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Eleven Inch Harold Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: Mrs. Penworth’s Turn!

Harold stood in his office staring at his secretary. Gloria stared back at him. “Don’t look stupid at me! I’m only taking orders.” She held a suit on a hanger in her hand. “Mrs. Penworth sent these up this morning. She gave me strict orders, that you were to put them on, and be at the Board meeting at 9:30.” Harold looked from the suit to his secretary. Gloria was a medium build young woman. She had a nice tight ass, big round tits and wore glasses. She also had two Masters degrees. One in business the other in finance! She had been assigned to him when he was promoted to his new position. He had first dismissed her out of hand. He didn’t particularly want a black secretary. But Mrs. Penworth told him that Gloria came with the office. No Gloria! No promotion! And she had proved invaluable in helping him accomplish his job.

However, she was adamantly opposed whenever he tried to take her out or get next to her. She said she was hired as his Personal Secretary, not his personal whore. She also knew about his lunches with the rich white women he met. Following her orders, Harold dressed then went up to the top floor to attend the meeting. He walked in and found all the Board members already seated. Mrs. Penworth got up when he entered. She directed him to a seat at the other end of the table. Harold felt very vulnerable and alone, sitting by himself with everyone staring at him. Mrs. Penworth came down the long table and placed her hands on his shoulders, as she stood behind him.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Due to the very hard work of this young man, our position has solidified very nicely. From Mrs. Cotton, our manufacturing end will increase by 20 percent! And for Mrs. Pinchitt’s help, in convincing her husband to accept our new contract. In the last 4 months, his hard work has proven invaluable to our achieving the goals we set forth at the last Board meeting. He has worked tirelessly in researching how a mutual meeting of businesses can help all businesses grow more profitable. That is why I have petitioned you to ok the generous pay hike that you have granted.” She handed Harold an envelope. Then beaming like a proud mother hen, she told him to open it. The check was for $25,000.00! With an attached note of what his new salary would become.

Harold sat there with his mouth open. The salary he was going to get put him in a whole new tax bracket. Mrs. Penworth leaned down and whispered in his ear. “They don’t know how you really earned those concessions, so look intelligent!” Harold was patted on the back and shook hands with each member as the meeting broke up. Mrs. Penworth leaned on the table and smiled at him. “Come by my house around 7 Harold, there’s a lot we have to discuss. With that, he was left alone in the big room. He walked downstairs in a fog. Only to be greeted with shouts and hand claps. Everyone in his department had been given a big bonus.

Harold drove up to the Penworth mansion and parked his car like he always had. He was met at the door by the same butler. But this time, as the butler let him in, he told Harold that Mrs. Penworth was waiting for him in the study. With that, he went out the door and closed it behind him. Harold went into the study, only to find Mrs. Penworth seated on the big sofa, sipping a drink. She turned to him and smiled. “Not a bad day, huh Harold? But make no mistake; you were rewarded just as much for your hard work as you were for your hard cock. Everyone is very impressed with how hard and meticulously you do your job.”

Harold stood before his boss and smiled down at her. “Mrs. Penworth, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. And I promise to work even harder to prove you haven’t made a mistake with your trust in me.” He took the glass she picked up and offered to him. She patted the spot next to her and he sat down. “Have you ever wondered why I haven’t tried you out?” Harold took a sip from his glass. The brandy was strong. He looked at her. “You told me once, that you never fuck the hired help.” She laughed. “Yes! Yes I did!” Mrs. Penworth smiled as she sipped from her glass. “Well Harold, I wasn’t exactly honest with that answer.” She turned to the open doorway. “You may come in now.”

Harold looked to see who would enter the study. The person who entered was the last person he would have ever expected to see. Wearing a black dress, so tight that you didn’t have to imagine what was beneath it, was his secretary, Gloria. She came in and sat next to Mrs. Penworth. “Hello Mr. Johnson!” Harold looked from Mrs. Penworth to Gloria. “Gloria?” Gloria looked at her boss and her face broke into a big smile. “Close your mouth Harold, you’ll catch flies. Did you think that you were the only one that Cynthia used? I have been in her employ for the last 2 years. Only I’m not directly involved with the firm. And besides, there’s a lot more work for a handsome black man with an 11 inch dick, than a small black woman with a golden tongue.”

