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Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 06

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When my personal lights went out in Texas that night, they stayed out until morning lifted my eyelids. You were still sleeping naked beside me, softly snoring, but then I was always an early riser. Naked, I padded across the room to the bathroom to relieve my bladder of it’s nightly buildup. After watching the golden liquid flow out of the end of my cock and into the toilet, I climbed slowly back into bed trying not to wake you.

“Good piss?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t. I was laying here thinking most of the night.”

“Oh? About what?”

“About us having to get out of here really soon. This isn’t really the type of thing I’m into.”

“I was thinking the same thing last night before I went to sleep. I hope I made Erin pregnant, but if she isn’t, she and Todd are going to have to find somebody else to fuck her under those conditions. Want to get dressed and sneak on out of here?”

“You got it, lover.” A quick kiss on the lips and we were scrambling into our clothes. We threw the rest of our stuff into the two suitcases and I quickly and quietly strapped them down on the Midget.

“Fiona, do you think we should leave a note?”

“Nope, just get out of Dallas as fast as your little Midget can go. Ready?”

“Ready. Let’s go.” We made our way to the Midget and without a second thought were out the driveway and back on the road. A half a block away from the house, I turned the headlights on and drove towards the interstate. We found an open restaurant near one of the interstate 45 interchanges near the Sleepy Hollow Golf Course and pulled in for breakfast.

“Well, lover, where do we go from here?”

“Ever been to Branson?”

“No, I can’t say that I have.”

“Well how about taking a couple of days to see some of the shows?”

“Sounds OK to me.”

“Well, if we’re going to get there today, we’re going to have to forego the sex along the way. You want the rest of your toast?”

“Nope. Can I play with your cock along the way?”

“Only if I can get my finger stinky in your pussy!”

“Deal! I heard it was going to be a real scorcher today.”

“Now where did you hear that.”

“From the waitress while you went into the men’s room.”

“Short skirt and no panties.”

“That’s what I was thinking.”

“You can change on the road.”

“Now that sounds like fun. I just have to make sure none of my limited wardrobe flies off into the wild blue yonder and hits an 18-wheeler in the windshield.”

“If it was your thong, the trucker wouldn’t give a damn!” We laughed and I got up to pay the check.

As we sat down in the car after you got your miniskirt from the top suitcase, the sun began it’s daily task of rising above the eastern horizon. It was going to be a hot day. Already it was more than a little warm. You quickly pulled your skirt on and dropped your shorts and thong stuffing them back into the suitcase and strapping everything back into place again. As you sat down, you unbuttoned the top two buttons of your blouse and showed me that you weren’t wearing a bra, as if your firm 36C cup breasts needed any artificial support. You smiled at my gaping mouth and laughed as I stuck my tongue out at you. Your hand landed softly on my cock hidden beneath my shorts. Then you spread your legs and stuck your tongue out at me.

We took interstate 45 north until we reached interstate 30 and turned eastward towards Texarkana and Little Rock, Arkansas. Within the hour, we were well away from Erin and Todd and their craziness and passing Mesquite. The sun poked its nose over the horizon and I lowered the visor against its rays. The road streamed away behind us at 70 MPH as the Midget purred its way eastward. Greenville was soon viewed only through the rear view mirror and the sun inched upwards enough for me to raise the visor a little. You leaned your head on my shoulder, placed my arm around your neck where I could cup your breast with my hand, and dropped your hand into my lap giving my cock a very gentle good morning massage. Within minutes your hand stopped moving and your gently snored in my ear as you fell into a road noise induced sleep. Of course it helped that you hadn’t slept well the night before. My eyes started becoming a little gritty and I was glad when the gas gauge read that it was time for a refill.

I shook your shoulder as I pulled up to the gas pump at the E-Z Mart and you slowly sat upright and looked around. “Where are we?”

“Mount Pleasant. We need gas in the car and I could do with a good hot cup of coffee or is that a cup of good hot coffee?”

“You never drink it hot, so why do you want to buy it hot?”

“Just to make you ask silly questions. Get me a coffee and maybe a doughnut that doesn’t look too sugary, OK?”

“Well, after I go to the little girls room, I’ll be more than happy to buy you a cup of coffee and a doughnut. Want to join me?”

