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DC Adventure

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The last time I was in DC I decided to check out a gay bar I’d found online. The reviews were kind of mixed, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I figured I’d have one drink, get a feel for the place, and if I didn’t like it I could always leave. As far as the reviews went, there were a few that called the place a dive, and a couple mentioned unpleasant odors. On the other hand, several reviewers mentioned strong drinks, fairly cheap, and a friendly crowd.

They also said there were two floors, with the first floor patrons being mostly older men – trolls, as one sweetheart put it. That’s OK, I’m not really into twinks either, for whatever that’s worth. The second floor was more lively, and attracted mostly black and latino men of all ages. So, on the first floor I would fit right in. On the second floor I’d stick out like a sore thumb, but that might be OK too.

I got there in time for Happy Hour, around 4:00, took a seat at the first floor bar, and ordered a gin and tonic. While the bartender was getting my drink I looked around, getting a feel for the place. Mostly white guys in their forties or fifties, a few over sixty. My people! My drink came, and the reviews were right on. Heavy on the gin, easy on the tonic. Not complaining, especially when the bartender only charged me four bucks. Christ, a guy could get seriously fucked up here if he wasn’t careful!

I was just getting settled in when a guy pulled out the stool next to me. “You mind?”

“Not at all,” I answered, “it’s all yours.”

I took the opportunity to look him over, and I liked what I saw. Young black guy, early thirties I’d guess, athletic body, pretty good looking. “Damon,” he said, offering his hand.

I shook with him, started to give my real name, then changed my mind. “Just call me BJ,” I said.

He nodded his head, gave me sort of a double take. “Easy to remember.”

We made small talk, commented on the other guys in the room, the weather, the bar upstairs, your basic bullshit. I had almost finished my drink when Damon said, “Care to show me why you told me to call you BJ?”

He took me by surprise, and I almost turned him down. But that gin and tonic was really strong, my resistance was pretty low anyway, and Damon was looking pretty darn good to me about then.

“Sure,” I said. “Where?”

“Come on upstairs, I’ll show you around,” he said. “There’s a room up there we can use.”

With Damon leading the way, we went up a narrow flight of stairs to a small landing, then turned left and went up a second flight. At the top there was a small room, like a waiting area, and the door to the upstairs bar was closed. I figured there would be a security guy there later, checking IDs and weeding out any known troublemakers or guys who were already too drunk.

Damon pushed open the door and a wave of loud music came pouring out. Bob Marley I think, definitely reggae. We went in and Damon waved to the bartender and a couple of guys he recognized. There was a distinct aroma in the air, but it wasn’t offensive at all. I’m no pothead, but I know the smell of weed. Nothing like a little ganja to go with the reggae music.

I followed Damon into the room, and noticed several video monitors showing gay porn. The patrons were mostly black, younger than the crowd downstairs, and there was a definite party atmosphere. Damon gave me what he called the nickel tour, then showed me to what I assumed was going to be the back room. Not exactly. There was a little hallway, and several doors with lights over them, like a video arcade. Number eight was vacant, so Damon opened the door and motioned me inside, then followed me in and locked the door behind him.

The furnishings were pretty basic: a small couch and matching chair that looked like they were meant to be outdoor furniture, a side table holding a basket of condoms and a couple of bottles of lube, a cheap rug that had seen better days. That’s it.

Damon put both hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees in front of him. Not that he forced me, he was just showing me what he wanted. He pulled his pants and underwear down in one quick motion, then pulled the shirt over his head. His cock was right in front of my face, already hard, and it looked beautiful. Not the biggest I ever saw, but big enough, seven inches or so, maybe closer to eight, hard as a rock, already leaking a little precum.

I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the shaft, gave a few gentle tugs, then leaned in for a taste. There was a good bit of precum, and I licked it all up eagerly. There was almost no taste at first, then I began to get it, very subtle, just a hint of what I had to look forward to. I took the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked it gently, getting warmed up.

“Yeah, that feels good,” Damon said. “Take it a little deeper now. Not too fast, take your time. I might not last too long, just so you know. I’ve been hard off and on all day.”

I slid my lips up and down the shaft, going a little sex izle deeper each time, until I was ready to see if I could take it all. I worked up a mouthful of saliva and ran my lips down over Damon’s cock, nice and easy, not stopping until I touched bottom and my lips were surrounded by pubic hair.

