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My Sister Made Me Ch. 09

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My Sister Made Me

Chapter 9


Alex’s first day of class was relatively uneventful. She had two classes back to back, and they both let out early as some professors apparently did on the first day. Her first class of the day was a math course, as she always did better on it if she was working on it earlier in the day. Bear was in the class with her and sat next to her. She briefly thought that he might somehow give away to the other students that she’d fooled around with him and her other two friends, but she needn’t have been concerned as her portly pal didn’t let on at all.

She didn’t necessarily think that he would be the type to talk about her, but he was also a little oblivious to what was appropriate and inappropriate to talk about in public. When he came in after her, he sat down and smiled sweetly as he leaned in for a quick hug, then got ready for the class.

She smiled back, and knew that he would keep his mouth shut. It wasn’t that she minded people knowing that she slept with the heavyset boy, she just didn’t necessarily want him to be embarrassed by it. Bear was a different type of guy. For awhile, she thought he might actually have been homosexual, but he was just late in finding his desire for women. It wasn’t until their junior year in high school that he’d actually shown an interest in women, and one in particular. Kim Jordan, one of the cross-country girls, had sprouted over their sophomore year and, according to the nerd-herd’s estimation at the time, had grown some spectacular tits.

Thinking back to the young woman, Alex could readily agree. She’d been in cross-country with her, among other sports that Alex had played. She’d seen the young woman naked before but didn’t ever really think too much about. It wasn’t until her own revelation about men hugging her and being attracted to her, thereby setting off the chain of events that would lead to her realizing that she was actually bisexual, did Alex even realize that the girl was, in fact, pretty damn sexy.

While they were competing, Kim wore tight-fitting sports bras, but she couldn’t ever hide the legs and ass that a cross-country runner always seemed to have. Alex had begun to realize why they always had more than a few guys coming to see them compete. During the day, Bear would be smitten with Kim and practically drooling about the tight-fitting or low-cut tops that she wore.

Still, Bear was a decent guy and a good friend, and Alex wished that he had been brave enough to approach Kim, but that was too late now. She’d moved off to another college and he’d missed his chance. She wasn’t too worried about her heavy-set friend. He was a sweet guy and she was certain that there was a girl out there that would see it. In the meantime, she would do what she could to keep him happy and sane.

Her next class was a history class, followed by athletics. No one she knew was in her history class, but she did notice a few good-looking guys sitting awfully close to her. At one point, right after she’d been let out of class, she saw Samantha sitting with three guys and talking. She was about to go over and say hello, but she stopped, seeing her big sister smile as a cute one talked to her.

Alex had felt a surge of happiness then, glad that Sam was doing okay. Her other friends weren’t anywhere to be found, and she was a little disappointed by that.

After history, she had decided to try out for the cross-country team and had easily made it. The first session was just an intro and they had a quick run around the campus. She knew after the first day that she’d probably enjoy college.

After finishing, she figured that she could tell her bosses at Double D’s that she would be happy to pick up extra shifts, and then she could concentrate on homework in her off time. She sighed, picking at her fingernail as she sat on the bed in her room. She’d spent most of the afternoon helping her mom, cleaning her room, or cleaning the bathrooms upstairs.

She’d had a decent night after saying goodnight to Sam the previous evening. She’d gotten plenty of sleep and woke up feeling refreshed, happy, and satisfied. She went and took a shower, alone this time, and got dressed in something cute and attractive, but not slutty.

Still, something was eating at her and she couldn’t figure out what it was. She felt like something had changed, though what it was, she didn’t know. She could still feel the simmering arousal that was bubbling just below the surface of her consciousness. A simple lick of her earlobe, a kiss, or even the right look from the right person and she’d be just as horny as she had been in the past.

Still, she had felt like Sam had touched on something that had made her think. She felt like it was important to have a new start. She knew that she wasn’t even remotely getting tired of sex, and she didn’t necessarily want to start doing weirder and more outlandish things. Most girls her age were interested in sex of course, but she Alanya Grup Escort knew for a fact that she and her twin were much more sexually active than the average girl in college. Not really concerned with the fact that she was nearly constantly horny, she wondered what was bothering her.