“I love to join you in the girls room, but I think there might be a Texas law against Escort bayan it. Wipe your pussy softly and think of me when you do.”

“You’re all I think of, sweetheart. You and your nice hard dick.”

“Flatterer!” I turned my attention to swiping my gas card and putting the nozzle into the filler neck. “If I get done before you get back, I’ll pull up in front of the store and save you a couple of steps. I might even use the boys room while I am here.”

“Damn! I knew I was going to miss my chance!”

“There’ll be other chances.”

“I’m sure there will” you laughed as you walked up to the door and went into the convenience store.

The sun burned down as it rose in the sky. The Midget purred its way across east Texas and within the hour we had reached Texarkana. We stopped for an early lunch at McDonalds and lolled around for a bit, just relaxing and taking a break from the road. We made small talk as we dawdled over our after lunch cokes.

“You want me to drive for awhile?”

“If you want to you can. Continue on I-30 until you get to I-430 north and then take I-40 west to US 65 north around Conway. It should be about time for more gas and a stretch by then.”

“OK, captain, my captain. I think I’ve got it!”

“I’m sure you do. I have all the faith in the world in both you and your pussy.”

“Ahhh, you know the way to a woman’s heart is through her pussy!”

“What a pleasant way to get there.”

We climbed back into the Midget and you adjusted your skirt so that your pussy could get some fresh air and unbuttoned the top two buttons on your blouse once again to accentuate your braless tits. After you had gone through the gears you laid your hand in my lap. I smiled as my eyes closed. The wind streamed my ponytail out behind us as you drove up the interstate into Arkansas.

When you stopped for gas outside of Prescott, I woke up. The sun was beginning to slide downward to the west, but there was still plenty of daylight left. I went to the men’s room and you used the ladies’s room while I paid for the gas and got us each a cold drink.

It was your turn to relax and let me do the driving. By about 3 PM we had reached Conway and picked up US 65. The road was winding as it traced its way northward through the Ozarks on its way to Missouri. By the time we reached Harrison, the sun was slipping beneath the western edge of the world. We stopped at a small independent motel that offered cabins instead of joined rooms.

You climbed into the shower after dropping all your clothes in the bedroom. I followed you and we gently played with each other. I paid particular attention to your tits and your pussy. You didn’t seem able to get enough of my cock and balls.

We finally let the water wash the soap off our bodies, gave each other a couple of swipes with the towel to get the majority of the water off, and fell into bed where, without a word, we joined ourselves together in a sinuously slow and erotic version of the dance of life. As I thrust deep within you, you returned my thrusts trying to draw me even deeper than possible into your hungry snatch.

Your orgasm approached first and you screamed as the tremors hit your body. The vibrations of you cunt walls against my cock sent me over the edge and I sprayed copious amounts of sperm deep inside you. You held me close and we both fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke in the morning, we had not moved and my cock was still balls deep inside your pussy. I started a gentle rocking motion and your body soon joined in, making us moan with our enjoyment of each other. As the sun peeked through the windows, I once again felt you shiver as I flooded your womb with my seed. You sighed and laid back fully satisfied while I nibbled on your delicious tasting tits.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That feels good.”

“It’s supposed to. It also tastes pretty good.”

“Sleep well?”

“Like a rock which is how I found my cock in your pussy this morning.”

“Kept it there all night did we?”

“Seems so. All I know is that it felt great to wake up to a warm pussy wrapped around my hard dick.”

“Mmmmmmm. It felt good for me to wake up to a hard cock inside my pussy. It made me feel completely full and satisfied.”

We got up and showered separately before going to breakfast. Since the sky looked rather cloudy and threatening, I left the top up on the Midget and we climbed awkwardly into it. I also had tied a plastic tarp over the luggage rack to try to keep our suitcases somewhat dry in case of rain. Five miles out of Harrison, the sky fell and the three windshield wipers could hardly keep pace with the deluge. The road was good and fairly wide so I had no trouble keeping us out of the ditches. As suddenly as it started, the rain stopped.

