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Donna’s Neighbor

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This is one of a series of stories that I wrote for a friend whom I had met in the spanking chat room quite some time back. The stories utilized my own imagination and desires to bring to life, so to speak, the fantasies that my friend, Donna, shared with me. Keeping in mind that I’m in no way a master of the written word, I hope that what I lack in artistic expression can be overlooked in light of the “content” of my fantasy. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Carol brought the drink over to where Donna sat on the sofa; sitting closer to Donna than would normally be considered comfortable spacing for two women: especially two women who were really only meeting for the first time, not counting the brief encounter earlier in the day at the mailbox that had prompted Carol to invite her neighbor Donna over for a get-acquainted chat. She was sitting close enough, in fact, that as she half-turned on the couch to face Donna her knees rested lightly against Donna’s thigh. When she handed the glass to Donna she let her hand slide down the length of the container as Donna took its weight, causing her fingers to brush lightly against Donna’s hand for a brief moment.

Outwardly Donna showed no reaction to the brief contact and the unnatural proximity of the other woman: she merely accepted the drink with a polite “thank-you.” Inwardly, however, her heart skipped a beat as her mind was still filled with her own private fantasies involving the other woman. Fantasies that she had spent time earlier in the day feeding, as she frequently did while her husband was away at work, by doing her housework wearing nothing but a pair of black stockings. In fact, even though she would be horrified to have Carol know about her fantasies, she still had worked herself up to the point that, when it was time to come over to Carol’s, she wasn’t ready to let the fantasies go. Instead, she chose to “feed” the fantasy during their time together by wearing, under her clothes, her sexiest pair of panties and bra. Both were silky, bikini-style and quite see-through. Just wearing them, like the black stockings, made Donna feel so naughty and aroused.

“Behave yourself!” she silently scolded herself. She didn’t dare let herself actually believe that the other woman’s innocent body language was anything more than mere coincidence. Still, she couldn’t help but let her horny imagination make of the touch more than it was, thinking that the slight brushing of Carol’s fingers over her own had seemed just a bit too long to have been an accident. And, Donna noticed that Carol was making no move to separate their legs even though she had to know that they were in contact. Donna had to force herself to concentrate on the light-hearted conversation, trying to hold up her half of it as well as actually listening to what Carol was saying.

Carol took a sip of her own drink, letting her lips caress the lip of the cup as she looked over its rim to make eye to eye contact with Donna. She seemed to be lightly licking her lips a lot, as if trying to draw Donna’s attention to her sensuous mouth. “Or is that just my imagination too,” Donna thought to herself.

Over the next half-hour or so, as Carol and Donna continued to talk, Carol’s body language seemed to Donna to become more and more overt: first leaning toward Donna as they spoke, conveying an invitation to closeness; then, by seeming to find numerous opportunities to reach out and touch Donna, sometimes on her arm or hand, sometimes resting her hand on Donna’s knee or thigh. She also seemed to Donna to be looking at her with what she was almost sure was a look of sexual interest. Through all of this Donna neither advanced nor retreated but just let Carol take the initiative, and secretly hoped that, by some miracle, she wasn’t just seeing what her hormones wanted her to see. Donna did notice that her own breathing was more shallow and that she was very definitely feeling that slow boil of desire that emanated from between her legs and spread outward to course through her limbs. “Please, please, don’t let me be wrong,” Donna prayed to herself. “Please,” she silently thought to Carol, “please don’t stop. I desperately want you to take me, but I’m so afraid to move toward you on my own for fear I may be wrong!”

At last, as if hearing Donna’s silent plea, and as if she had just been waiting for the unspoken invitation, Carol moved in, erasing all of Donna’s doubts. She moved even closer to Donna and reached up with her right hand to gently run her fingers through Donna’s hair. At the same time she reached across Donna’s body with her left hand and began caressing Donna’s arm with her fingertips, beginning at Donna’s shoulder and running down to Donna’s elbow and then across her hips and thigh. Donna, though shocked by Carol’s sudden boldness, closed her eyes and let her breath out with an audible sigh and a shudder, letting her body melt at the other woman’s touch before finally opening them once again to look into the eyes of this beautiful, dark-haired temptress.

