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Dominance and Fetishes Ch. 01

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The scent of lust hung within the room, its gentle allure so tempting, so fresh that one would believe it was a common aspect of this place. The two men within the room glanced at one another, lust glazing over their irises. On the far side, I stood in a beautiful pair of satin undergarments that left little to the imagination, tight and revealing all that there was to see. Of course, I did not wish to disappoint and so I decided to wear a pair of long black stockings that were soft to the touch, completing the ensemble with a small bra that was tight upon my chest. I watched. I lusted. I fantasized. This man before me was the man whom I had dreamt of. The man whom I continued to seek in all sexual fantasies, bringing me to a thousand furious orgasms as I cried his name, wishing that he were there to taste the sweet essence of my efforts, to taste the sweetness of his lips, of his nipples, of his hard cock which pulsated with passion. He was but a shadow in the darkness but I could see his arousal, I could see how he stood proud in his nakedness with his cock extended, alluring me and pointing towards me as though to call to me. I needed no call. I would come with will, with passion and pleasure in the mind. There was nothing to stop me. There was nothing.

You were stood opposite me, watching me. You watched me as I moved towards you, gracefully and casually, the sway of hips both alluring and feminine. I was the true image of a woman, beautiful underwear and a beautiful figure to match. I was aroused. You could see that. Beneath the underwear, a long and hard penis awaited its first touch from a man. As I walked, I thought of all the sexual fantasies that came to mind and it grew ever harder. Underneath, my testicles were growing large, holding the essence of lust and love that I craved to taste so often. As I stepped into your path, I smiled a devilish grin that was matched only with the beautiful gleam within my eyes, the blue irises twinkling with insatiable lust as I moved towards you and placed my hands upon your spine, touching you for the first time. I moved with grace. My lips found yours in an instant, a moment of tenderness and gentle kissing ensued before it was replaced with undeniable lust as I timidly sought to delve my tongue into your orifice, restraining a smile as your mouth opened to allow me passage and our tongues met in a furious dance.

The kiss continued. It was beautiful. It was lustful. It lasted mere seconds. I was gasping. I was in heaven.

“Oh god, Damien.” The words escaped the soft lips which were now moist, accompanied with a soft moan of pleasure as I moved my kisses from your lips to your jaw line, kissing each spot. I kissed under the jaw, kissing porno izle the cheeks, moving to your earlobes and whispering soft words of perversion.

“I want you Damien; I want you to dominate me.” I whisper lovingly as my teeth latch upon your earlobe and I nibble as though it is a treat, a pleasure in itself but it stops as I move lower, kissing your neck. I kiss your neck, I remain there. My tongue licks the lines and crooks upon it. My teeth graze across the flesh as though I am about to sink into the flesh. I almost wish I could. The taste of a man’s flesh beneath me is arousing me. You feel me pressing against you. I am hardened. I am aroused. I cannot stop. My kisses move across to your shoulders, I run my tongue along your arm, licking your armpits and inhaling the scent of lust that is so prominent. Again, I move upwards to graze the nipples with my tongue but I do not remain. I want you to tell me what to do. I move to your lips and we met with passion, our tongues entwined with one another but again, it lasted mere seconds before I am moaning and writhing for more.

“Tell me what you want me to do, Master.” I call lovingly. You look to me with a grin upon your face. You take hold of me. Your hands strong upon my shoulders as you look deep into my eyes and your commands escape those tender lips which I kiss lovingly and lustfully.

“Bite my nipples. Lick them. Tease them. Touch them.” You command me. I serve. I nod in agreement but I manage a third kiss before I move towards the nipples which are mine to please. I am timid at first. My fingers graze across them, touching them with a gentle touch before I become more adventurous. I place a nipple between two fingers and tug, pulling upon the nipples and rubbing them between the fingers with passion. You moan in pleasure.

“That’s it, James. More.” You command. You demand more. I moan at how you say my name. I move to the other nipple and grant it similar affection before I timidly place the nipple between my lips and begin to suck upon them, my tongue lashing across it with pleasure and delight, tasting it and teasing it. I move from one nipple to the other, becoming more and more passionate. I cannot stop. I will not stop. I kiss the nipples. I breathe upon the nipples. I suck the nipples. You moan. You shiver at the touch, at the warmth of my touch.

As I grow more and more aroused, you grab my hair and push me into your nipples, demanding more passion and I give it all. I moan. I call your name. You love it. You love possessing me. After minutes of teasing and temptation, you command me to stop. You push me downwards, a cock now before me and you command to suck upon it.

