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Wanda in Danger

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This takes place out of time. It is meant to be read during the Chi-Town Trilogy.


Julie started out on bad terms with his partner Duane. They had been ring rivals before they teamed up to track down bail skips for Springer’s Bail Bonds. Duane had planned on adding Julie to his win record. His manager thought having Julio Duran the son of former famous fighter Ceasar Duran on his resume would be a boost up to the next level of paydays in the light-heavyweight division. Instead, Duane had outboxed Julie but had fallen victim to Julie’s crushing punching power when he had gotten distracted by Julie’s wife Wanda.

They had been teamed up as partners in the bounty hunter business as a publicity stunt by a promoter who hoped to capitalize on a rematch before feeding the winner to just released from prison former champion Demetrius Green who was also signed with the promoter. Julie had derailed those plans by beating Green into retirement in a street fight.

In a twist of fate, Duane ended up being a really good bounty hunter. While Julie didn’t always appreciate it, Duane’s Texas attitude was perfect for conveying a sense of authority when taking a bail skip into custody.

Julie had come to trust Duane as much as he could trust anyone. Duane had his back in some of the roughest neighborhoods in the country. Duane would chase black thugs through gang turf at two in the morning and zip-tie up a runner like a hog if that was what it took to bring a skip into court.

The guy they were looking for now, Jimmy Reyez, was a known murphy artist. It was a scam where a hooker would get a guy into her motel room and then her partner would enter the room and rob the customer/John. The girl Reyez was working with now was eighteen but looked younger. They would pretend to be living at the motel and Reyez would be returning from work to find his underage daughter turning tricks in their motel room.

The John would just want to get out of the room and would happily give up his wallet and never breath a word of the robbery to the cops. It was a pretty sweet set up until one victim was found to have cut a fifty in two and taped the halves to one-dollar bills to make it look like he had a hundred bucks. Reyez was forced to slash the guy’s buttocks with a utility knife. The victim hadn’t been in touch with the prosecutor’s office since Reyez’s arrest and was probably going to pull a no show in court essentially killing the case against Reyez. Reyez still skipped his court date forcing Springer to send Julie and Duane to fetch him.

Julie and Duane had managed to get the motel room next to the one Reyez and his hooker had set up in. Duane would pose as a John and follow the hooker back to her room. Duane was to unlock the adjoining door to both rooms as he entered and Julie would wait until Reyez busted in then sneak into the room and take Reyez down.

Julie’s big concern was Duane, he was not above getting handsy with a hooker and pretending it was necessary to maintain his cover. Julie had clashed with his partner in the past over this. Duane was pretty well behaved when Julie was able to convince him the prostitute was being exploited. In this case, Reyes wasn’t known for being so bright and Julie was worried that Duane was going to ignore his warning to leave the girl unmolested.

It turned out the girl would be the least of Julie’s concerns. Julie waited on the other side of the adjoining doors for the sound of Reyes entering. Julie quietly opened the door only to find a gun in his face. He looked past Reyes and saw Duane seated in a chair with a gun pointed in his lap.

“Sit down on the bed, and keep your hands where I can see them.” Reyes ordered.

Julie did as he was told without protest. Duana gave him his best sorry look and Julie did his best to look like he wasn’t mad.

“I assume one of you has handcuffs?” Reyes asked.

“I have zip ties under my shirt.” Julie admitted.

“Relieve him of those, and while you’re at it, check him for anything else he might be carrying.” Reyes told the hooker.

The young woman was not shy at all as she searched Julie. She reached all the way into both his pockets and turned them out.

“Nothing?” The pimp asked.

“He’s packing half a hard-on.” The hooker remarked.

“No weapons?” Reyes asked.

“He could do some damage with that stiffy if he wanted to.” The young prostitute joked.

“Check the other one and tie him to the chair.” Reyes ordered.

The hooker did as she was told making sure Duane was securely bound.

“We’re not tying the Mexican up?” The hooker asked referring to Julie.

“No, he’s coming with us.” Reyes said in a tone that chilled the air in the room.

Duane started to protest. He was immediately cut off by the hooker pressing her revolver deep onto his pelvis.

“That reminds me, we have to keep you quiet.” Reyes said to Duane.

“Get those panties off.” He ordered the girl.

Duane couldn’t help himself as he got horny watching the young-looking prostitute pull her bahis siteleri black lace panties down her thighs.

