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Sammie Series 02

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2. Wayne Gets Himself into Troble

Preface: It is a nice situation that Wayne has. He has a wonderful wife and 2 great boys Roy (age 15) and Glen (age 10). Wayne and his wife Suzanne are heavily involved in a youth marching band that their son Roy is in. Wayne helps the band and Suzanne oversees the pageantry unit. It was Suzanne’s efforts with pageantry that caused her to become friends with Samantha (Sammie for short), one of the older girls in the unit. Sammie, not living in a great environment wanted to move out of her parents home as soon as she turned 18. Unfortunately, her plans changed when her relationship with her boyfriend ended suddenly. It was at this point that Wayne and Suzanne offered to let her move into their house. Shortly after she moved in, Wayne, Suzanne, and Sammie would discover their desires for each other and act on them.

********* This is the 2nd story in the Sammie Series *********

Sammie has been living with Wayne and Suzanne for about 4 months now. Day to day routine has become the normal. Mornings are busy around the house because Wayne is getting ready for work and Suzanne is busy getting the boys up and ready. She not only has to take Roy to school, but now she has to get Sammie to school as well. Glen, living right across the street from the school is the easiest person to get ready.

The sex routine around the house has gotten easier too. Suzanne and Sammie have worked out the “schedule” for who gets Wayne and when. And as always, Suzanne has first choice. Of course, Wayne taking care of the needs of two insatiable women has taken a toll on him. Suzanne took the step of getting Wayne a prescription for Viagra and now he just needs to make sure he takes a little purple pill before he has sex with either of his women.

The girls, thinking they are completely taking care of Wayne, don’t realize that he still enjoys camming and chatting with other women. He has a few “regulars” that he chats with, most from other parts of the nation, or even the world. However, he has one in particular that he really enjoys chatting and camming with. But this girl was supposed to be “hands-off” as Suzanne knew her and really didn’t care for her. Suzanne was very upfront with Wayne that she didn’t trust Carla and didn’t want Wayne to continue chatting with her.

Carla is a smart girl. She is 19 and is heavily involved with two youth bands. One from another city as well as the band that their son Roy is in. She knows when the band is performing as well as which performances Wayne doesn’t go to. She knew a drummer/pageantry event was coming up soon, which would leave Wayne alone, away from Suzanne for the day (of course, Carla didn’t know that Sammie was living with them). She saw Wayne on Skype a few nights before the performance and started a chat with him. It started off as the basic “Hi, how are you” chat, with no sexual overtones to it. She did find out during that chat that Sammie was living with Wayne and Suzanne. Carla, using her worldly charms, slowly got Wayne to get a little more “dirty” with her during the chat. Suzanne was sitting right across from him in the living room. As Wayne always tries to be upfront with Suzanne, he mentioned that he was talking to Carla, which caused Suzanne to give him that “look” (married men will know what this look is). When Carla started getting “frisky” during the chat, Wayne told Suzanne and let her know he could end the chat if she wanted him to. Suzanne, knowing that she and Sammie were fucking him so often that he couldn’t possibly have any energy left for Carla, allowed Wayne to continue the chat.

As Wayne and Carla were discussing the different ways there were going to please each other, Suzanne and Sammie went to the bedroom to talk. They often go to the bedroom alone to have these talks, but they are not just talking. The muffled moans and the sex smell emanating from the bedroom following their chats is too much not to notice.

With Carla to himself online and no body around, Wayne took the chat to the next level and asked Carla to cam up. Carla was hoping for this and immediately hit the broadcast button in Skype. As the camera came to life, Wayne noted that Carla was sitting in a tank top with no bra on. She doesn’t have the biggest set of boobs, but for some reason Wayne is really enthralled with them. As Wayne starts flirting again, he could see her nipples harden though the t-shirt. He teases her about it and finally just asks her to take the top off so he can see her beautiful tits (Wayne loves it when Carla shows her body during their cam chats). She teased a bit more before finally taking off her top, revealing her beautiful 32C tits. Carla’s tits have dark brown areloa’s, about the size of a quarter, with the best feature being her nipples, which were quite long. They must measure 3/4″ long when hard. Carla sat on cam asking Wayne what he wanted to do to them, which Wayne described in great detail. This was as far as Carla wanted to go tonight though. Her plan was to tease Wayne acıbadem escort over the next few days and try to get him to do these things to her in real life. Plus, Wayne all along had told her that this was an online thing and he’d never do anything in real life because of Suzanne – this is something she was going to have to figure out.

