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In retrospect, I should’ve begun this story long ago. Saying it means a lot to me would be a stunning understatement. What you are about to embark upon is a story of discovery, opportunity and regret. Whilst sex is undeniably at the forefront of this story, I hope that you will appreciate the background of which it is told. To everyone who has ever been in love, the people who have experienced the joy and pain that comes along with it. This is for you.

** ***

Thomas swerved and weaved between the bodies crowding the pavement as he ran towards the station, he winced as he felt the first droplets of icy rain hit his head causing him to pick up his pace. Praying his luck held he sprinted past the barriers and propelled himself onto the train just as the doors sealed shut. His breathing slowed and steadied as he sat down taking out his question sheet due next lesson; as he stared at the problems he questioned whether taking a Chemistry degree had really been the smartest choice. As the train shuddered and scraped its way along the tracks Thomas acknowledged defeat, it was too damned early to be thinking about orbitals. He found himself grinning at the thought about the night ahead where his best mate Dylan was finally going to visit his first gay bar.

Dylan was an incredibly shy and incredibly private person; the two guys had known each other before either could walk. When Dylan had come out to Thomas, he felt fiercely privileged and protective of his friend. Thomas knew coming out wasn’t easy and appreciated it even more for an introvert to trust him. He had fully supported Dylan and constantly tried to set him up much to his embarrassment; Dylan had banned Thomas as a wingman after the chilli dinner date incident which ended with burning eyes at A&E.

After literal months of pestering Dylan relented to Thomas’s insistence they go to Perditae, the gay bar close to the university campus. Thomas smiled as he remembered his friend throwing his hands up in mock defeat promising to go if he just stopped talking about it. He rose up out of his seat as his train approached his stop and noticed the rain outside had intensified coming down in near sheets. Thomas sighed as the doors slid open and braced himself for an unwanted shower.

Holding his umbrella in his left and phone in his right hand Dylan briskly walked down the flooded pathway silently cursing the people slowing down his journey. He had never enjoyed the restless hubbub of London’s streets much preferring the peaceful vacuum that was the British countryside.

Pressing his ID card against the reader he stepped through the metal gate and took the steps outside the Chemistry building two by two until he entered the unusually packed hallway. He suppressed a groan as he manoeuvred through the crowd into the lecture theatre which oddly enough was rather empty in spite of the mass of people outside. His lip curled as he eyed the few students already in their seats until he saw Thomas who looked soaked to the bone. Dylan allowed himself a small smile as he went to take a seat next to his friend whose now transparent white shirt clung to his chest and butterscotch coloured hair dripped onto the foldable desk in front.

“I didn’t know it was socially acceptable to wash yourself fully clothed these days”

Thomas glanced sideways and flashed a toothy grin at Dylan “Well not everyone can pull it off you know.” He paused as he ran an open palm through his hair precipitating a sudden release of water

“It takes the very special quality of not checking the weather report before you leave.”

Thomas laughed as Dylan simply rolled his eyes and started to unpack his bag bringing out his stationary and finished question sheet. He looked to the front as the professor announced the beginning of the lecture then back at Dylan

“So are you excited about tonight?”

Dylan had his trademark neutral face on, it was an undecipherable combination of glassy eyes and rigid mouth. When there was no response Thomas nudged him and repeated his question

“How you feeling about tonight?”

Suppressing yet another groan Dylan replied “Do we really have to go? I mean I know I said I would but I’m not really feeling it.” He continued to scribble on his pad taking notes before the slideshow moved on

“Hey no backsies we’re going and that’s that. It’ll be awesome, I hear they’ve got these killer mojitos and who knows, we might just find you a dude to have fun with.”

Heat rushed to Dylan’s cheeks as he stared at Thomas who wore a stupid grin, the light scarlet colouring turned a deep crimson when Thomas winked and nudged his arm

Thomas continued with gusto ignoring Dylan’s obvious wish to combust, “There’ll be plenty of options for you, skinny dudes, muscly guys, who knows there might even…”

Thomas stopped short as he was interrupted by a voice calling “You, yes you, the young man in the soggy white shirt at the back.” Professor Maynard had locked Casibom his attention onto Thomas and his inability to keep quiet during his lecture

“Since you seem to be deeply interested in the topic on the board answer me this. If I were to have a magnetic quantum number of zero what would be the value of my orbital angular momentum quantum number?”

