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Closing the Bar Ch. 03

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Andy sat in her office quickly scanning through security footage. Every once and a while, an employee would peek their head in asking questions about the menu or whether or not a coupon could be used. She jumped each time someone opened the door, but honestly, there hadn’t been much to jump about the past few days- footage wise. She made sure to schedule Jack and Eliza together on as many closing shifts as possible, but it seemed that fate, and other events, had made their recent shifts fairly PG-13, and her anticipating wetness was left unsatisfied for the 3rd day in a row. Her feet were up the chair, knees up as her long flowy skirt draped open. Her left hand reaching around her ass to feel her wetness, pushing her fingers under her panties, as her other hand played with the mouse. She scrolled through more and more hours of digital footage, hoping to find what she had witnessed before – Jack and Eliza absolutely going to town on each other until they couldn’t help it any more.

There was a quick tap on the door. Andy quickly pulled her hand out from under her dress.

“Hey boss, do you have a minute?”

It was Eliza. Did she have a knowing look on her face, or was Andy imagining things? Regardless, she looked great tonight, and seeing her face made Andy’s panties a little wetter. Eliza eyes were piercing as she looked in on Andy and she bit down on the bottom of her lip as she half smiled.

“Hey, I wanted to talk to you about the recent Monday bar shift opening up,” she inquired. “Alex just told me she wasn’t going to be working them anymore, and I was wondering if I could take over for her.” She added, “You know I’d put on a good… show.”

“You know, I was just looking over who had been here the longest, and I think you deserve that bar shift,” Andy smiled, “congratulations, you start tomorrow!”


It had been a crazy week. 3 big parties, 1 really good Sunday football game and a bachelor party that required all of my attention until well after closing time. Eliza had been working, it seemed, almost every night with me, and the flirting was just about as much as it could be, but for some reason or another we were always too busy or tired at the end of each night to continue our little charade. The week slipped by quickly and it wasn’t until late Sunday night that I checked the schedule for the upcoming week.

“Hey, Andy! Is Eliza bartending on Mondays now?” I yelled back to the office.

“As a matter of fact she is,” Andy replied coming from behind the office door. “I think she’s been here long enough, is responsible enough, and honestly, has the looks to bring in a good crowd on a night were we’ve been lacking.”

She said quickly as if I would need some convincing as she placed her hand on her hip, leaning to one side; her usual flowing skirt shifting with the movement.

“Hey,” I countered, “I never said I was against it. I just wanted to know why I was on the schedule too.”

“Well, her shift’s on a Monday. The kitchen staff leaves at midnight those nights and I don’t really want Eliza here too late by herself. You’re not on the schedule to work so much as to mentor; and I’ll pay for your drinks and a cab home she added. She just needs some advice her first night… and company…

“Yeah, ok.”

I tried to sound nonchalant about, but in reality I could feel my pants getting tighter. A day hadn’t gone by without me thinking about Eliza riding me while pendik escort I held her in the middle of the bar; slowly lifting her up and down my shaft.

The next day came and I awoke in the middle of some wild dreams. Not surprisingly, they were intertwined with Eliza, Andy and Cora (the model who came in every once and a while) all sitting on the other side of the bar from me, teasing me, while caressing each other and staring deeply into my eyes.

I took my free, no work, afternoon to go to the gym, swimming as many laps as I could before my mind began to wonder and my bathing suit began to get inappropriate as I thought about Eliza’s tits underneath a tank top, no bra and her perky nipples poking through – Me with my hands creeping underneath as I kissed her neck. I dressed quickly, and headed out the door, guessing what she would be wearing tonight. The bartenders at our bar didn’t dress over-the-top, but I was hoping she might up the ante tonight.

