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Lust at First Sight Bk. 01 Pt. 02

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Authors note:

Here it is. Part 2.
As I’ve said before, this story is big for me. I’ve wanted to write something like it for years now and I’m glad it’s getting some love.
As always, feedback and comments are welcome. I check daily to see what you guys think (sometimes multiple times a day)

Big thanks to Sam_otterdude for the edits. You’re a legend mate.

Peace out dudes. Stay safe and be nice to each other.


Chapter 6

I spent the next half hour at the barbecue grilling meats and observing the party as the guests who arrived in small groups. My sisters came by every now and again to keep me company and introduce me to some of their friends. I was quite bad with names and learning so many in such a short period was a sure-fire way for me to forget absolutely everything about them.

Emily spent the most time with me. She sat on the stone-topped bench behind me and we chatted about music, movies and books we enjoyed reading. I found out she was particularly fond of high-fantasy novels, and that her favourite animals were wolves.

Each of my sisters dropped a drink off to me when I was starting to run low, and I was beginning to suspect they were keeping an eye on me. Each time my brew was down to its last mouthful, one of my siblings would appear with a cold one and a smile. Erica flaunted herself as usual when it was her turn. She’d changed into a modest black two-piece bikini and had wrapped a thin shawl around her wide hips that danced with each step she took. Even though she’d covered her juicy ass with the thin material, it still hypnotized me each time she walked by, which seemed to be every five or so minutes.

Mel was the only one of my new siblings that skipped bringing me a beverage. She had changed into a black and white striped bikini after her shower, and now sat by the edge of the pool with a few other girls that I would have ogled openly any other day. They were all total babes, but they had nothing on the girls of the house.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of time to converse with Amanda as the party started to kick off. Like the dutiful host she was, she spent most of her time floating from one group of guests to the next. Chatting with people here, laughing with others over there. The joyful glint in her eyes and the flash of her smile made her impossible to look away from.

And her ass in those shorts. A man could die from old age staring at those taut cheeks.

Once I cleaned up the grill, I took the empty plates and utensils into the kitchen to clean them up. I wasn’t fond of scrubbing caked-on fat from the barbecue, so I set about the task of cleaning everything now.

The small cluster of people standing in the kitchen chatting moved to the kitchen counter when I approached, but one of the three guys gave me a friendly nod before turning back to the black-haired girl I suspected was his girlfriend. The three girls in the group all gave me an up-and-down look before turning back to the other guys, but nothing more.

The guests were about what I expected after meeting my siblings. There were more guys with long hair and shaved heads than girls with brightly coloured hair. I really didn’t stand out all that much in this crowd.

“Don’t they teach you how to party in England?”

Erica’s now familiar voice cut through the dull hum of conversation and background music coming from the living room. I turned to see my gorgeous half-sister saunter towards me with a tumbler in each hand. The two fingers of amber coloured liquid sloshed around in the glasses as she added what I guessed was an exaggerated sway to her hips. Not that I minded in the slightest.

“Work, then play,” I smiled.

“Well that’s no fun,” Erica pouted, then placed the whiskey tumblers on the counter beside the fridge.

“This will only take a few minutes, then it’s done,” I replied.

Erica didn’t reply as she opened the double door refrigerator and leaned inside. She bent at the waist, giving me a front row seat to her veiled behind. The shawl still hung from her hips and curtained her glorious butt like a magician’s cloak hiding secrets. I wanted to look, but I also didn’t want to spoil the magic.

After a dozen seconds passed—more than needed I was sure—she straightened with some ice cubes clutched in one hand. She dropped two cubes in each tumbler before bringing the fifth to her lips. I watched with rapt attention as she slid the cold block of frozen water along her full lips, licked it with her tongue, and trailed it down the side of her neck and over her chest.

“It’s so hot,” she said casually, as if she didn’t know what she was doing to me.

I turned back to the sink in an attempt to hide my growing erection, but I couldn’t help but look back at the seductress that was my sister. Her full lips glistened with moisture, and the trail of wetness down her neck and over her chest all but begged me to lap at it with hatay escort my tongue. Like it was a paint by numbers where my tongue was the brush, and my sibling the canvas.

