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Freshman First Experience Pt. 02

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After the ride home, things were surprisingly normal. Great, really. I mean, Mel was super nice and acting like she was afraid she’d upset me. I didn’t feel upset though. I was hung over the first day and then a little… amazed? I guess. I wasn’t upset although I don’t know if I felt like hanging out with Mike and his roommates. How do you deal with being felt up with a group of guys who felt you up for over an hour? And seen you orgasm because they were rubbing you, even if it was outside your clothes? Mel quit seeing Mike which wasn’t that weird for her. She complained about him texting her so I knew he wanted a repeat but I’m glad she didn’t seem to keep going down that road. Maybe because I might have done it.

The way I felt about it was… weird. I mean, it was totally out of control, and I felt a bit weird, but I was fired up. I’d always thought about being helpless and tied, and it had happened, and it was good. Really good. I wanted more to tell you the truth.

After the initial uncomfortable stuff things got back to normal. Mel was wearing less around the dorm and so was I and both of us looked at each other. It was subtle but definitely there. It wasn’t until a couple weeks later it came up again.

A guy who had been texting me asked me to come to a bar. He knew the guy at the door, and knew I could get in. I didn’t really like him but I wanted to go so I said yes but asked, actually begged, Mel to come with so I wouldn’t have to deal with him trying to get me to come home with him. She was excited, and we went.

It was a fun night. The guy was ok, everyone was buying us shots. I got pretty tipsy, grinded on a few dicks, and in a first, made out with Mel in front of guys to turn them on. I’d never kissed a girl before but this was totally one of those “turn on the boys” kind of things… almost totally anyway. We were the life of the party. One of those nights where laughter and music and everything just seems to go right. It got late though and we managed to deflect all the attempts to get us to go to one after party after another, to go home with this guy or girl (Mel had been a bit more free with the kisses than I), or to stay at the bar after hours with a particularly cute bartender (ok, Mel pulled me away from him) and got a cab home.

We still had a half bottle of liquor at the house and continued with some shots. We chatted and laughed and listened to music, and I guess I was giddy or horny from all the attention or something, but I just blurted out, “Do you still have those handcuffs?”

Oh. My. God. Her eyes lit up. “Oh yeah.” And she giggled. “But… do you want to… I mean, it’s just me! What do we do?”

Alcohol, thy worst virtue is honesty. “I know you played with me. Started to. You suck at blindfolds.” I broke out in laughter.

“Really?!?” She blushed but her eyes got more of that sharp look. “You knew?”

“Yep!” I giggled, because I couldn’t ask her anything. I was so shy all of a sudden, alcohol or no.

She didn’t say anything. Just staggered into her bedroom, I heard bumping and drawers sliding. Then she stepped back out holding the two handcuffs. She stepped out with the handcuffs and an almost shy look.

“So you want to be helpless again?”

“Yeah.” I did, so badly.

“Ok. Any rules this time?”

“No tickling! I’m serious!”

“Ok, fine. No tickling.”

“And… outside my clothes. Well, my pants I guess.”


“What? No?” Oh shit, what was she up to?

“You want to be helpless, right?”


“Well, if you’re helpless, I’m going to do what I want to you. I’m fine with no tickling, but you’re mine otherwise.”

I thought for a minute. It wasn’t that I was disgusted or anything that she might touch me, I’d actually kind of wanted it to go further the last time, but I hadn’t ever been with a girl before.

I put my hands behind my back. I wanted to be helpless bomonti escort again. She cuffed one of the sets of cuffs on one wrist and the other on the other. Then she pulled one of my feet up and cuffed that to the one on the wrist on that side, and pushing me over on my side, did the same with the other. That was new. She grabbed my hips and lifted them up. My wrists cuffed to my ankles made my ass rise in the air and pushed my head into the bed.

She smacked my ass suddenly. It wasn’t hard, but I was bent over and cuffed and not expecting it. At all. So I yelped.

“So you knew, huh?” She smacked me again. This one if anything was lighter than the last. I yelped louder. Honestly I was hamming it up a bit. I was pretty damn excited, even if a little nervous. I mean until a couple weeks before I hadn’t thought about Mel in a sexual way at all. It’s fair to say I’d thought quite a lot since then about her and the situation, even if it was mostly about the bondage.

“And you just turned around for these cuffs, didn’t you?”


This time there was a real smack. It hurt, a little. Not too bad but a definite jar to my backside. And that whole… region.

“Didn’t you? Answer!” And another smack. Oh fuck.


