life she had been subjected to the last 25 yrs.

As they entered the master bedroom, both knew the tour had ended.

She tried to pull him close to the bed, to lie down together, but he had other ideas. He pushed her away, assuming the role of master, the one he knew would make her tremble, and the one that would make her body ache for him.

He pushed her back gently and whispered for her to slow down, that things had to be done right. He had seen her partially naked before, he had played with her smaller beautiful tits when no one was looking, taking them out, squeezing them. He had surprised her and had walked in when she was showering, but she quickly covered up out of shock, but now he was going to see completely unabashed and unashamed.

He told her to strip, telling her to not cover up at all. Slowly she removed her top, then her bra, her pink tipped orbs finally on display. He bent down sucking one and then the other. She was worried that with one smaller than the other from surgery he might be turned off, but instead he was more enthralled. Not from the surgery, but because they were her, and he loved her, and nothing else mattered. He stood back up after making her nipples hard, he then nodded for her to remove her jeans and she silently complied. Soon she stood there naked, his eyes feasting on her beauty, taking it all in, letting the hunger for her build. She stepped closer to kiss him, but he slowly pushed her down, slowly to her knees.

She did not need verbal instruction, for she had told him over and over, she wanted to suck his cock, to take him all in. She unzipped his trousers as he undid his belt and soon they were around his ankles, his underwear following in short succession. Her hand stroked the large cock she had been yearning for, all full of precum. Her tongue lapped at the tip, allowing the strand of fluid to coat it before sucking the head into her awaiting mouth. It had been months since she had a cock between those lips and like a woman possessed she sucked, she licked, trying to swallow all 7 ½ inches. It was thicker than she was used to, but she slowly managed to accommodate pendik escort the whole thing. Her head bobbed in and out as he stood there, his fingers in her hair, firmly guiding her lips up and down his shaft, helping her to take more every time.

He pulled his shirt over his head, and stepped out of his pants and shorts pulling her to her feet. Kissing her deeply, tasting himself o her tongue and lips he gently lowered her onto the bed, pulling her closer and raising her legs. He knelt before and inhaled the heavenly scent from her cunt lips. He kissed her inner thighs, running his strong hands up and down them, massaging her legs. Finally his tong took a long wide swipe up the length of her outer lips, coating them with his saliva. Using his tongue, he curled it up and pushed her labia open and finally tasted her for the first time. Like an animal that had not eaten in months, he licked her, pushing his face into her, sucking, biting, nibbling. He used his nose to probe her clit, unsheathing the precious nub from its protective cover.

His mouth progressed its way up to her clitoris, sucking on it, humming gently, his fingers now fucking her sweet hole, penetrating her and making her hips leave the bed to join in. She was noisy, high pitched squeal, almost screaming as he ate her and finally she came for the first time, soaking his face, the bed.

Smiling he stood up, spreading her legs he slowly pushed his cock fully into her, not allowing her time to recover. Her sexy moans became louder, her pussy trying to suck him in deeper. He reached down grabbing her tits roughly, twisting them, pulling her nipples, stretching, and all it did was make her eyes roll and the moans decidedly more erotic.

He slapped her tits back and forth, and she yelled yes, yes, slap them harder she cried. He was just testing, making sure that what they had talked about, was really what she wanted and now he knew the answer.

He leaned down as he fucked her, biting the tips of her hard nubs, her hand grabbing his head, pulling him down lower, and taking her whole little titmeat into his mouth, he suckled it, leaving marks all over it.

He pushed on her shoulders, lifting himself and he pulled out with a plopping sound, leaving her cunt now empty and wanting. He rolled her over and mounted her doggy style, ramming her from behind, slapping her round plump ass. She squealed in delight as he fucked her hard, the difference in angle as his cock plunged in and out, the head rubbing that spot up inside. She pushed back hard, riding him as much as he rode her.

He pried her cheeks apart, looking at her tight bud, knowing no one has ever been in there save for a doctor. He spit on his finger, and gently rubbed the edges, watching her tense up. He smiled slyly, letting her wonder when, where it would happen, but she knew it would happen eventually, and she wanted it, never before but now, she had changed her mind. And she needed it to be him that took her ass cherry, no one else.

He reached pendik escort under, rubbing her clit, grabbing her tits, never missing a stroke. She was amazed he was still fucking, he had not come, her husband had always came within minutes of penetration, al the sex shows said that was normal, but her he was, just like he said, still fucking her. Soon she felt it again as she approached a second orgasm, her legs shaking. She fell forward, collapsing on the bed and he held her hips up, slamming into her for al he was worth. The sound of flesh on flesh as their bodies slapped together, her muffled cries as she came again. He rolled her over, and she climbed on top, lowering herself down on to him, her hands guiding his cock into her. She rocked her pelvis back and forth their eyes locked together, her brown eyes melting his blue ones. His hands roamed her delicious body, taking every inch in, pulling her forward, sucking her tits again, first one then the other. It was not long before she came for the third time, and once again he changed positions. He had her on her knees and he knelt behind, licking her clean fingering her from behind, coating his fingers before allowing her a taste of herself. She greedily sucked them dry. Now was the time for part two of her test. He licked her anus, generously leaving spittle behind and he slowly inserted his finger up to the first knuckle. He rotated it gently, coating it evenly. He then placed his thumb in her pussy, letting them rub together through her thin membrane. He felt her quiver and moan, pushing back. She looked back, her yes begging for more, telling him in unspoken words that she wanted to go further in to the world of lust and debauchery.

He pulled his digits out leaving her pushing her empty holes back for more, and with a smile he mounted her again, fucking her hard, this time with no slow warm up strokes.

He reached under massaging her clit and again she came quickly. Her loud squeals were evident sounds of a woman that had gone far too long without.

Finally the time had come for him to give her what she wanted. He rolled her over and climbed up on her chest. He laid his cock between those tits and she pushed them together and he rocked slowly back and forth. She lifted her head slightly and her tongue flicked the end. She pushed it into the slit on the tip, lapping up all the fluid that oozed out of it. With her eyes directly on his, he rolled back and with a grunt, spurted his hot white seed all over her beautiful face. She tried to get as much into her mouth as possible, but the jerking and twitching of his meat made it impossible.

Once he had finished cumming she used her fingers to scoop it all up and with a mischievous smile licked every drop off of her delicate fingers.

He collapsed beside her, kissing each other with a passion reserved for only the most passionate lovers and couples. No words spoken as they held each other tight, the sound of heart beatings, heaving breathing the only sounds in the room.

Finally they pulled apart, a slight awkwardness I the air, when he told her he loved her, and that this was just the beginning. She hugged him tight her head on his chest, and she said yes, we have lots of time to make up for.

To be continued

(Her training day finally comes)

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