I’d thought at first that the two drinks she brought over were for her and a friend, and that she was just grabbing some ice. So, I was shocked when Erica held one of the tumblers out to me.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“Just trying to make you have fun,” she smiled back.

I took a sip of the whiskey and could tell immediately that this wasn’t the cheap Jack Daniels we were drinking the night before. This tasted expensive, and I wondered why Erica would waste such a fine drop on me. Was she really into me? Or was she just flexing? Either way, I was going to enjoy the fuck out of this.

“Damn! That’s good whiskey,” I exclaimed.

“I’m glad you like it,” she smiled. “I figured we shared some common tastes.”

Her words left me wondering at her meaning. We’d enjoyed the same foods and booze so far, so that might be it. But I had a feeling she was referring to our little game we had been playing since I got here.

I openly ogled Erica’s body as I took another drink, and I saw her eyes drift down to my crotch. I was turned away from the others in the kitchen so they couldn’t see my bulge.

But Erica could.

The fire in her eyes was all the proof I needed. This wasn’t a game to my temptress of a sibling, she wanted me as bad as I wanted her. The only question was. Do I act upon it?

Erica had come across as the type of girl who didn’t chase anyone. She was intelligent and sexy. She could have any single guy at this party, and even most of the girls. I doubted she initiated much when it came to pursuing partners, preferring to have guys throw their dicks at her until she deemed them worthy of her attention. So that meant I had to make the difficult decision of fucking a member of my newly acquired family.


Emily all but ran into me as she threw her arms around my neck. The faint scent of beer and bourbon filled my nostrils as I breathed in, but it wasn’t an overpowering, nor an unpleasant smell. I enjoyed beer and bourbon after all. I hugged Emily back, very aware of my arousal situation. Emily leaned into me and I had to place my drink down and wrap both arms around her waist to keep us both from toppling over. There was no way she didn’t feel my dick pressing into her stomach.

“Nice to see you too,” I laughed. “I see you’re having fun.”

“Of course,” she smiled as we parted. “I love parties, and my big brother is here.”

“It’s a decent party,” Erica chimed in. “But our dear brother prefers dishes to having actual fun.”

Emily looked to her sister, then me, then down to the sink full of soapy water and cooking utensils. Then she scrunched up her cute nose and shook her head. “Nope.”

“It needs to be done,” I chuckled.

“Nope,” Emily repeated. “House rules state that no cleaning is to happen until the next day of a party.”

“I get the feeling you just made that up,” I laughed.

“She did,” Erica said. “But I’m going to enforce this rule.”

Before I could object any more, Emily began tugging on my hands in an attempt to drag me away from the kitchen. I let her lead me away, and I saw Erica follow after us with a whiskey tumbler clutched in each hand.

“Manda!” Emily called out a second later. “Nick’s trying to clean during the party!”

Amanda came running in from the backyard, a look of worry on her face from the volume at which Emily called her. But her face softened into a peasant smile before shifting into a playful stern expression.

“No way mister,” she said, crossing her arms. “This is your party after all.”

“I guess I’m out-numbered,” I sighed in defeat. “Just don’t make this a regular thing.”

“No promises,” Amanda smiled.

Emily quickly darted off to the living room and returned after turning the music up. A well-known song from a classic Australian rock n roll band kicked off, and next thing I knew I was being dragged into the living room by Emily, with Amanda pushing me along. Emily danced like no one was watching, and I smiled at my cute, dorky sister. I was never much of a dancer myself, and I quickly learnt that our bad dancing skills must have come from my father, because Amanda joined in. I was sure we all looked like complete idiots, but the grins on my siblings’ beautiful faces were worth anything.

Erica chose to take a seat and sip on her whiskey. I guessed her type of dancing was probably more like a serpent; meant to hypnotize men and get them aroused in a heartbeat. I was probably being overly critical of my most seductive sibling, but she hadn’t really given me much else to go on in the short time I’d known her. Although, when my eyes met hers at one point, I saw a much different girl. She was smiling, genuinely. Usually when she smiled it looked like a cat grinning over a crippled mouse she’d discovered–at least ığdır escort that’s how I felt sometimes. But this time I could see actual mirth and enjoyment in her sultry gaze. She had a cold, hard exterior, but I knew now that she loved her sisters, and seeing them happy made her happy.

