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3rd Party Fun

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I felt the lash of air smack me in the face as he slammed the front door. There we go again fighting over the petty matters of life. Despite the argument, I could feel the love for him searing in my veins albeit beneath the aftermath of the anger still boiling my blood. Zachary, my boyfriend of five years, had gotten home from work after a long week of training the newest cohort at his tech support job. I was also stressed dealing with a cumbersome load of the latest Stanfort family drama. It all started when I returned home on a late Friday evening, I heard the t.v. so I went to the living room to give my baby a kiss; I had been missing him all day.

He was looking so sexy still in his work clothes lounging on the couch with a drink in his hand. He must have had a corporate visit at his work today because he was dressed in his sleek black slacks that always hung perfectly off his hips over his shapely ass and a gray striped dress shirt with black tie. He had that handsome five o’clock shadow stubble coating his face and his dark hair was out of sorts. His light green eyes looked lazily up and me and he smiled. His legs were slightly parted so I took advantage and sat on top of him rubbing my backside against his crotch. He turned my head to kiss me, his kiss was passionate with a need that matched my own. His tongue slipped in between my lips and invaded my mouth; he tasted so amazing I turned so I could wrap my hands around his neck pulling him closer to me, needing him to be closer. I was moaning into his mouth as his hands grabbed my ass and pushed me down to feel his bulge growing firm and large under his pants.

“I need you in me,” I whispered. After the week we had I knew some ravaging sex would be the perfect cure to destress us. His fingers started working their way under my shirt caressing my stomach and ascending to the curve of my breast. None too soon his phone started ringing that hideously annoying tune, “Work calling, work work work .” He groaned and not in the happy way getting up to grab his phone. That moment I could imagine no better penance than grabbing his shot-gun and shooting that annoying- ass phone to smatterings. His phone had been ringing off the hook all week long. No matter the time, place, or person, he would answer it; he was determined to get promoted to lead manager and be done with this training b.s. Put-off and hormonal I regretfully pulled myself off him and went to the kitchen in search of food. If mama can’t feed one hunger she sure as hell will feed the other. We were going on two weeks no sex… too long for any young, hot, sexually pent-up couple.

I walked into the kitchen and was immediately hampered by the stack of dishes piling over the kitchen counters. Hangry I ignored the rumblings of my stomach and began tackling the dishes. Twenty minutes later Zach walked into the kitchen looking equally as frustrated as I felt. Not letting him get a word in I started off on any and everything that had been bothering me whether it was his fault or not; the dishes, the long hours at work, no time for each other. He then barked back about me not giving him a chance to relax, nagging him, not appreciating what he was trying to do at work. Then it was my turn to lash out how he doesn’t appreciate everything I do around the house. Eventually as deeds usually progress with stressed-out, sexually frustrated, hungry individuals, we said things we didn’t mean and accomplished nothing. Finally, Zach yelled he couldn’t take it anymore and stormed out.

Now here we were…Really this all could have been avoided if he turned off that damn phone so we could fuck our brains out and let out our sexual tension.

I still could feel the ache deep in my core for him. He’s such a damn good kisser if he would have just kissed me to shut me up I would forgive all wrongdoings. I hate fighting with him. I send a quick text apologizing for my emotional explosion on him and saying it wasn’t fair and I love him.

I take a quick rinse off and feeling scandalous I put on my garters but no underwear… five inch black stilettos, and a red strapless, clingy dress. I had to practically wipe the dust off these articles olgun porno which were all bought many months ago and never worn. Zach and I frequently talk about many fantasies and naughty adventures we want to partake in but as usual, life happens and we do not get around to accomplishing any of our dirty to do’s. Finishing up my make-up and running a curler through my brown locks I take a final glance in the mirror. My cheeks are flushed and I have a dark sparkle in my large brown eyes which looks endearing and new. Satisfied, I take off and drive downtown to Zach and mine’s favorite bar, Elevations. Back in the day I was a cocktail waitress here and the lovely manager still gives me my employee discount on drinks and food. It’s techno/club night and I am ready to dance the night away, yes by myself.

I walk in to the blare of the bass, I greet the bouncer by name, he’s been working here since it opened.

“Looking like you’re out for trouble, Denise,” Charles says taking my hand for a gentleman’s kiss.

“Oh, I just might be Charlie,” he doesn’t usually let people call him that but I’ve always been on his good side. He gives me a wink,

“Go get ’em, tiger.” I laugh and walk straight to the bar. Arnold, the bartender waves at me.

“What we having tonight, Sugar,” he says with his thick Southern drawl.

“Feeling like I need a little extra loving, how bout a long island and a shot of patron.”

