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Gloria and the Appliance Guy

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This is the story about when all my appliances broke one lovely afternoon. I’ll go over what happened when Tony the appliance man came over.

I called Tony and told him that my toilet was flooded. My sink was clogged and my dryer was not drying the clothes. He said he’d be over in an hour. I thought to myself that I was definitely going to try and land him. I was so horny and needed to get fucked. My husband was out of town for the week.

Tony’s the best appliance guy in the area. He’s like this gorgeous appliance guy. He’s five foot ten inches tall and about one hundred and seventy five pounds. He has long hair that he wears in a pony-tail. He has blue eyes and the nicest smile you’ve ever seen. He has a really nice body.

While I waited for Tony to arrive at my house, I went upstairs to my bedroom. I opened my drawer and pulled out a vibrator. I removed my jeans and pulled my underwear down my legs. I leaned against my pillow and opened up my long legs. I put the vibrator onto my bald pussy and turned it on.

“Oh God! Oh yes! Oh fuck!

I worked my vibrator in and out of my wet pussy. I pulled up my shirt and played with my firm breasts. My hands rubbed and played with my nipples. I rolled my nipples around my fingers, while I fucked myself really hard with my vibrator.

“Oh God. Oh shit.”

My pussy was wet. My vibrator’s about eight inches long. I rubbed my clitoris and fucked myself deeper with my vibrator.

“Oh shit, here it comes. Fuck!

I had a huge orgasm. Afterwards, I got myself cleaned up. I walked over to my close and picked out a very short denim mini skirt and a pink tube top. I threw on a pink thong and grabbed my sandals. I wanted to look extra nice. I walked over to the mirror and put my blonde hair in a pony-tail.

I made some lemonade and put some chocolate chip cookies into the oven. I wanted to be able to offer Tony something to eat and drink.

I was so horny and couldn’t wait for him to get here. Whenever my husband is out of town my sexual libido is always high. I do cheat on my husband. I mean we have sex, but I always just want more. We only have sex a few times a week. But, I love it and always want more. I was seeing somebody on the side, but those kinds of relationships come and go.

Ding, Dong

Finally Tony was here. I ran to the door.

“Oh hi Tony. Please come in. Seems all the appliance’s are on the fritz. Tim is matadorbet out of town and I’m here alone with a house full of broken stuff.”

“Hi Gloria. How are you doing? You look quite lovely. Show me what’s going on here.”

I took Tony to the sink and showed him that it was clogged. We walked to the bathroom and I showed him that it was flooded. Then we walked into the laundry room and I told him that the drier was not heating the clothes.

“Okay Gloria, I see all the problems. I’ll work on the bathroom first.”

“I’m in the kitchen if you need me.”

While Tony was in the bathroom working on the toilet, I was feeling very aroused. I felt my pussy throbbing in my thong. I moved my thong over to the side and slipped my finger into my pussy. I fingered myself for a little bit. I didn’t want to get caught. My pussy was very wet. I really wanted him to fuck me or eat my pussy.

“Gloria, I’m about done here in the bathroom. Next I’ll look at the dryer. I have to get something out of my truck. I’ll be right back.”

Tony passed me in the kitchen and went out to his truck. My mind was all over the place. He looked very handsome. He wore jeans and a black concert shirt. He had Timberland’s on his feet. I really wanted to fuck him. I hoped he would want to have sex with me. I was feeling like a hot and horny housewife.

I have blonde long hair and blue eyes. I’m five foot six inches tall. I weigh one hundred and thirty pounds. I have a great ass and long legs. My breasts are 38C cup. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t want to fuck me. I’m forty years old and I think Tony is about thirty five years old.

Tony came back into the house and gave me a smile. He went into the laundry room to look at the dryer.

“Looks like the heating element, Gloria. I’m going to be replacing it.”

“All right. I can’t believe all these things broke today. When it rains it pours.”

“Don’t worry Gloria it won’t be too expensive.”

I took the cookies out of the oven and put them on a dish to cool. I poured some lemonade into glasses and put everything out on the table. I sat at the table and every now and then I fingered myself. I was very horny and wanting to fuck Tony.

“Gloria, I’m going to look at the sink now.”

Tony got down on the floor on his back and started to work on the sink.

“It shouldn’t be too long now.”

With that I pulled matadorbet giriş my thong down and threw it into a cabinet. I stood over Tony. He’ll notice when he moves, that I’m not wearing any panties.