I pondered on her need for protective walls and barriers for a minute or two, then pushed it aside. I lived with her now and had plenty of time to find the woman she really was beneath all her smoky eyeshadow and sultry looks. But I would find out, especially if anything intimate were to happen between us. She could get as hurt as the others if I fucked up.

“Hey babe.”

A tall blonde man stepped up to our small group and put his arm around Amanda. He was about my height, with long golden hair, piercing blue eyes and a clean-shaven face that looked to be a carbon copy of Fabio. His black tank-top drew attention to his lean arms. I sized him up immediately and guessed he could probably throw a decent punch, but I must have outweighed him by at least twenty kilograms.

“Craig!” Amanda hugged the man. “Glad you could make it.”

I felt an instant stab of jealousy as Amanda hugged the newcomer, but I squashed it immediately. She was a grown woman and allowed to see guys. She’d probably known him a hell of a lot longer than she knew me. It was silly to be jealous.

But I could tell straight away that she could do better than this guy.

“Craig, this is my brother Nick.” Amanda gestured to me.

“Hey man,” he said with a nod, then held his hand out. “It’s a pleasure. Amanda hasn’t shut up about you coming to visit.”

I took his hand and gave it a firm shake. His own grip was quite strong, so I wasn’t surprised at all when he didn’t flinch. “You too.”

I left it up to the Fabio lookalike to decipher the meaning of my reply, but he didn’t show any sign of insult. He actually didn’t show much expression, and I started to wonder if he wasn’t very bright. I had met guys like him before, and they usually just expected people to like them immediately since they were so pretty and ‘cool’.

“Hey Craig,” Emily waved, one arm still draped over my shoulder.

“Hey Em,” he greeted her. “Hey Erica.”

I glanced over my shoulder to see Erica taking a sip from her drink and giving Craig an off-handed, dismissive wave before turning her attention back to her phone, as if it was far more important. I got the feeling she didn’t like Amanda’s boyfriend, and I made a mental note to dig into why.

Two more people flanked Craig like henchmen from a bond movie. The one to his right was short, with a barrel-like chest, big arms, and a head of long, thick, jet-black hair. His beard was equally impressive as it reached half-way down his broad chest. He glanced around the party as if looking for someone, but he didn’t leave his friends’ side. The guy on Craig’s left could have been his younger brother, although the only resemblance was their height, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Where Craig was lean and muscular, this kid was all skin and bones. He also lacked the powerful jaw that the Fabio clone had and didn’t exude confidence like Craig did.

“This is Daniel and Paul,” Craig introduced the black-haired man, then the blonde.

“Nice to meet you guys,” I said with a casual wave.

Daniel offered me a friendly nod before returning to his room gazing. Paul looked me up and down, then let his eyes linger on Emily for much longer than I’d have liked. Emily squeezed me tighter and rested her head against my shoulder. I had a feeling she felt uncomfortable under Paul’s gaze, so I wrapped my arm around her waist, settling my hand on her hip. The gesture could have been taken the wrong way by almost anyone, but at the moment I couldn’t have care less. I just wanted to make sure my sister felt safe and comfortable. If Paul kept up with these looks at her all night, we were going to have to have a word.

“I’ll be back in a bit,” Daniel said to Craig, then quickly excused himself.

Craig’s eyes followed his friend as he carefully picked his way through the throngs of people. Daniel moved slowly and deliberately, like he was always mindful of others around him. A man of his build could easily push his way through almost anyone at this party, but he chose to take his time. That alone—and his friendly nod—made me like him far more than the other two he arrived with.

“Is he still chasing after Jen?” Amanda asked her boyfriend.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “One night together and he’s in love.”

“Poor guy,” Amanda sighed. “He deserves a nice girl.”

“Is Jen really that bad?” I asked Emily, quiet enough that no one else could hear over the music.

“Jen likes to keep her options open,” Emily replied.

“That’s a very polite way of saying she’s a slut,” I chuckled.

“Well…she is my best friend after all,” Emily grinned.


Out of nowhere, a girl collided with Emily with a massive hug. She ısparta escort was shorter than my sister and was petite in every way, except her rather perky breasts. Her long black hair was perfectly straight and contrasted strongly against her pale skin—which she was showing a great deal of. I took a half step back from my sibling as she and her friend hugged it out in a chorus of laughing, questions and speed-of-light conversation that sounded less intelligible than the background hum of the party guests.

