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Across Rooftops – Compromised

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At first Sheila suspected nothing. Sham, the neighboring 19-year old who had become her latest toy-boy was busy lapping up at her pussy. She had taught him how to and she had taught him well. Like she had taught all the others before Sham.

She had always had a string of lovers, even when she and her husband were stationed in the same place. It was a tacit secret between husband and wife. He never asked. She never told.

There were a number of secret rendezvous’. But the most daring was during parties thrown by her husband.

Whoever was the young man of the moment stayed well beyond the last of the guests at the parties her husband threw. Her husband never asked why. He, having drunk himself silly, tended to sleep off at some point.

It was then that Sheila and her young guest got cozy. Kissing quickly went open-mouthed. And passion tumbled into lust. And an insane round of fucking followed as both had built themselves into a frenzy through an entire evening of eye-balling. This was usually followed by more deliberate, luxurious rounds of exploration. Sucking on her clit and making her cum from just that was mandatory.

The lust was wild, as wild as the forests of Assam surrounding them. Sometimes rainstorms beat against the roof, adding to the raging lust. It allowed Sheila to scream still more uninhibited than she her natural self.

All of that subsided with the growing up of her kids. The mother inside her set aside her natural desires. After shifting away to a more permanent residence while her husband stayed on transfers, after the children had been put away in hostels, something had happened right here in this house.

And that something was Sham. She taught him well and taught him quickly. While she had initiated him into the world of pleasure, she had quickly taught him about clitoral orgasms and her deep, insatiable desire for that. Yes, she was willing to meet a partner’s sexual needs; but equally she expected him to fulfil her.

And so Sham’s head was busy bobbing up and down between her legs. His hands roamed and found and played with her breasts which he loved so much. She had her hands on his shoulders, gripping them when she needed something to beat against. And she also needed to be near enough his head to guide him correctly. When she was in heat that need to get him to focus on the right spot, or to prevent him from moving was terribly urgent. She could not bear a moment’s distraction.

This intense focus from Sham on her pussy and clit could not have come from the moment he entered her house. He had only just discovered sex with Sheila. He, like many others, could have found his initiation from any other woman. But he was singularly lucky in Sheila. There were few who had the nuances of sexuality at their fingertips. And from among those, a woman who knew how to teach was unique indeed.

Like all adolescents Sham knew he wanted to bed a woman, any woman. The first time had been confusing. While he was armed with the knowledge of his desire, he had no clue on how it would feel. It had felt odd. The feelings were mixed. But the desire to do one more round was sure. The pleasure at the ending was great. The mixed feelings were psychological. He had felt bad for having done something ‘bad’.

But Sheila did not disappoint him. The second round was immediate. It involved Sheila taking her pleasure. Then immediately she fucked him again. This time, he felt it rich, pleasurable and fantastic.

And that turned out to be the lesson she had for him and the format she expected him to follow. First would be his turn for he was young and needy. Take that need out first. Sheila had the patience of a veteran to let him do that.

But then it had to be her and it had to be oral. With Sham a bit calmer, she expected him to take her to a complete meltdown. The sounds of her moans and her reactions always excited the man between her legs back to his next erection; Sheila’s experience on that was a perfect score. It happened without fail.

That meant that both she and her man, now Sham, were able to go one more round. This round could now be more in tune with whoever had a specific want. This was possible only after both she and her partner had taken their immediate fill.

Most of her men had needed a long nap to rejuvenate. Such long sessions were infrequent. In recent years, it had only been a few hours of all-sex. With Sham there was no opportunity for anything longer. Maids, the door bell and Sham being a student who stayed with his parents did not allow for a further fuck from a sleep-refreshed partner.

And so it was today as well. Sham had shown up after a few days gap. She had let him in and in her usual style, left him to lock the door and follow her. She had walked up the stairs, accentuating the sway of her ass. She had pulled up her nightie somewhat, showing him her ankles and her calves. Those nuances were lost on him. His eyes were fixed on the ample ass and the wide hips. He wished she would treat bağdatcaddesi escort to him to a similar spectacle of her lovely, luscious tits.