Mrs. Beylikdüzü Masaj Salonu Penworth smiled as she turned to Gloria. “Oh but I love your golden tongue my sweet. That and every other part of you.” Mrs. Penworth bent her head and delivered a kiss to Gloria that had even Harold’s dick starting to grow. “Why Harold! You seem so surprised! How else did you think I could resist that magnificent cock of yours? But I have to admit; it was hard keeping poor Gloria from jumping you every time you entered the office. So you see, tonight is for the both of us. You finally get a chance to enjoy Gloria’s sweet pussy, and I get a chance to see you in action. If you’re up to it, that is?” Harold took a big gulp from his drink. “Mrs. Penworth…”

“Call me Cynthia, Harold! I think, that a man who is going to eventually be shoving a dick as big as yours up my cunt, can call me by my first name.” Cynthia looked at him and a hard glint entered her smile. “But that concession is given, only when we are here alone. Understood? And besides, I know that Gloria can’t wait to get her hands and lips around that monster.”

Gloria got up from her seat and walked over in front of Harold. She looked down at the lump in his pants and licked her lips. “Hearing the way you fucked Mrs. Cotton and Mrs. Pinchitt made me want you so bad. And having to see you in the office every day would drive me crazy. But you’re here now and I can have all of you I can take.” She turned to Cynthia. “Can’t I Mistress?” Cynthia just smiled and nodded her head. Gloria fell to her knees while holding onto Harold’s knees. Then with deft fingers, she undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She worked his semi-hard dick free and moaned as she rubbed it against her cheeks.

Harold looked down at his secretary. With one hand wrapped around his stiffening dick, she slid the other hand up along Cynthia’s thighs. She stopped and turned to Cynthia. “Your pussy is already soaked, Mistress! I bet you want to suck this dick just as badly as I do?” Cynthia chuckled as she opened her thighs wider. “Well, baby! Then I think you should make me proud?” With that, Gloria bent her head and swallowed Harold’s dickhead. With a moan, she bobbed her head up and down. Twisting and turning, she worked more and more of his massive dick into her hungry mouth. And Cynthia looked on with a smile on her face.

Harold looked over at Cynthia Penworth. The woman sat staring at her black charge sucking his dick. And absently, she stroked her hardening nipples. “Oh Gloria! You eager black nymph! You’ve waited so long to taste him. Take him deep, sweetness!” Cynthia reached out and slid her hand along Gloria’s back. Then Harold heard the zipper on her black dress being pulled down. Gloria stopped her sucking and stood up. The slinky black dress fell from her body with ease. And she stood before Harold completely naked. Without a word, Gloria climbed up on Harold’s lap. Then she slid lower until the tip of his dick touched her hairless cunt. She reached down and spread her lips open. Then with a sigh, she lowered herself even more.

“Oh Mistress! It’s so big! It’s bigger than every dildo you ever fucked me with.” Gloria, her eyes rolling backwards in her head, slowly worked her hips up and down. She took more and more of his prize cock up her cunt. Cynthia sat and sipped her drink. She allowed Gloria to enjoy herself. Her turn would come soon enough. Gloria was just getting into it when Cynthia reached over and grasped one of her nipples. With a hard twist, Gloria screamed. “That’s enough, my pet. Let’s take him upstairs.” Gloria climbed off and a gob of her crème splashed Harold’s pants. Cynthia scooped it up with her fingers. Harold watched as the old white woman sucked the crème from her fingers. “She cums so thickly. I swear, sometimes I have to scoop it out with a spoon.”

Harold, his dick still sticking from his pants, followed the two women up the stairs and into one of the bedrooms. The room was huge. And in the center was a four-poster bed with a mirrored ceiling above it. “Welcome to my playground, Harold. Gloria! Undress your Mistress, won’t you?” Gloria walked to her older lover and slowly undressed her. When Cynthia was naked, Harold had to admire what he saw. She may have been old, but she took very, good care of herself. She didn’t show any of the usual signs of old age. No wrinkled skin, no sagging tits, she looked good! Gloria was running her hands up and down Cynthia’s body. Then she eased Cynthia to the bed.

Sitting on the bed, Cynthia motioned for me to join her. As he sat next to her, Gloria sunk to her knees. With long practice, Gloria licked her way up Cynthia’s thighs. Then with a sigh, Cynthia turned to Harold and kissed him. Harold cupped one of her tits and softly massaged and squeezed it. Cynthia moaned as she broke the kiss. “It was so hard listening to those bitches talk about how you fucked them. They couldn’t stop raving about your big juicy cock. Beylikdüzü Masöz Escort I worked poor Gloria into a frenzy talking about it. Yes Gloria! Lick my pussy! Just like that!”

