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Filling My Needs

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I nibbled my lip, a nervous habit I had yet to break that always paired with my tinted pink cheeks no matter how I tried to hide. We rode to my place in silence. Sexual tension zinged between us the entire way. His hand on my knee, warm and heavy, did nothing to ease that tension.

The night was a blur. One moment I’m tucked in the back corner of a bar nursing some fruity drink the bartender recommended, trying to bury myself in my cell to avoid talking to anyone, the next, he is filling my space. He was all low tones and sexy vibrations coated in a steel confidence, the kind you can’t look away from let alone even try.

I’m a quiet one, so I was more than happy to let him lead the conversation. I followed willingly, answering his small talk questions one at a time, but as soon as his warm, strong hand settled on my bare knee, I knew I was gone. At that moment, I felt just how bare my legs were, how short my dress was. What would he do if I were to toss my panties at him? Is there a polite way to throw your panties at someone?

“Let me take you home, princess.” Ugh. His husky tones only soaked my panties further. I peered up into his eyes, and I froze; his gaze pinned me where I sat. I barely gave him the briefest of nods before he took my hand and pulled me out of my seat, pausing only to pull some cash from his wallet and toss it on the bar. My heels clicked rapidly behind him as I all but ran to keep up with his long strides.

Lost in thought, I absentmindedly toss out directions to my small house until we’re parked in my driveway. Wait. When did we get in his car? I blink and glance back up at my little spot. It may not be grandiose or a mansion, and he may need to duck the entire time inside, but it was home. I was so busy contemplating my home that I didn’t realize he was already unbuckling me from the car. His hand stroked gently across my belly, and I tried not to cringe. I failed and looked away with a flush.

Strong fingers curl around my chin and force me to look up at him, flushed cheeks, nibbled lips, and all. “You’re beautiful,” he breathed.

My breath hitched in my throat as I leaned up into him, the pull between us stronger than any magnet. I’m unable to resist. He clucks his tongue and lightly nips my bottom lip, murmuring into my mouth. “That lip,” his hands cup my waist and lift me from the car, “and this gorgeous woman will be mine tonight. Isn’t that right, princess?” I squeak. I fucking squeaked. A second or two passes before shock and mortification sets in. My mouth hangs open, and I will myself not to do anything stupid. I fail… again. Without a second thought, my face is buried in his neck, and all his cooing and petting does nothing for me until his low chuckles hit my ears. My curiosity demands to know what this male specimen looks like with laughter in his eyes, and I peek up.

As if sensing my eyes on him, he brings his nose to mine and cups the back of my head preventing me from jerking back in surprise. “Such a quiet one. I am going to enjoy this.” He turns me towards the door and swats my ass playfully. “Let’s go.” My pussy spasms and knees knock together as I whimper back in response, dying to run inside but killing myself slowly newcratos by forcing an almost normal-paced walk to the door.

I don’t know how long we stood there. I fumbled with the keys for god knows how long before his large bear paws engulfed mine and helped guide my house key in the lock and turns. I pushed open the heavy door and started to step forward, but he stopped me. I looked back up at him silently questioning him. He grinned devilishly before twirling me around and tossing me over his shoulder, promptly swatting my ass.

I may have sworn when that heavy palm of his landed with a loud crack on the swell of my ass. I may have moaned. All I know is that I’d been craving this for so long there was nothing that was going to stop me from diving in and relishing it. I needed this.

He removes my shoes as he steps over the threshold. He walks through the house taking his time to get acquainted with the nothing that was important on the four walls while his hand settles warmly on my fleshy bum, gently squeezing it here and there. Meanwhile, my eyes are squeezed shut while I hope and pray I don’t soak my panties through to his clothes. He finally comes to a stop and sets me down right outside my bedroom door and strides past me into my room taking a seat on the edge of my king-sized bed as if he’s been here his whole life.

I eyed him, another nibbling of my lip and considerably warmer cheeks. His eyes hold mine, almost entrancing, as he unbuttons the top buttons of his shirt and rolls up his sleeves. His muscles flex and ripple with each movement, and I stare, the breath in my lungs frozen.

His legs spread as he leans forward and rests his elbows on his knees. He’s staking his claim on my space. That undercurrent returns turning me into a puddle before his very eyes, and he drinks me in. Mewling, I take a step towards him, giving in to his quiet dominance.

I take another step forward, my toes pointed before me. Leaning forward ever so slowly until I’m on the balls of my feet. I spin around and bend down to quickly touch my toes, rolling my hips from side to side in a slow tease, and my very core is rewarded with a low growl.

Coming up halfway, my fingertips trail up my legs painstakingly slow until I reach the hem of my short dress and slowly work it up and over my hips exposing my lace cheeky panties. I toss a look over my shoulder, slowly standing up and taking another step towards him, inching my dress up higher and higher until it reaches just under my 44DDD breasts.

I finally enter his newly claimed space and stand between his legs, but he still doesn’t touch me. He merely presses his fingertips together, already dark eyes darkening further. It’s scorching.

I sink to my knees at his feet and turn away from him, crawling forward just a bit to give him a better view as I rest on my knees and forearms. I can’t resist looking at him over my shoulder. I just have to have him in my line of sight.

His gaze travels my body and I feel everywhere it lands as it warms me head to toe. I moan in pleasure and my toes curl as he drinks me in. Silently, I beg. My eyes in slits and feeling heavy with need, I whimper and moan hoping to catch newcratos giriş his attention. It wouldn’t hurt to sway my hips a little, right?