“Boy, Gloria you look so good. Did I tell you that all ready? I see you’re not wearing any panties. Are you trying to seduce me with your husband being away?”

“You’re such a good looking guy. I’d really like to suck on your cock. Would you let a horny housewife do that for you?”

“Fuck yes. Unzip my pants and take my cock out, Gloria.”

I knelt down on my kitchen floor and unzipped his pants. I pulled his underwear and his pants down his legs and he stepped out of them. He was soft, but I worked my hands around his shaft to get him a little aroused. It didn’t take long and his cock grew to full length. He was a big boy he’s probably around eight inches long.

I wrapped my lip glossed lips around his hard shaft. I took his cock inch by inch down my horny and slutty mouth. I sucked, gagged, and slurped on his thick prick.

“Oh Gloria that feels so good. Try to take more down. Yes, that’s it. Oh yea. Fuck!”

I rubbed and massaged his droopy balls. Tony face fucked my mouth. I kept pace with him. I made all those wet sucking noises. I worked his hot cock in and out of my warm mouth.

“Fuck, it feels great. If I was your husband, I’d fuck you every day. Suck it girl!”

I put my hand on his cock and stroked him fast. I swirled my tongue all over his head. His pre-cum dripped off his head. I shook my head so I could take as much of his cock down my throat. My cheeks bulged, spit oozed down the corners of my mouth.

“I’m coming. Fuck, Gloria! Fuck!”

Tony then picked me up and put me on my dining room table. He moved my mini skirt up to my waist and licked my pussy. His tongue brushed over my pink clit. He parted my pussy lips and tongue fucked me fast.

“Oh fuck! Oh God! Lick my pussy deeper! Suck my clit!”

Tony worked his tongue in and out of my bald pussy. He sucked on my pink pearl. He nibbled on my pussy lips. It felt so good. I was bucking and grinding my pussy on his face. His tongue was long and was able to get deep inside my wet pussy.

“I’m coming. Oh shit here it comes.”

I came on Tony’s tongue. He lapped up my juices. But, he didn’t stop there. He continued to lick my pussy for what seemed like forever. I held his hands and cried, because it felt so good.

“Please fuck me! Put your cock into my pussy. Please fuck me! Pretty Please.”

Tony took me to the stairs. He told me to put my head down and put my ass and pussy in the air. Tony slid his eight inch cock into my wet pussy. He held my hips and fucked me hard and fast.

“Oh God! Oh fuck! Smack my ass Tony and call me your slut!”

Tony fucked my pussy and smacked my ass. I pulled down my tube top and played with my tits, as he thrust and pumped into my wet cunt. His cock was so big and felt so nice in my tiny pussy. I was very slick, as he fucked me hard.

“Do you like this cock? You fucking whore. You like fucking me? Gloria, your pussy is so tight and wet. Oh fuck!”

Tony smacked my ass and fucked me hard on my staircase. It felt so good. His cock was so much bigger then my husbands.

“Oh yeah. Pick me up and fuck me in my bedroom!”

Tony picked me up and carried me to my room. He put me on the bed.

“Fuck my cowgirl you little slut.”

My miniskirt and tube top were around my waist. I straddled Tony and put his cock into my cunt. I worked my body up and down over his hard cock. Tony sat up and made love to my breasts. He squeezed them together and bit and sucked on my nipples.

I rocked my pussy all over his cock.

“Get on your hands and knees, Gloria. I’m going to fuck your ass. You dirty housewife.”

Tony spat on his hand and put his spit all over my ass. He slid his cock into my ass slowly and started to fuck my tight rosebud.

“Oh yes. Fuck my dirty housewife ass. Fuck! Oh God, yes!”

Tony was pumping his cock into my ass. It felt so good. His hands were on my hips as he took my ass. He was owning my body and I really loved it. My husband is very gentle when we make love. Tony was treating me like the dirty whore I am.

Tony grabbed my hair and smacked my ass and fucked me hard and fast in my ass.

“I’m coming Gloria. Oh fuck yes. Put your head on the bed with your ass up. Do it!”

Tony ate his come out of my ass. He licked and drank his come. I’d never experienced something like that ever in my life. It was so kinky and hot. He really turned me on.

He came to the bed, and we kissed and embraced. He played with my tits. It was the loveliest afternoon ever.

“Tony lets go have some lemonade and cookies, and I’ll write out your check.”

We got cleaned up and went down and had the lemonade and the cookies. I wrote out his check and he left about an hour later. After Tony left, I called my husband to see how he was doing.

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