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Adrienne’s Lesson

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She was beautiful, with an infectious smile and a filthy laugh. Her lines were a balance of dangerous curves, muscular tone and softness. Perfectly shaped breasts that even she was incredibly proud of and a full n’ firm round ass that was crying out to be ravaged. Once tamed, never forgotten. And he had tamed her… and had not forgotten.

She had moved on. They still worked in the same place. She had a new boyfriend and told everyone she was pretty much in love. He heard the rumors through the usual water cooler channels and admitted a little jealousy to himself. For the most part they didn’t see each other except for professional matters. Her tone was always courteous but ended at that. Nothing told him there was anything there, or had ever been.

Today was different. She’d called the office and asked if he wanted to have lunch. It had been a long time, and he thought she probably had a work related question. They met in their old favorite spot in the Atrium. She beamed her smile at him from beginning to end. She wasn’t working that day and wore a perfectly fitted and rather flattering pair of jeans which seemed to have difficulty staying up at the back. Her tank top refused to get too close to her pants giving him more views of some once conquered territory. Laughing with him, touching his arm and thigh, making endless eye contact… It was just like old times. She was flirting one minute then telling him she was leaving the country in her the next breath. Talking about her current boyfriend while giving him the “come fuck me” eyes. From time to time, he would catch her glancing down at the front of his pants, as if looking for a sign of approval. He could feel it; She was really turning on the charms and none of it had anything to do with work.

When she got up to leave, he asked her point blank. “So… What was that all about?” She smiled and laughed. “Nothing. Just lunch.” she said. Confused, he leaned forward to kiss her and she pulled away. “Umm. No.” She said as her smile turned to a frown. “No.” She walked away slowly, working her half showing ass as she went… and never looked back… Knowing he would watch every movement. He was left standing and confused. Wanting and rejected. He stewed… For days.

The door bell rang and she jogged down to the front door. Expecting her boyfriend, she greeted him with a smile! “Hey!… Oh.” She said rather surprised. “It’s you. I… Wasn’t expecting you.”

“I see that.” He said as he brushed passed her and into the house. He headed for the kitchen where he found and began to fill the kettle. “Um, yeah, so make yourself at… home” she said rather sarcastically watching him look for tea bags.

He looked at her, unamused. “Actually, maybe we should skip the tea. I’m here to settle an issue.”

She was looking rather embarrassed. She knew what this was about. “Lunch the other day?”

“Yes. You know, the one where you spent an hour trying to get me hard.”

“What? No.. I…” She gasped

“Random lunch, wearing things you knew I would love, ass hanging out, flirting, touching me. Then giving me the cold shoulder. Not… acceptable. NOT at all.”

“I didn’t mean anything by it. I have a boyfriend now! And you know I’m leaving the country. I mean, c’mon. I would have thought you could figure it out. It’s not like I said anything to lead you on. This is just silly.”

“Silly? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? You can sit there and dare to tell me that was all in my head?!”

“Well, maybe you just saw what you wanted to see. I mean… I can understand! These babies ARE gin flavored after all!” She laughed, pointing at bulging mounds under her shirt.

He wasn’t laughing.

“No? Too soon?” she said meekly but still Kartal Öğrenci Escort giggling.

“Clearly, you don’t seem to get what is and is not acceptable. It seems you feel you can get away with that bullshit and it will go unchallenged. Un-punished. Well, my dear, I have some news for you…. Stand up.”

“What?!” Her face flushed red with surprise and a little annoyance.

“You heard me. Stand…. Up!” he said more firmly.

“I think you’d better leave” she said pointing at him then the door. Her tone was absolute as she rose to her feet.

In an instant he spun her around and all but threw her face down over the kitchen table. He was behind her, pinning the back of her knee to the table leg. He had a firm grip on the back of her neck. She reached back with her arms to push him away. He was expecting it. His grip fell straight to them and putting them behind her back, he squeezed her hands together. She was trapped and knew it. “Adam, let go of me. Please. I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have teased you. I admit it Ok? I’m allowed to feel… desirable. Ok? Maybe I shouldn’t have. It was harmless, I’m sorry.”