“Open your mouth.” Reyes ordered.

Duane hesitated.

“You can put the panties in your mouth or we can use mine. I have to warn you though, I haven’t changed since yesterday and I had beer and wings last night.” Reyes threatened.

Duane complied and opened his mouth wide enough for the hooker to stuff the soiled panties down his throat. She used three zip ties to secure them in his mouth.

“Now you and I are going to the parking lot. You’re getting into the back seat of the red explorer out front. Then I’m going to call the room and we’re leaving your friend here for the maid to find.” Reyes said.

The pimp pulled the cash from Julie and Duane’s wallets and placed it on the dresser.

“This is for the mess the maid has to clean. If you don’t give us a hard time it will be piss and shit from sitting in the chair all night. If you try anything, it’ll be blood from his throat getting cut.” The pimp threatened.

Julie did as he was told. The SUV doors opened and he saw a familiar face. At first, he couldn’t tell which of the Chaves brothers was seated in the very back of the truck. Not only were they twins, but both had matching facial deformities from where Julie had bashed them in. Julie was able to tell which brother it was by the lack of scarring around his eyes from Julie’s wife Wanda. Julie looked down at the black semiautomatic pistol in his captor’s hand.

“Not using a blade today?” Julie asked referring to Benny’s signature weapon that had earned him the nickname Benny the blade.

“I got a blade sharp enough to cut your smartass cholo lips out.” Benny said.”

“Please get in the car.” A female voice said in a weird version of Spanish it took a second for Julie to realize was Portuguese.

Julie did as the woman asked, Benny, stuck his gun in Julie’s ear. The woman in the passenger seat didn’t look back. Instead, she watched Julie from the rearview mirror.

The woman’s eyes were attractive even though Julie could see the aga lines under her thick makeup. Julie guessed she was around forty.

“Mr. Duran my name is Esmerelda Mateo a local businesswoman. I believe you have met my nephew Benito.” The woman said in Portuguese.

Julie recognized the name. This woman was a well known vicious international drug dealer. Julie knew the EZ Mateo nickname was in reference to the ease she had in killing anyone who crossed her. This was the first that he had heard that Benny and Donny were her nephews.

Julie was straining to understand her. She noticed the confusion as he was listening extra hard to make up for the differences between Spanish and Portuguese.

“Mr. Duran you disappoint me. It’s bad enough in this country where everyone is so insistent on only learning one language but I constantly find myself having to deal with uneducated blacks who don’t even speak English properly. I was looking forward to conducting business in my native tongue. It’s not recommended that you disappoint me.” Senora Mateo threatened.

Julie knew she wasn’t bluffing. Not only was she known to be quick to kill but she had a reputation for selling her enemies women into sexual slavery.

The drive wasn’t far. A large Latin man was waiting in the driveway of the house they pulled into. Julie could see the bulge under his jacket where he carried a large weapon, probably a cut-down shotgun. The door opened and Julie stepped out. Senora Mateo took the hand of the man in the driveway and stepped to the driveway.

Julie took in her short sundress and thick muscular legs that led to a full curvy ass. She watched his eyes go up her body and her expression was unreadable. Julie had no way of telling if she was flattered that his gaze lingered on her ass or if she was offended by his audacity. Benny stepped out of the SUV and shoved Julie towards the house.

“Move bitch.” Benny said.

Julie followed Senora Mateo and the large Latin man into the house. The living room had a large wooden chair and two sofas surrounding the chair.

“Sit.” Senora Mateo ordered Julie pointing to the chair.

Julie only hesitated for a second before the large Latin man produced his weapon from his coat. Julie was right it was a cut-down shotgun. Julie had no choice but to comply. His ankles and wrists were tight to the chair.

“I know a lot about you, Mr. Duran.” Senora Mateo said behind Julie’s back.

“Like your wife I was a nurse.” She said stepping around in front of Julie.

She grabbed his belt and unbuckled it. Julie struggled as she unbuttoned his pants and lowered his zipper. Her hands were warm as she pulled his flaccid cock from his underwear. She shook his limp member in her hand.

“Why are you so soft? Are you shy? You have nothing to be embarrassed about this is a perfectly good cock. You’re not as big as my nephew here but few men are.” She teased.

Julie turned red with embarrassment. Senora Mateo pulled her canlı bahis siteleri dress over her hips revealing a pink thong.