She sighed, feeling like she didn’t know what she was going to do or change. It was barely 7 pm. She went and looked in on Dane, but saw that he had left, probably back over to his girlfriend’s. She sighed, turning back around to mope back in her room. Once there, she tried texting the herd, but they were all busy working. Sighing in irritation, she finally started going through her and Toni’s closet, getting a pile of stuff to get rid of.

She sighed again, tossing an old pair of shoes into the box. She was getting a little irritated at her family. Toni and Samantha were both at work, Danny was probably off fucking Hannah, and Dane was almost definitely off fucking Sally. Her dad was working, and well, her mom was doing what she always did; housework.

She thought about texting the cute Mexican girl that she’d met at Dane’s bar that night but decided that she was probably busy too. After several hours of feeling sorry for herself, she decided to go for an evening run, hoping that someone she could talk to or hang out with would be home by the time she got back. She felt like she was in some kind of rut that she couldn’t get out of and didn’t know why. It seemed like her family were the ones irritating her, but she realized as she pounded down the sidewalk that she was just irritating herself by thinking about it too much.

She slowed to a stop as she noticed that she had run relatively close to Kenny’s house. Turning a corner, she figured she’d see if he was home yet and might wanna hang out and started running at an easy pace. A few minutes later, she turned another corner and saw the Logans’ house in the distance. It looked like Brie’s car was parked out front, but Kenny’s was still gone. She sighed in mild irritation and started toward their house as it was relatively on the way back to her own.

A minute or so later, she reached their mailbox and slowed. The Logans were always okay with her coming in and hanging out, no permission needed, and Cindy kept a stash of drinks just for her. She didn’t have her keys, but she knew where the hide-a-key was, in case the door was locked, and quickly decided to go ahead and go in and get a quick drink. Brie probably wouldn’t even notice she’d been there.

Jogging easily up to the door, she opened it and went inside. As she suspected, no one was there, so she walked over to the kitchen. As she headed toward the entrance, she saw Brie step around the corner, looking curiously over toward Alex as she walked toward her.

“Oh!” Alex said. “Hey Brie.”

Brie smiled. “Hi Alex!” she said. “I don’t think Kenny is here.”

Alex smiled. “No, I know. I’m just out for a run and decided to stop by for a quick drink.”

“Oh,” Brie said, smiling and turning back to where she’d emerged from. Alex went in and grabbed her drink, then stopped to wash her face in the sink. She wiped it dry, and then looked over, seeing Brie typing away at her laptop.

“Mind if I sit for a minute?” Alex asked.

Brie looked up and smiled, shaking her head. “Not at all,” she replied.

The two started to make polite small talk about classes for a few minutes while Alex replenished her electrolytes. For Alex though, she couldn’t get the image of Ken Logan turning his own daughter’s head toward his lap and forcing his cock into her mouth. It shifted from that, to Brie being fucked and eating out her mother, and then back.

Brie was very similar to her mother in appearance. She was gorgeous, no doubt, but obviously much younger. Cindy wore her hair down most of the time, her long brown locks reaching down to her shoulders. Brie’s was the same length and color, but she usually had it up in a sloppy knot or in a single ponytail.

She must have sensed that Alex was having difficulty concentrating, and smirked, shaking her head.

“What?” Alex asked.

Brie smiled and shook her head again. “Can I ask you something?” she asked.

Alex nodded, expecting this to be the explanation of why she had smirked.

“What’s my brother like in bed?” she asked.

Alex couldn’t speak for just a few seconds and stammered something unintelligible.

“I know you two have been fucking,” she said. “I also know that you saw what me and my parents were doing.”

Put on the spot, Alex stammered to find the right words. “I uh…” she said for the fourth time.

“Relax,” Brie said, reaching out and taking her hand. “I’m just curious.” Her smile was disarming, and Alex began to get a grip and collect herself. She took another drink and then looked up.

“How long have you known I was sleeping with your brother?” she asked, not adding that she’d also fooled around with Bear and Eric.

Brie shrugged. “He and Alanya İranlı Escort I talk, but he didn’t mention you. I heard y’all in there before school ended. It sounded like the five of you were going at it.”

Alex blushed, but nodded. She’d been so confident and self-assured lately and didn’t like feeling as if she were being questioned. Taking a deep breath, she calmed herself and then nodded. She started telling the pretty young woman about what had happened to cause all of this.

