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Gia, The Van and the Ladies at Play

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Gia woke up to Mrs. Rutherford pushing up her nightgown and rolling her onto her left side. Morning sunlight spilled into the room and the soft morning lake breeze caressed her naked bottom. She was no longer tied to the bed, but Gia knew to cooperate and behave. She sensed rather than saw that Reginald was in the room, near the door, waiting for Mrs. Rutherford’s command.

Last night, Mrs. R had awakened Gia for supper. She had served Gia a tray of food and had causally showed Gia that Reginald had joined their group. She had told Gia that he helped settle the girls down to pliable, obedient young things, and he discouraged any silly thinking like running off or trying to use the phone. Both, she had assured Gia, would result in dire consequences.

Gia had gotten the gentle but obvious message. She had been allowed to eat dinner alone and unharassed. She had found she had been very hungry and ate every bite. Later, when Mrs. R came to collect the tray, Gia had been allowed to clean up in the bathroom and told to change into a white baby doll nightie and nothing else. Mrs. R had waited patiently for Gia to finish getting ready for bed, then tucked her in. Mrs. R hadn’t tied her down and had left her in peace. Gia had fallen asleep quickly, and this morning could only vaguely remember Mrs. Rutherford coming to bed much later. She had not disturbed Gia until now. The older lady had Gia draw her right knee upward and put pillows under it.

“Roll forward, Gia,” Mrs. Rutherford instructed. Gia adjusted her body. “That’s right. Lean toward your knee. No, no keep your knee on the pillows. I want your leg elevated so I can lie down behind you and eat your pussy. I love morning pussy,” Mrs. R explained at she sat behind Gia and guided her into the desired position. “Let’s have a look, little girl.”

Gia’s heart was hammering. She was nervous yet excited. The trip up to the lake home yesterday had been an extreme adventure for her. Mrs. Rutherford and her lady friends had sexually used her in the van as they traveled northward to Mrs. Rutherford’s island home. The ladies had put Gia on public display, spanked her, anally probed her, filled her with two enemas, tickled her clit and eaten her pussy. She had been forced to submit to her captor’s whims. It had been embarrassing, shameful, and thrilling. Gia hated to admit that the ride to the cabin, although difficult to comprehend, had been sensational. She had never experienced anything like it before yet she wasn’t quite sure she was anxious for more. She felt Mrs. Rutherford lean over to look between her legs. Gia felt panicky. She fought the urge to close her legs or crawl off the bed, nothing was binding her except Reginald and the promise of a severe spanking. She had already suffered at the hands of these two and her butt could still remember the helpless stinging of multiple hands striking her. Gia lay still and allowed herself to be Mrs. Rutherford’s breakfast.

Mrs. Rutherford stared at the tender young cunt in front of her. She took her finger to splay the candied honey lips open. Gia gave a startled jump at her touch.

“Shhh, Miss,” Mrs. Rutherford soothed. She put her free hand on Gia’s upturned hip, holding her steady. “Just making you ready.” Mrs. R worked slowly and precisely, fully opening Gia’s twat lips. She leaned closer to Gia’s pink flower, resting her right arm on the bed. “Oh, that looks tasty,” Mrs. R continued. She took her left hand and moved it to Gia’s turned up butt cheek, and placing her fingers downward lifted Gia’s buttock upward. Gia was temptingly spread open. Not wasting another moment, Mrs. Rutherford leaned forward and began her breakfast.

Gia gasped! Mrs. R skillfully moved downward to her plumb clit then upward to her wet slit. Still moving, Mrs. R tongued Gia’s butt hole. She couldn’t suck on Gia’s clit, not in Gia’s current position, but she could lap hungrily. She just licked and licked and licked, holding Gia’s butt apart until Gia groaned hornily. Mrs. Rutherford laughed at the hot, slutty sound and began to tongue Gia’s open pussy lips. Slowly she ran her tongue along the inside of Gia’s pink wings. She put just the tip of her tongue inside Gia’s girlish heat and lightly tickled her. Then she wiggled it on the outside from the base to the top, but she would not touch Gia’s clit. Over and over she worked her tongue, teasing Gia by denying Gia’s cunt the full pleasure of her long, wet tongue, and she ignored Gia’s clit. She laughed again, never removing her tongue from Gia. When a frustrated whine escaped from her captive’s lips, she felt the young girl’s snatch start to sizzle. She giggled and giggled as she teased and denied and tortured her housemaid’s pussy until girl juice flooded downward onto the bed sheets.