Somewhere in their mix of chatter I picked up the name Jen. I assumed this was Emily’s fabled friend that was interested in meeting me—and the object of Daniel’s infatuation—and I had to say, I was quite eager to get to know her more.

She wore a pair of black sports shorts with white trim that covered her tight, round ass, while leaving her slender legs bare. The top she wore was equally as tiny. It—along with her bra—lifted and pressed her round, perky breasts together delightfully without covering an inch of her well-formed figure. Her stomach was flat and smooth with tight lines of definition around her stomach and along her hips. This girl obviously took great care of her body. Jen wore the customary winged eyeliner makeup of the goth girl with just enough eyeshadow to give her the seductive, smoky-eyed look.

Smoking hot body and make-up aside. Jen was incredibly pretty in her own way. This might be the best thing for me; someone to focus my attention on and get them off my siblings. If the way Jen was looking at me was any indicator on how she felt about me already, it wouldn’t be too difficult to persuade her to have a little fun.

“This is Nick,” Emily said, bringing my attention back to reality.

“Hello, Nick,” Jen said, taking a step closer to me. “I’m Jen. I’ve heard so much about you.”

“All good I hope,” I chuckled, letting my eyes roam her body once more.

“Of course,” Jen smirked, catching my wandering eyes.

We stood there for a moment when our eyes locked. Her dark blue orbs seemed to burn into mine with a fierce intensity filled with lust and desire. This was a woman who got what she wanted. She probably came from a rich or well-off family and had everything given to her. Her good looks had been a genetic lottery and she’d always had access to the best of the best when it came to beauty and fitness. I’d bet the remaining money in my bank account that she had a meal planner and a personal trainer. Although, with how amazing her body looked, I was okay with that.

The rest of the party was mostly spent with Emily and Jen. Erica dropped in and out regularly as she floated about the party talking to different groups. Each time she glided up to the three of us, she had a fresh drink in hand for me, along with a sly smile and wink when the other two weren’t looking.

Amanda had all but vanished for the night, but I did catch a glimpse of her from time to time, standing by Craig’s side as he spoke loudly with his hands and barely spared a glance for my sister. She looked a little bored, but not once did she leave his side except to grab him another drink. Mel was mostly absent, but I did see her lounging by the pool with a few of her friends when I went out the back for a smoke. She gave me a friendly smile which warmed my heart. I was a little worried about the guarded way she had received me yesterday and seeing her beautiful smile now put me at ease. She was just a little more reserved than her sisters. A lot more than Erica.

“So, Nick. Do you have a girlfriend?” Jen blurted out.

I had just taken a sip of my drink, and I half spluttered the strong liquor at her straight-to-the-point question. “No girlfriend.”

“How does such a handsome guy like you stay single?” she asked, placing a hand on my forearm and leaning in nice and close.

“Well I’ve only been in the country for a day,” I replied. “I’m not that good.”

“Lucky for me then,” Jen said softly.

Her hand had shifted from my arm to my thigh, an action that wasn’t lost on Emily, who was seated on the other side of me. She frowned at her friend but said nothing.

I originally thought that hooking up with Jen would be a great way for me to blow off some steam and hopefully get rid of these feelings towards my sisters. I’d only been in the hottie house for a day, and I was as horny as a teenager at a strip-club. A week of this and my balls might just explode. That or I’d do something I would regret later. However, that look on Emily’s face—that look of jealousy and disappointment—it hurt to see that.

After spending some time with both girls, it was easy to tell who dominated their friendship. While Emily was gorgeous, funny, sassy, and a joy to be around, Jen was sexy, confident, and had a far louder personality. She dominated the conversation, and everyone seemed to know the beautiful raven-haired babe. Almost every guy openly checked her out, and most of the girls she’d spoken to fawned over her for some reason. Emily was just the background friend.

And that really didn’t sit right with me.

Emily was probably accustomed to everyone wanting to be friends with Jen and not her. The guys going for Jen over her. Jen demanded a certain amount of attention be directed at her, and she was good at getting it.