“I can’t believe you didn’t know they were just grabbing your tits,” Brie said, after listening to the story right up to the point that she’d started fucking her friends.

“I know, I know,” Alex said dismissively. “I kick myself every day.”

Brie smiled and shrugged. “Who am I to judge?” she asked. “Seriously though, all three of them?”

Alex shrugged. “My sexual appetite is like… at an 11 nearly all the time,” she confessed. “I mean… if you knew who I’d slept with, you’d be pretty shocked.”

Brie laughed but then shook her head. “Look who you’re talking to,” she said. “So…”

“I don’t really know,” Alex replied. “It just happened one day, and I liked it. Plus, I love my friends and want them to feel needed, you know?”

Brie smiled and nodded. “They really don’t get much attention from other girls, do they?”

Alex shook her head. “You wouldn’t believe the number of times I heard, “Why are you friends with them?” It used to piss me off so damn much. I never had any issue with them, and never thought they didn’t fit in. They were just… my guys, you know?”

Brie stood then, reaching for Alex’s hand. “Come on,” she said. “Let’s go talk in my room.”

Alex smiled and followed her, not really thinking anything of it. As they entered, Brie shut the door and locked it before turning and laying down on the bed near Alex.

“Which of them has the biggest dick?” Brie asked. “I’ll bet it’s like… Eric, or maybe Bear.”

Alex smirked. “Why them?”

Brie shrugged. “I just like the thought of a nerdy guy with a big dick.”

Laughing, Alex shook her head for a few seconds while she recovered. “No,” she said at length. “It’s actually your brother, but not by much,” she said. “He’s nicely average and has a really good curve that hits the spot just right when we’re in missionary. Bear is a little smaller, but he’s more of a fan of blowjobs, I think. Eric is the smallest, but the scrawny guy has some staying power.”

Brie giggled at that, rolling over onto her back and looking up at the ceiling.

Alex was quiet for a minute but decided that she just couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Can I ask you something?” she asked.

Brie smiled, turning toward her. “You wanna know about me and my parents, don’t you?”

Alex smiled, nodding. “I mean, Kenny told me the story that you told him. Was that all accurate?”

Brie smiled and nodded. “My parents have never been secretive about sex. We grew up exposed to it, as you well know. Kenny and I would sneak down sometimes and see a bunch of people fooling around. On those rare occasions that Mom and Dad let people fool around outside at the pool, we could always just look out and see it, so it wasn’t really as big of a deal as it would be for other people.”

Alex nodded.

“I mean, yeah, it’s still really weird, but it’s just… soooo good,” she said, closing her eyes.

“So, you really had like… 10 guys… one after the other?” Alex asked, the thought making her pussy quiver for just a moment.

Brie nodded, smiling. “Ugh, girl, it was sooooo much fun,” she said. “God, part of me wished that daddy didn’t notice and just kept fucking me,” she admitted. “When it first began, my orgasms were almost immediate and good, but they just grew in intensity and got to be very powerful. I mean, honestly Alex, it didn’t matter what size the guy’s dick was; they all were just destroying my pussy, again and again. None of them seemed to care that I had like… ten or twenty loads in me and on me. I was disgusted and turned on all at once, and it was just… indescribable. They all just kept fucking me, one after the other. Again, and again, my poor pussy was savaged by cocks of different sizes, men of different races. I mean, I didn’t really want to gross my brother out, but I was so full of cum that it was drenching the bed underneath me. Some of them would pull out and spray on my chest or come over and push the woman that had taken over my mouth and made me eat her pussy and then make me swallow the load then there. The woman didn’t seem to mind and she would let them finish then re-mount my face and grab my hair and basically like… grind my lips and tongue into her pussy.” Brie grinned widely, closing her eyes and reaching up, pinching both of her nipples as she relived it.

“God,” she said, whimpering after the statement, “it was incredible. I was just amazed that they didn’t care I was covered in cum and probably looked disgusting. Daddy either, for that matter. Alanya Manken Escort He was inside me fucking me without looking at who it was. I mean, it’s not like I can blame him, you know? He didn’t know what my pussy looked like and my face had a woman on it constantly. His cock… God, I’d love to say that I noticed and it was super-hot, but he blended in with all the others. It was like… one constant stream of fucking. Finally, Mom came over and yanked the woman off, and I heard her say, “my turn,” before she leaned in to kiss me. It was only then that she noticed what was going on and that was when Daddy started to cum. I saw mom, and I saw dad, and he was pumping me full of his seed. It was too late to stop and I definitely didn’t want him too.”