She moved up the stairs quickly, knowing that he would be eager. The hall downstairs did not offer enough discretion if the doorbell rang. He followed but a little slower than he usually did on her heels.

At that time she had not thought much of it. When they reached her bedroom the same initial franticness of the young man took over. He wanted to suck on her tits today simply because he had been fantasizing of that all of last night. He unzipped the caftan-like night dress down the front. Sheila had gone and bought those gowns made specially for breast-feeding mothers very matter of factly, knowing the needs arising from having taken on a young lover. She had mused on the paradox of the push-up bra which made a woman’s breasts thrust out at her lover. And then the padding prevented him from getting at the nipples he might then desperately want to suck at.

And then she had lain back and allowed him to bunch up the nightie around her waist. He mounted her and fucked her with his usual vigor. All night he had resisted masturbating. It had been unbearable but he wanted to call on her early in the morning and make love to her several times by the time the maid came by. The flip side was how he came; quite quickly but in torrents.

Sheila auntie had allowed him to do whatever he wanted in his initial haste. And then she decisively pushed him downward. He wiped her as best as he could with whatever cloth was at hand. He could not visualize lapping at her when she was overflowing with his outpourings.

He licked at her, searching out her clit like she had taught him to. She squealed her pleasure, wiggling her hips and thrusting them at his face. She thought she heard another noise at that moment. She opened her eyes and looked. The door to the room was not shut, but the house was silent as it usually was at this hour.

He brought her back to the moment as his hands gripped her breasts and fondled them in the manner he so liked. She enjoyed the manly urgency this young man showed in his actions. She allowed his every single indulgence. But then her pleasure welled up and she need the full smorgasbord.

She grabbed his hands and pressed them down towards her breasts. Then slowly but surely, she pushed his hands down, rubbing herself with his hands. Then she gripped his wrists and lifted his hands guiding them further downwards.

“Slip them inside!” she hissed to Sham. “I want your fingers in me, Sham!” she sighed.

Sham loved the pleading. It had a measure of personal bonding for him when she said his name. He did not know that any bonding was the beginning of the end of any lover she took.

He slipped in his fingers and the squishy sounds of the two digits slapping into her pussy once again made her wonder whether there were any other noises in the house…or was it just Sham and her?

He slid in two fingers and used his thumb to prop up her clit to his tongue.

“Oh! Oh!” cried out Sheila in delight. She pumped her hips frantically and held her own breasts together tightly and thrashed her head about.

Sham grunted and buried his nose and nuzzled her. Then back with the tip of his tongue. She enjoyed the attention and sucked in her breath. Her eyes closed and she concentrated on the pressure of his tongue and of her fingers tips on her nipples. Everything else was meaningless at this moment. She concentrated on taking her pleasure. With a small yelp she squirted almost like a male.

Then she felt hot and bothered by the vacuum between her legs. She was going to want him to fuck her as soon as this one went the full distance and then receded. Enjoying his continuing finger and tongue fuck she felt around with her toes for his cock to check if he was back to his erect self.

She looked down towards him as her feet probed and there! — she glimpsed the source of the noises she had imagined from earlier on. Someone darted out of sight.

She jumped out of her skin. But just as quickly she settled back because in a flash everything was clear to her. Sham being slow to follow her up and other sounds that she had caught told her that Sham had not been alone. She was quick to arrive at the right conclusion.

She looked down at the head bobbing between her legs dutifully and grabbed Sham’s hair. He came up thinking she was calling him for a deep kiss and fuck like she had before from such a position.

Instead, Sheila aunty was giving him a severe look even as she gathered herself to get up.

“Did you bring someone along?” she asked sharply.

Sham felt his throat dry and color drain from his face. Sheila needed no answer.

“I thought I told you keep this between us?” she said slapping his on the cheek. It was not a hard slap but it left Sham in no doubt that he had been reprimanded. His erection which had built up once again beykoz escort from rubbing on the sheets and from listening to Sheila’s moans and endearments lost its primed state.

“Who is it?” she asked.

Sham was silent, his face reddening and eyes welling up. His head was hanging in shame which was fine because he didn’t want Sheila aunty seeing him emotionally distraught. He had been all male and wanted to remain that for her.