“You puke on it, you buy it,” Arnold replies making me laugh. He’s seen me at my drunkest moments, never have I once vomited, and I sure don’t plan on it tonight. He hands me my drink and, to my surprise, lines up a shot of patron for himself.

“I love when we join forces,” I joke clinking glasses with him and shooting down that hot liquid. It immediately warms its way down my insides and I am again reminded of my womanly needs pulsing inside me. My blood is most definitely not nourishing my brain tonight.

Enjoying my immediate buzz, I make myself comfortable at the bar. I’m careful as I fold my legs over each other, not used to wearing this short of a dress. I glance across the bar and almost fall off my stool as I meet eyes with Zach. His smoldering gaze instantly increases my temperature. Thankfully he does not look angry, in fact he is looking as lustful as I feel. My phone dings, I take it out of my billfold, it’s a text from Zach.

“You look incredibly fuckable. I’m also sorry. Friends?” I smile reading his text and respond with a blowing-kiss emoji. I look back at him and mouth, “I love you.” And then discreetly push my tongue against my cheek in the blow-job gesture while raising my eyebrow suggestively. He laughs and startled again I almost fall off my chair as a warm hand caresses my naked shoulder.

“I am sorry young lady but you are far too gorgeous to be sitting here alone. May I buy you a drink.” I turn to my assailant about ready to bark him off seeing as I just made up with my boyfriend. I am caught off guard when I look into this strange man’s ocean blue eyes. He has the unique quality of being strikingly handsome and appearing harmless. I am immediately aware that I am not wearing any underwear. I quickly look back at Zach who is staring at us intently, he smiles at me and gives me a wink. I am briefly reminded of one of our old fantasies involving a threesome, where I am the only girl.

“I am sorry you completely startled me. I suppose a drink does sound nice,” I respond.

“Awesome, I thought for sure you were coming up with the perfect excuse to have me run off and leave you alone.”

I smile, “Well you weren’t completely wrong but I guess I’m feeling a little daring tonight.” I look again at Zach and the look in his eye is mesmerizing, it’s the same look he gives me before he pounds me with his cock.

“Lucky for me. I’m Justin by the way. What’s your name?”

“Destiny, it’s nice to meet you.” Yes, that’s right, I just gave him a fake name, not sure why… maybe this alcohol is getting the best of me with an empty stomach. He reaches out and shakes my hand, his hand is so warm and big enveloping mine in that masculine porno way that makes me think of dark, bedroom-like places. He stands so close I can feel the heat radiating off his body, my pussy is overtly aware of his closeness, I almost feel the need to pull back but we are in an overly crowded bar.

My phone dings again, I glance down and it’s from Zack, “Make this fantasy real tonight, Baby. Do it.” His words both shock me and make me instantly turned on. As usual, Zach and I are on the same wavelength. With that boost of confidence, I turn my attention back to this handsome stranger. He is tall with broad shoulder and his defined chest sticks out under his shirt. He’s got curly blonde hair that would be just long enough to pull on.

Justin and I take a couple of shots as we chat about life, bars, fitness classes. Justin is pretty charming and I can’t help but notice every time he slyly touches me; my shoulder, my back, my leg. Every once in a while I’ll brush up against his arm and feel his muscles rippling under his shirt. All the while I am ever aware of Zach and his intensity, he’s biting his lip or shuffling in his chair. I am making him incredibly horny and it’s setting me on fire.

“Man I love this song; would you care to dance.” “How deep is you love” plays on the system, I too love this song. I nod excitingly jumping out of my chair. I waver on my five-inch heels. Justin places his hands on either side of my waist steadying me. I feel jolts of electricity from each of his fingertips shooting their way through my body heating my core and making me squeeze my legs together as my clit starts to throb.

“Easy there lovely, I’ll get you there safely,” He jokes and grabs my hand leading me through the mounds of sweat-stricken flesh that crowd the stage. We find a decent spot close to the bar and I immediately start moving to the beat. Justin spins me in a circle, one hand on mine the other trailing my waist. He reels me back in to face him so we are inches apart; our lips a breath apart from each other. I lift my arms up over his head and slide them down to his shoulders, then chest, then waist. I lower my body against him until my ass is against my heels then I slowly slither my body back up to him, making every part of my body rub against every part of his.

He grabs my waist a little tighter and pushes me harder against him. I look into his blue eyes which are now dark and hooded. He leans in as if to kiss me, nervous I whip my hair and my head to the side exposing my neck to him. He continues his descent; his lips find my shoulder and he leaves a trail of wet kisses all the way up my neck. He licks my earlobe and bites the soft part of my ear. I let out an almost inaudible moan. Apparently he hears it and groans in my ear in response.