We followed US 65 through Ridgedale, MO as the sun was trying to peek out of the clouds. As we neared Hollister and Branson, the traffic abruptly came to a complete stop. Southbound traffic was moving well, but the Bayan escort northbound side was at a standstill. Slowly the line edged northward into Branson and I took Missouri route 76 westward into the “strip.” One attraction after another had traffic doing 5 MPH. Smog was building up from all the automobile exhaust and, after the sun broke through the clouds, the heat added to the discomfort. I looked at my watch and found that it wasn’t even 10 AM yet. Along with the attractions were motel after motel lining the street. We turned left and pulled into the Radisson’s parking lot.

By now it was, despite the short distance we had driven from Harrison and our relatively early start, almost 11 AM. We stumbled our way out of the Midget and closed the doors. I left the top up in case the rain decided to pay us a return visit. Then, hand in hand we walked back up the hill to the main drag and start looking for someplace to get an early lunch. Since it was early yet, even by Branson’s standards, we were able to get into a bar-be-que restaurant where, much to my delight, I found they actually had beef spare ribs.

When our ribs arrived, we dug in with gusto, washing them down with cold imported beers. We grunted and groaned our approval and only begrudgingly broke away from the ribs long enough to swallow the sides of cole slaw and potato salad. Soon, our hands and faces were covered in bar-be-que sauce. The warm moist towelettes that the management provided helped us clean ourselves up once again.

Stuffed to the gills, we decided that the best thing to do was to walk it all off and seeing what shows were being offered on the strip. About the only kind of action that was not available was anything to do with sex, Branson being a family type of town. We walked past signs advertising shows by various and sundry western entertainers; we walked past signs advertising comedy shows; we walked past signs that advertised “family” entertainment; and, we walked past signs for trips down nostalgia lane–the “remember when” types of shows.

The sun was beginning to be a bit hot so we ducked into a street cafe and bought cold drinks to sip in the shade and under the shop’s fans. Our walk had by this time taken us almost from one end to the other and much, much faster than we could have driven in the car. We traipsed back to the Radisson and checked in after retrieving our bags from the Midget.

We behaved ourselves in the elevators which were open to public view on the outside of the building, giving wonderful vistas of Branson as it rose higher and higher towards our 6th floor rooms. As we got off, another couple got on for the downward trip. We went into the room and while you pulled a few things out of our bags, I grabbed the ice bucket and went in search of an ice machine. I returned with a couple of cokes and a bucket of ice to find you laying naked on the bed with your legs spread wide in invitation. I put my load down on the bathroom vanity and took my clothes off as I neared the bed.

As I sat down on the bed, you closed your legs and rolled over to face me, your arms going around my neck as you pulled me into a long, deep kiss. Our tongues danced with each other as they tripped back and forth between our two mouths. The kiss which had started as a gentle probe of our tongues soon evolved into an insatiable hunger provoked battle that drove our lust forwards relentlessly towards the inevitable sex act of lust and love. My hands explored the contours of your breasts, tweaking the nipples into hard nubbins of rubbery flesh just waiting to be suckled. One hand broke away and reached your opened pussy lips as your hand reached my throbbing, pulsing pole of rigid flesh. As my thumb hit your clit and you moaned into my mouth, your thumb spread the pre-cum from the slit at the end of my cock and your touch caused me to moan into your mouth.

My mouth sought out your nipples which were already hard from your arousal. I nipped at them with both my teeth and my lips. I laved them with my tongue. Then I pushed them together and sucked both nipples at once into my mouth.

“Climb up here and sit on my tummy.”

I did so only to find my hardened cock encased in the cleavage between your tits. As I thrust and withdrew, you licked and sucked the head of my cock whenever you could reach it. I felt my cum boiling up in my balls and started to pull back to stab your pussy with my dick before I erupted. You held me in place.

“Come on my tits. Come in my mouth. Don’t move except to fuck my tits with that wonderful dong.”

“God, Fiona, I’m cummmmmmmmmmiiinnnnnng!” My cock sent its love juice flying from the tunnel of your breasts into your mouth, on your chin, in your right eye, and even as far as your hair. You scooped up what you couldn’t reach with your tongue and ate it all then pulled me down for a French kiss with some spunk in it. You fed me my own sperm and, even though I had tasted myself before, you gave me new appreciation for the “taste of the town.”