She barely felt his subtle movement and didn’t understand the significance until she felt cold steel and heard the ratchet of the first cuff go onto her wrist. “No!” she screamed. “No no no!” But it was too late. The second had found its mark and she was truly locked in. “I don’t want it from you anymore. We’re old news. Ok? Just stop. I don’t want sex with you.”

He laughed out loud. “Sex? SEX? My dear… who the fuck do you think you are?!? Sex? No no… I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

She felt her mouth go dry as he began to unbuckle his belt. “You think you can tease me, play with my mind and walk away unscathed?” he hissed. “I don’t think so.” His belt slid from the loops one by one. “If I were you… I would just hope I’m lenient…”

His hands slid over her ass as he felt the target area through the thread bare material of her favorite pajama pants. He gripped the top edge and tugged downward. Hard. She let out a gasp as he almost tore them off her in one fell swoop. She tried to stand up but was slammed back down onto the cold surface.

“You played with me. So now it’s your turn to be the toy.” He said sternly

There she was, pants around ankles, her bare ass presented to him. Handcuffed and trying in vain to convince him to let her go. Instead, he reached for a towel and after rolling it into a rope, tied across and into her mouth. The dry fabric on her tongue muffled her voice now as she looked back at him. Her punishment was inevitable and well deserved. She was at his mercy.

The sound of his belt cutting through the air was unmistakeable. As was the slap and searing pain she felt as the first lash crossed her buttocks. One of her feet kicked back and up. Her back arched through the pain. A second and third lash brought a tear to her eye as her muffled cries fell on deaf ears. He once blemish-less ass was now a mix of crimson and purple as welts began to rise. He looked at her. “Are you getting the message now?” She quickly nodded in wholehearted agreement. “Are you… really?”

As his had glided gently over the now scorching hot stripes on her ass, his fingers slowly rode the edges of the cleft. Although barely perceptible, he saw it. A lesser man may have missed it. A look he remembered well. Her eyes had shut and her mouth widened wantonly for a moment. Her back arched by just millimeters bringing his fingers closer to home… An involuntary reflex.

He beamed. “Soooo, I see there IS something still there.” She shook her head violently knowing what he must have seen and went all out to deny it. A muffled Kartal Çıtır Escort “No!” emanated from her mouth as she now looked directly into his eyes.

“I saw it!” he said mockingly. “The look. THAT look! It seems you still like the rough stuff eh? Still a bad girl at heart!” She didn’t respond… but never broke her gaze. She wanted to hate him. But her body was telling her something quite different.

“I’ll tell you what..” he said casually. “I’ll let your body decide what happens next.”

She knew what was coming next.

“I’ll check… If you’re dry or even just a little moist… I’ll walk right out of here. Never to be seen again. Deal?”

She knew this was a bet she couldn’t win. The more she willed herself not to be aroused, the greater the flooding effect she felt. His hand glided through her hair, down her back and slid down her still warm ass until he reached its destination. He pulled his hand away and chuckled. She was soaked. Completely. Inside and out. It had already begun to coat the inside of her soft milky thighs and was shimmering in the light. He walked back to show her the evidence now all over his fingers… She looked down at the table, already knowing the result. It had taken everything she had not to arch up to his hand in the first place. But now there was no denying it. He was there to stay.

He paused for several minutes. The silence was deafening. Then he reached into his pocket and took out a handcuff key. “Here.” He said as he approached her and unlocked the handcuffs, much to her surprise. She looked shocked as she was able to use her unshackled hands to remove her gag.

“You don’t seem truly sorry for fucking with me. You don’t deserve the fucking I would give you.” He said “You want it. You know it. I know it. But you don’t always get what you want.” He paused, glanced down at her bare and glistening pussy, “No matter how much you may want it.” He smirked.

He picked up his coat and began to walk to the door. She stood there for a moment. Soft pants around her ankles, staring in disbelief as he walked away. She felt like she was having an out of body experience as she stepped out of her pants and followed him. Unable to speak. She followed him to the door as he opened it. She didn’t even think about anyone walking by with her nakedness in full view. She felt her pussy begin to throb as her mind raced with what she should do. She knew that he should just leave. Her boyfriend was coming. But she wanted this man, this way and this minute! She still couldn’t bring herself to call for him to come back. She walked right up to him, looking into his eyes and without hesitation dropped to her knees in front of him like there was nothing else she could do or say.

