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First Time with a Woman

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I am sat among a group of women I don’t really know, I have gone out with a friend and her work colleges, but they aren’t really my kind of people, and my friend is on the other side of the table deep in conversation, and so I sit quietly and drink. I am lost in my own thoughts, wondering what my husband is doing at home, on his own, and I start to plot what I am going to do to him when I return home, alcohol always makes me really horny. A woman sits down next to me, younger than the others, about my age, she looks as bored as me and we strike up conversation. She is a student nurse, 24 years old, a year older than me, and has come out with her sister who works with my friend; we hit it off straight away, finding lots in common to talk about.

Later in the evening we move onto a club in the centre of town, there are about 8 of us now and we are all very drunk. As we stand in the cue waiting to go in, Sally links her arm with mind and stands really close to me saying she is cold. We snuggle up together out of the wind and I feel strangely comfortable with the close proximity of our bodies, her short dark hair smelt of coconut and reminded me of my summer holidays. When we finally got into the club I was shocked at how aroused I felt at the site of Sally removing her coat, she was wearing a low cut, button-through tight top, her breasts pressed against the fabric and I could clearly see the shape of her nipples through the fine fabric, standing hard and erect. My breath quickened as I realised she was leaning in towards me to whisper in my ear.

“I told you I was cold!” or a moment I thought I had miss heard her but as she pulled away there was a mischievous look in her eyes, I blushed and then gasped as she slid her hand inside my coat and stroked my own bud like nipple through my vest top, “I see you are pretty cold too.” The action was over as quickly as it had begun and her hand was withdrawn, as we descended the stairs to the cloak room I wasn’t Casibom even sure it had happened. As we moved towards the dance floor she grabbed my hand and pulled me onto it to dance, every time she touched me it was like an electric bolt through my body.

Towards the end of the night we joined the others in the main bar area, I sat in an oversized chair while Sally sat on the arm, we were both out of breath from all the dancing, and as we sat and talked to the others I felt Sally’s hand at my neck. My hair is long and thick and her slim fingers gently snaked there way up my back across my shoulders and too that sensitive area in the nape of the neck, here her fingers gently stroked and rubbed making me feel even more aroused. I was starting to feel a little confused though, if a guy was doing this I would slap him, I am married after all. But with this woman doing it I felt really aroused and horny, even though until that moment I had never even had the slightest inkling of being attracted to a woman. I put it down to the drink and excused myself to go to the toilet.

Locked in the cubicle I relieve myself and take stock of the situation. I am married and not attracted to women, and yet just thinking about this woman is making me wet, it’s the drink making you horney, I think to myself, and it isn’t like she has done anything, really, it is just my horny mind making me think she wants more. I sort out my clothes and slide back the lock as I pull open the door Sally is stood the other side, she pushes the door open and steps inside forcing me backwards. I am too drunk to react quickly enough and before I know it we are locked in together. I look at her to see what is going to happen next, expecting her to sit on the loo and say something about being desperate, this wouldn’t have been the first time I had shared a toilet cubical with a girlfriend, but no Sally had something all together more interesting in mind.

Pushing me gently and yet firmly Casibom Giriş against the wall of the cubical she held her face very close to mine, or lips almost touching, her eyes stared straight into mine and at that moment I forgot everything and melted into her. Our lips touched and the electricity was amazing, her tongue although gentler than a man’s, probed deeply into my mouth, each kiss deeper and hungrier than the last. She pulled me towards her into an embrace and I clung to her as if I would never let go. She was the first to break the kiss taking my hands and stepping back. She looked at me for a long moment before letting go of one hand and pushing me back against the wall with the other.

Sally pressed her body against mine and with her free hand began sliding her long slender fingers under my top, her hands were cold against the fire that was engulfing my skin and as they inched higher I could feel my nipples hardening and growing in need to be touched, her mouth came down over mine again and I was lost in the kiss once more, until her fingers finally reached there destination. She squeezed and rubbed my nipple until my body ached for release, I suddenly realised that my hands were now on her body, I had never touched another woman’s breasts before but stroked her pert mounds through her clothes, without taking her hand from my nipple she used the other one to quickly undo the buttons at the top of her top and then guided my hand inside her bra. Her breasts were smaller than mine and firmer, her nipple was as hard as mine and felt good to touch, I mirrored what she was doing with my own fingers and felt her body tense and her kiss become more passionate as I did so.

Slowly and carefully she let her hand leave mine and run down the length of my body to the hem of my denim mini skirt, still kissing me and with an action so much smoother than any man had ever done she pulled it up and over my buttocks. She began kissing down my Casibom Güncel Giriş face and onto my neck, rubbing her face into the sensitive area behind my ear as her hand slide purposefully down into my black panties. As her finger tips reached my tiny trimmed area of hair they paused to allow her to whisper, “Do you want this?” I could barely speak, I wanted it more than anything, I was so wet and the kissing and the feelings in my nipples were driving me mad. I squeezed her nipple and bent my head down to hers, I answered her with a kiss and as her tongue reached out to mine her first finger slide deliciously into my waiting hole, I gasped at the feeling, so different to a man. I now brought my other hand up to grip her hair, trying to pull her into closer to me, this feeling was fantastic. She pressed her body against her hand forcing pressure onto my G spot and causing me to feel like I would loose balance if I hadn’t been pinned so tightly between her and the wall.

I can hear voices the other side of the flimsy partition and think I can hear my friend but I don’t care anymore all I want is what Sally is doing.

She begins to draw her fingers in and out, slowly and rhythmically rubbing against every inch of me, her kiss feels like it is drawing the very breath out of me and my nipple feels like it is on fire, my hand leaves her breast and travels around her body to her buttocks where I grip trying to keep myself upright as the feeling begins to wash over me, her fingers speed up as my cum gushes over her hand and I gasp into her open mouth, my body stiffening against her as the orgasm rips through me like none I have had before. As the feeling subsides so do her fingers, her kisses become gentle and calm. As she breaks the kiss I open my eyes to find myself looking at the most beautiful woman I have ever known in my life. She smiles down at me and slides her hand out of my panties. Suddenly I am embarrassed and don’t know what to do. She simply smiles at me and leaves the cubicle doing up her top, I exit a couple of seconds later having re adjusted my clothes to find she has gone.

In the cab on the way home I wonder how my husband is going to react when he hears about my night out.

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