“You have to porno lick it and make it moist. I want to fuck you.” The words are activation to inner lust. I do not wait. I lick and lash my tongue across the tip of your penis as I grant it all the affection that I can, how I love the taste. My hands play with your balls. My fingers stroke across your shaft. My tongue tastes your pre-cum.

“That’s it. Take it, James.” You moan in between breaths and I place the head upon my tongue and close my lips around the shaft, much to your delight. I lick and suck with insatiable desire. You are loving this. I am moaning. You are moaning. We are lost in the moment as I move my head downwards onto your shaft and I feel the tip press against the back of my throat. I gag. I cough. I love it!

“More.” You demand.

“Of course.” I say with the cock stuffed in my mouth, coming out in muffled inaudible sounds as I suck it harder, bobbing my head up and down.

I don’t want this to stop. I can’t let it stop. I lick my finger. I run my saliva across it and I place it at the tip of your rosebud, teasing you with the finger. You moan in delight. I begin sucking your hard cock once more, bobbing upon the shaft and licking the tip as I place my finger within your ass and I love how it tightens around my finger and, uncontrollably, you thrust your hips into my face and the cock presses deep into my mouth. You begin to fuck my face. I cannot do anything but lick the shaft as you fuck me. My finger is teasing your ass, plunging deeper into it with pleasure. I want more. I need more. You begin to tense. I know you are close. You are grunting. You are moaning for more. I stop. I want you to fuck me. You look at me with a disgruntled expression.

“Do you want to fuck me, Damien?” You nod lovingly as you lift upwards and kiss me before commanding me to my knees with my ass raised high. I submit and fall upon the floor with the panties tight against my ass. You look at me with pleasure. You devour the sight of me in stockings and panties.

“Fuck me, Master.” I say lovingly, watching as your fingertips grasp the panties and pull them downwards, leaving my ass open to your touch.

“I will, James. I will, my little slave.” You give me so many promises; I cannot help but smile, awaiting the welcome invasion.

At first, I am hesitant. I am waiting upon you. When it comes, I am surprised. It is not your cock that invades me. It is your tongue. I scream in delight.

“Damien!” I cry out as you begin to tease me and tempt me. You are preparing me. Your tongue is large. I am surprised. I begin to buck. I begin to grind against the tongue. I cannot take this. I cannot take the rokettube waiting.

“Please…” I beg. You say nothing. You continue your task, licking my ass with insatiable hunger.

“Please…Master…” I am begging, panting and heaving.

“In time.” You say, short and sweet. When you begin again, it is a different occupier. Your finger invades me. I grind against it. I push it deeper inside me. I feel it touch my prostate. I cry out.

“Oh god!” I am screaming. People must think I am in pain but this is all pleasure.

“Scream louder.” You command as you push another finger inside me.

“Damien!” I am screaming at the top of my voice, wanting you so badly and yet you tease me so. I do not have to wait long. You promise me that much. Grinding against your fingers, bucking my hips with wild pleasure, you seem surprised at my vigor as you prepare yourself for entrance. I am almost wiggling my ass at you, inviting you to plow into me.

“Fuck me, Damien, I know you want to make me yours.”

The words are very much a request but the sudden shock at you enter me brings me to a shattering orgasm. Spurts of cum shoot out of my hard penis onto the floor. I am embarrassed but I know it was worth it. I remain hard. You smile.

“You can’t get enough of me, can you?” I simply shake my head as you begin to fuck me, unable to speak the words that are upon my tongue. I can feel you pushing inside of me, pressing your hard cock into my ass and I buck against it wildly, wanting to fill my ass with your hard penis. You begin to moan with me. We are both close. You want to cum into me. You fuck me…harder and faster, it never ends. I do not know when you began to grind so deep inside me that I thought I would tear apart but at that moment, a second orgasm came across me. My ass tightened around your cock. It was the catalyst to your own orgasm. I feel the warm cum pulsating inside of my ass. You are shooting your load inside of me.

“That’s it Master, fill me with your cum.” You continue to grind and fuck me as the last few spurts of your essence enter me and I am left exhausted. I collapse onto the floor, satisfied and wishing for nothing more than to sleep.

“You aren’t done. Lick me clean.” I cannot refuse. I cannot bring myself to refuse my lover.

I sit up and take the hard cock in my mouth and begin to lick the cum from the cock, remembering where it had been only makes me more lustful for its taste. I lick and suck. You moan more and more. I’m surprised. When I finish, you kiss me. I kiss you back. I fall into your arms. You cradle me.

“You really know how to fuck me.” I say lovingly as I almost doze off to sleep but not before your final words enter my mind and I am left with the words engrained upon my mind.

“Next time, I might let you fuck me. You can fuck Master with all your inner desire.” I smile inside. I will fuck you. Hard and deep. Next time.

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