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Corey in the Backroom

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Bi Sex

I’m at work in retail – I found a book, and is doesn’t belong on the shelves. I go into the back room and ask Corey, the blue – eyed, muscular young man who works there, what to do with it. He says he’ll show me and takes the book out of my hand. I thank him and he says “of course, no problem.” He winks, smiles, puts his hand lightly on my back. I tell him I’m in a bit of a rush and try to move away – he tightens his arm around my back and says “there will be a rush when I give you one, Josh” softly into my ear.

He leads me down a dark aisle full of merchandise rising on both sides and around a corner… my heart is racing… I’m on the clock, and I’m being paid for this. But the other half of me is flushed with anticipation. I don’t know what his intentions are… There’s a flat cement wall ahead of us. I say “Thanks, Corey, in the future, is this where the books go?”

He says “The books will go wherever I put them. This is my back room, Josh. I’m in charge here. And you know what?” He moves me in front of him, pushing me back against the wall. He rests the back of his hand lightly on my chest, strokes his lips with the tip of his tongue.

“What?” I ask. My voice is shaking. I’m already horny as fuck – I’ve dreamed of this – but not on the clock, no! Not on the motherfucking Casibom clock, with all that shit to put away and my boss will be furious. They’ll find us back here and I’ll lose my job!

“I’m in charge of you, too, mister.” He says quietly, moving closer to me in the dim light, putting a hand to my face. As he strokes my cheek his eyes narrow dangerously. “I want your word, you sweet little coward.” His nose is an inch from mine, but his voice is so low I can barely hear it – “Never tell anybody what happens back here, you get it?”

I look at my feet – I’m afraid of him but I want him so badly too – I answer “Nnn..No, I won’t tell anyone!” I wanted to speak up but my voice comes out weak and I stutter. Corey grins toothily at me and presses me against the wall. He takes my chin hard in his strong hand and pulls my face up so I’m looking into his bright blue eyes.

He says “You look at me when you talk to me, ya hear me? And you call me sir!” I nod my head, but he shakes me by the collar “Yes SIR!” he says, quiet, menacing laughter in his deep voice now. He slips one hand onto my shoulder and looks into my eyes. He strokes my nose with the index finger of his other hand and says, more playfully, “Now, little man, you got the rules? Fight me!”

He throws me away from him, and Casibom Giriş I run down the hall. Before I’ve gone even a few yards he tackles me, taking me in his arms and chuckling into my ear. “Not so easy, eh?” He holds my ear with his sharp teeth – he bites gently but firm. I can feel his warm breath on my cheek and I start to melt in his arms.

I close my eyes, it hurts but I’m enjoying it too much to fight at all. I moan and lean against him – feel him put his broad hand under my shirt and stroke my chest – his other hand reaches down to massage my cock for a moment and the feeling is unbearably good – but then he lets go of my ear and my cock, rests his chin on my shoulder. The momentary rush is gone, I relax, and he holds me more gently. He kisses my cheek and pulls away, taking my hand between his fingers. I look at him and he smiles his crooked toothy grin. I almost fall on the floor but his electric gaze keeps me steady.

“You like it, little man?” he says quietly.

“Yes, sir,” I say to him. He winks and grins broadly.

He says “You learn quickly!” and leads me back against the wall. He doesn’t pin me back this time – Instead he takes me into his arms – puts a hand on my back and the other gently on my cheek – slowly he pulls me close and touches my mouth Casibom Güncel Giriş with his. I feel his tongue stroke my lips and I open a little bit – as he puts his tongue in my mouth I feel him move his warm hand under my shirt to stroke my back.

I didn’t realize my arms were around him but I guess they are – I hug him tight, he runs his fingertips playfully up my spine, very lightly. It tickles, and I pull away laughing. “What?!” he says, his eyes twinkling. “You’re ticklish, little man?!” He tickles my sides and stomach and I laugh trying to get away. Of course I can’t – he’s blocking me with his body on one side and the cement wall on the other.

I yell, laughing “Corey, stop, stop!!” and he lets up. I’m panting, he’s smiling at me again, all crooked and cocky; he knows he’s gonna get away with whatever he does to me.

He chuckles quietly, pinning me gently against the wall again, and looks lazily at his watch… “Been fifteen minutes, little buddy. Better get back to work, eh?” He chuckles and lets me go. I’m in a hurry again, but my heart is beating so hard. Motherfucker gave me a rush just like he promised! I tuck my shirt back into my pants, trying to smooth out the wrinkles and hide my hard on.

He leans against the wall, crosses his ankles. “You better get a move on, mister! You’ll catch it!” I move quickly to the end of the aisle, but look back to see him still watching me. He winks. “Thanks for the book, Josh! See you around!” I hope I DO see him around, I think, but maybe off the clock next time.

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