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Unexpected Fitting

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Miranda was 5 ft 9 with gloriously long blonde hair and exceptionally large breasts for her otherwise petite frame. Given her assets Miranda felt that she should be properly fitted for a bra — being 25, she was aware that this was probably a task which was well overdue. Miranda was not overly comfortable with her body and like most women, preferred not to reveal her naked self to others — particularly other females. Therefore, as Miranda entered ‘Beautiful Breasts’ she was anxious about another woman having to see her breasts in order to measure them.

The store girl, Katie, greeted Miranda as soon as she entered the store and Miranda quickly realised she was the only customer in the shop.

‘Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to get properly fitted for a bra?’ Miranda asked warily.

‘Absolutely, of course!!’ Katie replied, ‘if you don’t mind though I’m going to shut up the store while I do it as you’ll be my last customer for the day.’

Katie proceeded to flip the sign on the door to ‘closed’ and directed Miranda to the change rooms.

‘Just pop your top off for me, and I’ll just grab a tape measure from the back,’ Katie urged Miranda.

Miranda hesitantly removed her top, eyeing what she perceived as flaws in the mirror. The reality was however, that Miranda had an extraordinary body — long, strong legs, a tight toned torso and amazingly pert breasts given their size. Katie could sense Miranda’s hesitation but so too could she see just how beautiful this woman was.

Katie returned from the back room with her tape measure to find Miranda nervously awaiting her return.

‘Don’t be nervous,’ Katie said, ‘I don’t bite….hard anyway.’

Miranda recognised the familiarity of the well known joke yet the flicker of intensity in Katie’s eye forced her to wonder what it would actually be like to have another woman suck on her nipple. This was a strange thought for Miranda given that she had only ever been with men, and not even very many for that matter. However, there was something different about Katie and the way Miranda was being forced to reveal herself to a stranger was strangely evoking a familiar stirring feeling in her loins, familiar despite the fact that Miranda was in the midst of a reasonably long sex drought.

‘Just take your bra off for me now so I can measure the breasts accurately,’ Katie said.

Miranda slowly unclasped the hooks of her favourite bra and felt the overwhelming sense of freedom that comes with removing your bra. bahis siteleri

‘If you don’t mind me saying — you have amazing boobs,’ Katie exclaimed.

Miranda laughed nervously as Katie’s hand slightly graced her nipple when placing the measuring device around her frame.

‘Because of the size of your breasts I think I could get a more accurate measurement if I held each one in my hand — just to check for evenness between the two,’ Katie said.

Miranda thought this seemed strange, but having never had a bra fitting before she was unsure whether or not this was common practice. Despite hesitations, Miranda slowly nodded her head — signalling permission for Katie to clasp her warm hands around her heavenly mounds. Katie moved from behind Miranda to stand in front of her. Both women were of the same height, so Katie stared directly into Miranda’s eyes as she quite firmly cupped her hands around Miranda’s breasts. Miranda felt like Katie gave her flesh a bit of a squeeze, but was hesitant to say anything in case the sexual tension that was building in the small open cubicle was merely a fragment of her sex deprived imagination. Katie released her grip of Miranda’s right breast and moved onto her left, this time there was an unmistakable squeezing of Miranda’s skin as Katie bit her lip and allowed a small moan to escape from her mouth.

‘Sorry,’ exclaimed Katie, ‘you just really do have fantastic breasts and I’m trying to get the most accurate measurement for you.’

Miranda knew that Katie, with her hands so close to her heart, must have been able to sense the rapidness of her heart beat as it quickened with each second.

‘I have another idea,’ Katie said — Miranda still yet to speak a word, ‘do you mind if I try something else?’

Miranda could sense that Katie was testing the waters to see how far Miranda was willing to go — there really was no more denying that there was an unmistakable sexual chemistry between the two women. Miranda nodded again and noticed Katie begin to lower her mouth towards Miranda’s chest. Gently at first, Katie took Miranda’s nipple between her teeth — sucking and gently scraping the length of her now erect nipples with her teeth. Miranda allowed a slight moan to escape from her otherwise pursed lips as Katie began, now not so gently, to tug on her sensitive flesh sending Miranda into a realm of pleasure she was not familiar with. It was blatantly clear to Miranda at this stage that the breast fitting was abandoned canlı bahis siteleri and something far more sinister and far more exciting was taking its place.