About this time, Suzanne and Sammie came out of the bedroom, and not realizing that Wayne was still talking to Carla started telling Wayne that they just got each other off in a big way, but that Sammie was still horny and wanted Wayne for herself that night and to take one of those “magic” pills. Carla, hearing this asked Wayne if he was fucking Sammie. Well, there was no way to get around it so he told Carla that they started a sexual relationship, with Suzanne’s knowledge about a month prior. He told her the way it worked with the two of them, including that Suzanne and Sammie have fun together too. Carla kind of mumbled that she wished she could stay with us someday too. Wayne heard her and just chuckled to himself, someday Carla, someday.

As the chat ended, Carla sat in her room contemplating these new developments. How could she use the fact that Wayne was fucking Sammie to her advantage? Sammie was old enough, having recently turned 18 so she couldn’t use that. She laid down on her bed kicking different ideas around on how to make this work. A plan slowly came into focus. She went to sleep while softly rubbing her pussy. She was turned on because she knew the plan would work.

It was a couple days before the performance (or “D-Day” as Carla called it). She Tweeted Wayne asking him to get on Skype. Wayne “ran” for his computer and jumped online. She told Wayne she was confused. She thought that he wouldn’t do anything in real life because of Suzanne. Wayne explained that Suzanne encouraged the relationship with Sammie to go where it did. Carla explained that she would like to have that with Wayne too. Knowing that Suzanne would never approve Carla, he explained that he didn’t think it would happen because Suzanne felt that Sammie and her were enough to keep him satisfied. Carla and Wayne talked for a little while longer about it until Wayne felt that Carla understood. I say “felt” because Carla only made it appear that she did. She was still going forward with her plan. The conversation moved towards the weekend plans. Wayne told her about the drummer/pageantry event coming up. Suzanne and Sammie would be there most of the day, and matter of fact, were taking Roy and Glen too. Seems they wanted to have the banner held during the performance and didn’t want to use any of the pageantry girls for that. Roy and Glen were nice enough to volunteer. As the conversation came to an end, Carla typed one last line before logging off…..”what do you think the board of directors of the band would think if they knew you AND Suzanne were fucking Sammie?” Wayne’s stomach just dropped. He knew, that even though Sammie was 18, Suzanne was adult staff and Wayne was a respected adult around the band. He closed his laptop lid and said to himself…. “Oh Fuck!!!!!”

Suzanne was sitting outside on the patio so Wayne went out and explained the conversation with Carla. They sat there wondering what her angle was. They both came to the conclusion that Carla was going to use this to pressure Suzanne into letting Wayne have sex with her. While Suzanne reluctantly agreed to this, Sammie joined them on the patio and asked what was going on. Since this did involve her too, they explained what was going on. Sammie asked Wayne if he actually wanted to fuck Carla and Wayne admitted that he did. Sammie then mentioned that she couldn’t stand that bitch from the moment she met her and would like to come up with a plan that would allow Wayne to have his fun, but completely fuck up Carla’s overall plan. As they sat there discussing ideas, they knew this could be fun.

Wayne Tweeted Carla the next day asking her to either Skype with him or call him. Carla knew this was coming. She agreed to Skype with Wayne. When she came online, the first thing she said was that she was serious about the threat. If Wayne won’t take care of her that way he takes care of Sammie, she would go to the bands board. Wayne, working within the plan they all came up with told her that Suzanne agreed to let him have sex with her. If she was interested, Wayne would pick her up on Saturday, right after Suzanne left for the performance with everyone. Carla smiled to herself knowing that her plan worked to perfection. The idea that he was really going to fuck Carla really turned Wayne on and he ended up asking Carla to cam up and they watched each other masturbate. Wayne was able to cum very quickly. And watching Carla thrash about on her bed, was confident she was able to cum too.