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Alex and Nicki: Sleepy Siblings

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Big Tits

I was staying over at 19 year-old my sister, Nicki’s new one-bedroom flat overlooking the River Thames in London, and had come straight over after a nightmarish day at work in the City, nearby. I was 29 years old at the time, and my boss wanted me to resign as I cost too much for the small company I worked at; the younger staff all cost far less.

Nicki was being unhelpful, and nit-picking about all of the accounts that I was involved in and things I’d complained about in the past. This sort of passive aggression really wound me up, particularly as I knew the rather mercenary cause of it.

My sis and I had had a heavy night, drinking several beers in the bar downstairs, after which we came up and shared a half-bottle Jack Daniel’s on her small 4th-floor veranda. We talked late into the night, discussing a lot of family issues in depth, and trying not to annoy each other too much. I loved my sister, but her over-simplistic viewpoints got my back up sometimes. After the last drink we’d both realised we were very drunk and it was time to go to sleep.

The drawback of staying at Nicki’s place that night was that, because she’d just moved in, nothing had been unpacked yet, and you couldn’t really move because of all the stacked boxes. The only sleeping option was that we’d have to share her disappointingly small looking double bed. While it suited her perfectly well being all of 5 feet 4 inches tall, I’m 6 foot 2 and a little thick of frame!

Regardless, as we’d spent two years back in our early teens sharing a bed at the family home in Hertfordshire, and had managed not to kill each then so, I agreed that it should be okay just for one night, now.

When we got into the over-crowded bedroom, Nicki went into her small en-suite, switched on a lamp, stubbed her toe on a partially assembled Ikea bathroom cabinet, swore and hopped around the room grasping her foot for a bit (much to my amusement), and commenced her night-time ablutions. I couldn’t wait just to lie down and stop the room spinning, so I rapidly stripped to my boxer shorts and t-shirt and climbed into the small, comfortable bed.

As expected for a girl’s bed it was extra soft and smelled of spring flowers and talcum powder. I could hear Nicki brushing her teeth in her en-suite, to the sound of running water. I felt safe; looked after, just like I always had all those years ago, asleep in my bed as a child at home. I finally started to relax, with the warmth of the whisky from earlier still tingling my throat and stomach. I felt sleepy.

I heard Nicki spitting out her toothpaste and gargling mouthwash as I was starting to drift off to sleep. She finished and I heard her turn off the lamp in the en-suite. Seeing me almost asleep, she quietly negotiated her way across the obstacle-strewn room to the other side of the bed. She quickly slipped into her nighty too, and landed slightly heavily, drunk, next to me. The last thing I heard was a whispered “Awwww…” as she probably saw me in the very early stages of sleep. I remember her shuffling about under the duvet as she made herself comfortable, switching off the light before curling up facing away from me.

I had a terrible dream! In it, I was running anxiously this way and that through empty corridors in my office building, looking for a faceless colleague who could help me with some unknown predicament. My panic level rose as I entered this office and that, looking for someone to help with a big problem that I didn’t know the answer to. I woke up feeling as if I was falling, and glanced anxiously around the small dark room. There was a dim light from the veranda windows, coming from floodlights of the river promenade down below. The makeshift curtains I’d helped sis put up earlier before the bar trip didn’t quick reach across the whole window.

Nicki had migrated towards the centre of the bed and her warm cotton-clad body was pressed up against me. Being single, I wasn’t used to sharing a bed, and soon realised a slight problem. As usual I’d woken up with a hard on. Not normally a problem, but tonight it in slight contact with my sister’s knicker-clad bum. Still very groggy, I was slightly aware that it actually felt quite nice. I knew though that it would soon go away if I just ignored it. I drifted back into a still-drunken slumber.

My sister was snoring very slightly when I woke up again, about 45 minutes later. This had the potential of being a very poor night’s sleep! I sighed the deep sigh of the drunk, sleepy person, breathing in the pleasant perfume emanating from my sister. “How do girls MAKE that gorgeous smell?” I wondered to myself as I drifted back into another light sleep.

Sure enough, an hour later I woke again, and realised that Nicki had progressed further over to my side of the bed, this time sliding one of her soft legs backwards over mine. Again I noted the spicy, musky perfume coming off her limp, warm, sleeping body, and again her warm bum fully slotted in against my own. We were now fully spooning. I escort bursa smiled in my sleepy state. Actually it was very nice having an attractive, vivacious young woman asleep against me once again. I’d missed this sort of physical contact. I slid my arm under hers and across her chest in a hug, and went back to sleep, breathing in the pleasant aroma of her hair.