Mrs. Rutherford stopped and sat up. She held Gia’s ass open and looked at her handy work. She could hardly wait to drink Gia’s morning juice.

“Your pussy is perfectly prepared. Look how wet you are! Let’s check your temperature, shall we?” Mrs. Rutherford slid her right forefinger into Gia’s vagina. “Oh, you’re ready all right.” She held her olgun porno finger in Gia. “Hot. Nice and hot. So ready for me.”

Gia had never had a woman’s finger, let alone one old enough to be her grandmother, in her pussy. It didn’t feel any different, at least not yet, as a young man’s finger, but the thought of woman’s finger in her made her horny, and Mrs. Rutherford’s words made her needful and tight. She felt her pussy clench around the long inserted digit.

“You dirty girl!” Mrs. R scolded playfully. “I feel that.” She wiggled her finger in Gia’s narrow canyon. “You like it when mama talks to you? Does my little girl like it when she’s talked to?”

Gia tried to stop herself, but it was no use. Her cunt muscles flexed and hugged her employer’s warm forefinger.

“Oh, she does! She does!” Mrs. R chuckled. “Is my housemaid ready to be a big girl and serve me my hot pussy morning meal? Mama is very, very hungry. She needs to eat!”

Gia groaned in horny desire. She was clamping down so hard on Mrs. R’s finger, she needed release!

“God damn you’re tight. What a big, big girl. What a special big girl.” Tighter and tighter. Mrs. R couldn’t believe it. And the heat! Gia was on fire!

Mrs. Rutherford adopted a mother’s voice, the voice of encouragement and knowledge, “My little girl is so hot, so ready for her mommy. Is baby ready to cum for her mommy? Tell mommy you’re ready to be a big, big girl for her.”

Gia gripped the bed covers in her hands. She was going crazy! Her cunt was so hot and tight.

“Come on, little girl,” Mrs. R coaxed; her hand still pulling Gia’s ass apart, her finger still embedded in Gia’s wet white-hot heat. “Mommy can tell you want it. Mommy knows everything about her sex slave. Come on, come on let me hear it.”

“I want to cum, ma’am,” Gia confessed.

Mrs. R laughed, “No, no call me mommy.”

“Mommy! Please!” Gia screamed.

“Okay. Okay. Let’s see how you like this.”

Mrs. R leaned forward and began to tongue Gia’s asshole. She laughed triumphantly when she felt Gia’s pussy contract and pulse in orgasm. She kept her tongue on Gia’s equally twitching butt hole and began to slowly fuck Gia’s slit with her finger. She worked Gia, relishing the response to her desire, until Gia was limp and panting. It was then Mrs. R laid on her side, between Gia’s legs, a pillow under her head, and began her pink breakfast in earnest

“God, Reginald,” Mrs. R said her face next to Gia’s wet box, “she is pouring water, and she is so scrumptious. Mmm, mmm, mmm, this is good.”

Gia’s body lurched when she felt Mrs. R lick at her pulsing slit. The older woman moved her left hand around Gia’s bottom and held her. Gia’s twat started twitching, spilling her juice. Mrs. R lapped her up and Gia groaned in divine pleasure, wetting herself further. Mrs. Rutherford further sucked at her clit and Gia bucked in her mouth. Mrs. R just sucked Gia harder and pushed her buttocks toward her mouth, holding her close.

Mrs. Rutherford laughed when she pushed Gia over the edge and Gia’s box sputtered wetly as she climaxed. Mrs. R enjoyed her breakfast of juicy cunt until Gia settled down and her pussy was silent.

