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Cousins. Rivals. A Wrestling Story Pt. 05

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Cousins, Rivals. A Wrestling Story Pt. 5 – The Final Fight for Alpha

I’m sorry this has taken literally years to write. It’s ultimately based on real experiences, and some of this has taken a while to process. Because it is a true story I often get hung up on details instead of the action – this is the final entry and I have kept non-essential info to a minimum.

Just a quick note to say thanks to those fighters out there who have stuck with this saga over the years and sent such glowing praise / your own family stories, particularly rassler who encouraged me to finish this.

To make up for the delay, I have tried to relive ALL the action blow by blow. This is a very long story with several fights in it – it’s designed for you to revisit. That said, if you do decide to read it all in one go it’ll probably take you a couple of hours – so strap in.

The Story So Far (see previous blog entries)

As the two eldest grandsons in a hypermasculine Italian family, my cousin Tommaso and I have always shared a tension – namely, having to be the best at everything in the eyes of our grandfather. It didn’t help the contest that we were almost identical – it’s a family saying that we are more like twins than cousins. From toddler age we would get into scraps both in front of family and in private – lots of boys experience this growing up, right? Things started getting complicated several years later when Tommaso started dating a girl I’d liked at school. He knew it too. It reawoke our lifelong contest and the fight we had after that took a nastier edge, ending in an unexpected cockfight, and since then things have only escalated. We both started working out even more intensely than we did already. I slept with his girlfriend, Tom outed me as bi to the family. We clashed again more violently at the gym, closer to a fistfight, and the wider family became aware of our rift. Our dads got involved, and settled a dispute of their own privately in the storeroom of our restaurant. My younger brother and younger cousin had apparently faced off on the way home from school, scrapping in a field. It couldn’t go on like this and we needed to settle the feud once and for all. The chance came when the whole family met back in Italy for our grandfather’s 80th birthday…]

1 Challenge accepted

The summer of that year I was in the best shape of my life. I was single, so had the luxury and the drive to spend a couple hours every night in the gym. I’d had to buy a whole new wardrobe for the trip as everything had become embarrassingly tight. Of course, I had another motivation beyond getting beach-ready. Everytime I added a topless gym selfie to my Instagram story, I would check that Tom had clocked it. He’d reply to me with a matching pic in minutes. Growing up, he’d always had a slight edge in the abs department but now we were pretty close. Friends said we looked like Pietro Boselli knock-offs.

Time had passed and I hadn’t seen Tom in the flesh in a while, though our messages were still laced with testosterone. Now, the whole family was flying back to our home town for this birthday bash. The summer pilgrimage to Italy used to be an annual thing, but we hadn’t gone back for a number of years. The memory of having to share a hotel room, and, often, a tiny bed with Tom during our adolescence filled me with excitement, as did the thoughts of our many sweaty fights cut short by complaining relatives.

This gave me an idea. Before common sense intervened, I booked a small hotel room away from the rest of the family. The one bedroom flat was tiny – too small a cage to stable two alpha bulls. A perfect tinder box that would offer zero interruptions when things lit up.

I whatsapped Tom the link, swiftly followed by a middle finger emoji. After a while, he simply replied ‘Perfect. Get used to sleeping on the floor.’ Hilariously, the women in the family thought this shacking up was a sign we had reconciled. The men knew better, and while my father Jonas said nothing, he pushed me hard in the weights room during those last work outs before the flight.

2 Face to face

We flew separately but arrived pretty much at the same time. There was a tight schedule of daytime activities planned so this was no surprise. As the taxi pulled up to the apartment a felt a knot of excitement – and a rush of adrenaline when I clocked Tom alone for the first time since we had beaten the shit out of eachother in that gym locker room.

He looked pretty chilled, but bulging, as he waited for me by the door. I wasn’t sure what to expect from all this, and as I paced up the path he gave nothing away, just maintained eye contact. As we came together he broke a kind of smile, “Hey! Just like old times huh”. I gave a half nod and unlocked the door. I guess we were going to be pally for now – we did need to survive this week.

