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Christy’s Fantasy Come True Ch. 02

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It was early Saturday evening. Chris had just finished doing some things around the house and hopped into the shower to clean off. He went through his usual ritual of shaving and getting rid of all the excess hair on his body to get ready for a night of fun.

Chris had been dressing up in lingerie for a few years and had fantasized about seducing Jim, a good friend of his. A couple of weeks ago his fantasy came true.

Jim had stopped by one Friday night while Chris was doing his usual routine of relaxing in lingerie. Chris used the opportunity to seduce him.

They enjoyed the experience immensely. Jim said it wouldn’t be the last.

Since then they had gotten together a couple of times to enjoy some hot sex at Chris’ place. Chris had also shared some of his other fantasies with Jim such as sucking off a stranger in public, being watched by another person, and some bondage and domination.

Jim called up Chris Friday night and asked if he wanted to go out on the town. Chris had never been out fully dressed before but thought this would be a great time to try it, especially with Jim at his side.

Chris finished showering and began slipping into his favorite lingerie. He hoped he could get dressed and finish his makeup before Jim got there to take him to dinner. First came the black lace garter and sheer black hose. Then he slipped on a pair of silk bikini cut panties, he loved the way they framed his ass. Then he slipped on a lace demi-cup bra to go with the panties and garter. To complete his womanly figure he slipped in a pair of false breasts to give him a nice round chest. As he finished his makeup and slipped on the wig, he heard the doorbell.

‘Damn, he’s here,’ he thought to himself, ‘I was hoping to be all dolled-up for Jim when he arrived.’

Chris slipped on his silk robe and hurried downstairs to answer the door.

Opening the door, he saw Jim standing there with a bouquet of roses and holding a department store bag.

“Hi Chris, or should I call you Christy now?” Jim said smiling. “You look great tonight baby. I have a little something for you here so I hope you don’t have an outfit picked out for tonight yet.”

Chris blushed. “Thanks Jim. You look great too. No, I haven’t picked anything out yet. What did you bring me? Oh, and call me Christy, I like the sound of it.”

“Go upstairs and I’ll put these flowers in a vase for you. Then I’ll let you see what I have.”

Chris went upstairs as Jim busied himself downstairs putting the flowers in a vase. Chris threw off the robe and started digging in the closet for a pair of heels when he heard Jim come in and walk up behind him. Suddenly he felt Jim’s hands on his ass and his cock grinding between his cheeks into his crack.

“Mmmm, you’ve got such a nice ass Christy.”

Chris moaned in response. “You’ve told me that on more than one occasion honey. I’m glad you like it, but you can’t have any until later tonight. So behave.”

Chris playfully bumped Jim away with his hips as he straightened up after finding the pair of heels he was looking for.

“So what did you bring me?” he asked coyly.

“Well, for your public debut I thought you’d look great in this!”

Jim pulled out a jade green piece of cloth.

It didn’t look like much at first. Chris took it from Jim and held it up to his body. The dress was one piece with long sleeves and came down to a few inches below his ass. Simple, sexy and a bit slutty. Chris cooed with approval.

“I like it Jim, but don’t you think this is a little to skimpy for my first appearance out in public?”

“Nonsense,” Jim replied. “You’ll look great in it. Slip it on.”

Chris slipped the dress over his head and shoulders, pulled it down and smoothed it out. He went over to the mirror and looked at himself.

“Ohh my. I like it.”

Chris turned around and looked at his backside in the mirror. The dress came to just a few inches below his ass. If he bent over to far he would show a little cheek.

“You are such a naughty boy Jim.”

Chris turned his back to Jim and bent at the waist, wiggling his ass as he did so. He could hear Jim moan with pleasure.

“I take it you like the view?”

“Oh yes.”

“Good. Maybe I can have some fun with this tonight.” Chris replied with a devilish grin.

Chris finished getting ready and then he and Jim walked out the door. Chris felt a little nervous at first, having never ventured outside dressed up before. Luckily, no one was around to see him come out of the house like that.

They got into Jim’s car and took off for dinner.

Jim pulled up to the front of a nice Italian restaurant in town. Here was the first test. The valet came up to Chris’ door and opened it for him. Chris got out of the car and looked at the valet. He could tell he was getting checked out. Chris smiled at the valet and he blushed.

‘He thinks I look hot’ Chris thought to himself. This gave his confidence a boost.

