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Getting to Know Rachel

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Thought about it? Sure I’d thought about. Who wouldn’t? She was young, beautiful, and incredibly sexy. But then there was that other thing. Rachel was my wife’s best friend, and Kristen was mine.

My life seemed pointless until we married. I was never a ladies man. A gentleman, well thought of, that’s true. Still, Kristen and I had a bond that was unique. I chased after her even when other women found me unapproachable. Even so, when we were still dating she introduced me to here best friend Rachel. Actually, they call each other sisters. Rachel was breathtaking. Long legs, big brown eyes, lips, oh I could go on.

Fortunately, she was in a relationship at the time as was I. The other thing, she was so innocent in nature. I mean really. She was the kind of girl you prayed your daughter grew into. Unfortunately, that’s just the kind of girl that’s hard not to fall for.

Kristen and I married and life moved along. Rachel came to visit us off and on. Kristen was always worried that I might think she was around too much. I reassured her that I would love to see more of Rachel. Much more was more like it. It was like sweet torture. Being around her just drove me crazy. Then came her breakup. Nothing makes a man play the hero like a broken heart beauty.

Gradually, she and I ended up together and alone more and more. Oh nothing out of hand, but plenty of fantasy material. Rachel kept asking my wife and I, “Why can’t I find a great guy like you.” I began wondering what was so bad about having two wives. I realized I was losing it. I would never want to leave my Kristen, and certainly not hurt her. Still it was undeniable – I wanted Rachel.

It was getting harder and harder to cover up my indiscretions. When Rachel was over, I walked around trying to hide a raging hard-on. I tried peeking under doors. Beating off to her underwear. Anything for a little fix. Sooner or later she or the wife had to get wise. Then one day it happened. No. I didn’t get caught. She did – without her towel.

Kristen had gone to work early and I slept kurtköy escort in, not feeling well. I was about to get better. Apparently she thought I wasn’t home. When I came out of the bedroom there she was in her glory and fresh from the shower. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming but I knew my imagination had never done that body justice. She was flawless. It would’ve been the perfect time to say something clever. Nothing came –yet. Then she started,” This is awkward.” And I finished,” This is awesome.”

“We can’t do this Josh. We can’t do this to Kristen.” We were both thinking the same two things. We only acted on what we didn’t say. “Then don’t do it,” I said, as we got closer.

I softly touched her skin, caressing her. Exploring her slowly like a new toy, I carefully indulged in her treasures. She shuddered at my touch. We moved toward the bedroom but only made it to the couch before I had to have her. I kissed her deeply as she worked on my shirt. Impatiently I worked my way down, but stilled myself. Slowly I took charge of her; her throat, her chest. I gently played among her breasts, sucking on her flesh. Continuing my trek downward, I kissed and licked her firm stomach. My efforts raised moans and whimpers from her depths. Those depths were exactly were I was bound.

As I dropped lower she gasped. As I tasted her thighs and moved north she sighed. And when my mouth found home on the sweetness between her legs, she made no sound at all. As I licked and sucked on her sweet pussy, she spasms and shook in orgasm. Too easy I thought. My tongue dived in and discovered why. She was a virgin! I had thought so. Hell, I practically new so but now it was certain.

Now I began my deep feasting as she relaxed and tensed, shook fiercely and relaxed again. Finally she collapsed back into the couch and breathlessly spoke. “I didn’t know it felt like that. How do I… how do I do it to you?” I couldn’t believe she asked. Those perfect lips were about to take in my manhood. I had to be awake. My dreams were never this good.

She aydıntepe escort gently touched the way only a first timer would. As took my cock in her mouth it was heaven, right up to the teeth. It was her first blowjob alright, but I didn’t care. She tried so hard and those lips were so perfect. I couldn’t hold out for long before Rachel was swallowing my cum. She was so focused she caught the first shot before she realized and only coughed a little as she took a few more. “That wasn’t so bad,” she finally managed.

“I’ve waited for that a long time. Enjoy your little protein shake, Rach?” She got a sly – I’ve been saving up my naughty streak – kind of smile. “Now sir, you wouldn’t neglect a lady in want? And I want you to rise to the occasion.”

With that she went back to work and got me hard in her mouth before shoving me onto my back. She quickly straddled me and took my dick in her hand. “I understand this can really hurt the first time, so for the moment, I’m in charge.” I had no complaints as she glided the head of my cock back and forth in her wet slit. She softly eased back and sighed a bit while pausing then gasped sharply as she settled down my shaft. With a feverish smile she began riding slowly up and down. She was so tight, her cunt felt like a vise wrapped around me. It was amazing the way she glided up and plunged down on my rod. I could tell she was in some pain but still she rode her first cock.

It was unbelievable. It was my wildest fantasy. No. It was much more. My wife’s sexy best friend was riding me like a pony. She was a beautiful, pure hearted, lovely virgin woman. And now she was sucking dick, swallowing cum, and fucking me with that virgin ass. It was more than I could take. I was pumping a load into Rachel as she moaned and fucked and kept going.

In another few minutes she was gasping as she tensed, exploding in orgasm. She kept rocking through the first waves but finally collapsed onto me. Her lips found mine and we tasted a passionate kiss for the second time. I tuzla içmeler escort held her close as she whimpered softly. I tried to comfort her, knowing she must have conflicting emotions. She had just given away her virginity. She was feeling raptured with pleasure, and rittled with guilt. And so I held her. I kissed and caressed her, touching her perfect body. I could feel the oozing I knew was her juices and my sperm. I was still hard inside her. As much as I wanted to comfort her, I had something else in mind.

I turned her over and off of me so I could explore. She was exhausted as she lay there on her side, but I needed another release. I examined my way around her body with my lips and my tongue. Her ears, neck, and breasts. Her elbows and hips. I was working up to it as I settled myself above and behind her. She was on her side as I straddled her, her right bottom leg and wrapped her left leg around my left side. My left hand stroked and held her leg as my right guided the head of my cock back and forth along the lips of her hot box.

I tried to be gentle as a plunged in. I really just wanted to fuck her hard. A few moans encouraged me to do just that. I was hammering as deep into her as I could. I stroked, embraced and kissed her body. I wanted her to know this was special, that she was important to me. Ultimately, she was being fucked and I was savoring the moment. After having unloaded into her twice already, I wasn’t about to cum early. Her breasts bounced with every thrust. She moaned and sighed as I drove in, hit home and withdrew for the next round. She orgasmed two or three more times. She just lay there through the last one. She was so exhausted. I must have pounded away at her cunt for twenty minutes before I felt myself cuming. I felt the last of my own energy draining as I filled her with my seed. I collapsed and held her close. Just then I heard…it couldn’t be.

There stood my wife, smiling in the doorway. As Rachel and I struggled to sit up, Kristen laughed and sat. “I was wondering how long it would take for you two to hit it off.”

My expression must have looked as dumb as I felt. “She’s my best friend. My sister. Do you think I would trust her to anyone else.” She leaned across Rachel’s bare body to kiss me. Then in another surprise, kissed Rachel, passionately. But that’s another story.

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