Saturday couldn’t come quick enough. Suzanne was rushing around the house getting the boys ready while Sammie was getting herself ready. As soon as they left the house, Wayne drove to Carla’s and picked her atalar escort up. Carla is a beautiful girl. Part hispanic and part filipino. Because of this ethnic mixture, she has light brown skin and black hair, which she wears long. At 5’3″ and very thin, you could say she has a beautiful “young” body. She was wearing a tight pair of shorts that really showed her tiny ass and a low cut top that definitely showed off her tits. She was in a great mood knowing that she was going to finally get what she wanted from Wayne.

As they drove the short distance to Wayne’s house, Carla thought about how this all actually started. She met Wayne the prior Christmas season when she was marching with the band. She’d always related better to older people as they were able to talk to her in a much more mature way. For some reason, she really enjoyed talking to Wayne and as they got to know each other, she slowly became more sexually attracted to him. It didn’t make sense to her. He was 50, overweight, and balding. But it didn’t matter. They started “flirting” with each other a bit here and there. Carla encouraged it even though Wayne kept telling her he was uncomfortable with it because he was married and his role with the band (not that it actually stopped him from flirting). That flirting slowly turned into online chatting and then finally camming with Carla showing her body to Wayne as often as she could. When they masturbated with each other the first time on cam, Carla orgasmed harder then she ever had, either in real-life or online. She knew this was what she wanted.

They arrived at Wayne’s house. He unlocked the door and welcomed her inside. He told her that they could have a drink first if she’d like but Carla just grabbed him and started trying to kiss him. Wayne stopped her and told her they had to have some ground rules before they started. First and foremost, there is no kissing. He explained that him and Suzanne feel that sex is just “sex”; but when you add in kissing, it puts an emotional factor into the act and that was not allowed. He loved Suzanne and would not allow that emotion to enter the relationship with Carla. Carla said she understood and told Wayne she’d take the drink. He offered her soda, but she wanted a beer so she could relax. The two of them drank a beer and slowly got comfortable with each other.

Wayne got the ball rolling by reaching out and taking one of Carla’s tits in his hand. He slowly started rubbing it through the fabric of her shirt. Carla just leaned back and enjoyed the touching. Wayne removed her top, taking it off over her head. She had a lacy bra on. That bra was definitely not designed for support – it was a bra that was meant to get noticed. Wayne couldn’t believe how gorgeous this girl was. He reached to undo the bra and slowly removed it. Wow, her tits were awesome. Sammie has really big tits and they are beautiful, but Wayne has always enjoyed smaller boobs. Carla’s 32C’s weren’t exactly small, but who is Wayne to complain. He lowered his head and took her nipple into his mouth. Since the first time he saw how long they were on camera, he couldn’t wait to nibble and bite them. Just as he expected, she enjoyed this treatment. He licked, nibbled, and bit them until she was moaning loudly. Knowing there was more of Carla’s body to explore, he moved away from her tits and started to unbutton her shorts.

She lifted her ass off the couch to enable Wayne to remove her shorts. She was wearing a pair of thong panties that did little to hide anything. Wayne really enjoys teasing through the panties so he left them on. He rubbed her pussy through the fabric of the panties while licking along the hemline. Licking her inner thigh, just where the panties touch the skin. Carla is squirming all over the place, as this is turning her on to no belief. Wayne feels her panties getting wetter and wetter. He finally licks her pussy through the panties, tasting her for the first time, but not actually touching her pussy yet. He takes her panties off and stands up. He holds them up to his nose and takes a big smell of them. He tells her how good she smells and puts the panties into his pocket. He tells Carla she’ll be going home without them, as they are his “prize”.

With Carla naked on his couch, Wayne knew the second part of the plan was about to take place. Wayne excused himself, telling Carla he had to use the restroom and needed to take a “magic” pill. He told her to go make herself comfortable on his bed. As he went to the rest room, Carla went into his bedroom. She saw the bed was already pulled back and ready for her and there were candles lit in the room. She felt her plan has come together wonderfully until the door opened. Standing in the door way was not Wayne, but Sammie. She was dressed in a “teddy”, but not a nice lacy one. It was a teddy made out of leather and had metal studs attached to it in the “right” places. Sammie explained to Wayne and Suzanne that she really didn’t like Carla, but would be ok with joining Wayne and her in aydınlı escort this sexual dalliance as long as it could be rough – something Sammie liked, but Wayne wasn’t really into. The plan was to have Sammie take her rough tendencies out on the little bitch trying to blackmail “HER” man into having sex with her.