“You know, Donna, I’ve bursa otele gelen eskort been fantasizing about you for some time now.” Carol continued to caress Donna seductively, tracing her fingers along the insides of Donna’s thighs and up her stomach and then over the contours of Donna’s breasts. “I think something inside of me told me you might be receptive to the idea. Was I right, Donna?”

Donna’s voice came out in a barely audible whisper: “Yes.” As she said the word she leaned over to slowly bring her lips to Carol’s. Just an inch short, Donna was stopped by Carol putting her finger to Donna’s lips and gently pushing her back. “Not yet, sweety, first you have to fulfill a fantasy of mine.”

Aching desire filled Donna’s being. She felt as if there were nothing she wouldn’t do to fulfill that desire: nothing she wouldn’t give this woman. “Fantasy?” she asked, wondering what was to come next.

“I want you to prove your submission to me. I want to make you my little love slave.”

A new hope stirred within Donna when she heard the words “submission” and “slave.” Donna dared to hope that her own desire to be spanked might be encompassed in those words.

“What do you think, Donna? Would you be willing to submit to my every desire?” Carol continued to tantalize Donna with her soft touch.

“Oh, yes, Carol. Please let me show you how submissive I can be.”

Carol smiled at Donna and then proceeded to explain what she wanted. “It’s only fair to warn you that there will be pain before pleasure. You see, Donna, I’ve always wanted to lay a naked woman across my lap or over my knee and give her a good, long, hard spanking on her bare bottom before taking my pleasure with her. Will you let me give you a very hard spanking on your bare bottom, Donna?”

“Oh yes, Carol. Please spank me on my bare bottom!”

Donna’s words were backed by the full passion of her desire. Her plea welled up from her very soul: her longing so intense she became her desire. To be at another woman’s mercy; to suffer the humiliation of being completely naked and vulnerable; to feel the heat rising in her punished bottom mixed with the moist desire dripping from her shaved pussy… She yearned for the sting of the first stroke.

“Stand up then sweety.” Carol told Donna with a smile, “Let me see you take off your clothes and prepare for your spanking.”

“Oh, please, Carol don’t make me be completely naked,” Donna pleaded, even though she really wanted her plea and any future pleas for mercy to be ignored. Donna knew that the nakedness increased her vulnerability, which in turn made her even hornier. And she also knew there was something about being “forced” and not given any choice that was an important part of the dynamic.

“You will take off every stitch of clothing and receive your spanking completely naked.” This was said in a tone of voice to let Donna know that there would be no argument without consequences.

Donna removed her shoes and socks before standing up and facing Carol, who remained sitting on the couch, eager to see Donna disrobe. She untucked her blouse from her pants and began slowly, self-consciously undoing the buttons, starting at the bottom and working her way upward. Feeling both erotic and embarrassed, Donna didn’t know where to look as she stripped so she closed her eyes and looked at nothing.

“Eyes open. Look right at me,” Carol said in a commanding voice, yet without raising her voice.

Donna’s eyes popped open. She looked at Carol as she let her blouse fall from her shoulders and onto the floor. Carol’s grin broadened when she saw the sexy, lace, see-through bra that Donna wore. Donna’s face flushed. “Oh God! She knows I was horny before I even came over here! Why else would she think I wore this bra?” thought Donna. She bit her lip and forced herself to screw up the courage to continue. She unfastened the button on her pants and unzipped them. After a brief hesitation she let them fall to the ground, exposing her see-through panties as well, and then stepped out of her pants.

The sight of Donna in her sexy underwear was having an effect on Carol’s composure. Her own breathing was more rapid and she no longer tried to hide her aroused state. She licked her lips with desire as she gazed upon Donna’s beauty. Carol started to spread her own legs and let her hand begin to wonder to her crotch, slithering across her breast and down, but then she took reign on herself and stopped. “Enough. Time for that later. First things first: remove your bra.”

Donna obeyed.

“And now turn around and take down your panties.”

Donna turned , slipped her thumbs under the wasteband and slowly slid the silky material down to her ankles, bending over at the waist as she did so and thus offering Carol a grand view of her exposed bottom and her shaved vagina. Donna remained bent over allowing her mistress to take in the sight; waiting to be told when she could rise.

After about 15 seconds, Carol bursa eve gelen escort bayan spoke: “Now get down on your hands and knees. I want you to pick those panties up in your mouth and bring them to me.”