The moment we entered and I locked the door, Tom dropped the bags. I could feel his eyes on my back, sizing me up. The familiar Acqua di Casibom Parma cologne we both wore filled my nostrils. I tensed my back as much as I could and wondered how this was going to pan out. I turned around and found my doppelganger a mere foot away from my face. “I see you finally got a half decent body”, he threw in casually, as he boxed me into the door and proceeded to feel up my arms, lightly squeeze my pecs. I gave him a mutual grope of the biceps, and he gave me a light smack to the abs. “Not bad cuz.” I squeezed his shoulder – “You finally got traps!” He took a half step closer but I didn’t back down – I’d be pressed against the door. Awkwardly, we found our hands on eachothers’ waists, our pecs brushing through our shirts. From nowhere Tom gave me a full on hug, with just a mildly threatening squeeze. “This week is gonna be great”.

I realised then this wasn’t going to be a redneck wrassle. Like two prize lions, we showed a mutual respect, sizing eachother up. Oh, The Fight would come. But for now it was good to know we could shoot the shit. After all, this was our default setting growing up – best of friends, until we had to compete over something and all hell breaks loose.

That doesn’t mean that small skirmishes didn’t occur, under the veneer of a banter. That afternoon we decided to go for a run down the beach together, which of course turned into a neck and neck race. When we got back, we were heaving, all sweat, hair stuck our foreheads and hard nipples on show. We’d ran for so long that we were now late for the first family dinner. There was only one cube shower in the place, so we figured what the hell. It makes sense to jump in right?

We peeled off our tops but kept the shorts on. I took a moment to clock our pumped, sculpted torsos in the mirror before we crammed into the tiny cubicle. The last time we were in a space like this, Tom had his hands around my neck after I’d fucked his fiancé. The parallel wasn’t lost on either of us as we lathered up. We were practically chest to chest and I couldn’t resist bucking him into the tiles, only to find him standing firm and immovable, our abs coming together with a smacking sound.

My cock twitched to life and I got outta there before things heated up further.

It was a semi formal dinner and so we needed suits. Tom went to the bedroom to change and I towelled off in the bathroom, changing up into some briefs and a white pressed shirt that hugged me tightly. I lathered up my face to shave.

Tom re-entered in suit pants, topless. A silk tie was hanging around his thick neck. “That’s my shirt dude.” It was a fucking white slim fit muscle shirt, hardly unique.

“Can you prove it? It fits me perfectly” I laughed before going back to shaving.

Like lightning Tom slipped the tie around my neck, and pulled me back into him. He whispered “Always trying to take what’s mine, you little shi-” but his breath was cut by my swift elbow to his abs. One, two. He didn’t loosen, his grip, instead he applied a forearm around my throat. I could feel his semi pushing into my ass through the suit pants. We jostled wordlessly except for my choking gasps and Tom’s grunts as I lay into his stomach as best I could. His other hand felt down my chest and returned some pounds of his own to my abs. I felt like I might pass out, so I drove a headbutt back into his nose, causing him to loosen his grip. I ran out of the room with him hot on my tail, and we squared off in the foyer area putting up fists and bobbing and weaving like boxers.

We socked a couple of blows to eachother without flinching, even though Tom had a bloody nose and it had spattered on my clean shirt. We met for a test of strength and neither could gain a vantage, our bodies vibrating with adrenaline as our hands pushed with all our might. I felt the back of my shirt start to rip, cleaved down the middle from the stress, but I didn’t break our staredown. He psyched me out and released the grip, sweeping an arm through my legs and slamming me into the shag carpet. He was on top of me now and we had our hands around eachother’s throats.

Just then, the phone rang. We both clocked it, and simultaneously released the hold. Family first.

It was 37 degrees and we were drenched from this short exchange. The prized shirt was ruined, but I covered it as best I could with a suit jacket.

A switch had flipped and we were temporarily mates again as we shared the elevator down to the lobby, but Tom was smirking at his small victory and our musk hung in the air. I checked us both in the mirror, suited and booted, like mafiosos – or future heads of the family. As the lift doors shut, it took everything I had not to jump him, slam him against the mirror and make him watch as I choked him out. But the family was waiting.

In the cab, I pressed my thigh into his and, as always, he was ready to meet it.