He doesn’t give me the chance. A long thick finger touches my clit through my panties, and my back arches immediately in response. I whine when he pulls it away to move the thin fabric of my panties aside, and just when I open my mouth to beg him not to stop, he sinks that long, thick digit inside my overflowing pussy. I drop my head in a long low moan. He pulls away from me again, and I swallow a sob as my stomach pulls in tight, my needy cunt leaking heavily and clenching on air in need of being filled by him.

Again, and again he teases me. A feather-light touch to my clit here, a deep driving touch there. He curls his fingers inside me and strokes that special spot until I’m bucking back onto his hand, fucking his fingers as a bitch in heat. He pulls his fingers from my slick channel, and I just want to drop to the floor and sob in my need for completion. He doesn’t let me cum. Of course he wouldn’t… at least not yet.

“Between my legs. Now,” his gravelly voice fills the empty spaces in my room and has my core clenching once more, my thick sticky juices coating my thighs in response. Oh, I like that. I groan as my pussy quivers in excitement. I start to face him and yelp as a sharp slap lands on my puffy sensitive pussy lips. Oh, so he doesn’t want that. I shuffle backward on my hands and knees instead and wait.

He makes me wait for what feels like forever until finally, his hands roam my ample curves. He leaves not one inch of my body untouched as he explores me through my clothes completely at his leisure. He cups my breasts first, rolling my nipples through the fabric, pinching and pulling until I shudder. More of my sticky juices coat my thighs in my obvious excitement.

“Beautiful.” I tremble and he continues his perusal until I nearly melt before him. I just want to cum; I want it now. “Oh god…”

“Shhhh, princess. None of that.” He stops his exploration and waits for my nod before he continues. Tsking and arching a brow at me, he mauls my heavy breasts, massaging and squeezing them together. He’s figured out already how sensitive they are for me and he pulls me back up by my nipples until I’m on my knees and continues pulling me backwards until I’m finally on my feet in a squat before him, my back flush to his chest and legs splayed open. He releases my nipples, letting my breasts bounce before he pulls my dress up my body until my hands are in the air and it partially covers my face. Pulling the fabric taut with one hand, he effectively blindfolds me with my own clothes and binds my hands in the fabric.

Thick calloused fingers trail down my front to my pussy and circles my clit. I moan and rock with his touch as he holds me tight. “That’s right, little one. You’re going to cum just like this for me.” I try to buck my hips upwards for more, but he pulls away and I whimper from his denial.

“No.” That one word falling from his lips stops me in my tracks.

Seemingly satisfied with my response, he continues circling my clit in that steady motion once more, not increasing pressure or speed, just enough to keep me dancing on that magical precipice. I grunt and groan in frustration and need. My body is taut and trembling, covered in a thin film of sweat, and my thighs burn from this position as I try my best to hold back my impending orgasm. My resolve is running thin as I pant and try to catch my breath.

“Cum for me,” he whispers as he swiftly thrusts two thick digits deep inside me and pulls them back just to bury them to the knuckles inside my hot cunt again. I nearly black out from the sudden pleasure and I scream and thrash against him. I try to wriggle away, stuck in my dress, but I only end up burying myself deeper in his arms. He simply holds me tighter, it’s almost effortless for him, and he forces me to ride through the pleasure, his fingers sawing in and out my needy spasming pussy until he rips his fingers from my sopping cunt with a pop and loudly licks them clean.

I slump in his arms and suck in as much ragged breaths as I can, thoroughly spent, but he’s not done with me yet. Oh no. He pulls the dress fully off my head and tenderly runs his thumb between my brows until I weakly look up at him. He smiles softly before lifting me gently and laying me on the bed. He pushes me up the bed and spreads my legs wide.

Hands on my thighs, lightly slapping and massaging them, he leans forward and runs a long slow lick up my slit, his tongue flutters against me. Crying out, I’m nearly off the bed in pleasure so good pain begins to be laced within it. I feel his hands suddenly digging into my hips as his body keeps my thighs wide open, and he pins me down as he takes in his feast of my willingness.

His warm velvety tongue tastes the innermost parts of me and I cum again, coating his tongue in my thick honey. He laps it all up as a man dying of thirst and rises above me, stripping the clothes from his body. He grabs my panties in a fist and with a hard jerk ripped them from my body. The pain from the fabric digging into my skin forgotten as easily as it had come, he fills me with one thrust of his hips. I drop my head back against the bed and grab my knees, pulling them as high to my chest as I can to give him complete access to all parts of me, and I shudder as a glint appears in his eyes that wasn’t there before.

It was like a switch went off. One moment I’m simply full, and the next he’s savagely spearing my greedy cunt. I take it all like the happy needy slut I am. I want – need – it all, and hold my legs open for more. Tits bouncing, eyes rolling back, my head hits the back of the headboard. He grabs my wrists and pins them down with one hand and reaches between us with another, pressing firmly into my hypersensitive clit, working it hard and fast.

“I’m cumming again!!” Exploding on his hand and cock, I squirt and mess the bed beneath us. He fucks me through every writhing spasm, and I lose myself in the pleasure. He growls above me, and a few sharp thrusts later, he’s filling me with his hot seed, searing my insides as if he’s branding me from the inside out. Another deep coiling spasm hits my core as I feel each thick rope of his cum coats my inner walls.

Grunting, he rolls to his back and pulls me on top of him in one swift movement. His softening cock still buried in my cunt.

“Sweet dreams, princess. Now sleep.” Spent, a sleepy smile tugs at my lips, we fall into a peaceful sleep still entwined.

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