Donna got down on her hands and knees as she was told. She leaned down and picked up the vaginally moistened garment between her teeth. “This is so incredibly humiliating!” she thought. “And yet…”

She could detect the aroma of her own desire wafting up from the panties: the panties she had deliberately chosen for the express purpose of sustaining her arousal, the panties now wet with the secretions of her most intimate parts, the panties now held in her mouth to be obediently delivered to the new object of her desire.

Donna crawled over where Carol sat and offered her the gift. Carol took the panties from Donna’s mouth and held them up to her own nose , inhaling deeply, not trying to hide the shudder of delight that ran through her body at the scent of another woman’s vagina.

“Now, one more time, let me hear you ask very nicely for your spanking.”

“Will you please spank my bare bottom really hard?” Donna heard herself saying.

“Yes, I will Donna. Now get up and get over my knee.”

Donna rose and eagerly laid herself across Carol’s lap. Her need to be spanked was a fire within, threatening to consume her. She drank in her nakedness. She basked in her helplessness. Already the ecstatic release she longed for threatened to overpower her.

At last it began.

SMACK, . . .Donna cried out and writhed with the first strike. “Owwww. . .Oh that hurts so bad!” Carol really knew how to spank. Donna couldn’t believe that a person could inflict this level of stinging pain with their bare hand. And Carol was relentless.

SMACK. . . SMACK. . . SMACK. . . the blows fell on one cheek and then the other. With each stroke the level of pain in Donna’s bottom increased.

“Owwwww. . .please stop. It hurts!”

But there was no mercy to be found. After 30 seconds Donna was wriggling furiously on her tormentor’s lap, kicking her legs up in a vain attempt to escape the pain.

SMACK . . .SMACK . . .SMACK . . .

After a minute, a hundred blows had fallen on Donna’s ass, and when Donna realized that Carol wasn’t stopping, in spite of the pleas for mercy, she began to weep openly. And still it continued. Donna’s butt was red with heat. Two minutes passed and Carol began to change her style; instead of alternating her swats on either side of Donna’s bottom she instead began raining salvos of 10 swats to the same spot before moving on to another.

“Please. . . please!” Donna wailed through her tears, and still received no mercy until the onslaught had lasted a full five minutes.

At last the blows stopped. Donna went limp and wept openly, still over Carol’s lap. She could feel Carol tenderly caressing her enflamed bottom. Carol let Donna stay this way for several minutes until her sobs began to subside, then she used her hands to guide Donna off her lap and into a kneeling position before her, with Donna sitting back on her heels. Donna lifted Donna’s chin and looked in her eyes. “How did you like your warm up, my little slave?”

“Warm up?” Donna gasped, “You mean you’re going to s-spank me more?”

“Of course I am, sweety. You do want to be able to carry the feelings away with you when you go, don’t you?”

“Well, yes. It’s just . . . that it hurt so bad.”

“I know it did, honey; it hurt my hand too. And you did ask me to spank you very hard, didn’t you?”


“Besides, I’m not ready to stop playing with that wonderful, red bottom of yours. How does your bottom feel now?”

“Hot.” Donna replied. “And kind of tingly.”

“And do you like the way it feels?” Carol asked.

“Yes. But I don’t know if I can take any more spanking on top of what you’ve already given me.”

“Trust me, you can. Besides, believe it or not, the worst is over. My hands are my best instruments for spanking: whatever else I use on you will hurt, but not quite so much.

“Now,” Carol continued, “I was going to give you just two spankings, but because you failed to thank me for your first one, I’m going to give you an additional one with my hairbrush. Do you understand, Donna?”

“Yes,” Donna replied meekly.

“Yes, . . . and?” Carol prompted.

“And thank you for spanking me so hard.” After a moments hesitation Donna got up the courage to add: “And will you please spank me some more?”

Carol put her hand to Donna’s cheek, leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss on the mouth. “You really are a sweety, you know? Now, go around to the end of the sofa and lay yourself over the arm.”

Donna really didn’t know how much more spanking her punished bottom could take, but deep down, she was really enjoying her submissive role, and she had this tremendous urge to please Carol – and she was getting very ready for Carol to please her.

After bayan eskort bursa Donna had taken her position over the arm of the couch, she saw Carol take a wooden ruler out from under the couch, where she apparently had already stored it in anticipation of Donna’s servitude. The thought that all this had been planned sent another electric shudder of delight through Donna.