“Fuck, man, that really feels great. Careful, I’m getting pretty close. You want me to cum in your mouth, right?”

I made a sound like “Mm-hmmm,” nodded my head, and kept sucking. I took his balls in the palm of my hand and massaged them lightly, imagining them filling with cum.

“Yeah, just like that,” Damon said, “don’t stop. Shit man, here it comes, get ready. Oh fuck yeah, fuck, suck me baby, suck me!”

I felt his cock pulsating in my hand first, then between my lips, and he began shooting a big juicy load into my mouth. There were six or seven powerful spurts, and a few weaker ones. I kept the head of his cock in my mouth and ran my hand up and down the shaft, trying to milk out every drop he had to offer. I loosened my lips and let some of his cum leak out onto his cock and balls, swallowing the rest as fast as I could. When he was finished, I licked up all the cum I had spilled, then took his cock in my mouth again.

“Careful,” he said, “I get pretty sensitive right after I cum.” He let me go a little longer, then said, “That’s enough, let’s go out and get another drink.”

I got up off my knees and admired Damon’s body while he got dressed. Hot! Skin the color of milk chocolate, flat belly, muscular but like an athlete, not a body builder, nice bubble butt, and that beautiful cock! I felt like I hit the jackpot on my first try.

Damon opened the door and guided me back to the main room. He spotted a few friends of his and we went over to their table.

The guy who seemed to be the leader of the pack said, “Hey D, who’s your friend?”

Damon said, “Hey Clarence, what’s up? My man here didn’t tell me his real name, said to just call him BJ.”

“Sounds about right,” the other guy said, nodding toward the nearest video monitor.

I about had a heart attack. There I was, on my knees, Damon’s balls in my hand and my lips sliding up and down on that beautiful black cock. It’s pretty easy to make me blush, so I was probably beet red. I gave Damon a dirty look, and he got all apologetic.

“Hey man, I know I should have told you, but I was horned up out of my mind. All I could think about was letting you suck my dick and busting a nut in your mouth. We still cool?”

“I guess,” I said. “Can’t take it back now. So what, am I going to be on the Internet, horny old white guy sucking black dick in some DC dive?”

“Naw,” Clarence said, “it don’t work like that. Your little scene might play a couple more times today, but as soon as someone else uses that room, you’ll be erased and covered over by their action. By the end of the night, that’s going to be written over quite a few times. Trust me.”

OK, I felt a little relieved. Although, the idea that I might be seen in action on the Internet had a certain appeal. Anyway, moving right along, Damon introduced all the guys: Clarence, Nate, Marcus, and James. Clarence was the oldest, probably around forty-five, and Marcus seemed to be the youngest, probably in his early twenties. The other two, James and Nate, were both around Damon’s age, early thirties or so. They were all black, but their skin colors ranged from Marcus, the lightest, like coffee with about three creams, to Clarence, the darkest, with skin the color of eggplant. They were all in decent shape – Clarence had a little belly started, and James might be considered a little chubby. The others were built similar to Damon, athletic, toned, pretty darn attractive, if you asked me.

We made small talk for a while, then Clarence turned to me and said, “So BJ, you get all you wanted from Damon, or could you handle a little more?”

I looked around the table, took a deep breath, and said, “Another drink like I had downstairs and I might just do all of you.”

Damon was right on top of that. “Gin and tonic, right?”

Clarence had a better idea. “Naw, if we gonna do this, let’s do it right. Tequila shot and a beer to chase it down with. I’ll buy, all around. Just tell Leon to put it on my tab.”

Damon headed to the bar, spent a little time chatting with the bartender, and soon returned with a tray full of drinks. He passed them all around, tequila shots and beers for everyone, then sat down and picked up his shot glass.

“Here’s how,” he said, and swallowed the tequila all in one long gulp. He picked up his beer and took a mouthful, made a show of swishing it around like mouthwash, then swallowed. The guys all looked at me, and Damon said, “Next!”

I picked up my shot glass, ready to follow Damon’s example, and realized I had at least a double, maybe a triple. OK, fuck it. I tried to take it all at once, had to back off to take a breath, then finished it. Cheap, sikiş izle crappy tequila, but the beer chased it down pretty good, and I started feeling pretty buzzed. OK, not just buzzed – fucked up.