“God you are beautiful,” he breathes into my ear sending chills all the way to my toes. I look back up at him and bite my lip, my inhibitions completely gone with that last shot of tequila and Zach’s text still in the back of my mind. Justin takes his hand against the back of my head and pulls me up to reach him. His lips are soft, wet, and luscious and he grabs my hair a little tighter as he deepens the kiss. I move my tongue against his and nibble his bottom lip. His other hand trails down my back until he’s gripping my ass. He squeezes it almost to the point of pain and then pulls me close as he thrusts his groin against me so I can feel his rather large hard-on.

I pull back for air overwhelmed by the intensity of my reaction to this strange man. I can feel the heat between my legs and the wetness moistening my inner thighs. If there weren’t hundreds of people around here I’d be primed and ready to jump this guy.

I turn around facing my back to him so I can pull myself together. I continue to dance against him and feel his erection against my ass. I look up and see Zack standing against a beam a few feet away. He blows a kiss to me and my eyes follow his hand as he brings it down to his crotch and squeezes it. It’s too dark to see but I know he’s every bit as hard as this guy grinding behind me. I smile at him and following his move I bring my hands Porno 64 up to my breasts cupping the sides of them, I move my hands downward watching him watch me. I caress my waist and move downward to the seams of my red dress which has already ridden up so the lace of my black garter is showing. I finger the inseam and ride it up even higher. Not caring who else is watching I move the dress up further until my nakedness is exposed to the room. I can see his mouth drop and he moves his hand up and down his erection. I slide my fingers over to caress my outer lips.

My clit is throbbing for touch. I lean my head back against Justin’s shoulder as I start to rub my clit. Justin moves his hands from my waist and starts kneading my breasts with his enormous hands. I can feel my tits coming loose from the confines of my bra until one nipple escapes its prison. Justin rubs my nipple in between his finger and thumb making it stand hard and shooting waves of pleasure directly down to my core. I moan again and his mouth finds my neck and he starts sucking it hard.

“God I can’t control myself with you,” he says. My legs start to tremble as I feel the ecstasy growing inside me. Justin sees my fingers moving against my pussy. “Holy shit,” he remarks, “I believe that’s my job.” His left hand continues to roll my nipple and his other hand covers my own. He feels my wetness and groans loudly. He moves his middle finger which is so long it finds my opening. He pulses his finger in and out of me to the beat of the music.

“Mind if I join?” My head jolts up and I see Zach right in front of me. I can feel Justin stiffen behind me, startled as well.

“I would love that,” I say before Justin has a chance to register what’s going on. Zach grabs my hand and shoves it to his cock. I start rubbing it firmly and ache on the inside as Justin continues to finger me. Zach begins to molest my mouth with his sexy lips. He’s sucking my tongue and biting my lip. Every nerve-ending I have is on fire with all these sensations. I take my other hand behind me and start massaging Justin’s dick. I want more, I need more. I unzip Zach’s pants and grab his raging hard on and stroke it faster.

“I’m going to cum,” Zach says and that alone nearly brings me to my knees. Zach quickly pushes my hand away, pulls up his zipper and whispers to me, “I need to cum in you.” He grabs my hand and before I even register what’s going on he is pulling me through the crowd and to the back of the bar. It’s the employee-only section and is much more quiet. He brings me in front of the supply closet. “Do you remember the code?” Nice thinking, Baby.

“Of course, but I doubt they still have the same code,” I say as my trembling fingers reach for the buttons. I finish and see the glowing green light and the door clicks. “Thank goodness!” I laugh excitedly and Zach pushes me inside before anyone can see.

“Poor guy doesn’t know what he’s going to be missing.” Zach turns me around, unzips my dress, and pulls it off me, he then disposes of my bra. My nipples are still hard and overly sensitive. He grabs my tits and starts sucking on my nipple. I nearly implode. I start unbuttoning his shirt and go for his pants which are still pretty much unfastened. I grab his dick and start stroking up and down. He reaches down for my pussy and finds it dripping down my legs. “Oh Baby, that’s my naughty, sexy lady.”

“I want you now!” I exclaim not being able to stand this torment much longer.

“As you wish.” His strong arms grab my ass and hoist me up. I direct his throbbing penis to my opening. He pushes his head in and I cry out. I push my pelvis down slowly, five years with this man and I still have to allow myself to adjust to his impressive length. Not having the same patience Zach slams me down all the way to the hilt and back out. He continues this incessant pounding and I’m climbing to the edge. He uses the wall to support me and brings his free hand over to rub my clit. I feel the waves or the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had crash into me one after the other. My pussy tightens and clenches against his hard dick and Zach finds his release in me. His dick pulses as he empties every last bit of cum deep in me. Exhausted and happily sated he sets me down and I kiss him.

“How’s that for make-up sex?” I joke. Zach laughs and brushes my hair out of my face.

“This isn’t over yet,” he says, “Now let’s go find your friend.”

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