Alex whimpered quietly, drawing a look of surprise from the brunette.

“You gonna soak my sheets?” Brie asked, grinning.

Alex smirked, “You gonna keep talking, cuz probably!”

Sitting up, she looked over and watched Alex for a moment. “Mom quickly yanked me up, cum dripping from my body, and pulled me to the bathroom. I explained how I got there and we quickly left. Dad was obviously upset for a while, but Mom just seemed to kind-of accept it, and kept saying that it was going to be okay. I mean, yeah, I was upset too, but I was still riding high and near delirious from nearly being fucked into a coma. After that, we just talked it out. My parents are always understanding about sex, and when my boyfriend and I were talking about doing it, my parents had practically walked me through it. I don’t remember much else from that night. We worked things out on the trip, and now it’s like… the best part of my day when they come and start flirting with me,” she confessed.

Alex shook her head. “I just… I don’t think I’d ever be able to have sex with my dad.” The thought alone made her a little nauseous. “Not that I’m judging. I mean, more power to you girl. God… would I have loved to be in the middle of all that.”

Brie shrugged and smiled. “I’m just trying to figure out how to tell Brian now,” she said, sighing.

Alex nodded, but didn’t have any advice. “So, are you going to include Kenny in all of your fun?” she asked.

Brie grinned and nodded. “I think so. I mean, it’s awkward without him, as weird as that sounds. Mom and I talked about it, and Dad was there, but he didn’t really have any input. We just don’t know if he’s receptive to it.”

Alex nodded. “So, you want me to test the waters?” she asked.

Brie smiled and shrugged. “If you happen to say something kinky to him next time you guys have sex, I wouldn’t mind. Now that my parents have broken the taboo, I’m kind of obsessed with nailing him.”

Alex snickered. “What about Reagan?” she asked.

Brie shrugged, “I mean, she’s cute too,” she said, smiling. “Maybe one day you and I can double team my little brother, and his girlfriend too.”

Alex smiled, definitely liking that idea, but figured that she’d better go ahead and get going. “I’m definitely up for that,” she said, standing.

Smiling and blushing a little, Brie shrugged and bit her bottom lip. “Want to go for a test run now?” she asked.

Alex whimpered, seeing her slide forward and turn over, her head hanging off the bed in front of Alex.

“If you were my brother, your dick would be in the right place,” she said, smiling widely.

“I… I’ve been running,” Alex said, feeling horny and dirty at the same time. “I’m probably not very appetizing. She figured that her lower quarters were probably a little pungent and didn’t want to inflict that on Kenny’s obviously horny sister.

“I can tell you want it,” Brie said. “And I don’t mind that you’re sweaty.”

Alex whimpered, looking down as Brie’s hands came up and started to pull at her waist band. “Fuck,” she said, her willpower crumbling.

“I mean, we can call it that, but I really just want to lick your pussy… for a little bit,” she said. She was speaking in a higher pitched voice, Alex realized, trying to be a little kinky or turn her on by acting a little childish or spoiled or something. Whatever she was doing, Alex felt her pussy getting wetter, her panties squishing delightfully as she squirmed and involuntarily squeezed her legs together.

Brie’s soft fingers prowled upward along Alex’s thighs, inching up to the edge of her shorts, underneath the edge of her shirt. Looking down, she saw Brie’s legs spread, almost like she was displaying herself. The brunette was wearing a baggy pair of shorts, and her white panties were clearly showing, a small wet spot in the middle.

She felt Brie’s soft fingertips slide up to the cusp of her shorts, gently wriggle their way inside, and then pull slowly downward.

Whimpering softly, Alex felt like leaning forward and helping the brunette out of her own shorts and panties, but didn’t want to spoil the quiet, powerful eroticism of the moment. Ever-so-slowly, Brie continued to slide her shorts down, pushing them down past her head and as low as she could reach before Alex finally aided her by stepping out of them. Then, she started again, slowly pushing her hands up until she’d reached the panties that Alex was wearing. Her hand strayed though, and she ran it down the front, back toward the floor and down between Alex’s legs for a moment.

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