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Vacation Foursome in St. Martin

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My wife loves topless (or less) on the beach or around the pool, so our bi-annual vacations have evolved to take us to locations that allow it. She says wearing a cold and wet top on the beach is a total buzz kill. I can relate to this at least a little bit; Gail bought me a few pairs of tan through trunks that shed the water almost as fast as wearing nothing, now I can’t stand wearing my old traditional board shorts that stay heavy, wet, and cold after I come out of the water. It’s also kind of cool not to have any tan lines.

Several years ago we ended up on a nice holiday on French St. Martin. We checked into a nice little bed and breakfast right on the beautiful Grand Case beach. We got directions to a nearby grocery store and stocked up on munchies, wine, and Carib. We were now ready to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful aqua blue water.

There were just a few other couples on the beach in front of our B&B when we claimed our little square of beach real estate, and Gail was the first women to break the ice by shedding her top. Before I finished my first Carib the other women on the beach followed Gail’s lead and lost their tops as well.

About an hour later another couple came out to the beach and set up camp just a few feet to our right. They were a German couple about ten years younger than us, (we were in our 40’s at the time). Mila was a pretty blonde girl, and as soon as she and her husband Mats set up the chairs and umbrella, her cover-up came off with no sign of any bathing suit top in sight.

In regards to being topless, the difference between Americans and Europeans seems to be that most Americans attach some amount of sexuality to the practice, while it is just a normal and natural way to be on the beach for European women. For me personally, my brain is telling me that the Europeans have it right, but physiologically speaking my body still finds topless women to be sexy as hell, and even though I don’t walk around the beach with a hard on, it’s not unusual for a bit of pre-cum to appear on the head of my cock.

For the next few hours we chatted with and shared beers with Mats and Mila; they both spoke fluent English, and I know a bit of German. I always find it interesting to get the perspectives of people from other countries; most Americans would be surprised at the different ways we are viewed from the outside. We were getting along very well and decided that we would walk into town together to get some dinner.

We packed up our beach gear and returned to our room to freshen up and dress for our trip into town. The shower in our room was pretty romantic. It was huge and had a shower head at each end, more than enough room for two to shower together, which is exactly what we did. Gail is a hard working professional girl, and the stress of her job puts a little dent on our sex life, but between sunshine, alcohol, and a little pot when we can get it, we fuck like newlyweds when on vacation.

So into the shower we went. While Gail stood under her shower head, drenching her hair, I squeezed shampoo into my hand, backed her head away from the spray and began to massage it into her hair. Gail stood with her eyes closed, water cascading over her shoulders and down her body, emitting a quiet hum as I rubbed. Of course something else was happening as I washed her hair; my dick was getting hard and pretty soon was making contact with Gail’s butt cheeks.

She said “we’re not going to have time to do this right you know” as she picked up the bar of soap and turned to face me. “Be quick” was her instruction as she sank to her knees and began stroking me. I continued to massage her scalp as the water rinsed the shampoo out of her hair and down over her fantastic set of tits, and when the soap no longer ran down her face she started to suck. At the same time she began soaping up my butt-crack, when time is of the essence she knows that she can speed things up by finger banging me in my ass. I got serious about the blowjob and fucked her mouth pretty hard, which makes her horny as can be. As instructed I was quick and came in her after just a few minutes. Gail’s blow jobs always end with a kiss; a bit of kink that I have actually come to look forward to over the years. We quickly finished showering and got ready to meet up with Mats and Mila. “You owe me” was her comment as we were getting ready.

As we met our new friends at the door, which happened to adjoin our room, the girls both broke out laughing, as they were wearing almost identical white peasant tops. The neck lines low enough to expose a little cleavage, soft thin cotton fabric, and neither girl wore a bra, which left their nipples pressing through, and the dark outline of their areolas barely visible. Gail wore a pair of Capris, and Mila sported a very short pair of shorts; later I noticed both girls pants were pretty thin and tight enough to expose a bit of camel toe. Mats and I just smiled.

