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Dirty Thoughts Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: Recently, I have discovered choke play. He introduced me to the idea, and asked if we could, and I agreed. Here are my thoughts about it…I hope you enjoy a new twist in the dark pathway of my DirtyThoughts.


In my humble opinion, there is something to be said about the raw thrill of doing something that others might consider… dangerous. While I usually live life pretty risk-free… there are times that I like to be a bit wild; a lot of that seems to manifest itself in my sex-driven thoughts. So when he asked me to try choking, I agreed wholeheartedly. I was excited to try it, I wasn’t disappointed, and I will continue to do it.

It makes me feel like I feel when I get to the top of the biggest hill on a roller coaster; I think to myself, ‘Why the hell did I do this?’, and then I plummet, and experience a rush that is out of my control – my body reacts, it has no choice. My body fights itself in fear, but then once it’s happening, it feels divine.

Sometimes I ask him to choke me, but more often he just suddenly Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort grabs me, and starts cutting off my air. I thought it was fun to be choked while getting fucked from behind, or while straddling his lap, though usually he is on top of me.

I’m always surprised when I can no longer pull enough air into my lungs. Immediately after comes fleeting panic, my hands always come up to pull against his straining forearms; I don’t tell them to, they just do it on their own. My fingertips uselessly tap and grip at him, and even though I can’t draw a full breath, I am by no means silent.

Usually, his cock is shoved up inside me, and I’m moaning, gagging, coughing, screaming, crying because I truly cannot draw enough breath; and that is scary. It’s frightening, but it is also exhilarating. As I said before, it’s like I’m looking down that first, almost vertical decline of a roller coaster. I’m trapped, locked in by straps, no where to go but into a headlong dive. I have no way out but through it, but it doesn’t stop Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort the natural reaction of fear.

I’m not aware of whether or not his cock is fucking me, or just shoved deep. I’m usually not aware of what he’s saying, if anything. There is no knowledge of my hips moving against him, nor am I fully aware of my own body. I’m only aware of his hands cutting off my air, and the weight of his body on top of mine. The knowledge that nothing I can do will be able to overpower him.

When he does finally release me, I immediately start gasping in great shuddery breaths, and gag and choke, coughing on and rejecting the very air I’m trying so desperately for. I usually cry out, multiple times, because it’s painful and exhilarating; I can’t help but yell out.

I’m dizzy even though I’m laying down, although now I’m very aware of the way my cunt has his dick like it’s a vice. It’s nothing that I’m trying to do, the muscles in my pussy are doing it all on their own. All of my focus is in my cunt, full, aching, Ümraniye İranlı Escort yearning, strong; my skin tingles over my womb, and under the surface, my vagina is full, swollen, and gripping intensely around his shaft.

If he rams it into me, I like it nice and deep. I want to feel him in my cervix, hard, filling me to the point of pain. Usually that, combined with the lightheadedness, pushes me over the edge. I come, but it’s hard, fast, and almost like rapid gunfire. Each contraction – if there are multiple ones – are almost painful, because they were ripped from me.

I think my favorite time was one of the first, when he let go of me, and I started whooping in air and crying and gripping his cock like my life depended on it. I’m not sure I remember if he said anything, maybe something like, “Fuck, I’m gonna come”. Either way, he couldn’t help but jack knife into me and come. I still smile to think of my pussy forcing him to ejaculate. My cunt, sucking at him and squeezing around his dick until he couldn’t take it anymore. I like doing that… Making him come is my absolute favorite. I smile every time I think about it.

But I digress into memories; when I come It’s like my whole body is melting around this cock, and when I finally calm enough to quiet down, I’m exhausted, dazed, unable to form coherent thoughts or words. It’s a lovely feeling.

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