“Good girl.” And she ran her hand down my thighs then back up, on the inside, and along my pussy. Even through the jeans I was wearing it made me gasp.

“You little slut!” She spanked me again, and again, and this time it hurt.

“I thought you were such a little prude!” She grabbed my butt. “I thought you were just some little high school girl made it to college.” She was slurring a bit and maybe a little more drunk than I’d realized. “But here you are some little bondage girl.” She grabbed my ass harder and rubbed my pussy a bit. “I bet I can spank you and tie you up and make you do anything!”

“No!” I really wasn’t sure. Was there anything I wouldn’t do?

“We’ll see.”

She continued to spank me. She didn’t start very hard. She just slapped my jeans-covered ass over and over. The impact on my ass, and being face down on the bed in this position, really did it for me. I was moaning in no time.

“You like that slut?”

“Oh! Yes.” There was no denying it. The moans if nothing else would give me away.

“Tell me then. Tell me you like being spanked.”

I blushed but didn’t answer. I was feeling a little overwhelmed and pretty damn tipsy. Ok, tipsy and horny. Turns out that was a mistake.

“I said, tell me!” She spanked me hard, now. With my jeans it didn’t really hurt much, but damn did it do a number on my head. “Tell me! Tell me you like it!” She really laid in. It was hurting, now. I made noises but they weren’t answers. I guess that wasn’t good enough.

“Fine. You want to play hard to get?” She reached around me and undid the first few buttons on my fly. She yanked my jeans down and embarrassingly my panties with them.

“Now. Do you like being spanked?” And she landed a really hard slap on my ass.


“That’s not a yes. Do you like it?” And she hit me again, hard.

“Ow! Yes!”

“Say it. Say you like being spanked.”

“Um… yes, I like it.”

“Not good enough.” She spanked me again, hard and several times.

“Yes! Yes, I like being spanked!”

“Good girl!” She ran her hand over my ass, and up my thigh. She seemed happy and it made me weirdly happy… I mean, I was happy she wasn’t spanking me hard, and I was happy she was touching me. It was nice. Really nice. The weird part was how happy I was to be praised with the “good girl” thing and how happy I was to please her.

“Oh, I can see how much you like it.” This as her fingers had found their way up my thigh and to my now very obviously wet pussy. Her fingertips ran up and then down my wet slit. They tickled my clit a little as she talked to me.

“You’re cihangir escort a slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes…” I knew I’d be spanked again if I didn’t answer the way she wanted, but that’s not why I said yes.

“Good girl. You like this, don’t you?” Her fingers weren’t just tickling my clit… they were full on playing, and it was working. Oh my god, they were working.


“You’re a slut aren’t you?”

“Yes… oh!”

“Tell me. Tell me you’re a slut.”

“I… I’m a slut.”

She withdrew her fingers from playing with me and spanked me twice, hard.

“Say it louder!”

“I’m a slut!”

“Good girl! Do you want a reward?” She started rubbing my labia, just teasing me.

“Yes…” Oh god. It was crazy how much I wanted a reward.

“Like this?” She giggled, while she touched my clit as softly as she could.

“Uhh… ” It felt good, but damn, I was horny.

“Are you a bondage slut?”

“Yes!” Wow, I practically shouted it. I guess I was pretty excited.

“Good girl.” Now she started rubbing me, playing with my clit and rubbing against my hole. Oh my god it felt good.

“But not yet.” She started to spank me again, not hard, just doing that thing where every smack made me more excited. Then a bit harder until it was right on the line.

Mel got up behind me and used her knees to push mine apart. She yanked my jeans down a little more, and my panties with them. I was past caring about being exposed to her.

“Let’s have a little talk.” She was loud, excited. She smacked my ass hard once, then twice. Then she grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them wide.

“Do you want this?” She dragged her finger down my now-dripping pussy.

“Do you want to obey?” She rubbed my clit. Perched between my knees with me face down on the bed made it a little hard to answer, but I managed to mumble out, “yes”.

“I’ll make you come.” She slid not one but two fingers into me and smacked my ass once, then twice, then at a rhythm. She fucked me with her twin fingers.

“If… you promise I can tie you up whenever I want.”

“Uh… Oh… No!”

“No?” She redoubled her efforts on my clit and with her fingers until I almost came, then slowed down, teasing me.

“No?” she repeated.


She started to fuck me with a couple fingers, hard. She waited until I moaned loud and started bucking my hips. “Can I tie you up whenever I want?”

The truth is I’d say yes to anything at this point.