It took us about ten minutes to walk bedava bahis to the town center in Grand Case, which is considered by many to be the culinary capital of the Caribbean. We didn’t choose one of the fancy French restaurants that night, but instead decided on one of the little LoLos, where we could dine outside along the street and do some people watching. Of course much of the people watching was coming from people watching Gail and Mila, who looked like a pair of vacationing rock stars that night.

It was pretty close to 9 o’clock when we finished eating. Mats and Mila wanted to check out some local bars, but all of the day’s beers and sunshine had caught up with Gail, so we decided to leave our friends and return to our room.

Upon getting back to the B&B we took quick showers and climbed into bed. As bad as I wanted to pay Gail the orgasm I owed her, she fell asleep almost as fast as her head hit the pillow. In all honesty I don’t think that I was very far behind her in passing out, and we both slept soundly until about 2AM when we were awakened by some commotion coming from the terrace next door.

We could hear the porch furniture scrape across concrete floor and indistinct talking from next door. Soon we heard the straining of the lounge chair to the rhythm of Mats and Mila making love. My Gail is a near total silent love maker, I have been with girls who would scream, and others who would make animal like, guttural sounds as they were being screwed, but Mila simply emitted a very feminine, almost musical, quiet whimper.

As we realized what was going on out there my dick got hard in a hurry. When I told Gail she responded by putting my hand on her pussy, which by its wetness revealed her arousal as well. We began to kiss and play with each other, and soon moved to the 69 position. Gail still gets as wet as a teenage girl, and those juices are one of my favorite foods. After a time we broke that hold and Gail climbed on top of me and rode me into ecstasy. I truly relish being on the bottom, playing with her perfect 35 c-cup tits while she takes me for a slow ride that results in both of us having intense orgasms that seem to go on forever. After the explosion Gail moved off of me, went down and put the whole of my softening dick into her mouth, cleaning of what remained or her and my juices. Then she worked her way up my trunk, licking and biting at my belly and nipples; actually causing some of the blood to return to my shrinking penis. She finished by giving me a warm deep kiss. We fell back to sleep in each others arms.

The next morning Gail and I laughed at what happened and decided it best if we said nothing to our friends and just hung on to this mildly perverted memory. Later, down at the beach we settled in next to Mats and Mila and proceeded to enjoy the sand, sun, and scenery. Soon the clouds began to roll in and the forecast confirmed that the balance of the day was to be overcast. The four of us decided to jump in the car and drive across the island to Phillipsburg; no sense wasting a sunny day on a shopping trip.

We were a bit surprised on the way across the island when Mila shared with us that they thought they could hear us fucking last night. Gail let out a big belly laugh and declared that we were fucking because we had heard them going at it. Mats told us that they liked to get away with public sex and enjoyed being watched, and asked us if we ever entertained similar acts. Well, we both love nude beaches and the people who use them, but as far as sex went we had always kept to ourselves. We had discussed what it would be like to occasionally include another person of couple to our lovemaking, though it was probably just a way to get us horny for each other rather than something we would ever actually do. “Well”, Mats said, “feel free to peer over the divider at us tonight, we really don’t mind at all.”

We spent the balance of the afternoon and part of the evening wondering around the bars and shops in Phillipsburg, and returned to the B&B in time to say goodnight and return to our rooms. Gail and I relaxed and caught an episode of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, and hopped into the big shower.

The night was warm and comfortable, and we didn’t bother putting on any clothes at all after showering. I uncorked a bottle of wine and sliced some cheese and we headed out to the terrace to enjoy the tropical air, the sound of the sea, and whatever was to develop on our neighbor’s terrace. We were about three quarters of the way through the wine, and had just smoked some of the weed that Gail had procured from the young girl that managed the B&B, when we heard the neighbor’s patio door slide open.

We sat silently as we heard the familiar sound of the lounge against the concrete deck, looked at each other and grinned. Gail asked “what do you think”, and I think I replied something lame like “let’s have a look.” Gail got up and walked to the lowest point of the wall, turned around casino siteleri and motioned for me to come over. As I got to the wall and looked over, Mila was sitting back on the lounge, with Mats standing and straddling the sides, her mouth running up and down the head of his dick while her hands massaged his balls and ass; it was like watching live porn. There was just enough light to see Mila’s eyes open and look up at us watching, the corners of her mouth stretching into a grin; they were well aware of the audience.