“What the fuck are you doing over here naked with MY MAN you little bitch”, Sammie yelled at Carla. Carla is scared shitless, telling Sammie she just wanted to enjoy what she was having. Sammie yelled back that blackmailing Wayne and Suzanne would only get her hurt, ending it with “You don’t fuck with a Savaresse”. Sammie told Carla she was going to get her way and Wayne was going to fuck her; but it’ll be the both of them and not just Wayne.

Sammie ordered Carla onto the bed and joined her there. She told Carla that she will do whatever she was told to do and if she resisted, the day would end right then, and she won’t say a god damn thing about it or she would regret it forever, once again reminding her that she is a “Savaresse”. Carla laid back and Sammie started playing with her tits. Carla really seemed to be enjoying it when Wayne entered the room, completely naked and with a small bag in his hands. Wayne gave the bag to Sammie, while reaching for Sammie’s face and giving her a deep kiss on the mouth. Carla, recalling what Wayne had said about kissing, started to ask about it when Sammie broke away from the kiss and told her to shut the fuck up. With that, she reached into the “bag” and pulled out a ball-gag to put on Carla’s mouth. Carla jerked up and started to react when Sammie reminded her that it would all end immediately if she didn’t do as ordered. Wayne feeling a little bit guilty about this, explained to Carla that she wasn’t going to be hurt her in any way and to just lean back and enjoy it. He added, “You deserve this though. Threats will not work with me – I would have fucked you anyhow, but since you threatened me and Suzanne, we came up with this.”

Carla allowed Sammie to put on the ball-gag. She leaned back on the bed and decided to go along with this and see where it goes. They decided the safe word for anyone without a gag was “bandgeeks”. For Carla, who had the gag, it was to use her hand and slap 3 times whomever was near her. Carla relaxed a great deal after she heard the ground rules. Nothing will be done that can really hurt her and the safeword is to be followed no matter what.

Since Carla started being a good sport, Sammie decided to let Wayne lick her pussy a little. Wayne got between her legs and started licking from the bottom of the pussy up to the top. He would stop at the top and lick around the hood a little bit, taking little bites of it when he felt the desire. This was driving Carla nuts. She felt herself getting wet, even though she was still a bit apprehensive about what was going on. Wayne would slowly lick back to the bottom of her pussy, running his tongue through her open pussy lips. He wouldn’t stop at the bottom of the pussy though, he would continue straight to her asshole and lick around her ass. Carla was really getting into this and Wayne was making her wet enough that it was dripping onto the sheets.

While Wayne was busy licking and finger Carla’s pussy, Sammie was working on her tits. She removed a set of nipple clamps from her bag and dangled them over Carla’s face showing what she was going to do. Carla was really starting to get turned on by all of this and didn’t object (not that she could with the ball-gag in her mouth). Sammie bit her left nipple, making it stand straight up and then attached the clip. Then she did the same to her right nipple and attached it. Sammie took a collar out of the bag and put it around Carla’s neck. Then she took a chain and attached it to the collar and then to the nipple clip’s chain. She added a 2nd chain that attached to the collar and Sammie can hold it in her hand to jerk around Carla as she needed to. She pulled hard on the chain causing Carla to have to sit up. She stared into her eyes and told her that she was going to remove the ball-gag, but she was not allowed to object to anything requested or it’d go right back on. She asked Carla to nod her agreement, which Carla readily did.

Sammie removed the ball-gag and asked Carla if she’d ever licked a pussy before. Carla admitted that she had, but it wasn’t something she enjoyed. Sammie slapped her and told her tough-shit. That was her next task. Sammie then stood up and removed her panties. Leaving on the camisole part of the leather teddy. She straddled Carla’s face and told her to start eating her pussy out. Sammie was already wet just from what was going on, but when she felt Carla’s tongue the first time on her pussy, Sammie unleashed with a huge orgasm all over Carla’s face. Carla couldn’t keep up with the juices Sammie was flooding all over her mouth and face. But strangely enough, Carla was really turned on with it and for the first time, was enjoying eating another girl’s pussy. Sammie was basically grinding her pussy on Carla’s mouth while Wayne was fingering and licking Carla’s pussy. Carla couldn’t take any more of this and unleashed her own orgasm. She was screaming and thrashing about while Wayne was busy trying to lick as much of her juices as he could.

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