I drove into work in my old truck hoping that some, if any of my dreams would come true that night. Eliza and I were over the first night of being awkward, but that didn’t mean anything. Recently, the bar had been so busy, nothing could have happened even if she was still up for it. Tonight, it seemed, was no different. The bar was packed, and I barely found a place towards the corner of the bar. Catching Eliza’s attention, I called her over.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, I am. Kinda been hectic, but nothing I can’t handle,” she said, winking at me. Her eyeliner was a perfect contrast to her piercing eyes. “Andy said to get you a couple drinks tonight on her, can I make you something?- Scratch that,” she said interrupting herself, “Don’t talk, I’ll make you something good.”

She came back with a Manhattan, pretty classy, made with my favorite bourbon- and didn’t hesitate to bend, deeply, behind the bar, unnecessary grabbing a straw (and showing off her cleavage) before she handed the drink to me.

She was wearing a tight plaid, button-up shirt, with a few buttons perfectly unbuttoned. Her tits were so perky, I couldn’t tell if she was wearing a bra or not, but I was hoping to find out. I guess she had caught me checking out Andy’s flowy skirts, as it looked like she was wearing one-thigh length and white. Her outfit wasn’t over the top sex, but it was subtle and she looked amazing in it. I could tell the other guys at the bar thought so too. No one could take their eyes off of her.

She was playing the crowd well all night; making sure to give everyone just the right amount of attention. I was impressed with how comfortable she looked back there, and I’m sure she was making an amazing amount of tips.

She didn’t pay me much attention during the busy parts of the night, but always managed to keep my drink from becoming too empty. At about midnight the main crowd moved on for the night, as it was a Monday, and Eliza sauntered down to my side of the bar.

“I need your help,” she smiled, playing with a button on her shirt. “Can you come look at the computer?”

“Sure,” I said, getting up. I walked the length of the bar and ducked under the entrance to where the computer stood. Eliza scooted herself right behind me wrapping her hands around my stomach and leaned in close.

“Pretend to do something on the computer,” she half whispered, half moaned.

Her hands swiftly undid my belt as she dropped to her knees behind sancaktepe escort the counter pulling my jeans down with her. Grabbing my, now, very hard dick, she took it into her mouth. I was shocked. We had obviously gone further than this, but not with people still sitting at the bar.

Without much else to do with my hands, I pretended to press buttons on the computer, trying with every inch of self control not to show too much pleasure on my face as Eliza moved her mouth up and down my shaft from underneath the bar, going deeper with each pump.

A few patrons looked my way, but when they didn’t see Eliza, they paid me no attention.

Her warm mouth felt so good around my dick as she moved up and down my hardness, but as quickly as she started, she stopped. I looked down, still pressing fake buttons on the POS, and motioned my protest. Without a word, she pressed my dick firmly against my stomach, pulled my jeans up and redid my button and belt concealing my still throbbing shaft.

Getting up, she smiled and whispered in my ear, “I just wanted to make up for the fact I’ve been ignoring you most of the night. I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about you.”

She winked and walked off toward a patron with an empty glass. I carefully ducked back under the bar, dick still hard, and went back to my seat full of a yearning to be inside her wet pussy.

Taking a large swig of my drink, I watched Eliza filling up a beer from the tap, back turned to the rest of the patrons, as she slid her fingers in between the buttons of her shirt for only me to see, squeezing her tit softly. The public show was turning me on more that I could handle, but I was not about to complain.

The night continued with us flirting back and forth, our usual banter with patrons nearby and Eliza seemed to have done really well for her first bar shift. The last guest had just closed out and headed out the door. I followed the patron and locked the door behind, turning around to see what Eliza was doing. Her back was to me as she reached for one of the top shelves, exposing the bottom tip of her back tattoo; my mind flashed back to it spread out in front of me as I penetrated her from behind.

She got what she needed from the shelf, a bottle of tequila and some shot glasses and set them down on the bar.

“I need a drink after tonight,” she sighed, slipping a few of her tip bills into the register. “Take a shot with me?”

“Not until you apologize for torturing me earlier, I smiled back at her.”

