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Becoming Her Wife Ch. 01

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Part 1

How did I get into this predicament? I asked myself as I stood at the door waiting for our guests to arrive. I was standing in my five-inch heels that pinched me feet just slightly. My stockings had a seam that went up the back of my leg to my lace garters. My French maid’s uniform was neatly pressed and it fit me perfectly. My nails though shorter then most women would have them, were done in a French style. My breasts are tiny but they still bulge out of the top of my uniform with the aid of breast enhancement pads and the satin corset I was wearing. My blond hair that now reached the middle of my back was pulled into a tight French braid. Appropriate for the French maid I was portraying.

I thought back on how I came to be in this situation. It started before I married Josie. Josie is my wife, my wonderful, beautiful and highly sexual wife. That’s right she is my wife. I am a blond hair blue eyed male. I stand five foot seven and weight one hundred thirty five pounds, but back to my story. It started before I begged her to take me as her husband and yes beg is the appropriate term. Back to the first day I arrived in San Francisco.

I arrived in the bay area on January third a year and a half ago. To install a turnkey information system at a nationally know financial institution. I’ve installed several of these systems over the past three years. In fact I’ve spent more time away from the home office then anyone else I worked with.

I was single young and male. I loved my job. I had more fun and sexual adventures then anyone else twice my age. I got to be my own boss. I had an unlimited expense account. The company I worked for paid for my lodging, a rental car and all my meals. On top of that I made two hundred and fifty thousand dollars last year alone of which I’ve spent very little.

When I arrived in San Francisco I found the rental car I would be using for my stay and drove over to the company I was going to be working at for the next two months. It was a dark and dismal day. The cold rain came down in sheets when it wasn’t being blown by the wind. I thought to myself. Sunny California wasn’t too sunny after all.

I sat down with the CEO and the VP of Information System to explain the new software and what I was bringing to them. I could tell their reluctance to the change, it wasn’t their idea to change. Their headquarters in New York mandated it. I spent an hour trying to convince them that the new software could easily read the old files. By the end of that hour they were unconvinced, I knew they would be. Most of the senior personnel are whenever I start in a new company. Once the system was installed and the old files are transferred to the new system. Then they would tout me as a genius of which I am not. It was the software engineers that were. Then I would be on my way to another company to do the same.

When the meeting was over I went to my hotel seeing that the new equipment hadn’t arrived yet. I had the luxury of picking out my own hotels when I was on a trip. My company let me get away with quite a bit seeing I never complained about being away from the home office for months at a time. Last year I was away ten months out of the twelve. Every one else that had to do my job wanted to go home for a few months before going out again. I didn’t care one way or the other.

The hotel room I took was a residence room, which meant that there was a bedroom, a small kitchenette as well as a small living room. It was nice but like some many I’ve stayed in for the last three years. It had two TV’s with pay-per-view movies, some of which where what they called adult movies, but which I called badly acted R movies. I mean if you’re going to get porn get the hard core stuff. After hearing some of the tails I’ve heard about the bay area I was sure I could find good porn pretty close to where I was staying.

After putting my cloths away I went down for a drink or two before dinner. I figured I’d go to one of the restaurants close to the hotel till I got my bearing. When I walked into the bar in the hotel I saw that it was quite crowded. Most of the patrons were sales people or at least business people, I could tell this by the all the suits. I took the next to last seat at the bar and ordered a bourbon and water and proceed to check out the crowd using the mirror behind the bar.

As I was checking out the crowd for a possible dinner partner and also the competition I saw this little slip of girl standing behind me. She was wearing a short black dress that was meant more for a date then for something a girl would wear to work. She had long black curly hair that hung down to the middle of her back. If the curls were ironed out I was sure her hair would have stretched down to below her bottom.

She stood about five-two with out the five inch heels she was wearing. Her skin color was dark at first I thought she maybe of Afro-American decent, but after looking at her facial features I could tell that she was more Spanish decent then black. She had cute little sex izle breasts that were a little more than a hand full. Her stomach was flat as a pancake and her bottom was perfect.