Jim came around and handed the valet his car keys. Kartal escort bayan Slipping his hand to the small of Chris’ back, Jim ushered Chris into the restaurant.

“Did you see the way he was checking you out Chris?” Jim whispered in Chris’ ear. “He thought you were good looking. I could tell by the look in his eyes.”

“How could I miss it? He was practically ogling me and I loved it.”

Jim got them a nice table on the patio, looking out over the town. The view was beautiful, Chris thought.

The waiter brought them a bottle of wine and poured them both a glass.

“The view from up here is just beautiful,” Jim said. “Almost as beautiful as you.”

Chris blushed.

“Let’s make a toast. To many happy nights to come.”

“I’ll drink to that.” Chris replied.

They raised their glasses and began to drink. As they were drinking and eating their appetizer Chris noticed their waiter would eye him whenever he came around. Leaning into Jim he whispered, “Do you think he knows I’m a guy or just that I’m hot? This is the first time I’ve ventured out in public as a woman you know.”

“The way he’s looking at you I think he thinks you’re hot.” Jim intoned. “I think it’s great. Here I am with you all dressed up, looking sexy, and everyone we have run into seems to think so too.”

Chris smiled at Jim. It was true. He had gotten a lot of looks when they came in the restaurant. At first he thought it was because everyone knew he was a man but as more people gave him the once over he realized it was because they thought he was hot.

He thought the waiter looked hot too. Then an idea hit him.

Leaning towards Jim, Chris whispered in his ear, “I think our waiter is good looking, I’ll bet he has a nice cock too and I want to find out. Would you like to watch me suck him off?”

Jim gasped as he heard Chris whisper this in his ear. The thought of watching Chris suck off another person in front of him turned him on very much.

“I would love to watch you do that Christy.” Jim responded enthusiastically. “But how do you propose to make that happen?”

“Just leave it to me honey”, came Chris’ reply.

When the waiter came back to take their order, Chris smiled at him as he took him in from head to toe. Chris could see the waiter was checking him out also as he wrote down his order and gave him a big grin. When the waiter turned to leave Chris nonchalantly gave the waiter a pat on the ass. He stopped, turned, and with a look of surprise on his face saw Chris smiling at him and blowing him a kiss. The waiter blushed, turned and walked off to the kitchen to put their order in.

“How was that for getting his attention Jim?” Chris asked.

Jim looked stunned for a moment. “Oh, I think that did the trick.”

The waiter came back a while later with their dinner and flashed Chris a big smile. He was not being discreet with his ogling of Chris this time around. Chris smiled back.

“Do you like what you see?” Chris asked.

The waiter looked at her in surprise, stammering, “What, what do you mean?”

“I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me ever since you brought us out a bottle of wine. You’ve been checking me out. I, in turn have been checking you out too.”

The waiter blushed a deep red. Chris wiggled his finger at the waiter in a come hither motion.

The waiter leaned over, his head near Chris’.

“I think you are hot and I want to find out what you have hiding in those pants and my boyfriend here wants to watch me suck you off.” Chris whispered to the waiter.

The waiters gulped and looked from Chris to Jim and then back again. “Are you serious?”

“Yes I am.”

“Well I’m not off work until late tonight.”

“Do you have a break coming up soon?” Chris asked.

“Yes I do. In 45 minutes.”

“Well, we should be done with dinner by then. Why don’t you meet us behind the restaurant when your break comes around and I’ll treat you to something you’ll never forget.” Chris cooed.

The waiter looked at Jim and Jim just nodded.

“I’ll be there.”

“This is turning me on so much,” Chris said to Jim when the waiter walked away. “I just can’t get enough of all the looks and attention people are giving me. It’s really got me turned on. I hope I can keep my ladylike composure for the night, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, I think you can.” Jim replied.

After dinner, Chris and Jim left the restaurant and Jim drove his SUV around the back of the restaurant to a secluded corner of the lot behind some trees.

“You stay in the front seat while I wait for our guest,” Chris told Jim as he exited the vehicle.

They were a little early so Chris had time to freshen up his makeup. A few minutes later the waiter came out the back door of the restaurant and was looking around. Chris walked out from behind the row of bushes and waved to the waiter. The waiter saw Chris and casually walked over to him.

“Are you ready for the blow job of your life?” Chris non-chalantly Escort Kartal asked the waiter.

The waiter just nodded, shocked at Chris’ forward attitude.

“What about your boyfriend?” The waiter asked

“Oh, he won’t bother us. He’ll be sitting in the front seat. I told him he could watch.”