Mrs. Rutherford got up from the bed giggling. She wiped Gia’s cunny juice from her lips and had Gia get up. She striped Gia of her white nightie.

“We have a busy day little Miss Gia. Take my hand. Reginald, to the kitchen. I think the ladies are waiting for us.”

Mrs. R led Gia downstairs to the kitchen. The room was huge along with the rest of the house. Gia noticed the beautiful view of the lake from the kitchen windows. She also noticed the immaculate lawn and impeccable landscaping. She noticed a few picnic tables being set up by what looked like caterers. She saw a gazebo that over looked the gentle slope of the back yard, providing, Gia could only assume, a breathtaking view of the water. In front of the gazebo and a bit to the right, closer to the house, was a screened in Jacuzzi. Gia only knew that because she could she copious amounts of steam rising into the cool morning island air from inside the inner structure. Everything from the house to the yard was expensive and luxurious, demonstrating great wealth and taste.

Mrs. Koop and Mrs. Greene were in the kitchen. Mrs. Greene was near the kitchen sink. A strange chair next to her as she ran the water. Mrs. Koop sat at an informal yet big table having a cuppa.

“Good morning, ladies,” Mrs. R said cheerfully. “I just had a scrumptious breakfast…Gia’s pussy!”

Gia felt her body warm with embarrassment. It was bad enough she was already stark-ass naked and wet between her legs, she didn’t need her morning activities announced to her captor’s.

Mrs. Greene’s eyes lit up knowingly. “Ooo, I bet that was tasty!” She walked slowly toward Gia and took her hand from Mrs. Rutherford. “I know exactly how this cunt tastes.”

“Language, Mrs. Greene,” Mrs. Rutherford warned.

“Sorry,” Mrs. Greene apologized, her word quiet insincere. “Come, housemaid,” she told Gia, “time porno for some personal grooming.”

Gia followed Mrs. G to the kitchen sink. Mrs. Greene raised the chair Gia noticed when she first came into the kitchen. Upon closer inspection it looked like a barber chair. There was only one difference…the stirrups.

Mrs. Greene pushed Gia into the chair, took her own seat, and placed Gia’s feet in the stirrups. Gia was about to pass out as Mrs. G strapped her feet and ankles to the chair. The chair was raised higher, just shy to eye level with Mrs. Green’s face. Then the chair was tipped back.

“Keep those legs open. And relax. I am going to shave your mound, and pussy lips, and ass crack now.” Mrs. Greene readied her shaving utensils. “Oh and I’m going to eat you. I want morning pussy too.”

In a panic, Gia covered her crotch with her hands. Without a word Mrs. Rutherford came and tied Gia’s wrists together. She then forced Gia’s arms above her head and secured them to the back of the chair.

“Silly house cunt,” Mrs. Greene said smugly. “You have no say on how you will be handled or used or groomed. If only you stupid bitches would relax,” she lectured as she prepared the old fashion shaving cream (a mug and a heavy brush), whipping up a thick foam, “you could enjoy this.”

Mrs. Rutherford didn’t scold Mrs. G’s language this time. She stood by and watched Gia’s distress and Mrs. Greene’s preparations. Before Mrs. G lathered up Gia’s crotch for shaving, she stood and rinsed the horse tail brush under the kitchen tap. She flicked off the excess water, and sat back and looked at Gia’s pussy. She smiled as she traced the soft full brush up and down Gia’s thighs. Gia’s legs jerked together. Without missing a beat, Mrs. Rutherford slipped a thick length of fabric under Gia’s left knee. She pulled the fabric and tied both ends to the chair. Gia’s left leg was pulled open. Mrs. R moved behind the barber chair and turned it away from the kitchen counter. She took another length of fabric and secured Gia’s right leg the same as the left.

Arms secured above her head, feet secured in the stirrups, legs secured wide open, Gia struggled in the chair. Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Rutherford laughed at her. Gia struggled harder. The two Mesdames laughed harder.