There were a few other taster clashes like this one as the week wore on – I’d jump him first thing in the Casibom Giriş morning and we’d bearhug on the bed, or he’d hold me under water a little too long as we jostled for ‘fun’ at a pool party. Topless sunbathing in our jeans became light grappling on the terracotta tiles. It was all a prelude to the real clash which would finally settle who was the real alpha male of our family generation.

3 An unexpected twist

Now anyone who’s been on a long summer holiday will know that it blows your sex drive through the roof. There was no prospect of this during this trip, and it only added another edge to the testosterone fuelled apartment.

By the third day of the trip, I was waking up fully boned and throbbing, with zero privacy to even get a little release. I knew Tom was thinking the same as he remarked on every pair of tits that we saw at the beach. We attended a superhero themed pool party that evening. I wasn’t going to waste any opportunity to show off my body, so I’d gone in a skin-tight lycra Spiderman shirt, mask and speedos. Tom, of course, came as Venom. The party was wild and we drank way too much. It was intensely hot, which I guess added to it. After a while I lost Tom in the crowd and danced with some girls for god knows how long. Eventually I found myself stumbling to the bathroom, propping myself up against the wall.

As a stepped inside, who did I bump into? Venom himself, stoicly facing me.

My vision was totally blurred and I was oblivious to my bulging speedos. Silently, Venom stepped towards me until he was centimetres away, and clicked the lock shut. I couldn’t see his eyes but I felt the heat of his gaze. Rearing up wordlessly, our speedos met with a smack, as we started to pose off, raising biceps at eachother, flexing our pecs, practically nose to nose separated by the thinnest veneer of lycra.

I think I must have blacked out, and I’m not sure exactly how or when it happened, but the next thing I know I’m shirtless, and Tom is passed out on top of me in the bathtub, his mop of hair resting on my pec. He came around moments later, and we became aware of our bare bodies pressed together, a layer of oily sweat between us, our legs intertwined and our speedo bulges pulsing.

Something primordial made my quiver and buck into his shaft, making his boulder ass jingle and he let out a grunt. Our unmasked eyes met momentarily before we locked up, wrapping our arms around eachother as we both began furiously rutting at a couple thrusts per second. The only sounds were our moans in eachother’s ears and the smacking sound of our slick bodies melding together. He buried his face into my neck and clamped down with a bite, and I matched him, grabbing a fistful of his hair in the process. Our primed bodies were pretty identical, and our hardened nips were having a duel all of their own, sending pulses down my back and causing us both to moan.

I could feel heat rushing to my cock, and I used the slippery tub to flip us first on our sides, then getting on top. Even bare ass drunk, I’m not a bottom 😛

Looking down our torsos I could see the the wet tips of our cocks had poked up out of the speedos, and I splashed my body down so we were head on head. I locked my arms under his shoulders and he in turn took a handful of ass as we renewed our grind with vigour, afraid to wake up or realise what we were doing. I shoved a flexed bicep in his face and he sunk his teeth into it, before pulling my hair down so we were eye to eye, nose to nose. We met for such an intense stare that it took me a second to notice our tongues were entwined. Alcohol removed all inhibition as we bit and voraciously gorged on eachother, to the point where our eyes were practically rolling back from ecstasy.

Tom woke up a little when he realised he was getting close. He tried to get up and push me off, but I pinned down his biceps. I was sobering too and saw an opportunity to score a win under the guise of drunkenness. Our arms locked up, causing my back to arch and our pecs to flex to their full glory.

The sight of Tom struggling beneath my power was almost too much for me to bear, I felt a jet of pre-cum gushing between our stomachs. I bit down on my lip, afraid I might be the first to blow after all, and Tom used the moment to slip me off and jump out of the bath, running out of the room.

I promptly passed out again in the tub. The next day we didn’t talk about what happened. Our cocks had faced off before, but we were teens then and it was easier to laugh things off. Besides, this had taken a more amorous turn than either of us really wanted. Deep down we were just venting our sexual frustrations out on eachother, mingled with our constant desire to best eachother. Neither had been sated, but the time would come the next evening.

4 A chewtoy to fight over

We spent the penultimate day of the trip apart – in the morning we merely exchanged passing hungover grunts before heading our separate ways. I decided Casibom Güncel Giriş to exercise the hangover away and found myself in the weights room for a couple of hours. When I was good and pumped, in the late afternoon I headed out to the beach bars and met a gorgeous Italian girl – Ria. We were flirting outrageously, and all the pent up sexual energy of this trip made me invite her back to the room. The perfect antidote to the previous evening’s embarrassing experience. I had neglected to remember that we only had one bedroom!