“Classmates?” asked Sheila guessing that this must be the outcome of him boasting of his sexual trysts.

He nodded dumbly. Yes.

Sheila was a bit relieved. It could have been worse. A parent. A teacher. Some other friend who was older, like a sports coach. If it was another nineteen year old the chances of managing the situation were better.

“Did I tell you not to boast about this to anyone and keep it as our secret?” she asked her anger rising. She quickly zipped up the caftan and drew a shawl over her shoulders.

“Get out!” she said to Sham, still kneeling on her bed, his cock hanging down on its own weight.

It was at this point that the friend stepped in to the room.

“No aunty, it is not his fault,” said the friend. He looked at Sheila up and down and was surprised to see her fully clothed. Just a while ago as he peeped in on them he had seen Sheila aunty with her head thrown back and her breasts pointing up toward the ceiling. She had been massaging and squeezing her own breasts in a very appealing manner to eke out every frisson of pleasure that it could provide.

Manoj had been grinding his own erection in his pants with the palm of his hand as he imagined touching and playing with those orbs. He had been sure his turn would come. Sham had not boasted in vain. Howver, when confronted by Manoj had told him that Sheila aunty was just about lust and satiation with no strings attached. Convincing Sham to let him join him at Sheila aunty’s on chance had been a bigger challenge for Manoj.

“I found out about you two and asked him,” said Manoj simply.

“And how did he find out?” asked Sheila glaring at Sham. He grabbed his jeans and placed them across his lap preparatory to getting out of bed. It was surely over now, seeing Sheila was cross.

“His diary,” said Manoj.

“Where is the need to keep a diary when you have me!” exclaimed Sheila pulling up his chin to have him face her, eye to eye. That is when she saw the moisture laden eyes.

“Men!” thought Sheila, exasperated. “They are so ready to fall apart if they are to be denied!”

“There is no need for this,” said Sheila wiping his eyes and pulling him to her bosom. Sham’s hands went around her as he clung to her, burying his head in her breasts. His cock immediately responded with a twitch and an increase in volume. But Sheila wasn’t looking there and Sham was not sure this timing was right.

“Well I think it is best you both leave now,” she said staring at nothing in particular but not letting Sham go either.

“But why?” asked Manoj.

“Because there is no place for you!” snapped Sheila. She did not want to use words like ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ but she meant that this was not that kind of house where whoever wanted sex could stop by. “This was about Sham and me!” she said.

Sham’s heart sank at the use of the past tense.

“But that is not what you told Sham,” argued Manoj. “You said this was just physical and nothing more or less,” he pressed, not to be denied.

“Whatever. Just get out!” said Sheila not about to be drawn into a debate about the impossible.

“If it was physical, I am fitter than him,” said Manoj. His desperation to hold and feasts on her breasts made him take his chances. After all, he had nothing to lose from here. He unbuttoned his shirt and bared his torso to show rippling muscles from his gymming. He held his shirt around his shoulders.

Sheila stared at the superbly toned body. She had never seen one of those before. Most of the company officer’s she had taken on as lovers were all desk workers. She would never have dreamt of taking on a lover from a lower social class. And from her own social background muscled men were not to be found.

This boy Manoj seemed an exception. His body was brilliantly sculpted. Sheila’s pussy twitched to remind her that she had been interrupted while Sham was sucking on her. She felt the flames leaping up again; but they were far from uncontrolled.

“Guys, just leave,” said Sheila. “Sham, did you really want to share me with your friend when you could have had me just to yourself?” she asked.

“He threatened me,” blurted out Sham tearfully. That was the truth. The chat between the friends had started out as a journey of discovery. As Sham’s story unfolded, Manoj realized that this was an opportunity for him too. Sheila Aunty was just a woman in the neighborhood. There seemed no risk of getting into trouble with pimps and anti-socials or mobsters.

She was a good, homely housewife who was good for sex. caddebostan escort All the gymming had his hormones and activity levels at above normal levels. He had found himself to be in a permanently horny state. And his friend all soft with puppy fat had done the path breaking.