“Doesn’t my ass do anything for you? Or am I too old?” The drug queen teased walking over to Benny and grabbing his huge erection through his pants.

Benny grunted and cupped her left ass cheek.

“No, I can still get the young cocks up. Maybe it’s true what they say about you. I heard you are half a faggot.” She teased as she stroked his limp dick.

Benny handed his Aunt a syringe. She returned to Julie and grabbed his cock. Julie tried to wrench his manhood free but Senora Mateo held firm. Julie winced as the needle penetrated the base of his dick. The warm liquid burned his penis as it entered his body.

“This will make you functional.” The drug baroness said as she grabbed a folder off the arm of one of the sofas.

Senora Mateo leafed through papers while the chemicals took effect on Julie. Senora Mateo held a medical report in front of Julie’s face.

“Congratulations, Poppy!” She said.

Julie looked at her hatefully as his penis started to burn and throb.

“You’re going to be a father again.” Senora Mateo said shaking the pregnancy screening in Julie’s face.

“Parenthood is the most important thing in the world. A parent will do anything for their children. A parent will kill or be killed for their children. Which is why you are here.” Senora Mateo explained.

Julie looked confused and noticeably scared. The heat building in his manhood was starting to cause him to sweat.

“My daughter has been kidnapped. I understand you find people. And you are very good at it. You will find my daughter for me.” She ordered.

Senora Mateo clapped her hands and two women entered the room dressed rather provocatively. One was a tall lean blond who was probably under twenty, the other a short curvy black woman with braided hair.

“In my country we have burros. To ride a burro you use a carrot or a stick. You are about to get a sample of both the carrot and the stick.” Senora Mateo said.

She pulled a couple of white pills from a bag. Julie read RU-486 on the side of one. Julie pursed his lips tight indicating that it would be a fight to get him to swallow the pills.

“These aren’t for you. These are for your wife.” Senora Mateo said as she held a series of photos.

The first photo was of the inside of Julie and his wife’s kitchen. The second showed a man mixing a white powder into Wanda’s coffee maker. The third photo showed Wanda pouring a cup of coffee.

Julie wasn’t sure what he just saw but the threat to his wife filled him with hate. His hands balled into tight fists as his body started to hum with rage.

“Calm down tough guy.” Benny said pressing his pistol into the side of Julie’s temple.

“Are you Catholic, Mr. Duran?” Senora Mateo asked.

Julie’s eyes flicked hatefully from Benny to his aunt.

“How do you feel about abortion?” Senora Mateo asked.

Instead of answering Julie just glared hatefully at his tormentor.

“I hope your wife is okay with abortion because she just had one.” Senora Mateo said.

Julie’s rage grew even more as he realized what the drug queen meant

“These pills are for abortions. I just killed you and your wife’s baby. I want you to know I am serious when I tell you if you don’t return my daughter to me, I will kill you and your whole family.” She said with no remorse

A rush of emotions hit Julie. He feared for his family. He was raging for revenge. He was sad for his wife.

“That is the stick. For the carrot, I was going to let you chose one of these pussies.” Senora Mateo said pulling the skirts of the two hookers up to their waists.

Julie strained at his binding as boiling anger filled his soul. Remembering Julie previously breaking a chair he was strapped to, Benny butt stroked Julie across the face with his gun.

The look of hatred Julie gave the Brazilian gangster actually caused him to take a step back. His family had underestimated Julie before and had paid the price for it.

“Now that the shot I gave your dick has taken effect, your cock looks so good, I think I’m gonna sample it myself.” Senora Mateo said reaching under her sundress and pulling her panties down her legs.

Benny moved around behind his Aunt so he could see her amazing ass as she straddled Julie’s lap.

The drug baroness was already sopping wet. She loved the power to torture. She had just killed this man’s unborn child and now she was going make him pleasure her.

Senora Mateo gasped with pleasure as Julie entered her. She had shot up other victims’ cocks with erection causing chemicals before and it always caused their blood to run extra hot as it pulsed through their dicks. Julie was way hotter than anything she had ever felt before.

The combination of Julie’s hateful eyes and the incredible warmth Julie’s cock gave off had Senora Mateo on the edge after less than twenty seconds. Her plans if riding güvenilir bahis her captive to reluctant orgasm were interrupted by her own massive orgasm less than a minute in.

She hoped her own tightening around Julie’s member would have an effect on him. He looked even more disgusted. Not an ounce of pleasure registered on his face as she rode him into another quivering climax.