Miranda allowed her hand to softly scrape through Katie’s hair — tugging ever so slightly. Katie — given her already hunched over position began to undo Miranda’s jeans, noticing just how flat her stomach was as she caressed her fingernails across her flesh. Miranda’s breathing was noticeably heavier now as Katie pulled down her knickers — noticing the sweet smell of Miranda’s sex lingering thickly in the air. In a moment of aggression, Katie grasped Miranda’s buttocks and digging her fingernails into her skin, pulled her crotch onto her mouth. Katie began to slowly trace the outline of Miranda’s pussy — making long, luxurious laps up and down each side of Miranda’s yearning wet pussy. Sensing Miranda’s readiness (and indeed wetness) for something a little faster Katie began to flick her tongue back and forth over Miranda’s clit. Miranda grabbed the back of Katie’s head and pushed it further into her lady garden as she began to wildly buck her hips. Realising that Miranda was on the verge of cumming, Katie slammed two fingers into her gaping hole and quickly began to fill Miranda’s pussy as her tongue continued to circle her clit. Katie, recognising the sense of urgency taking over the room decided to use a third finger to pleasure Miranda as she continued to coat her fingers with the juices of Miranda’s hungry passion. Miranda went wild with the extra pleasure the third finger provided and began to scream with delight, bucking her hips out of control until finally her pussy lips clamped around Katie’s three fingers as she orgasmed. Katie continued to slowly lick her clit as Miranda continued to convulse with joy until her knees buckled under the weight of the pleasure and she collapsed onto the dressing room floor.

Katie got up from knees and left the dressing room stall — Miranda was seemingly oblivious to this however as she was still wholly consumed by the unexpectedness of what had just happened. Katie quickly returned, but to Miranda’s surprise she could see not one pair of feet standing next to her but two — the other set clad in workmen’s boots.

‘I hope you don’t mind, but Tyson — our electrician — was getting lonely down the back by himself playing with wires so I thought we could find him something more exciting to play with,’ Katie said with the cheekiest of smiles making its way across her face. güvenilir bahis

Miranda looked up and noticed Tyson looking at his feet — obviously unsure of how to begin what would be his best work day ever. Katie, with all the confidence of an experienced sexual adventurist pulled Tyson’s face into her hands and began to passionately intertwine their tongues. Katie — still fully clothed — reached down and began unzipping Tyson’s work shorts, Miranda could tell through his briefs that he was definitely excited by the situation. Miranda sat up and pulled down Tyson’s briefs — revealing all 9 inches of his pulsing hard cock. Miranda licked her lips with excitement as she wrapped her mouth around Tyson’s cock and began slowly to lap up the juices of his pre-cum. Tyson and Katie were still immersed in their passionate kissing and Tyson let out a moan as Miranda began to gently tug on each of his testicles as her tongue travelled the length of his dick. Miranda could tell that Tyson was on the verge of cumming as he hastily ripped off Katie’s top to reveal her ample bosom concealed only by a very brief piece of material. Miranda took the whole of Tyson in to her mouth — thankful for her weak gag reflex — and began to suck hard, using her hand to stroke him also.

‘Stop,’ Tyson yelled, ‘ I want to come inside of you.’

He roughly pushed Miranda away and quickly ripped off Katie’s jeans, tearing her lacy knickers off.

Katie turned around and braced herself on the mirror, ready for Tyson to fuck her. Tyson wasted no time in thrusting into Katie, gripping her hips and pulling her back towards him as he continued to enter her deeper, filling every inch of her dripping pussy with his 9 inches. Miranda crawled under Katie and began to flick her clit with her tongue as Tyson continued to fuck her.

Katie squealed with delight, ‘fuck me harder Tyson.’

Tyson steadied himself, paused momentarily, and began the thrusts again, this time faster and harder — digging his fingers into Katie’s smooth flesh to stop himself from tumbling over. Miranda continued to work Katie’s clit, amazed by the scent of sex taking over the small space.

‘I’m cumming….’ Screamed Katie as Tyson continued to pump inside her pussy.

Miranda felt Katie’s pussy begin to spasm as she continued, slower now, to lick her clit. Tyson gave one final moan as he hunched over as he released himself into Katie. Katie whimpered with pleasure as her legs buckled beneath her and the three of them lay on the floor — naked, exhausted and happy.

‘Well that wasn’t what I expected when I came in today,’ Miranda giggled.

‘Every tradie’s dream, but I thought it was only a myth,’ Tyson baffled.

Katie, the obvious leader of the threesome grinned, ‘who said we’re done yet?’

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