Curious about the gaiety, Mrs. Koop got up from the table and walked over to her friends. She laughed too. Gia was wiggling all around the barber chair. She was completely strapped in and down. But she looked so good! Her little nipples were tight and her legs were spread to pussy shaving wideness.

“They always struggle,” Mrs. Koop said, shaking her head.

“I know,” Mrs. Greene agreed frustrated. “Would you please settle down, house slut?” She didn’t sound polite or patient. “You’re wasting time and all my shaving foam is flattening.” She leaned forward, shaving brush in hand, and set about teasing Gia.

Mrs. Greene took the shaving brush and twirled it on Gia’s butt hole. Gia gave a half whimper, half groan as her legs twitched against their bindings. Mrs. Greene giggled at her, and swirled the brush the other way. Back and forth she swirled the brush. The bristles were wide and a little stiff. They stimulated Gia’s asshole and made her pussy wake up. When Mrs. Greene applied some pressure, pushing inward, Gia moaned and jerked. The brush tickled yet scratched her brown spot at the same time. She kicked feebly.

Mrs. Greene, smiling happily, noticed Gia’s futile struggling. She stopped her brush play and set it down. She looked back at Gia and smiled a slow, cold grin. She looked back at the kitchen counter. Mrs. G slowly scanned her utensils. She half turned her head and looked back at Gia, a wicked glint in her eyes. She picked up another brush. She turned to fully face Gia and the open pussy trapped before her. She held the brush up to Gia.

“Ever see a brush like this?” Mrs. Greene didn’t wait for an answer. “Well, if you have it certainly wasn’t in a barber shop. It’s a painter’s brush. See the fine tip? It’s so soft and pointy.” Mrs. Greene took her left hand and pushed open the top of Gia’s pussy, separating her clit from the folds of her labia. As she leaned in to tickle torture Gia’s girl button, she cruelly told Gia, teasing the poor, helpless girl, “It’s perfect for little housemaid’s clits. Perfect to tickle you.”

Mrs. Greene touched Gia’s clit with the brush. She slowly swirled the fine tip around Gia’s bean. She didn’t pull back Gia’s protective hood, yet, but titillated Gia under it. Gia jerked and whined. To Mrs. Greene it was exquisite, Gia’s distress. Her own cunt sizzled to life under her nightclothes.

“Oh, God,” Gia groaned. Her slit was heating up too fast! She couldn’t slow Mrs. Greene’s work down. The woman was staring between her legs, her arm raised, holding open Gia’s labia, giving her access to Gia’s tender clit, with a wet, drooling grin on her pretty face. The intent, hungry look on Mrs. Greene’s face made Gia honier and her cunt snapped, clenching in and out.

“Ooo,” Mrs. Greene commented, “you like Porno 64 that! What a barber chair whore!”

Gia’s pussy spasmed hotly. Mrs. G not missing Gia’s wet arousal, pulled back Gia’s protective hood and applied her brush.

Gia gasped! She tried to close her legs with all her strength, but her bindings held her fast. Mrs. Greene just laughed and kept lightly torturing Gia’s swollen bean. Gia struggled vainly until she collapsed into the chair. She was helpless to stop Mrs. G and her brush. Her legs twitched and jerked of their own accord. Gia realized she was responding to Mrs. Greene’s treatment. ‘Oh, no,’ she moaned silently, trying to stop the wonderful feeling in her groin, ‘please don’t let me cum like this!’

“You’re so puffy!” Mrs. Greene said, stopping her brushwork. “Look how big your clit is. It’s positively poking out it’s so huge! Let’s see what we can do with you.”

Mrs. Greene reached over with her right hand to the kitchen counter, her left still holding open Gia’s huge clit, and picked up a small vibrator. She held it up as she switched it on and smiled wickedly at Gia. Gia renewed her struggling and Mrs. G laughed as she slowly lowered her hand and put the buzzing toy directly onto Gia’s clit.