Sham had taken him to the rooftop and through binoculars shown him Sheila aunty. Manoj’s cock had throbbed against the ground below as he lay and watched Sheila. He had then threatened to tell Sham’s parents unless he took him along the next time.

“Well, all that won’t work with me,” asserted Sheila. “Just leave.”

Manoj’s cheeks felt hot. He was within a few feet of this sexy woman with wide hips, wide lips and a large bosom. She had just been splayed open a few minutes ago. So near yet so far! He stepped closer to Sheila.

“Come on, aunty! What I want is the same as what Sham had wanted on day one. And what I can do is the same as what Sham can do for you if not better!” he pleaded.

Even as Sheila continued to hold Sham’s head to her bosom though a bit listlessly Manoj grabbed her other hand and roughly pulled it to his crotch.

Sheila resisted but the young man’s muscles were for real. In his grip she found herself with no choice but to allow the back of her hand to graze against his raging hardon.

She let go of Sham’s head to be more forceful with Manoj. But it was he who was more forceful with her once he had both wrists in his hands. He pushed her back till she backed into the chest of drawers. As she leaned back he nuzzled her breasts and moved lower to her groin area.

Sheila tried to push his head away. He resisted.

“Sham, stop your friend,” yelped Sheila as Manoj ducked between her legs. He had just heard her urging Sham on to suck her. surely he could get her in that state quite quickly.

Sham watched in a daze as Manoj struggled with the hem of the nightie as he pulled it up. He kissed her thighs as they came into view. But with Sheila clenching her pussy in resistance he did not know how to proceed. He did not know how to reach her vale. In fact, he knew nothing of the female anatomy and how to get at it.

As Sheila struggled with his shoulders she realized that his young body was all steel. He was correct. He was quite a specimen of male hood. But it was not as if Sheila had gone looking or shopping. And doing anything more with this out-of-control situation was not very smart. And Sheila was certainly a very smart woman. She knew how to control her dalliances and did not do anything that suggested the lost of control.

Her thumbs ran on the top of his shoulders pressing on his hard flesh uselessly and Sheila realized she did not have the strength to stop him.

She slid along the drawers and moved away from him sideways. He was not ready for that. Sheila knew many such maneuvers which she had skillfully deployed on many occasions when she was the target of anyone’s unwanted attentions. All of these skills in her increased her desirability to the males in her circle. Many knew that she was available but only to those she wanted. And every one tried. But it was she, the queen who selected.

Manoj was not selected by her, so he was not to have her.

As she moved sideways she reached the bed. She scrambled onto the bed hoping to scramble out of the other side quickly. Usually a simple move like that which put space between her and the man ended his attempt. But today, she erred.

As she raised her feet onto the bed, she gave Manoj a full look at her ample ass from under the nightie. She had had to cross him with her feet over his head. The glimpse drove the youngster wild. He moved up and was hovering over her in an instant. As she pushed herself back across the bed, he shimmied up with her, continuing to hover over her.

“Come on, aunty!” he pleaded, reaching out for her shoulder and pushing her back. When she fell back her hair flowed around her head making her look ever more inviting. He now lay on her, clothes and all. The buckle of his belt dug into her tummy as he lay on her, crushing her under his weight. Finally, Sheila, curves and all, despite how wide her hips were was a small built proportionate woman. She felt the air knocked out of her.

She looked into his lust laden eyes. Suddenly she laughed an impish laugh.

She slapped his shoulder. Jestful flirtation was her next line of defense.

“Determined, are you?” she asked with a toss of her head.

He nodded. Her smile seemed like progress.

“Let me see how much,” she said, and wiggled a hand between themselves. Another ploy. Put space between you and the male by pretending to acquiesce. If he deserved it, hurt him in the softest part; she was contemplating that as Manoj raised his hips to let her hand between them.

The beginning of that defense was to grip the trunk of the cock. This was the part of the self-defense manual that most women found difficult to follow: grab the cock! But Sheila did not have such inhibitions. She reached and closed her hand around the male member. Her determination to hurt melted in the face of the proportions she encountered. She could not detect either the root of the cock or its head. Fascinated, she absent mindedly searched for the cockhead with her thumb.

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