Her brown eyes seem to sparkle as she turned around several times looking for someone. After not finding who she was looking for she came over to where I was sitting tapped me on the shoulder and asked if the seat next to me was taken.

“I’m saving it for a dark haired beauty with big brown eyes.” I told her. I couldn’t believe that just came out of my mouth.

Her red lips parted in a smile, a smile that lit up her whole face. Her eyes trapped me in her gaze. I wouldn’t find out how trapped I was till much later. “Does that mean it’s for me or some other dark haired beauty?”

“I’m sorry, please sit down. I can’t believe that just came out of me.” I said as I tried to pull my eyes from her.

“That’s okay, it was nice of you to say it. At least I could tell you were looking at my eyes and not my bottom the whole time you were staring at me in the mirror.” A blush came to my face at these words mainly because I was caught checking her out. She slid her supple body onto the stool and ordered a double scotch on the rocks when the bartender came over. He gave her a dubious look till she slipped her ID cross the bar. After he checked out the ID he gave it back to her and poured her a drink.

“Put that on my tab.” I told the bartender then to her I said. “In payment for my staring earlier.” She touched my hand as she put a ten-dollar bill on the bar and said

“Thank you, but I waiting for someone, it would be rude to let you buy me a drink then go off with some one else.”

Her hand stayed on mine for a few minutes and I felt a slight tingle where she was touching me. We talked for a while and I found out that she was a local. Which in the bay area meant she lived within fifty miles of where we were sitting. She didn’t tell me exactly where she lived.

We sat and chatted till eight o’clock when she received a call on her cell phone. She turned away from me as she answered it. After a short conversation she turned off her phone and said

“Dam I’ve been stood up. Well at least she had the decency to call.” I couldn’t see if she was happy or sad at the turn of events. I couldn’t be happier.

“I would love to take you to dinner. Then you can show me some of these place you’ve been telling me I should see.” I told her. She smiled and said

“Why not we both have to eat and you look like a trustworthy person to me.”

“Oh I am. In fact you could hand cuff me in the car.” I let slip before I could stop myself.

“That sounds tempting, but we’ll save that for a later time.” She said with a laugh. A slight chill went up my spine, but also a flow of blood went to my cock. I helped her on with her coat then I put on my own. As we were walking out of the hotel she asked.

“Well Nick some place cheap or some place expensive?”

“Let’s go expensive this time and save cheap for the next time.” I told her

“Already planning a second time are you? I may have to use those hand cuffs tonight after all.” She said with a slight giggle. My face turned a bright pink with embarrassment, which made her giggle even more.

“My car or yours Nick.” She asked as we walked into the parking lot of the hotel.

“Since you know where we’re going how about yours” I told her

“A man that let’s the lady drive. I’m really starting to like you.” She said as she pulled me by the arm to her car.

She unlocked the door on the passenger side of her Porsche and held the door for me as I got in. Once we were out of the parking lot she raced though the city streets pointing out places of interest that went by in a blur. When she stopped abruptly in front of a restaurant I couldn’t tell you how we got there or where it was.

She threw her keys to the valet as she took my arm and propelled me into the restaurant. She when up to the Maitre d’ and he asked

“Miss Swanson so good to see you again. Do you have a reservation this evening?”

“No Pierre I don’t. Can you please squeeze my new friend and I in tonight? I’ll be eternally grateful.” She said in a charming childish way. Pierre laughed and said

“Of cause I can, anything for you or your sisters.”

“Pierre you are such a dear to us. How can I ever thank you.” She asked as she took his arm and allowed him to lead her to a table, while I followed close behind. We sat and looked over our menus till Josie asked

“Would you mind if I order the wine?”

“No you can order the whole meal.” I told her, she seemed to be enjoying herself and I wanted her to continue to have fun.

“Are you sure you’re ok with that?” She asked with a slight look of suspicion.

“Why not you’ve eaten here before. You should know what’s good.”

Josie ordered dinner for both of us as well as the wine to go with it. While we were waiting I asked her how long her family lived sikiş izle in the bay area.