Professor Maynard watched with delight as the student floundered and looked desperately to the adjacent student, “You don’t know because if you’d have been paying attention you’d know the answer would also be zero. Pay attention please, I’d appreciate if you didn’t make me ask again.”

Beginning to write Thomas threw a cheeky smile at Dylan letting him know the conversation wasn’t over. He chuckled quietly as his friend shook his head gently, Thomas focused his attention forward as the professor explored a contour plot.

The rest of the day was taken up by lab work, as usual Dylan and Thomas paired up as they began their experiment. They were opposites of one another, Thomas outgoing and easy natured while Dylan was cautious and reserved. But they complemented each other well, Dylan kept Thomas in check and Thomas helped Dylan loosen up. Ever since they were little they had been practically inseparable, they were strong friends and held a long standing trust. Thomas wanted nothing more than for Dylan to find someone who would help him come out of his shell.

“Have you got any thoughts about what you’ll be doing this summer?”

Blinking rapidly Thomas replayed Dylan’s question in his head as he emerged from the tangent of his thoughts. He’d considered taking up an internship but had no real interest in corporate business. Dylan had invited him to go back with him to his family in the midlands but he didn’t want to intrude

“There’s some hiking I’d love to do this summer, I’ll take it in chunks and I should cover most of the coast.”

Filtering the solution he had prepared, Thomas flushed it with ethanol while Dylan collected the excess with a spare conical flask. Dylan attached the flask to a vacuum pump setting a timer for two minutes

“That’s quite ambitious for one summer, that’s a lot of miles to cover.”

Scribbling on the instruction sheet Dylan watched in satisfaction as their solid remains collected on the filter paper, he was confident it’d yield a high quality sample of the Indigo there were trying to create

“I don’t mind, I’ve got nowhere else to be this summer so I might as well make the most of my time.”

Taking his goggles off Thomas wiped the condensation with his lab coat before putting them back on, looking through the window he saw a smattering of dark clouds in the sky that would later coalesce and catch some poor souls unaware. Dylan began hesitantly

“You know you’re always welcome to come back to mine. Mum would love to see you, she said she’d make that Sunday roast you love so much the next time you came.”

Letting out a whistle Thomas moved his hand to cover his chest

“Oh man don’t tempt me, your Mum’s roast pork with crackling is so good it should be illegal.”

Thomas continued swooning as Dylan violently rolled his eyes

“Her yorkshires as well, and her homemade gravy, I’m drooling thinking about it already.”

“Yeah well Tara misses you too, always asking about ‘Uncle Tom Tom’ whenever I call home.”

At the mention of Dylan’s little sister Thomas’s eyes sparkled; that little punk was his miniature partner in crime. Thomas had caught Tara one time pulling cling-film over the toilet bowl as she stood on her potty for support. She’d sworn Thomas to secrecy as they later enjoyed the horrified howls of Dylan as he took an unexpected wash

“Thanks for the offer Dylan, I appreciate it, I really do. But I’ll be fine this summer I can’t keep going back to yours every time.”

Switching the power off Thomas carefully removed the filter paper shaking the contents into a beaker. He standardised the electronic scale on the bench and started to measure out a gram of sodium hydrosulphite. He could feel Dylan watching him scoop the powder into a weighing boat and knew that he wasn’t giving up without a fight

“What do you mean you can’t keep coming back? You’re family, alright? Mum basically thinks you’re her son.”

“I’m honoured she thinks so.”

“Tara loves you to bits, god knows why she does.”

“Probably because she sees she got a knock-off model of awesome big brother.”

Dylan scowled at Thomas as he chuckled to himself, grabbing a measuring cylinder Dylan squeezed in twenty millilitres of deionised water

“Dad would love to have you back too; he’s got no one else to talk about rugby with.”

Thomas grabbed the cylinder from Dylan and gently poured it in with the powder, he smiled as he remembered watching the six nations with Dylan’s dad as they screamed and cheered

“Well you tell Mr Knights I’ll be back before the season begins.”

Pouring Casibom Giriş both solutions together Thomas placed the beaker in a water bath keeping his eye on the time which he put it in

“So you’re just going to hike this summer? Just you?”

Pulling off his latex gloves Dylan washed his hands before removing his goggles. He sat down on the stool beneath the bench folding his arms

“Oh it’ll just be me and the stunning views of mother nature. I don’t need anyone else to enjoy them with me.”