“What?” He asked curtly

She looked up at him, her eyes glazed with desire. “Please.” She said.

“Please… What?” He said.

Damn him, she thought. How does he do this to me? Why? WHY?? “Please… Sir. Let me apologize. Properly.”

He opened the door further. Exposing her even more. “So… Go ahead. Apologize. Properly.”

Here it was. A choice. She knew what he meant. And would have to do it in public view if she wanted him…

Her hands reached for his zipper as she looked out to the street hoping that she wouldn’t be seen by her neighbors. His cock was already hard and sprang out at her. She parted her lips and began to lean forward. He pulled away slightly making her work for it.

“Please… Sir.” She muttered. He grasped the hair on the back of her head and yanked her half onto her feet. He whispered into her ear… “Make me believe you’re sorry. Show me… Just how sorry you are.”

He released her as she fell into Kartal Elit Escort position in front of him once more… And his hard cock slid right into her mouth. To the hilt. He groaned as she began to suck on him as if her very life depended on it. She could feel him throbbing in her mouth as she enveloped him with her tongue. Her oral fixation was clear to see. To him. To anyone walking by. And she was proving with every head bobbing stroke just what she was willing to do for him. And was clearly loving every minute of it.

“That’s it” He told her. “That’s much more like it. See how well you can do with a little discipline in your life?” She nodded slightly and groaned sending the vibrations down his shaft.

Before long he held the sides of her head and pulled her off. His cock fell from her lips with a loud pop proving just how hard she had been sucking. He closed the door and pushed her back towards the living room. He threw a blanket from the sofa onto the floor as she frantically removed his jeans. At every opportunity, she took him into her mouth as she went.

He lay face up on the floor and ordered her to mount him. She deftly slipped over him and slid her clit back and forth along the shaft of his cock. Her soaking state was now drenching him too. She moaned softly, her eyes shut as she enjoyed the sensations before taking him completely inside of her. Her back arched as she ground her hips into his making the most of each stroke. His lips found her nipples and he licked and sucked them into a hardened state. His firm hands kneading her perfect breasts.

“Cum for me… Ride my cock and cum for me now.” He demanded

The tone in his voice, his grip on her hips, the situation and the sensation of riding him all played their part. Her tempo increased as she began to breathe harder and harder, grinding against him as he drove his powerful hips skyward to meet her. She could feel her orgasm building as he sent her over the edge, pulling on her nipples and hair, “Do it. Cum for me. RIGHT NOW!” He shouted.

She did as she was told… And her continued strokes brought her there again. With barely a moment to rest, she felt herself being picked up and tossed over the sofa like a rag doll. His hand slapped down on her ass leaving his hand print and reminding her who she belonged to at this moment. She arched her back as he penetrated her… Placed his hands firmly on her hips, driving it further into her. She felt his raw aggression as he pounded into her at an unrelenting pace.

There was a knock at the door. Then another and another. All ignored. Her phone rang in the background as the slapping sound of his body slamming into hers all but drowned them all out. The sweet smell of sex filled the air.

“Who is he?” he demanded as he continued to pound her pussy. “My… boyfriend.” she blurted out in between solid collisions. “What is he?” he said as he took hold of her neck and began to speed up his pace. She felt the surge begin to build up again in her loins… “WHAT IS HE?” he shouted into her ear as he now drew back on her hair, straining her neck. She could barely breathe as she began to cum. Her body shook with orgasm once again as she came for him. Breathing through the wave, she looked back into his eyes she whispered, “He’s….. History.” Her head fell in total submission… His final strokes rocked her hard and she knew he was going to cum. He pulled her up by the hair, whirling her around to face him as he took his cock in hand and thrust it into her mouth. He exploded into her and warm cum flooded over her tongue as his body shook violently in ecstasy.

They fell exhausted onto the floor. He took her in his arms and kissed her lovingly. An hour quickly passed as they basked in the afterglow…. Finally he looked at her… “I want you. To be with you. Every day of my future.” He said softly. She smiled back at him, “I’m yours. Only yours.”

“Only yours… what?” he said as he raised an eyebrow.

“I’m sorry. Only yours… Sir.”

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