Without preamble, the spanking began anew. Donna wiggled and whimpered as the ruler expended its energy on her tender bottom. Carol deliberately made sure that each stoke overlapped the previous one. Where the edge of the ruler hit on the overlapped area, the effect was that it felt to Donna as if her bottom were being striped by a switch.

After a couple of minutes, Carol paused briefly. “Spread your legs wide for me.”

Donna half reluctantly, half eagerly spread her legs, opening herself totally to Carol gaze as well as to her punishing ministrations. Once again, the spanking resumed. This time Carol was standing by Donna’s head and spanked her by reaching over Donna’s body to deliver the blows with the ruler running vertically down Donna’s sore ass. She made sure to focus on those areas that had not received as much attention: SMACK! The ruler landed on Donna’s anus.

“Ooooooh!” Donna clenched her hands and clawed at the sofa as she tried to endure the continuing pain and now the further humiliation of having her anus spanked.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Three more strokes landing in the same spot. “Aaaaaah! Owww!” Donna whimpered as she gritted her teeth trying to endure her anal spanking. But even through the pain she was aware of the sexual turn on it was to be spanked in this fashion. She alternated between sticking her butt up in the air prominently to accept the next blow and recoiling from the impact. The result was that Donna was inadvertently – or not so inadvertently – masturbating over the arm of the couch as her movements thrust her back and forth with heated frenzy. Her cries became louder as, not only the pain, but also the sexual tension in her body grew. “AAAAAAAH . . . OOOOOOOOOOOH . . .”

As Donna approached her peak Carol suddenly stopped.

“Ohhh . . .!” Donna moaned, now in protest at being cut off so close to orgasm. But she knew that she didn’t really want to cum now but wanted to wait and expend the fullness of her desire on Carol herself.

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself,” Carol said with a smile.

Donna felt her face turn crimson as she realized that her masturbatory antics had not gone unnoticed.

Carol’s smile widened at Donna’s blush. She moved around behind Donna, kneeling between her still spread legs, and began tracing her fingers slowly up and down the backs and insides of Donna’s thighs as she examined her handiwork at close range. She didn’t miss noting the glisten of moisture surrounding Donna’s mound. She leaned her face in close to take in the aroma of Donna’s heat. Donna could feel the warmth of Carol’s breath as it flowed across the moist lips of her vagina and she moaned with need.

Carol stood and slowly walked around to where Donna’s head lay over the sofa. As she moved she allowed her hand to glide along the inside of Donna’s thigh, brushing lightly up the length of her pussy then continuing along the cleft of her bottom and up her back. Then she began stroking her fingers through Donna’s hair. “Take my clothes off,” she told Donna after ensuring she had her attention.

Donna swung her legs around to sit on the couch and then obeyed. She began slowly undoing the top button of Carol’s blouse then caressed her between her breasts as she moved down to the next one. Donna felt ravenous. She wanted to tear the other woman’s clothes off but made herself proceed slowly, sensuously. Carol wore no bra, and as each button was undone her blouse fell open wider to give Donna a widening view of Carol’s luscious breasts. When the last button was undone Donna let her hands move gently upward over Carol’s breast, not quite touching the nipples, and then up to her shoulders to push the garment back and let it fall to the floor. Donna’s breasts rose and fell as she tried to breathe, her need making her pant with desire. Donna took her first small step of initiative in the encounter by leaning in and taking Carol’s erect nipple tenderly in her mouth.

Carol held Donna’s head and threw her own head back with a moan of pleasure. Donna continued to kiss Carol’s breast and to trace her tongue over its every contour as she slid her hands down Carol’s body and began unfastening her pants. When the pants fell to the floor and Carol had stepped out of them, Donna began to slip her fingers inside the elastic wasteband of Carol’s panties to bring them down as well.

“No.” Carol stopped her. “I want you to take them off with your teeth.”

Without hesitation Donna dropped to her knees and began her latest task. She had to use her tongue, slipping it under the elastic waistband, before she could get a good enough grip to pull the panties part way down. Once she had accomplished this she was able to grab hold of the panties crotch, which was wet with Carol’s cream, and pull them down to Carol’s knees. Eventually she was able to get them all the way off, though she had to resort to contorting her naked body into unnatural and provocative positions to do so. At last both women were completely naked to each other.

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