The waiter just nodded, not believing his luck.

Chris took him by the hand and led him to the back seat of the SUV. When they got in Chris noticed Jim had pulled the passenger seat forward enough for him to get on the floor.

The waiter looked at Jim and smiled. “Are you okay with this?” he asked, a little puzzled at what was going on.

“Yes, I am. I love watching Christy pleasure other men. It really turns me on.”

Chris snuggled up next to the waiter in the back seat, sliding his hand up the inside of the waiter’s thigh stopping at his crotch.

“Mmm, looks like he’s got a nice package honey.”

He could feel the waiter harden at his touch as he spoke.

“Now let’s get down to business.” Chris said as he dropped to the floor between the waiter’s thighs. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down along with the boxers, freeing his large, hard cock. Chris stroked it up and down as he sucked the waiter’s balls one at a time.

The waiter began to moan.

Chris heard Jim in the front seat unzipping his own pants. He could only guess that he was pulling out his cock and stroking it as he sucked the waiter’s cock. He knew he guessed right when he heard Jim moan from the front seat.

Moving up to the head of the waiter’s cock, Chris began to lick and suck it, flicking his tongue over the small slit at the top of the head. The waiter gasped at the pleasure that was being lavished on him. Chris was enjoying it also. Pleasuring this man as a woman knowing the waiter didn’t know the difference.

“Please, suck me, take my cock deep in your mouth” The waiter begged Chris. “You feel so good.”

Chris obliged by swallowing the waiter’s cock in one smooth stroke. He now had the waiter’s cock buried in his throat. As he bobbed up and down on the waiters cock he could hear both him and Jim moaning and groaning, Jim from stroking his cock and the waiter from the blowjob he was getting.

The waiter began thrusting in and out of Chris’ mouth.

“I’m going to cum soon,” he said.

“Good, I want to swallow your cum.” Chris gasped as he pulled off the waiter’s cock for a moment. Stroking the waiter Chris asked Jim, “Would you like him to cum on my face instead honey?”

“Oh yes,” was all Jim could manage to say as he was furiously beating his cock.

The waiter moaned at the thought of spraying his cum all over Chris’ face.

“I like the thought of that even better.” The waiter moaned.

Chris began stroking the waiter’s cock faster, licking it up and down at the same time.

“Then give it to me. Spray your cum on my face,” he moaned.

At those words the waiter couldn’t hold back any longer. He began to groan and thrust into Chris’ hand. His cock began to erupt. The first shot hit Chris on the lips. The next couple Chris was able to aim at his cheeks and into his mouth. The waiter spurted a couple more times, hitting Chris on the neck. Chris rubbed cum into his face with his free hand as he continued stroking the waiter. At that moment, he heard Jim in the front seat moaning louder.

Chris looked over at Jim and he was stroking his cock faster and harder. He could tell he was about to cum. Not wanting to waste a good opportunity, Chris leaned between the gap in the passenger and driver seat and swallowed Jim just as he began to cum.

“Oh God yes Christy. That feels good.” Jim gasped.

Chris gulped down Jim’s cum as it flooded his mouth, not wasting a drop.

The waiter just sat there exhausted and in awe as Chris swallowed Jim’s load.

After Chris was finished, he kissed Jim and sat back in the seat next to the waiter.

Looking at him he smiled. “I hope you liked my performance.”

“That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Thank you!” The waiter exclaimed.

“I’m glad you liked it. It seems Jim did too. Now I think you need to get back to work before you’re missed.” Chris said to the waiter as he patted him on the cheek.

The waiter looked at his watch, quickly put himself back together and exited the SUV to head back to work fully satiated.

After a couple of minutes Chris got out of the back seat and moved to the front next to Jim. Slipping into the passenger seat he kissed Jim long and slow.

“You are incredible Christy. I can’t believe what you just did. It was so hot I loved it.”

“The mood just struck me to do something crazy so I took advantage of the situation. I know we had planned on going dancing but how about we go for a moonlit stroll in the park instead? Maybe we can find a nice secluded spot and have a little fun.” Chris said to Jim.

Jim drove for a while until he came to one of the local parks in the area. He drove around for Kartal Rus Escort a few minutes until they found a parking spot near one of the paved walking trails. Jim parked the car, got out and came around to open the door for Chris.

“My aren’t we the gentleman?” Chris laughed.

“Anything for my beautiful girlfriend.” Jim replied.