After about four or five minutes Mats backed away, gently spread Mila’s legs so that her feet were on the floor and her pussy exposed. My fragile male ego was pleased to see Mats’s dick was about the same size as my own, Mila’s pussy was shaved clean exposing a larger than average clit, which I immediately thought would be fun to suck on. And that’s what Mats commenced doing. At the same time Mila’s soft, musical whimper filled the air; more of a hum than the other night when she and Mats were fucking. I was watching so intensely that Gail startled me when she started stroking my dick. Mats finished his late night snack, and Mila raised her legs as he climbed on top.

I guess Gail had enough of the show, holding my cock she led me back to our lounger, laid me down, and climbed on top, straddling my face. Thing I love about Gail, more so than any other girl I’ve been with, she is not a passive lover, when a lot of girls lay relatively still when they are on the receiving end of oral, Gail fucks back grinding herself against my face and my tongue. She let me start on the juicy filling, then rotated her pelvis to position her clit for a good licking, and after a few minutes she rotated all the way back for a good rimming.

Mila’s soft sigh suddenly seemed closer and we realized that we had joined the show; Mila was now at the partition with Mats fucking her from behind so that they could watch us having sex.

In a prior life, I had been in a relationship two bi-sexual girls, so I was comfortable with what was going on now, but Gail had never done more than just talk about engaging in group sex. My concerns were put to rest when I felt Gail’s mouth take me all the way down to the base of my cock. She deep throated me for a time before taking me out of her mouth; I was so slippery from the blow job that my dick felt like someone poured hydraulic fluid all over me. Now Gail was slowly stroking the head of my dick, I continued rimming her ass and reached around to work on her clit with my fingers. Gail could feel the muscle spasms that signaled to her I was about to cum. I shot onto Gail’s face and hands, and onto my legs and also the lounge. My orgasm, along with the other stimulation was enough to set Gail off; she moaned in delight and as the orgasm washed over her she lapped up as much of my escaping cum as she could capture.

As Gail lifted herself off of me, I raised the back of the lounge, and Gail settled in next to me. She wiped some cum off of her cheek and licked her finger, took a sip of wine, and kissed me hard. I looked over at our neighbors and asked “how’d we do”?

Mats said, “Fucking awesome, sure that was your first time”?

Mila told us to sleep well and that they would see us tomorrow. They disappeared into their room, and we went into ours, and went to sleep.

When we awoke in the morning, I asked Gail if she had fun, she said she probably had the most intense orgasm of her life, but wondered where it was all going. Were we ready to actually have sex with these guys? Would the experience have an effect on our relationship? Clearly this was something we both wanted to do, so we just decided that we would go with the flow and see what developed.

We had a small bucket list of places we wanted to visit on the island; Happy Bay is an undeveloped beach next to Grand Case, it’s only accessible by foot or by boat, and is used as a nude each. After breakfast the four of us packed up beach chairs, umbrellas, and some provisions for our day on the deserted beach. It’s about a ten minute hike up a hill and then down to the beach. There were about a dozen other people spread across the beach; we set camp among some palm trees in order to control the amount of sun our naked bodies would absorb. The proximity of the trees also gave us near total privacy from the other people sharing the beach.

We had all worked up a nice sweat getting down to the beach, so as soon as we got our site prepared, we quickly shed all of our clothing and headed toward the water for our first skinny dip of the day. I will never take for granted how great it is to feel the sun, air, and water on the parts of my body that aren’t ordinarily exposed.

We had a nice swim and returned to our chairs where we spent some time reading and sipping beers. Gail was the first to say she needed a poddy break. There are no facilities on Happy Bay, so that leaves either the bush or the water. Mila said bahis siteleri she would accompany Gail into the water, and off they went. As they walked back to the chairs they were giggling and holding hands, with their blond hair and similar physical attributes they could be taken for sisters.