“How about I let you take a body shot off of me,” she said, pouring the tequila shots out.

“We’ll see if that makes up for leaving me hanging.”

She rounded the bar bringing the shots and some salt out with her, the lime already in between her lips. She set each shot in front of us. Holding onto the salt with one hand, she stared at me smiling. Without breaking eye contact, she slowly undid the buttons of her plaid top revealing the inside of her bare chest. Pulling her shirt aside, she exposed herself and grabbed her soft, perky breast and brought it to her mouth, licking while she stared into my eyes. She poured the salt where her tongue had just been and handed me the clear liquid.


I smiled, bending over to take her tit into my mouth, not going directly for the salt, but her hard, pink nipple instead. I lingered for a moment, biting her softly, before making şerifali escort my way up the slope of breast, licking the salt from her skin. I tilted the shot back, swallowed and leaned in for the lime. Biting hard, I took it from her mouth and spit it on the floor before returning my attention to her bare chest. I took her other nipple into her mouth, teasing it and make it as hard as the other. She had teased me earlier behind the bar and I could barely resist. Sliding her shirt over her shoulders, it dropped to the ground.

I wanted her badly and I wanted her now. The teasing and flirting had gone on all night, not to mention torturing me by sucking me for only a few moments behind the bar. I spun her around and ripped her skirt and panties down in one fluid motion, joining her shirt on the floor. Placing my hand on the top of her back, I pushed her down, just hard enough to show her I was in control and I was not fucking around. She complied and let out a quick moan as she braced herself on one of the tables before her.

I had quite the view in front of me. Her puffy, dripping pussy was peeking out from in between her legs, as she looked at me over her beautiful ass with a hint of longing in her eyes. I bent down and met her pink lips with mine as my tongue stuck out to greet her clit. I buried my face into her, as my hands pulled her closer to me, alternating my tongue from her clit to between the lips of her pussy.

I continued as her moans increased for a few minutes, tasting her wonderful and salty juices. After I got my fill, I stopped abruptly to return her cruel tease earlier in the night. I got up from behind her as she arched her back, practically pushing her wetness towards me.

“Fuck me,” she moaned; head tilted to the side, her ass still high in the air.


“Please fuck me. I want it hard. I neeeed it now.”

“Look me in the eye and tell me how much you fucking need it.”

I still wasn’t over her little charade earlier, and I wanted her to play my game.

She slowly turned around, looked me in the eye and kissed me, tasting herself on my lips. She brought her lips to my ear and breathed out deeply.

“I need your dick inside my wet, tight pussy right. This. Fucking. Now” she breathed into my ear as she wrapper her hands around my balls; squeezing firmly.

That was it.

I grabbed her waste and spun her around once more. This time she needed no nudge as her hands met the sides of the table in front of her. I looked down at her tattoo spread out in front of me and my rock hard dick slid into her awaiting pussy with ease. Slowly, but firmly I started pounding her from behind. My hands were placed on either side of her beautiful ass as I watched my dick penetrate her over and over; her wet lips spread around my thrusting shaft. I kept my pace consistent at first, but built my speed as I could hear her breathing quicken.

Her moans turned to screams as she grabbed my ass with her right hand forcing me harder into her. Harder and harder she pulled me as a thrust into her from behind.

“Fuck me!” she yelled. “Fuck me harder!”

I rammed her from behind as my fingers dug into her hips.

Her panting quickened with my prodding and I could hear she was close; close to what she was yearning for. Close to her release.

With a scream, her body shuttered on the table; her grip still tight on both sides. Her back arched as all the breath escaped her chest. As she orgasmed I too reached my climax; grabbing her waste, pulling her close to me, folding onto her back.

I was out of breath, still deep inside pussy, now dripping with both our juices.

In a moment of realization, I looked straight at the cameras and mouthed, “I want to fuck you” before pulling out of Eliza.

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