We cuddled Escort for a while and then I kissed your tits again and started my journey to your nirvana. You moaned as I traced your belly button with my stiffened tongue. Your hands pushed downward and I resisted your pressure taking my time. I by-passed your bottom lips and licked the inside of your thighs all the way to your knees, first one side and then the other. When I reached within smelling distance of your sexually intoxicating pussy, I stopped and flipped you over onto your stomach.

My tongue then split your ass cheeks and licked from the rearmost part of the crease heading towards the ultimate goal in the front. Your ass writhed under my tongue. You spread your legs wider and gripped your cheeks in your hand spreading yourself even more. I licked your ass hole and plunged my stiffened tongue against the muscle making you quiver and eliciting a loud moan from deep inside your body. Then I licked that tender piece of skin between your two holes and you quaked through a small orgasm, cursing me and praising me in the same breath.

I reached under you and brought you up on your knees as my mouth finally found your cunt lips and I started sucking your copious love juices from them. I dipped my tongue down to your clit and ran it around your clit in teasing circles. You moaned and shuddered from the pleasure.

“Fuck me! Fuck me NOW!”

“OK. You must be ready if you put it that way.”

“Goddamn it! Get your cock in my cunt before I find somebody else to do it for me!”

In one stabbing plunge, my spear like cock went all the way through your cervix and into your uterus. I started a rhythm that would take us both to heaven, but you wanted it harder, deeper and faster.

“Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee! Hard! Harder! Deeper! Faster….”

I could feel your body shivering and shaking with your pre-orgasmic tremors. My steel hard cock was buried deeply inside your body on each stroke only to be withdrawn until merely the head was kissed by your grasping pussy lips. You felt like a warm, moist sheath of velvet wrapped around my now painful dick. I knew that, despite my previous cum, I was on the verge of flooding your insides with my potent seed. At almost that exact moment, you went into an almost seizure-like dance that drew every bit of my cum from my boiling balls, through the tube at the bottom of my cock, and into your very receptive pussy. Your pussy’s walls clasped my cock like they would never let it go. My cock had swollen at the last minute and filled every void within your love canal.

I collapsed on top of your back and we lay like that for a few minutes. Your internal muscles were still milking every drop of jism from my cock. Then, you rolled from under me, twisted around, and swallowed my softening cock. Your nose hit the hair covering my balls as your gurgled around my cock, trying to swallow it whole and damn near succeeding.

I pulled your hips around to where I could lap the escaping jism from your pussy lips. You opened your legs to allow me easier access, but that only lasted about 30 seconds before you clamped them tightly closed once again.

“Why did you do that?”

“I don’t want you sucking all that sperm out of me. I want it to stay inside me for a while.”


“I want a baby stupid. Baby’s are made inside a woman’s pussy, not in a man’s mouth and I want your baby to grow inside my belly.”

“God woman, but I’d make a lousy father at my age.”

“Age has nothing to do with it, dear.”

“Age has everything to do with it. I won’t even be around when that baby you’re wanting gets to high school, unless something miraculous happens that extends my life span.”

“Don’t worry about that. Live for the moment. Carpe diem!”

“Yeah. Seize the day. But…”

“Don’t you want a baby?”

“It isn’t that, Fiona. It’s just that I want to be able to provide for our baby and I can’t provide for it if I’m not around, can I?”

“You provide as long as you live and then our child fends for his or herself. There’s nothing that says I’m going to live long enough to see a baby out of the cradle, never mind high school.”

We laid there thinking our private thoughts for a short time until you cradled my head to your bosom and we drifted off into a gentle, dreamless sleep. When we woke, the sun was setting in the west and both of our stomachs were growling their disapproval for being kept without food since breakfast. We fondled and cuddled our way into our clothes and went downstairs to find some supper.

Supper was an occasion filled with laughter and innuendo. I was keeping up with your lighthearted conversation, but my thoughts were much deeper, replaying what you had said earlier about having my baby. I was distracted and you noticed my distraction. But, to your credit, you let me work my head out for myself. You merely took my hand under the table. I smiled and you suggestively licked your lips.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

“I’m not sure their worth a penny. Just thinking abut what you said earlier about having my baby.”


“Do you really want my baby? Or are you just saying that to make me feel good?”

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