Sweat poured off of her hair ad she tried to stave off a third orgasm. The salt was actually stinging her eyes. She was beginning to think she made a mistake taking on Julie. She climbed off his lap and turned her back to him. She tried riding him reverse cowgirl.

“Look at that ass. Jennifer Lopez wishes she had an ass like that. The world couldn’t handle a Brazilian ass queen.” She said hoping to cause a stir in her victim before he made her cum again.

“He’s not an assman,” Benny said.

“Every man is an assman when they are with me.” Senora Mateo said trying not to sound out of breath.

“Not this one. He’s a titty man.” Benny told her.

The drug baroness dismounted and remounted facing Julie again. She pulled the straps of her dress down below her ample chest.

“Can you resist these chi chis?” she asked pressing her breasts in his face.

“Sorry auntie, you got great chi chis but he prefers chi chis like these.” Benny said pulling the black hooker’s shirt over her chest.

Senora Mateo felt a surge in Julie’s cock. It wasn’t enough to declare victory but it was a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, for Senora Mateo it was enough to push her over the edge again.

“Someone is going to have to grow a bigger pair of tits. Did you see the size of the melons his wife is carrying around?” Benny said.

Senora Mateo felt Julie pulse inside her at the mention of his wife’s breast. She saw the flash of regret as the pleasant thought went through his mind.

“You think his wife has nice tatas?” she asked her nephew as she ground her hips into Julie.

“Oh yeah, they’re huge with big chocolate nipples.” Benny said getting turned on remembering.

“You’ve seen her nipples?” The Senora asked loving the look that flashed in Julie’s eyes as they flicked to her nephew.

“We’ve all seen her tits.” Benny stated grinning at Julie.

“Who’s we?” She asked tightening around Julie’s shaft.

“Me, Donny, that big white boy with the broke dick Donny sells coke to from the strip club basically the whole prison system.” Benny said.

Senora Mateo recognized the unmistakable twinge of pleasure as Julie finally started to build to a climax.

“How did you see his wife’s tatas?” she asked.

“The white boy has a huge collection of pictures of her tits.” Benny said.

“She let that white boy take topless photos of her?” She asked surprised because the guy she was talking about was very creepy and gross

“The putita was flashing them around on the beach.” Benny said loving the look in Julie’s eyes when he called his wife a whore.

“You mean in a bikini?” Senora Mateo asked as Julie throbbed inside her.

“No, she was showing bare titties to all the white boys at the beach like it was girls gone wild.” Benny said.

“Your wife likes to show her big tatas to white guys?” She asked Julie.

Julie closed his eyes so she couldn’t see his reaction to his body betraying him as an inevitable orgasm built inside him.

“She did more than show her tits. She let the white boy squeeze all over them. He got to lick her up.” Benny laughed at Julie’s discomfort at the memory.

“The white boy told you that?” Senora Mateo asked.

“Naw, he has pictures of it, his hands and mouth all over her tits. Right on the beach with everyone watching.” Benny said.

“You saw the pictures?” She asked.

“Yeah, when I was locked up the white boy would send them to me and I would sell them to the other inmates. The blacks loved them but the Nazis really loved them.” Benny joked.

Julie went over the edge. The explosion was white-hot. He did his best to cover the sound that escaped his throat as he was dragged to orgasm by his captors.

“Oh my god!” Senora Mateo exclaimed at the size of Julie’s orgasm.

Julie thought his ordeal was over. He had been forced to orgasm by this evil woman who had murdered his unborn child. He fought back tears at his guilt at sharing with this demon something that up till now he had only experienced with his wife.

“You know, I think I have a magazine full of pictures of his wife’s tits in the other room.” Benny said.

“Magazine?” Senora Mateo said stunned.

“The white boy took all the pictures of his wife and put them in a magazine.” Benny said.

“How many pictures of the bitch’s tits did they take?” She asked.

“I told you it was like hundreds of guys watching her flash her tits and letting the guy squeeze her up.” Benny said.

“Get the magazine. Mr. Duran isn’t done breaking his marriage vows.” She said looking at the two hookers watching from the sofa.

“You’re not going to let me have a go at one of the girls? Hasn’t he had enough?” Benny asked disappointed.

“A man like this has plenty more in the tank. On an ordinary man that shot to the dick would last another twenty minutes. But I bet Mr. Duran can go another hour.” Senora Mateo said.

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