The other guys all drank their shots, washed them down with beer, and seemed to think nothing of it. With that taken care of, Clarence said, “Ready?”

I’m not sure I could have given a coherent answer, but I didn’t have to. The guys all stood up, Clarence took me by the arm and we all headed for room number eight.

Once we were in the room with the door locked, I said, “I want to see you all naked.”

Not a problem. The guys took off all their clothes, and I was able to check out their bodies. Their cocks, mainly. No one was hard yet, but Marcus was at half mast, and it looked like he might be the biggest. Clarence seemed to be about average size, and I was about to find out for sure. Age before beauty.

I got down on my knees and Clarence stepped up in front of me. I took his soft cock in my mouth, all the way down to the root, and sucked on it gently, pulling my lips back toward the head at the same time. I could feel his cock start to grow in my mouth and was proud that I could have that effect on him. I do love to suck a nice hard cock, but I also love that feeling of having a man’s soft dick get harder and bigger while I suck it. I know it doesn’t make much sense, but I get a real feeling of accomplishment at getting a man turned on, just with my mouth and hands.

I was getting pretty turned on myself, sucking Clarence’s cock, four other guys watching and waiting their turn, who knows how many guys watching the video, either now or later. When I had Clarence’s cock good and hard I started sliding my lips up and down on the shaft, mouth fucking him, trying to get him to cum in my mouth. He seemed to be getting close, but then he pulled away from me.

“That feels real good, BJ, but I don’t want to cum just yet. I’ll be back in a bit. Let someone else have a turn.”

Marcus stepped up, and he was already fully erect. Nice big dick, eight or nine inches, pretty thick, and leaking precum. I cupped his balls in the palm of my hand and gently massaged them, then took the head of his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around. The taste was a little strong, a mixture of sweat and precum, but I wasn’t complaining. I slid my lips down onto his shaft a few inches, bobbed up and down a few times, then tried to see how deep I could take him. I felt his thick cock pushing into my throat, backed off and tried again, then again. I wasn’t quite able to take it all, but Marcus didn’t seem to mind.

“I’m pretty close,” he said. I wrapped my hand around his cock and started stroking the shaft, sucking the head at the same time. His cock seemed to swell up and grow another inch, I felt it twitch, then I got my first taste of his cum. It was stronger than Damon’s, but not unpleasant at all, and there was a lot of it. I kept sucking him, swallowing his cum, stroking his shaft, squeezing his balls, until he pulled away.

“Good job man! You really drained me!”

I was about to thank him, but Clarence was ready for another round, and his cock was in my mouth before I could say anything. I slid my lips up and down like before, mouth fucking him. He let me go for a while like that, then told me to suck his balls. Hell yeah! I started licking his nuts, feeling them shift around inside their sack, getting them slick with my saliva. I closed my lips around one and gently pulled it into my mouth. Clarence moaned his approval, and I did the same thing with the other one.

“Nice, man! God, that really feels good. Now suck me and don’t stop. I’m gonna cum in your mouth, but I don’t want you to swallow till I tell you.”

I worked on him for another couple of minutes, then he put his hand on my head and started fucking my face. “Remember, don’t swallow.” He got closer and closer, not quite able to pull the trigger, then he let out a roar, sort of like “Arghhhh!”, and started to unload into my mouth. The taste was almost sweet, and I found myself wishing there was more of it. I fought the impulse to swallow, and finally he pulled out of my mouth.

“Open wide,” he said, “let’s see what you got there.” I opened my mouth, the guys all looked to see my tongue covered with cum, then Clarence said, “Swish it around in your mouth, but don’t swallow yet.”

I did what he said, got the taste and feel of his cum spread all around my mouth and gums, then opened my mouth again to show I hadn’t swallowed. “Good man,” he said, “tastes good, don’t it?” I nodded, and he said, “Go ahead and swallow it now. Plenty more where that came from.”

I swallowed, and even though there wasn’t very much of it, the taste was wonderful – sweet, intense, almost spicy – amazing. And the sensation, swallowing and feeling it slide down my throat and into my stomach, was downright heavenly. Well, remember I was pretty buzzed.