As Cynthia lay back on the bed, Harold followed her down. His lips surrounded her nipples and then he found her mouth. Cynthia groaned into his mouth. Gloria was expert in caring for her hungry cunt. And Cynthia loved the care that this young, black nymph took to please her. Then she pulled Harold on top of her. Gloria sat back on her knees and watched as Harold slipped his dick between her Mistress’s thighs. Cynthia looked up into Harold’s face. “Easy big boy! I’m not some client who wants her pussy ruined.” Harold chuckled as he eased the head into her cunt. Cynthia groaned as the head slid into her clit. She could feel it pushing the soft flesh apart.

Damn, Harold! You do have a monster cock!” Harold concentrated on giving his dick to her slowly. Then he felt Gloria on his back. Her tongue licked his shoulders, then down his spine. He shivered when she got to the small of his back. When he felt her tongue sliding into the crack of his ass, he stopped. “No, don’t stop, Harold! Keep fucking Mistress slow.” Harold stroked his dick deeper into Cynthia and she lifted her knees to a more comfortable position. Harold felt his cheeks being pried apart as the tongue went lower. When he felt it hit his puckered hole, he groaned and pushed deeper into Cynthia. “Oh my god!” She gasped! But Harold didn’t hear her. Feeling Gloria tongue fucking his asshole was the wildest feeling he had ever felt. She seemed to be able to stick her tongue deep into him.

Harold was caught. Between trying to shove his dick deeper into Cynthia’s pussy, and push his ass back to get more of Gloria’s delicious tongue at the same time, he didn’t know which one to do. Then he felt something being pushed deep in his ass. He tensed up. “Relax Harold! Surely you’ve felt a woman fingering your ass before?” Harold had never let a woman finger his ass. But what Gloria was doing felt so good. Or maybe it was because she had used her tongue to get him started. Cynthia Penworth was humping her pussy up to meet his gentle strokes. “Now I have both of you. Oh Harold! Oh my sweet Gloria! I want you both to fuck me. Fuck me till I can’t stand it any more.”

Gloria’s fingers were starting to work faster in his ass. And Harold grunted as he sped up his own pumping of Cynthia. “Tell me you like it, Harold! Tell me you like this finger in your ass.” Harold groaned as she pushed another finger up his tight hole. “Yes! Yes you black bitch! I like the way it feels. Fuck my ass with your fingers.” Gloria took her fingers out and replaced them with her hot tongue again. But Harold’s stroking kept her from giving him the rimming she wanted to give him. So she sat back and let him fuck Cynthia. “Fuck her Harold! Shove that entire sweet dick up my Mistress’s cunt! She wanted to fuck you from the moment she saw your dick. Didn’t you Mistress?” Cynthia had her eyes squeezed shut. This was the most dick she had ever taken up her cunt. The dildos Gloria used on her didn’t come close.

Suddenly, Cynthia let out a bloodcurdling scream. She fell back on the bed and seemed to go into convulsions. Afraid that he had caused her to have a heart attack, Harold jumped up from her. But Gloria was there in a flash. Her mouth was glued to the older woman’s white cunt. Licking and sucking like a mad woman, Gloria brought another loud moan from Cynthia’s lips. Then the woman sat up. She appeared to be spent and weak. “Oh Gloria! I’ve never been fucked so hard and so deep in all my life. When I came, I swear I almost passed out. But your mouth behind the orgasm made it even better for Mistress. Gloria beamed at the older woman. “Harold! Please get me another brandy?” He turned to pull on his pants. “No Harold! There is a bar just behind that vanity.” To his surprise, the vanity swung out easy as could be.

Harold made a drink for Cynthia and walking back to her he noticed her looking at him. “I’m gonna have to enjoy that dick a lot more, now that I know how good you use it.” She patted the spot next to her. Harold got up on the bed and was lying next to her with his back against the headboard. “Gloria! Get Harold a nice drink. Then come and sit on his dick while I educate him.” Gloria came back to the bed with Harold’s drink in her hand. With swift sure movements, she was astride him. As she lowered herself down onto his shaft, she handed him the glass. Gloria began to slowly work herself up and down. Cynthia looked on with pride, at her young charge. Harold could only watch her dark nipples slowly move up and down with her body.

“She fucks very well! Doesn’t she Harold? She should! I trained her to be capable of handling any type of sexual situation she may encounter. I know that you are wondering how it is that she calls me Mistress? Well, I will tell you so that you will better understand Gloria’s Beylikdüzü Öğrenci Escort devotion to me. I sponsor many kids thru college. And the brightest ones I hire. Gloria is a brilliant woman and was a brilliant student. But her hunger for sex always got her into trouble ad damn near got her thrown out of college. Since it was my money that was paying for her education, I had her brought up here for a weekend talk. Fuck him slowly you greedy little darling.” Gloria slowed her rhythm. “Yes Mistress! It just feels so good. You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted him to fuck me?”