They walked for a while on the paved path, taking in the fresh air and beautiful scenery with the green trees and the occasional outlook down into the valley. After a while they stopped and sat down on one of the benches that looked out over the valley.

Jim wrapped his arm around Chris and pulled him close. Chris snuggled up next to Jim. As they sat there watching the sunset a few other couples wandered by, but as the sun dipped lower in the sky they became fewer and fewer. Chris was still horny from his little escapade earlier in the night. He began rubbing Jim’s crotch and nibbling on his neck as they sat there watching the sunset.

“Oh I like that Christy.” Jim gasped, careful to use Chris’ female name in public.

Looking around he noticed a dirt path slightly concealed behind some bushes that lead off into the trees.

“Christy, why don’t we head down the trail there a little ways and continue this?”

“You little devil.” Chris replied. “Sounds good to me, let’s go. I’ve always wanted to fuck in the outdoors,” he whispered into Jim’s ear.

They got up from the bench and Jim led the way down the darkening path telling Chris where to step since he was in heels. After walking for 100 feet or so they looked back. They could not see the path from here and since it was getting dark they were sure no one would see them. Looking around Chris noticed a large fallen tree a few feet from the trail that would serve their purposes. Chris led them over to it and leaned against it, pulling Jim to him. He began kissing Jim passionately, slipping his tongue down his throat. As they kissed Chris reached down and began to undo Jim’s pants. They fell to the ground and his underwear soon followed. Chris began stroking Jim’s erect cock moaning into his mouth.

“Oh baby,” Jim moaned. “That feels so good. Keep it up.”

Chris continued to stroke Jim’s cock as he began humping his bare leg, nylons rubbing up and down Jim’s thigh, Chris getting harder by the minute. Chris reached up, began removing Jim’s suit jacket, and dropped it to the ground at his feet. He dropped to his knees and swallowed Jim’s cock in one movement. He began bobbing up and down on Jim’s stiff rod, fondling his balls with one hand while playing with himself with the other. He was so turned on by the cool night air against his cock, listening to the rustling of the wind through the trees. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out from cumming.

“Mmm, such a tasty cock.” Chris moaned around Jim’s throbbing member. “Feed me your cum.”

“You keep that up and I will explode in your mouth.” Jim gasped. He too was turned on by fucking Chris’ mouth out here in the woods, “But I have another idea”. Jim pulled away from Chris’ mouth and pulled him to his feet.

“What did you have in mind?” Chris asked as Jim turned him around to face the fallen tree.

“I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours.” Jim replied, giving Chris a gentle push towards the tree to lean against.

Chris moaned, “I love it when you talk dirty and take charge Jim”. Chris leaned forward, bending at the waist and spread his legs, presenting his nice round panty covered ass to Jim.

Jim thought to himself, ‘I’ll have to keep that in mind for a later date’. Jim slipped Chris’ dress up over his hips and pulled the panties aside. He then began rubbing his thick cock up and down Chris’ crack. Chris moaned with pleasure at this and ground his ass against Jim’s cock.

“Slide that thick cock into my ass baby.” Chris gasped, “I want you buried in me”.

“You’ll have to beg for it if you want it.” Jim replied continuing to run his cock up and down the crack of Chris’ ass.

“Please, Jim, Please fill my ass with the hot cock. Fuck me like a little slut.” Chris replied. Jim loved hearing Chris talk dirty in front of him. His cock got harder as Chris spoke those words. He began smacking Chris’ ass with his cock before he eased the head into his tight hole.

“Oh that feels good,” Jim moaned.

He began to slide more and more of his cock into Chris. Chris tightened his ass as Jim slid into him, sucking Jim’s cock into his tight ass with every contraction.

“Oh yes.” Chris hissed through clenched teeth. “Fill me with it.”

At that Jim thrust into Chris’ ass in one stroke, burying his cock to the balls. He then withdrew slowly and slid back in. Over and over he slid in an out of Chris’ ass until he had a nice rhythm going. Chris was thrusting back at Jim as best he could to get him to go deeper with every thrust, moaning and groaning with pleasure, not caring who heard them in the park. After a few minutes of Jim fucking Chris in the ass and Chris stroking his cock through his panties Jim grabbed Chris’ hips and began thrusting into him faster and faster. Chris could tell Jim was close to cumming.

“Fill me with your cum Jim. Shoot your hot load in my ass.” Chris egged him on by squeezing his ass around Jim’s cock, milking it as they fucked.

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