“Dammit!” I thought when I woke up once again, another hour later. I’d have to be getting up for work in 3 hours and I still felt exhausted. I opened my eyes to look at the clock and realised I was way too hot. I slid the duvet off my torso, thereby removing it from most of my sister, who was now clasping my hand against her cheek as she slept. Her light cotton nightdress had ridden up her body a little. In the pale light I could see the rounded curve of her panty-clad bum.

“Actually she looks quite sexy like that” I thought in my drunken state. “Wait…what the fuck?…Don’t think THAT again, please”, I told myself. With another boner though, I couldn’t quite let go of the thought, and after a short time I felt inquisitive. I slid the duvet further down to reveal her upper legs too. “Yes definitely sexy!”

Her upper leg was wound between my lower thighs now, that hard on wasn’t going away! It was now in full contact with her cotton panties, which had somehow ridden up to reveal most of her visible buttock. I felt a stretch coming on and decided to let it happen. My body straightened and I breathed a deep sigh, feeling my cock slide pleasingly against the smooth flesh of Nicki’s soft, well-muscled arse cheek. As this happened she stirred slightly, muttering something unintelligible under her breath and pulling my hand up to her mouth to kiss it.

Two of my fingers were in contact with her warm, moist lips, and I could feel her heavy breaths on my fingertips as she fell easily back into deep sleep. The familiar stir of sexual arousal flashed through my mind, as I suddenly became aware of every single nerve ending in my now throbbing cock. I shifted slightly, and once again felt a shiver of tingles as it slid nicely across her arse, this time landing in the deep, soft crack between her buttocks. I moved my fingers very slightly and they went a tiny way past her lips, just on the edge of her lower teeth, contacting her wet, hot tongue. The moisture there seemed to awaken some primal urge in me, as my cock grew impossibly hard. What was I doing?!

I re-considered my position. Perhaps if I shifted back slightly, I’d be able to calm back down and go to sleep. I gently shifted my bum back away from her, removing my cock from that dark furrow. As I did though, Nicki stirred again, sighed, and slid backwards into me again, with the result that my cock burrowed even deeper into her. It was now held fairly firmly between the backs of her upper thighs. She moved her arm now, back from my hand that was intruding into her mouth, and across my arm that extending round her. Doing so, she unconsciously moved my hand slightly further round to her face.

I was still groggy, but was now fully awake and intensely turned on. I moved my index finger a little further into her mouth, now in full contact with her tongue. To my utter amazement she closed her lips around it and suckled on it lightly, as a baby would. Unable to resist the urge any longer, I push my hips forward into a little, marvelling at the pleasure of slight friction her heavy, sleeping arse-cheeks and upper thighs had on the tip of my cock. I wanted more, and, still drunk, no longer cared if this was so very wrong. I straightened my back, pushing slowly but more firmly against her. Now the shaft of my cock could feel the heat and pressure in amongst her supple flesh. I did this a few times, still in rapture at the feeling of her now-moist lips gently suckling my finger, which was now up to the second knuckle in her mouth.

Nicki let out a quiet, muted groan as I continued the gentle, barely discernible pumping action of my hips against her arse. “God this is driving me crazy!” What am I going to do now?”, I thought. There was no way I’d be able to sleep now, without somehow bringing myself off, but that seemed so wrong, and very risky. In the back of my mind I felt super guilty. The feelings I was now experiencing in my gut were irrepressible though, and my mouth watered at how fucking perverted this was. Anyway, my sister seemed to be enjoying it.

I made a decision. I continued rocking against her I removed my now slippery, wet fingers from her mouth and passed them slowly downwards, over the cotton of her night-dress to where it had ridden up over her tummy. I luxuriated in the silky feeling of her soft skin when I reached the raised hemline, passing underneath it and up again, finally reaching her tits. I caressed the firm bulbous form of one of my sister’s breasts, and was pleased when I passed my palm over the plump, form handful to feel a rock-hard nipple. Even if her mind wasn’t conscious, her body was definitely registering bursa merkez eskort this! I continued caressing her breast, passing my hand over her tight cleavage. I moved my hand lower, back across her stomach, and lightly skimming over her smooth flash down to her navel.