“My Great, Great grandfather jumped ship in San Francisco during the gold rush.”

“Did he do well? I asked

“He did quite well thanks to my great, great grandmother.”

“Did they work the field together?” I wasn’t trying to see how well off she was. I just knew that most of the miners barely eke a living out of the fields never mind getting rich. Josie study me for a few seconds then said.

“My grand father came to the field first and saw how hard it was to pan for gold. He was a man who would rather work with his head then his back so he turned around and when back to San Francisco. He bought several barrels of whiskey and as much salt pork, flour, and salt as he could. He went back and open a saloon slash general store slash whore house.”

Her last comment she told just as I took a spoon full of soup. It took all my concentration to not spit it back out. I must have covered my surprise well because she didn’t seem to notice. Then she continued between spoonfuls of soup.

“Being an ex-sailor he knew what the men would want and he provided it. About a month after he got started my grandmother showed up. I’m told I look a lot like her, I don’t see the resemblance though. Anyway my grandmother came into my grand father’s store and asked if she could work in the brothel. Grandpa fell instantly in love with her, he told her if she would give herself to him alone then he would give her half the business. Grandmother was no one’s fool. She knew she was beautiful and men desired her where ever she when. She was looking for something more stable. She told my grandfather if he would turn over the business to her then she would marry him. They were married the next day. Grand pa never regretted giving her what she wanted.”

“Less then a year later Grandma saw the field was giving out so she told her husband to sell the business. A week later grandpa rolled two fifty-pound nail kegs on to the back of a wagon along with the rest of their personal belongings and left the field. A month later Grandpa deposited two million dollars into the Bank Of San Francisco under his wife’s name. That’s what was in the two kegs, two million in gold dust and nuggets.”

“That’s a fascinating story. If you don’t mine me asking what happen after that?” I asked as the main coarse arrived.

“I don’t mind we’re all proud of Grandma Rosette. Next she saw that the bay area was starting to build up and she knew they were going to need wood. She bought up ten thousand acres of forestland in the mountains north of here. Sent money to her brothers in Mexico to come up here and help with getting the lumber out of the forest and down to the city. They weren’t too happy that their baby sister was hiring them to work but they did it anyway. With in five years she had her own mill and was shipping out a couple million board feet a year.”

“They had three daughters. The youngest was my Great grandmother. Rosette instilled in her daughters her pride and her determination not to let a man tell her what to do. When her older daughters married she made sure it was to the right sort of man. The right sort of man would be kind and would listen to her advice. She was very generous to all her daughters and gave them land and homes. Also they would take with them a dowry into their marriage, that their husbands didn’t know about.”

“Why didn’t the husbands know anything about the dowry?” I asked

“Back then a man had all the rights where a woman had none. If the husband knew about the dowry and they used it as collateral for a loan the wife would have to pay it off. In today’s age you have a prenuptial agreement that all my sisters made their husbands sign. Actually my mother makes them sign it before the marriage is agreed to. If the man really loves her then he’ll sign it. If he doesn’t he’s not the type my mother would approve of.”

“What about the sons? You only speak of the daughters.” I asked

“Since Rosette there has never been any sons, only daughters. If there were a son then he would get a fare share, as would the daughters. I think that’s the way it would work.” She said a little confused.

“So all the children share equally in the inheritance then?” I asked. I was trying to figure this all out. Josie looked at me for a few minutes. I could almost see her make a decision in her mind then said

“No. Each daughter receives a dowry when she’s married. The dowry consists of property and money. A house is built for her to live in. The majority of the inheritance is given to the youngest daughter.” She could see the question forming in my mind before I asked it. “Rosette was the youngest so it goes to the youngest. It’s our tradition.”

“And you would be the youngest?” I asked. She nodded her head then I said, “You have a huge responsibility to bare.” Josie studied me for a minute then said.