Thomas sat down without taking his equipment off, there was no point the solution would be heated soon enough. He clicked his tongue as he scanned the room, pairs of people were working away trying to adhere to their time limit. Thomas knew Dylan worried about him being alone which was ironic in itself.

Thinking about the Knights, Thomas hoped they all knew how much he really did appreciate them. They treated him as one of their own and not just because he was Dylan’s best mate. They always had him round for Christmas, birthdays and scolded him when his termly assessments weren’t ‘up to scratch’

“Who knows maybe it’ll be a good thing for you; there might be someone special you meet on your little trips.”

Dylan smiled as he spoke but regretted mentioning anything the instant Thomas started to speak

“Talking about special someone’s we’ve got to keep an eye out for you tonight, I wonder if I can get the barman to give you a special announcement.”

Feeling his stomach drop at the thought Dylan warned

“Don’t you even dare or I will set Tara on you.”

Feigning innocence Thomas reached into the bath pulling the beaker out with tongs. He extracted the wafer thin sheet of pure Indigo placing it in a petri dish for inspection. He sealed the sides placing a label with his and Dylan’s name on. Dylan scrutinised the sample before finally nodding, they’d get a pretty decent score on its purity.

Thomas was as determined to get Dylan to meet someone as Dylan was to make sure Thomas wasn’t alone. Taking him out was just the first step of Thomas’s plan, he had plenty of other ideas if this one proved to be unsuccessful.

Thomas felt completely comfortable going to Perditae, he’d drag Dylan there by his collar if he had to. Besides, there was a slight incentive to go alongside helping Dylan have some well-deserved fun. Thomas had heard a lot of girls visited gay bars, apparently there was quite a crowd some nights. It wouldn’t hurt if he got himself laid in the process of helping a friend.

As soon as the day ended the guys headed for Dylan’s flat, a short walk away from campus. Thomas got changed and sat on the sofa turning on the TV as he waited for Dylan to get ready. He knew he’d be waiting a while because Dylan took an eternity choosing an outfit, especially if it was for an event which he was nervous about.

He looked around the apartment Dylan shared with two other students, it was tasteful but nothing special. Thomas shook his head as Dylan tried a last ditch attempt to worm his way out of the evening

“Thomas, I think I had something dodgy for lunch, I don’t feel that great. I don’t think I can go tonight.”

Thomas switched off the TV and stood outside of Dylan’s bedroom door, he spoke gently “Mate we’re going, fake stomach trouble or not. It’s about having fun and a little celebration of you making a huge step; you don’t know what’ll happen tonight but I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

The floorboards creaked as Dylan shifted from the spot he’d be standing in, taking a deep breath he opened his bedroom door

“Let’s get this over with then.”

He marched out of the front door before he could change his mind making sure to grab his keys and wallet by the stand before he exited. Following behind with a light jog, Thomas let out a small fist pump before slamming the door shut.

** ***

Spinning a pint glass on the counter Tyler counted the number rotations it whirled before coming to a stop. It was unusually muted on a Friday night, just a few regulars and unfamiliar faces. He’d offered to take overtime as he sought to earn extra cash, being a broke student meant he needed an income to supplement not just boozy nights out but rent too. He spun the glass once more but it was stopped as Shaun reached out grasping the base firmly.

“Watch it, you’ve got plenty of time to go loopy when you’re old but right now I’d like a drink.”

Tyler smiled as he generously poured gin over ice. Throwing in a healthy wedge of lemon he pushed the glass alongside a bottle of tonic water over to Shaun sat on one of the bar stools. Swirling the glass as he mixed his G&T Shaun watched Tyler as he mixed a few drinks for a group of girls who had stumbled in, they giggled and shouted at each other eyeing Tyler as they did so. Shaun observed the expert flick of Tyler’s wrist, his well-defined arms flexing as he finished the girl’s orders. He stared at his hay coloured Casibom Güncel Giriş hair which emphasised the deep blue of his eyes, he appreciated his toned body and took a large gulp of his drink.

The two had met at the beginning of their courses having been paired together sharing the same accommodation. Whilst they found separate places at the end of first year they remained good friends. They found out they both played for the same team after a drunken fresher’s party where they ended up going after the same guy. Shaun made clear he wasn’t just after a quick fuck when Tyler made a move on him, Tyler reluctantly backed down but respected Shaun nonetheless. Still, it didn’t mean Shaun couldn’t admire his roommates beautiful arse.