Gia flailed in her chair to no avail. When Mrs. Greene removed the vibrator, she watched as Gia’s pussy rapidly twitched. Gia could feel how fast her pussy was moving. It was horrible knowing that her body was enjoying her current sexual treatment. She couldn’t help herself; Mrs. Greene was too skilled and too powerful to resist. Finally,

Gia gave up all hope of escaping and allowed herself to be pleasured. She groaned in shame when Mrs. Greene put away her vibrator and began to eat Gia’s soaked pussy. Gia watched as the other women came into the kitchen and left, going who knew where. None of them seemed the least bit curious or interested in what Mrs. Greene was doing, helping herself to Gia’s cunt. Their lackadaisical attitude excited Gia. She was alone with Mrs. G yet not. They were being noticed but not watched. It was a weird feeling. Gia felt like a toy, something to be used and played with then put away.

Mrs. Greene finished with her morning breakfast of young pussy, sat up with a satisfied grin on her face. She was glowing as she lathered up the shaving soap again and this time shaved Gia’s crotch. She worked silently and efficiently, having shaved many a girl before.

Mrs. Greene stood up. “She’s done, Mrs. Koop. You should kiss her bald cunt.” She looked down at Gia’s freshly shorn pussy. She slid her right forefinger into Gia’s wet slit. “She’s so clean and wet.” She twisted her wrist, turning her finger inside Gia’s box. “Horny too. Her pussy is hot and tight.”

“Yes, Mrs. Greene,” Mrs. Koop said, stepping up to the kitchen sink. “I’m sure she’s pure horny hairless pie, but I have other things in mind for our dear housemaid.”

Gia watched in silent misery as Mrs. Koop began setting up her much beloved enema equipment. Oh, God! She had been filled with two of Mrs. Koop’s enemas on the trip up to the island, and Gia had been forced to void their contents in a public restroom in front of all the ladies. She struggled stupidly, encouraging Mrs. Greene to scold her.

Mrs. G pulled her finger out of Gia’s twat and unceremoniously shoved it up her asshole. Gia sucked in a breath. Mrs. Greene grinned, happy to see the discomfort.

“Just getting you ready,” Mrs. Greene said sweetly. “It’s time for your baby girl butt cleaning.”

“Baby’s need cleaning,” Mrs. Koop agreed.

Mrs. Greene pulled out of Gia’s southern hole. “Do you want her left in the chair?”

“For now,” Mrs. K answered. She added some cleansing soap to the bag and began adding the warm water. “I’ll get her up when I’m ready.”

Mrs. Greene turned away from Gia, and began putting away her shaving tools and brushes. “Can I help, Mrs. Koop?”

“You can definitely watch. I might need your help. I’m going to fill her on the tabletop. Now that you’re done, I can stretch her out.”

“Goodie!” Mrs. G cheered. “Where is she going to squirt it out?”

“Mrs. Greene!” Mrs. Koop cried in mock shame. “One voids an enema they don’t squirt.”

“Sorry, Mrs. Koop,” Mrs. G said a false unapologetic smile on her face.

“Of course, you can watch her void. What fun is there in a solitary squirting?”

Both ladies laughed loudly. Gia cringed. What was she doing here?!

Bag filled, Mrs. Koop hung it on the barber chair. She untied Gia’s hand from the chair, but didn’t remove the tether from her wrists, freed her legs, and had her stand.

“Come with me.” Mrs. Koop took Gia’s hand, chose a nozzle, and grabbed the enema bag. She led Gia to the table.

Morning light spilled through the huge windows and warmed the room. The tabletop was even warm when Mrs. Koop had Gia stand on the window side of it and stretched her over the top. Mrs. Koop took the length of fabric on Gia’s wrists and tied her to the opposite side. Gia felt the sunlight warm her skin. She also knew it illuminated her bare butt, accentuating the fact that her ass, and soon her enema filling, was facing the clear glass of the windows. The catering company and other staff working outside would be able to see, although from afar, her predicament. Gia shifted uneasily on top of the table.

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