“Good girl. Come then.” She pumped her fingers into me. Her other hand snaked under me and played with my clit. She started slowly but worked me until

I got close to coming. Then she slowed down. I was bucking against her. She teased me until I was about to come, then slowed down just a bit and I groaned in frustration. I don’t know if she added a finger, or just rammed me really hard, but she pounded her fingers into me and played with my clit and I came hard. She didn’t let up after I entered the too-sensitive stage at all and kept jamming her fingers into me while she worked my clit. I thrashed and struggled as I tried to escape but as soon as that sensitivity passed I came again. If anything it was harder. Then she pushed me over onto my side, and wrapped herself around me.

“Good girl.” I just sighed, exhausted and content. She held me and it was sweet. She let me lie until I started to get drowsy, then she got up and straddled me again. She grabbed my hair, turned my face so I was looking into her eyes.

“I was serious, you know.” Even though she was still slurring a bit and we were both hyped up, her eyes told the story. She was serious.

“From now on, if I want to tie you up, I will. You agreed, remember?”

I couldn’t claim I didn’t, and anyway, while this was strange and frightening, it was also the fulfillment kurtuluş escort of some of my longest-held dreams. “Yeah. You can tie me up.”

“And do anything I want?”

“Uh…” I started squirming. I couldn’t believe I was feeling turned on again after two of the hardest orgasms I’d ever had. “Yeah.”

“Say it.”

“Anything you want.” I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but none of my other sexual encounters had every yielded anything like this. In for a penny, in for a pound.

“Good. This is going to be fun!” She giggled, and I laughed. Tied up with a half-naked chick straddling me, we both laughed. She impulsively kissed my cheek and yanked my hair a little, and we laughed some more. It lightened the mood a little, but didn’t change the dynamic somehow.

It wasn’t really a surprise when she clenched her hand in my hair again, pulled my face to hers, looked in my eyes, and said,

“Your turn.”

I knew just what she meant. She pulled me over onto my back, then stood up off the bed and reached under her skirt and removed her panties. I felt a flutter. I’d never really been close to another woman’s privates and I really wasn’t bi or anything, I didn’t think. I’d hardly ever thought about being intimate with a woman until after the party the other weekend. I guess it wasn’t up to me though, and that by itself sent a pulse into my own genitals.

She grabbed my cuffed ankles and pulled them up so my ass was in the air and climbed up onto the bed with one knee on either side of my head straddling me. Her skirt surrounded my head like a tent and my view was restricted to a pair of thighs rising to a completely bare slit which was obviously soaking. Her scent enveloped me and to my relief it was clean girl smell, redolent of lavender lotion, new sweat, and something quite like myself when I’m excited.

She slowly lowered herself down on my face, obviously relishing this new power over me. As she got close enough I stuck out my tongue and tilted my chin up so I could intercept her descending and engorged clit. Her taste was electric, so much so that it was almost like a shock went through me and one through her too judging from her moan. She lowered herself more, pressing her dripping sex on my face. I worked my tongue along her slit and licked at her clit, eliciting more moaning.

“Ohhh… you’re good at that you little slut!” She moved my legs into her armpits and used her now-free hands to spread me wide. “Look how wet your little slut pussy is!” I blushed, not that she could see it while she sat on my face. She rocked her hips, rubbing her pussy across my face, moving until my nose was against her clit and her opening on my forehead, then back, presenting her clit for my tongue again. I blushed even more, covered in her juices while I moved my tongue in what I hoped was a pleasing way. She rocked again, grinding her pussy into my face, all the while telling me to eat her out and rubbing her juices all over my face. Her thumb found my clit while I was spread wide and it just set me off. Being pinned by my roommate’s wet cunt on my face while she talked dirty to me was getting me off in a big way, and the way she was riding me was hot. I struggled to breath at times depending on how she was sliding around on me but I loved it. It wasn’t long before she was making sounds I knew from several of her one night stands and thin walls presaged her orgasm, and by the time she started coming on my face I was right with her. This one wasn’t as intense (for me… she was going off like a rocket) but lasted longer, all the way through her own orgasm. When she finally finished, she rubbed her even more wet sex across me one last time, then climbed off, pushed me over, and cuddled again.

“You just lie here with my juices all over your face, slut.” I just breathed hard. It had been a long night.

“I’m going to enjoy this… remember, anything I want.” I drifted off to that thought and the smell of her. My dreams were strange but I didn’t remember them, I never did, and when I woke up I was no longer cuffed and was tucked into my bed. Only the smell of bacon, eggs (she never made breakfast) and pussy in the morning proved what had happened last night was real.

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