With his backed turned Tyler spoke aloud, “You know, you’re more than welcome to do more than just look at it you know.” Turning around he cocked his head at Shaun and slowly licked his lips; the action was met with raised eyebrows and another swig of his drink. A part of Tyler wished that Shaun hadn’t been so… so righteous. He wanted to do things the “right way” and all Tyler wanted to do was fuck him until he saw stars. Tyler furrowed his eyebrows as Shaun opened his mouth to speak but failed to do so, he saw him gawping directly behind him right at the entrance.

“Hey can we get some drinks?”

Tyler felt the depth and tone of the voice that spoke, his curiosity peaked when he watched Shaun swallow hard, his gaze never leaving the mysterious new customer. Hearing two stools being pulled Tyler turned around and froze; the owner of the resonant voice was chatting with the guy he had come with before looking straight at Tyler. His dark green shirt followed the contours of the obvious definition of a well-muscled abdomen, the sleeves tightly wrapped around prominent biceps. Tyler continued to stand still as he studied the strangers face; he focused on the caramel hair that was swept back and was struck by his tantalisingly cheeky smile. Taking quick, shallow breaths Tyler returned the smile looking directly back. The air thinned and Tyler’s throat dried, looking into steel grey eyes Tyler felt himself get dizzy as he threatened to lose himself in the stormed coloured vortices. Tyler jumped slightly as the girls adjacent to the bar let out a collective wolf whistle at the newcomers accompanied by suggestive winks.

“Thomas I’m really not comfortable with this, can we go? Please?”

Rubbing his wrists nervously Dylan looked at Thomas as he returned a wink to the rowdy group eliciting cheers and louder wolf whistles.

“Mate we’ve literally just stepped in, we’ll get some liquid courage in you and you’ll be fine.” Thomas refocused on the bartender who gave him a curious look. There was something else too, just beyond comprehension that Thomas couldn’t quite decipher. He looked at the chalkboard hanging above before ordering, “Can I get a pint of cider and…” Pausing he gave a sideways glance to Dylan who sat looking down at the table surface. Thomas gestured towards Dylan “And whatever you recommend for a first time newbie.” Dylan’s head shot up, his glare a mix between shock and embarrassment. Tyler couldn’t help but laugh at Thomas’s bluntness

“Oh I’ll knock up something special for him” Tyler grabbed a mixer before heading back towards Shaun who was still rapt with awe. Closing his open mouth Shaun fired his questions

“So who’s the sex on legs who just walked in?” Shaun waited impatiently for a response as Tyler rubbed mint leaves between his hands

“That fucking beautiful man is called Thomas, he’s here with his buddy. First time adventure for him, poor kid looks like he wants to curl up into a ball. Didn’t catch his name.”

Shaun ripped his gaze away from Thomas and saw his companion for the first time. Whilst he was nowhere near as hot he had an innocence that Shaun knew was rare; as Shaun watched Dylan fidget and nervously scan the room he felt a sudden urge to go over and introduce himself. Pouring in soda water and garnishing the mojito with a few fresh mint leaves Tyler picked up a pint glass and began filling it.

“He’s kinda cute.” Shaun’s eyes widened as he mumbled his thoughts out loud, Tyler gave him a wry smile. Picking up his drinks Tyler said “Go over and say hi, but I gotta warn you.” Tyler looked back over to Thomas catching his eye, Thomas gave him a brilliant smile “I’ve got dibs on Mr grey eyes”

Shifting in his seat Dylan couldn’t keep still, he rubbed his wrists to keep his hands from shaking and was startled when Tyler set his drink down. Picking it up without looking Dylan took a gulp, the cold rush of mint caused him to grimace. He thanked Tyler and went for another sip, he gripped his glass tightly feeling the coldness which kept him sharp. Out of the corner of his eye he saw someone else pull a stool out and sit next to him

“Hey is this seat taken?” Shaun sat down and watched as Dylan shook his head, he held out his hand, “I’m Shaun, nice to meet you.”

Dylan set his mojito down and looked at the extended palm; he hesitated then reached out and shook it

“I’m Dylan Knights, uh I mean just call me Dylan, or Dylan Knights if you prefer, nice to meet you too.”

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