Now, those who have read previous stories will know that Tom and I often end up having the same ideas, much like twins. We’d end up wearing the same outfits, buying the same gifts for people etc. Well our bond didn’t disappoint on this, the penultimate night of the family trip.

As we approached the door, I could already hear a woman’s muffled groans – Ria looked at me quizzically, wondering if I was bringing her to an orgy or something. I couldn’t believe that Tom had beaten me to it, and that he was getting action at my expense. Did he have to take everything? A rational person might have left it at that, but I found myself turning the key and walking in.

The groans turned out to be coming from the TV, as a large breasted woman was getting ploughed by a Herculean man – classic Italian porn. Sure enough, brazen as day, Tom was sprawled across his bed, whacking away the gay of our experience together.

“Oh damn!” Ria said, clocking his ripped torso. He’d clearly made a stop by the weights room himself today, his usual taught form all pumped up from a mix of bodywork and edging. He noticed the beautiful woman with a start, and promptly muted the TV and wrapped a towel around his waist, revealing an imprint of his still swollen cock.

“Sorry about that! A guy has needs…” he suddenly turned on the charm. “After all, I’ve been holed up with this ape all week” He gestured to me, and Ria laughed. It pissed me off no end that she was buying into his bullshit.

“I guess I just set my standards a little higher than my right hand”, I retorted, all the while trying to puff myself up to ensure a favourable comparison. “You’re going to have to leave dude”.

“Mate.” He gave me a look that ensured I knew he wasn’t planning on moving anywhere, except perhaps on my girl.

“Or alternatively I could just throw you out the window” I said, taking some steps towards him. He began breathing heavily and gestured a ‘just try it’. We shot fire between us with our eyes, remembering that our rivalry had become a full-on feud because of a girl – my highschool crush, who Tom got with, and I ultimately had revenge sex with.

The room was small and cramped with three people stood in it. I thought Ria would be scared off by all this, but she was vibing off the macho energy. To my surprise, she read the situation perfectly and decided to stir the pot further.

“You’re both pretty jacked guys” she said from nowhere. “It’s tough to say which of you is the bigger man. Shall we have a little competition?” She felt her ample chest with both hands. “I deserve only the best.”

I felt my mouth go dry as nervous energy filled my stomach. Could there be a greater test of who is the alpha male, than a contest over a woman? Our fights had always been intensely private events. Now, a prize raised the stakes.

Tom and I were having a whole conversation with our eyes.

You want to go right now? Fuck you! Bring it on! Let’s settle it.

We each took a step forward so that we were forehead to forehead. We didn’t break the stare as we pushed against eachother, noses tip to tip, saying nothing, just exchanging heavy breathes and sweat.

Ria could sense the tinder box she’d walked into, a spark would set these guys at it any second. “Aspetta per favore!” she came to sit on the bed. “I’ll dictate the rules, thank you”.

“First, I want to see who is the stronger man. An arm wrestle will do it! The winner gets this” she pulled down her top and her balloon tits jiggled out into view. “But it’s not an even contest right now. Sam – go and change”.

I blinked and we broke the staredown. Tom took a few paces over to the end table which already had a chair either side. I went to the bathroom, and took a deep breath as I looked myself over in the mirror. As I pulled off my clothes, I gave my thick, floppy cock a few jerks before wrapping a towel of my own around my waist.

Re-entering the bedroom I took a seat squarely opposite Tommaso, and went for a mock slap but instead rested my elbow in the table, making sure to flex for Ria. We wrapped fists and even though we hadn’t started yet, immediately we both went taught, our biceps engaged. Our feet were pressing together under the table.

Ria was totally feeling it – two beast men in their prime ready to kill eachother over a lay with her. She came over and dangled her tits between us. I gave her nipple a cheeky lick and she giggled. Tom used his free hand to grab her full ass, before quickly returning it to grip the table. “Ready? BEGIN!”

We both let out a short breath as our full force met, and our whole bodies started to vibrate from the inertia as neither forearm moved an inch.

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