Next up was türk porno James, the chubby one. Checking out his cock, I saw that it was on the chubby side as well. Not especially long, probably six inches or so, but pretty thick. Like a nice fat sausage, good enough to eat. He stuck it in my mouth and I was surprised to find it tasted like lube. Not my favorite flavor, but on the good side, it made it real easy to slide that thick weenie right down my throat. Which I did, more than once. I figured he’d be ready to cum pretty soon, so I kept it pretty basic, just some deep throat, jerking him off with my hand on the upstroke.

James was just about ready to pop when Nate came from out of nowhere, held his cock in front of my face, and jerked off in my direction. I wondered if I should move from James to Nate, but before I could do anything Nate erupted, shooting warm thick cream all over my face and onto James’s cock. Luckily I was wearing my glasses, so I didn’t get any in my eyes, but he painted my whole face pretty good. He hadn’t quite finished when James started, so I was getting cum all over my face, in my mouth, and down my throat, all at the same time.

I finished with James, cleaned him up as well as I could, and looked around at the other guys. I must have been quite a sight, on my knees, cum all over my face and in my hair, drunk on the combination of tequila and sperm. Clarence got a couple of paper towels from a dispenser I hadn’t noticed before. I wiped my face clean, and looked around to see who was left.

Damon. I already did him earlier, but it looked like he was ready to go again. He came over to me and I started sucking that beautiful cock. I took my time, letting myself really savor the moment. I zoned out and didn’t think of anything but the way his cock felt sliding across my lips, into my mouth and throat, up and down, in and out. I spent a little time sucking and licking his balls, with him moaning and groaning in pleasure.

I was in no hurry this time, and neither was Damon. He let me have my fun for a while, then turned around so his butt was right in front of me. I knew what he wanted, and I knew I was going to do it. I just hoped he was clean. I leaned in a little closer and sniffed, then let out a sigh of relief. The aroma was warm, masculine, musky, but definitely clean. I stuck out my tongue and ran it over his tight little hole, very lightly. Again, musky but clean. That was all I needed to know. I began rimming his ass, just lightly at first, then getting into it more.

He started to loosen up, and I was able to push my tongue in deeper, working it around to give him lots of stimulation. Soon I was tongue fucking him, and loving it. Still, I wanted some more time on that big dick. I slid between his legs and took him into my mouth, then slipped a finger up his ass, gently. I worked it in and out, matching the rhythm of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I was in heaven, and as far as I could tell so was Damon.

I decided to try two fingers at once, twisting them around inside him, getting him as fired up as I could. Damon responded by taking my head in his two hands and fucking my mouth, not too rough but with lots of energy. It seemed like he was working his ass on my fingers at the same time, and I could only imagine how that must feel. I half expected one of the other guys to step up and start fucking Damon while I was working on his cock, but it didn’t happen.

We went on like that for a couple more minutes, then I felt Damon start to tighten up and I knew he was getting ready to blow. I pushed my fingers deep into his ass, felt his sphincter squeeze around them, and his cock started to pulsate. He gave me another pretty good mouthful of cum, even though this was his second time that day, and I swallowed it all, eagerly. I love the taste of cum anyway, and Damon’s seemed especially tasty. There wasn’t as much as the first time, but I was happy with whatever he could give me.

Damon pulled out and I licked my lips. I gave a big smile and said, “That was fun!” I looked around the room at the other guys. It looked like Marcus and Nate could both go again, but I was ready to call it a day. We went back to the main room, I thanked all the guys for a good time, and started to head on out.

Damon said, “Let me walk you out.” I wondered what he had on his mind, but I didn’t mind the company. When we got to the front entrance he said, “You OK? I can give you a lift to your hotel if you want.”

“Sure,” I said, “that would be great. Maybe you could come up for a bit, just the two of us.”

“Hey, I’d love to, BJ,” he said, “but it’s my pop’s seventieth birthday. Big family dinner, you know how that is. I miss that, I might get disowned. You got any plans for tomorrow?”

“Just some tourist stuff,” I said, “nothing important. You?”

“Not too sure what the family has planned,” he said. “I might stop by the bar tomorrow afternoon, if I can get away. Maybe I’ll see you. About the same time?”

“OK,” I said, “no promises, right?”

Damon said, “Right,” then pulled me into a long, wet kiss, lots of tongue, obviously not bothered by the fact I had let him and all his friends cum in my mouth. If anything he might have been trying to get a taste himself.

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