“You’re a remarkable man Nick. Most men would have made a türk porno crack about wanting to marry me, or how lucky my husband would be. But you went to the heart of the matter. I do have a responsibility. I have to make sure there is enough inheritance to pass on to my children and to theirs. I have to bring daughters in to this world and teach them to see the signs of change before them and to anticipate those signs so we can profit from them. I’m really amazed that you could see that.” I felt pleased that she was pleased with me

“So what do the husbands get out of this besides being the father of the daughters?” I asked.

“They get to follow their dreams, their passions. My grandfather, his passion was wine. Actually it was grapes. He took one look in the Napa Valley and he wanted to start a vineyard. My grandmother let him follow his dream. She bought him the land and the vines and he grew his grapes. Now my mother owns five thousand acres of the best grape vines in all the Napa Valley.”

“What kind of wine do you produce?” I asked

“We don’t any longer. One of the big wineries owns the grapes. We still own the land and the vines. But the winery tends the fields and picks the grapes. They pay us for the use of our vines and we get all the wine we want with in reason.”

“What about your father what is his passion?”

“His passion was the movies. He has produced quite a few of them, but now he has given them up. He says it’s a young persons business. He turned it over to my oldest sister Jolene. She seems to be quite good at it too.” She told me this with a hint of sorrow in her voice.

We talked on till dinner was over. When the bill came she reached for it till I grabbed it and handed the waiter my credit card. She was not happy about that till I told her.

“I invited you to dinner so I should pay if you invite me to dinner then you should pay.”

“Okay how about tomorrow. We can go to a restaurant I know of in China Town. I think you would really love it.” She said as we walked out of the restaurant.

“Sound great to me I was wondering how I could get you to agree to another date.”

“Oh you con-artist. I can’t believe you tricked me into another date that way.” She didn’t sound as shocked as she was trying to make believe she was.

“Some how I can’t believe you could be tricked that easily.” I told her. For a girl as young as she was she had both feet squarely planted on the ground? We were standing out in front of the restaurant waiting for the valet to get her car. She wrapped hands around my arm and laid her head on my shoulder and said.

“Thanks for seeing that but you could play along sometimes.” It was almost eleven. I knew we would have to call it an evening soon, but I didn’t want it to end. I turned to her and said

“What do we do now Miss Tour Guide.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know show me something I can only see in San Francisco. Or at least in California.” I told her. Her whole face seemed to light up at that.

“I know of something you’ve most likely haven’t seen before. Remember you asked for it.” She said as we got into her car. Once we were settled in and she was driving she asked.

“Tell me Nick what’s with the hair. I mean that has to be the longest hair I’ve ever seen on a straight guy. You are straight aren’t you?”

“Yes I am. I have this fear about going to barbers that I don’t know. They usually screw my hair up and I have to wait till it grows back to get it straighten out. The first time I went on the road I figured I could wait till I got back to get it cut. I wound up doing three jobs in a row before I got back to my home office.” I told

“I’m sure you’ve been back since then why is it still so long.” She asked

“To tell the truth. The longer it got the more girls seemed to like it, so I haven’t had it cut since. As long as I keep it clean and in a ponytail, no one seems to mind. Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering if you had a secret side to you.” She said

“What kind of secret side?”

“Well you could have been a cross dresser and you keep it long so you would look more feminine when you were dressed.”

“What’s a cross dresser?” I asked feeling very naive.

“Are you serious?” She asked before realizing I was, then she said, “A cross dresser is a guy or a girl that likes to wear cloths of the opposite sex.”

“You mean a Transvestite?”

“No a transvestite is one that wears them all the time. A cross dresser only does it in private or with someone that like’s cross dresser.” It was raining harder now and Josie wasn’t driving near as fast

“No I don’t do that. I’m straight, sexually speaking.” I told her which got a laugh from her.

“Cross dressers aren’t gay. Well not all of them, some are completely straight and others are BI.”

“I’m not a cross dresser I know that some women like my hair long so I keep it that way. I guess I’ll have to get it cut. I don’t want some one thinking I one of those.”

“No. Please don’t cut it I like it that way? I wasn’t accusing you of being one I just want to know if you were one. If you were, it would be okay with me too. But please don’t cut you hair because I said that.” She said I could hear a panic in her voice

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