As they reached our chairs I made a comment that it would be hard to tell them apart in a dark room by their tits. Mats laughed and said we should do a blind test and began to blindfold me with a dew rag; I happily played along. So Mats lined the girls up in front of me, and blinded by the rag, I raised my hands until I found each girl. I touched and lifted the boobs, and though the girl’s boobs were uncannily similar in size and shape, I immediately determined Gail by the softness of the boob of the older woman. I could have declared my opinion verbally, but instead opted to push my mouth onto her boob and immediately began to trace her nipple with my tongue. I felt my head slapped from above as the three of them burst out laughing. I ripped the rag from my eyes and found I had the wrong girls boob in my mouth.

I protested the slap by saying anyone could have made a mistake like that, Gail took an opposite stand saying she could touch me anywhere and pick me out of a lineup! So before we knew it, Gail was blindfolded and Mats and I were standing in front of her, our dicks partially hardened from whole boob episode. Gail raised her hands and found both cocks, she laughed and said this was a fantasy being fulfilled. She stroked us and fondled our balls, and to this day I don’t know if her next action was intentional or not; she took Mats’s dick in her mouth and started to suck. Mats and Mila let out a little cheer, the surprised look on my face revealed neither a good or bad reaction, but my dick went from semi to rock hard watching my wife suck on another man.

Gail removed her blindfold and stopped the licking; we all had a good laugh, as did another couple on the beach that had a clear sight-line to us. That’s as far as things went sexually on the beach that day; it doesn’t take too many grains of abrasive sand to ruin a good day. The decision that we were going to fuck with this couple was now a forgone conclusion, but it would have to wait until we returned to the B&B.

We hung out at Happy Bay for several more hours, alternating between talking, reading, swimming, and some harmless touchy feely stuff; it was sort of like foreplay for what would happen later, and my dick was dripping pre-cum all afternoon. We hiked back over to Friar’s Bay and had sandwiches at one of the restaurants there, and made plans to hang at our room in the evening.

After showers and a nice nap, we got up and fixed snacks for our company. When we finished we gave them a ring and told them to come over whenever they were ready. Soon there was a knock on the door, I opened it to find Mila with a bottle of red wine, wearing a sexy little camisole top and a short skirt, Mats followed her sporting the same grin as he had the first night we went out. Gail had on a soft sleeveless blouse, unbuttoned down to her navel, no bra, and a pair of shorts.

The girls poured some wine and rolled a few joints while Mats and I moved a nightstand and pushed the two queen beds together. We retreated to the terrace where we drank the wine, nibbled on some cheese, and passed the weed around. Mila got up, walked over to Mats chair, bent down and gave him a kiss, and then she walked over to me sat down on my lap. Gail took the hint and sat on Mats; we were off to the races.

I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on Mila’s oversize clit and Mats didn’t waste any time with the last few buttons on Gail’s blouse. Both girls were naked by the time we reached the beds, and then they went to work getting their boys stripped down. I laid Mila down and began to massage her inner thighs, pussy lips, butt checks; most of all I was teasing that clit up. When I finally got my face down there, her clit seemed the size of a tiny dick, and my tongue easily discerned the tiny head and shaft. She moaned as I continued giving her head and slid two fingers inside her to work on her G. It wasn’t long before Mila scored the first orgasm of the night.

I rolled over from between Mila’s legs and onto my back, Mats was eating Gail out. I asked Gail if she was ready for some dick, she responded that she was ready for two. Sitting up, Gail climbed on top of me in a reverse cowgirl while motioning Mats over. Mats positioned himself in front of Gail on his knees, and Gail blew him while she rode up and down on me. Mila got up and was kissing Mats while playing with Gail’s dangling tits.

I guess the physical and visual stimulation of fucking Gail and seeing the other action going on was more than I could handle. I came long and hard inside Gail, well before she was ready. Gail lifted herself off my dick, and slid backwards where she situated herself on my face. I knew what I had to do, I had done it before, but in the past Gail was on her back and I could lick her off without coming into contact with my own cum. In this position the cream pie was drooling all over my face, but the sexual energy in the room was so intense I just ignored the mess and started licking.

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