I considered briefly whether I dare go further down, knowing full well what this would mean. A caress and some rubbing and hip movement could easily be put down to an embarrassing drunken mistake, but if I went any further, we were into potential lifelong relationship-changing territory. I lay there a few seconds, my hot cock rhythmically pushing between her upper legs as my hand meandered across her flat navel. I decided I couldn’t just leave it here – I’d remember this forever, and would probably curse myself in future for not seeing how much further things could go.

I turned my hand so that my fingers lay flat and pointed downwards towards her knickers. In her position, with her upper leg extended backwards over my thigh, my fingertips gained easy access underneath the elastic tops of the little cotton panties. My cock throbbed even more as they passed over tantalising initial stubble and I breathed in sharply as I touch her soft pubic mound. As I advanced my hand I was again delighted to see how turned on her body was, as soon enough my fingers met with her soaking slit. I daren’t push too hard so I played my fingers as lightly as possible back and forth over her clit.

I realised at this point that if she woke up to find me with my hand stuck down the front of her panties, there would be no explanation other than me pretending to drunk and asleep. A weak defence! My sister unconsciously allayed my fears a little though, by groaning softly in her sleep, and in the dim light she muttered something inaudibly as a smile now played across her beautiful lips. As I continued to play with her slick pussy and now pushed my stiff cock slightly more firmly into her partially clothed body, she gave a deep sigh and another, more distinct moan.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was burning to come on or inside her. To come, period! My mouth watered as I breathe in her musky, sexual scent, and I push my face closer to her extended neck to kiss it lightly. I moved my hand round to the back of her panties and started sliding them down across her fabulous buttocks. As gently as I could I pulled them down at the back, then the front, then the back again, so that I could now put my desperate cock in full contact with her hot flesh. The first touch was like electricity and I nearly came instantly, but I held back, not wanting this to stop just yet.

I licked the fingers of my free hand, which was now soaking with her delicious pussy juices, and passed it across the curve of her young body to where my cock was rubbing against her arse. I passed two down the crack of her arse, exploring between those two glorious, firm globes, further and further down until I felt the rough pucker of her arsehole. I paused, wondering if I could…reaching a decision I put my fingers fully in my watering mouth and lubricated them as much as possible. Spreading her cheeks with two fingers, I circled her rosebud with a wet middle finger, and pushed ever so gently inwards. The small ring of muscle yielded to my digit with little resistance.

My finger slid easily up to the first knuckle. The thought of what I was doing mixed with the sweet scent from my sister’s neck made my cock iron-hard. I kissed and nuzzled her neck more bravely, tempted now to turn her face towards me and kiss her mouth. As I wriggled my finger into her a little deeper she let out a throaty groan.

She turned her face towards me and I ventured a light kiss on her mouth. In her sleep she responded slightly, so I stuck my tongue a little way in. She kissed me back slightly, and moaned again, into my mouth as I slipped a second finger into her loosening arsehole. With my free hand underneath her I kneaded her breast, playing over her still rock-hard nipple while I pumped my two fingers more and more easily in and out of her bowels.

In the dim light I saw her eyelids flicker slightly then open to narrow sleepy slits. I suddenly stopped my movements, hoping she wouldn’t wake with shock and leap from the bed in disgust. As I lay there like a statue, unmoving, her pelvis continued slow, rhythmic movements back and forth on my hand, making my slick fingers penetrate deeper and deeper into her tight hole. As I looked deep into her sleepy, half open eyes with awe, I realised my sister was now willingly fucking my hand with her wide open arse.

Overcome with lust at the thought that my sister was this perverted, I kissed her more deeply, and let out an audible, lusty moan – a low, animal sound, teasing my lips with it’s vibration. She quickened the pace of her movements as I slipped a third finger to meet with her widening bumhole. She opened her eyes fully now, pulling her face away and grasping the back of my bursa sınırsız escort neck to look at me fully, a wary look of wanton lust on her face…

“Yes…she whispered…do it! More!!”

I couldn’t have been happier or more relieved, or more excited. My beautiful, clever, funny sister who I loved a great deal, begging me to pump three of my thick fingers into her most intimate hole.

I obliged, slipping in a slick third finger into her arse.