Cynthia smiled and her hand stroked Gloria’s tit. Then she pinched the nipple hard. Gloria sucked air in between clenched teeth. “Listen when Mistress speaks or you won’t get any more of this delicious dick.” Gloria moaned as Cynthia’s hand slid down her stomach and rubbed her clit. “Yes Mistress!” Cynthia took a sip of her drink. “Anyway, I told Gloria what would be waiting for her in the way of a job and income. But, I also told her that any more incidents concerning anything sexual, and she would be out on her black ass faster than she could piss. We got to talking. I found out that this little minx doesn’t just like sex; she’s addicted to it. I really took a liking to her. We went shopping and I brought her some new clothes for school. Then I took her shopping for a new bedroom wardrobe. She was surprised at first. Since I did threaten her. Then, while we were in the car, I told her that if she was so determined to enjoy sex, and I was paying for her education anyway, she might as well enjoy it with me.”

Gloria started moaning at just that moment. “Oh Mistress! Harold’s dick is going so deep. I can feel it all the way in my throat. Can I cum? Please Mistress, can I cum now?” Cynthia looked at Harold, and then she looked at Gloria. The black woman had her hands clenched tight. Every muscle in her body seemed to be taunt. Cynthia leaned over and began to talk to her in a low voice. “Who do you belong to?” Gloria moaned. “Oh Mistress, you know that I belong to you and only you.” Gloria looked at Harold. “And who are you allowed to fuck?” Gloria was breathing thru her mouth. “Only the people you tell me I can fuck. Please Mistress! I can’t hold it back much longer.”

“Will you try to fuck Harold without my permission?” Gloria’s eyes opened wide. “Never Mistress! I would never fuck anyone without your permission.”

Cynthia gave Gloria a tongue-teasing kiss. And Gloria gave it back to her just as lustily. “Cum sweetie! Cum for Mistress!” Gloria began to work her sweet pussy up and down at a frantic pace. Suddenly she screamed and Harold felt her crème gush all over his balls. Gloria rolled off of Harold. Surprisingly, Harold had been able to hold back from cumming himself. And Cynthia couldn’t resist bending her head and sucking his dick clean. Then she proceeded to lick his balls until they were clean also. “Mmmmm! I love the way that juicy girl taste.” Harold watched as Cynthia crawled over to Gloria. She licked the still moaning girl until Gloria had another big orgasm. Then she sat up and sipped her drink like nothing had happened.

“Gloria! Why don’t you go and take a slow shower. And don’t forget to give that pussy a good douche. You know that Mistress likes the sweet clean taste of fresh washed pussy.” Gloria kissed Cynthia, and then she kissed Harold. “Don’t let Mistress wear you out lover! I’m just getting started.” Cynthia playfully slapped Gloria on her ass. Then with a bounce, the young woman was off the bed and walking thru the door. Cynthia looked at Harold to see what reaction he would have. When he just smiled at her and sipped his drink, she smiled back. “Where was I? Oh, I remember. Gloria was shocked at my offer of sex for her education. But I am not a dumb woman. I had her investigated.

Gloria, like I told you, enjoyed sex very much. In fact, she enjoyed it with men and women, young and old. Sometimes she enjoyed it with just one partner. But many times she was the center of a full course dinner, if you know what I mean? So enjoying it with an older white woman was nothing new to her. But I’ll tell you something young man. I may seem old but I still enjoy sex more than the average woman does. Well, I can tell you that by the time Monday came around, the poor girl was drained. After that, she came to visit me about twice a month. Then it was every week. But I insisted that she maintain excellent grades. Gloria gets a sexual thrill calling me Mistress when we fuck.

After college, she graduated with two Master’s Degrees you know. She started working for me. When you started working for me, she wanted to fuck you so bad. I had to absolutely forbid her to do it, until I gave her permission. Well Harold, now you know the tale of Gloria. But I asked you here to discuss another matter. You are an executive now. But the new position has a few strings attached. The first thing is that even though you are going to get a big pay raise, you will only get half your money. You see,” she paused and smiled “all those papers that Gloria had you signing included a management contract. You agree to allow the corporation to withhold half your wages for the next five years. If you leave for any reason that the Board does not deem necessary, you only get half of your withholdings.”

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