“Goddd…yess!!” She grunted, pumping harder onto my hand, my grateful palm cupping her firm bum cheek each time she pushed back to let my probing fingers deeper and deeper into her insides.

My cock was now aching to get in there, but I was hesitant to take my hand away from her bum in case she came to her senses and realised how sick and incestuous this was. She must have sensed this or seen a flicker of doubt cross my face, as she grasped my neck and pulled me in close.

“I know this is so wrong Alex, but I want you to fuck my arse so bad…d…do you want to? Will you?”, she stammered between gasps.

“Fuck yeah, sis!” I replied…”I just didn’t want to take things too far…I love you more than anything, but if you’re okay with it…”, I whispered breathily between pants of lust.

“God yeah! Put your cock in me…fuck it, it’s only sex! I reeeeeeally need this and it just feels soooo fucking amazing…pleeease…fuck me in the arse, split me in two…do it as hard as you can!”

I kissed her so hard…my tongue stabbing deep into her throat as she groaned and met my kisses with equal force…and seemingly equal lust.

I slowly pulled my fingers out of her, with her letting out a small gasp as my last digit exited her back passage. I flipped her over onto her front, grabbing a pillow and quickly shoving it under her soaking pussy, to present the most wonderful sight – her beautiful toned buttocks, glowing with perspiration in the dim light, her arsehole opening and closing in expectation as I lined up my rigid, desperate cock ready to enter her.

Sliding my lower half up towards her, my cock grazed against and marble-smooth insides of her thighs and touched her soaking pussy. I couldn’t help myself, just dipping easily into her white-hot cunt, getting slathered with her juice. She flicked her head up with a loud moan as I pumped once, twice, three times into her. Her hair giving off the scent of coconut oil and that beautiful, sweet body odour.

Placing my hands on the back of her shoulders, pushing her into the bed, I brought my cock out of her and placed it on her now-lubricated back entrance, rubbing it up and down her rear crack. It felt so amazing and intense, the full expectation of what I was about to do, my sister gasping and raising her arse up, relaxing her bum cheeks, and contracting them to grip my cock as it slid over her rosebud.

I pushed slightly, feeling the intense heat of her insides as the tip of my cock passed the muscular ring of her arsehole. The heat down there was so intense, and I could feel her gripping my cock to feel every ripple as I pushed slowly, further and further into her.

I laid my boy weight fully onto her upper boy, kissing the back of her smooth neck and passing my hand over the front of her throat, gripping slightly as I pushed all the way into her. She let out a low, lusty growl; “Fuck meeee that feels good!” she gasped, “Go on…push it in…further, harder”.

I brought a hand up beneath her to massage her tits as I breathed fervent, jagged breaths, trying har not to let myself go over the edge too soon so we could both enjoy this incredible, perverted feeling for as long as possible. Suddenly I was pumping in and out of her arsehole fast and hard, egged on by her cries and growls, gripping her throat, with a feeling of complete domination magnified by my sister’s snatched lustful glances at me over her shoulders, encouraging me to do more…even more!”

“Play with my clit as you fuck my arse!”, “yes…that’s it oh…ffffffffffuck yeah!”

I was pumping so hard into her right now, pushing my rigid cock into my sister down to the root, rubbing her swollen, juiced up clit frantically as her moans became louder and louder, the tip of my cock seeming to reach even further and hotter recesses of her bowels with each thrust.

“Oh Go I’m cumming…I want you cum deep inside me…go in as deep as you can go…go on Alex, fuck my arse hard and fill me up!”

As I increased my pace even further I felt my orgasm approaching…gripping her throat and pulling her head back so I look her deep in her gorgeous, lust-filled eyes I let out a low cry as every fibre in my body tensed and I shot out the biggest load of cum deep inside her anus. Nicki screamed with ecstasy as a massive wave of climax undulated her hips, her arms flailing and fingers grasping uncontrollably at the bed-clothes as wave after wave of ecstasy pulsed through her.

Panting with delight and exertion I my upper body collapsed down on top of her as she still jerked involuntarily from her continuing orgasm, breathing into the bedclothes.

Now totally spent, we both turned to look each other deep in the eyes, and I shifted to gently kiss her wonderful lips. It was a kiss full of intensity and utter longing as we breathed other in.

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