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Any Chance We Could Ch. 41

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This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to appreciate this tale.

Saturday, November 3

Awakened by Veronica’s arm moving across my lower chest, I opened my eyes to into her hair as her head rested on my shoulder. As I inhaled I detected a hint of her shampoo’s floral scent. With her embrace and her leg across my hips, there wasn’t any way I could get up to relieve myself without waking her. I knew it but I tried anyway. As I began moving gingerly she awoke and tightened her grip on me.

“Let me shower with you,” she murmured. “Give a few more minutes to wake up.”

Seconds later I felt the bed shake as Max climbed over Carol to dart into the bathroom. Just as quickly he darted back to the bed, eagerly bouncing between Carol’s legs. “Now?” he asked.

“Let me pee and brush my teeth,” the redheaded love of my live smiled before getting up to walk to the bathroom as she pushed her hair from her face.

By the time she came out Veronica was awake enough to say, “I’m ready to get up.”

Max and Carol shifted as we climbed out of the bed. To their left Lauren slept spooned against Cheryl her workmate and also now a sex partner.

Keen and on a mission, Max knelt at Carol’s feet and began moving her legs apart. “Not so fast, Tiger,” she grinned. “Foreplay first. Kiss me, touch my beautiful body, suck on my wonderful nipples. Then we’ll see if you’ve warmed me up and earned a nice morning fuck. Okay?”

As I walked to the bathroom I privately thought, Youthful enthusiasm. The boy has stamina and energy, but he has a lot to learn about making love to and pleasing a woman. I just hope he learns well from the teachings of Carol and Veronica.

Veronica sat on the toilet and pulled me to her. “Between my legs, please.” As she held me she moved my cock up so that my last few seconds splashed between her breasts and ran down her stomach. “Let’s shower handsome,” she smiled as she stood and tightly embraced me as we waited for the water to warm.

“Are you still okay about last night?’ she asked with an expectant look as she stepped under the heated water.

“Mostly,” I replied as I soaped up my hands.

“Mostly?” she asked in a concerned tone. “Did I upset you by fucking Max? I thought it was okay with you.”

“It was, … is. Watching you get fucked by Max was hugely erotic,” I tried to sincerely assure her. After embracing her again I continued, “It was far more erotic and stimulating than I imagined. The lustful passion and the joyous pleasure that filled your face was … happy. No ‘happy’ isn’t the right word. I think ‘celebrating’ is closer to what I felt.”

Seeing her puzzlement I continued to explain as I stepped back so she could see my facial expression, “I celebrated with you. Seeing you enjoying the pleasure and having fun filled me with happiness, happiness for you and as well as a thrilling show for me to observe. Dearest, the mixture of lust, passion and bliss on your face as you were fucked by Max was erotically intoxicating. After last night let me say this, I want you to feel free to do it whenever he’s available and you’re interested. Or for that matter with any other men we bring to our bed.”

She threw herself back against my chest and kissed me passionately.

“But I don’t understand ‘mostly'” she replied after the kiss and as she continued to soap my chest and my crotch.

“I feel I got so caught up in watching Max sawing in and out of you, and watching your pleasure that I fear I neglected Lauren. I didn’t give her the attention she deserved and she didn’t get anywhere close to my best. That’s my only reservation,” I smiled.

“Maybe you’ve got a point. If I hadn’t been watching you for your reaction maybe Max’s experience could have been better too,” she replied squeezing my cock. “I guess this is all so new to us that we both can get a little distracted.”

“He’s young, maybe since he filled you up, he’s satisfied. Carol’s probably fucking him now and I think he’d fuck you again at the drop of a hat … so he doesn’t seem to have been disappointed at all. If he’s a typical young male he’s too inexperienced and focused on getting himself off to know any differently. He was ecstatic with what happened … after all he is living out every young man’s fantasy of being in bed with multiple women. Maybe our standards with each other are too high and we expect too much of ourselves when fucking someone else,” I smiled.

“I don’t know about that. You had Sharon begging, … and I mean ‘begging’ to be fucked. Will you mind if I talk to Evie about last night?” she asked as we turned off the water.

“No, not at all,” I nodded. “I’m getting the idea that you really like her.”

“We just clicked and we’re bonding very quickly,” she replied.

“I understand what you mean. It’s what happened with Emerson and me,” I agreed.

“You seem to be connecting with our contractor too,” she noted. I nodded.

“Now, let me make Casibom love to you now. Remember I won’t be back this evening. Feel free to invite Max back for a replay tonight if you want,” I grinned as we began drying each other off.

When we walked back into the bedroom Cheryl with her head propped up on her arm was watching her son stroke in and out of Carol doggie style. Lauren was spooned against her back and was playing with her breasts and kissing her ear between glimpses of the action that was next to them.

“Ahh, he’s got a nice cock, but right now get some fingers inside me and love me,” Cheryl said laying on her back and spreading her legs.

“Wait a minute please. I need to get up,” asked Lauren. She climbed over Veronica and didn’t miss the opportunity to drag her nipples across Veronica’s and kiss her. A little moan escaped Lauren’s lips as the kiss ended.

As I slowly entered the love of my life I heard Carol groaning and panting as Max groaned a loud long, “Aah” to indicate, I assumed, he was pumping her full. My assumption was confirmed when a minute or so later he held still, then pulled back and fell between Carol and his mother.

Veronica and I made sweet gentle love and after twenty minutes we both came. I pulled out of her just after Katrina walked into the room. She walked to the foot of the bed, gently, and wordlessly pushed Veronica’s legs apart and began to lick and suck her mother’s pussy. I couldn’t help but think as I watched that my baby’d become a pussy hound.

When she’d finished Katrina took my deflated cock gently into her mouth and cleaned me as it partly recovered in her skillful mouth. There’re a lot of advantages to a house full of sexy women, I thought just before getting out of bed.

As I got dressed, Max went into the bathroom, cleaned himself off and began getting dressed. He had his briefs on when Cheryl said, “Would the first one of you dressed please get the small bag and the clothes on the hanger from my car. I forgot to bring them in last night.”

“Mine too, please,” asked Lauren over her shoulder as she headed to the shower. From the bathroom we heard her voice again, “My keys are on the little table by the front door.”

Max quickly pulled on his pants and t-shirt. Minus anything on his feet, he headed out to the cars. Moments later he returned with his own bag and the bags of the two women.

After Carol and Lauren showered, Max and his mother took a very short shower because the hot water was evidently almost depleted. Max went downstairs in khakis and a polo with his hair still a little damp. I was similarly attired as I walked down with Veronica who was wearing a short tight denim skirt with three inch heels and a tight knit top with a scooped neckline that showed off the top of her breasts.

Mary Claire was filling the carafe and getting ready to start a new pot of coffee as I entered the kitchen. Something in the oven smelled delightful, and she looked very sexy wearing a maid’s outfit that had a sheer bodice clearly showing her lacy bra, and the skirt hem an inch above her stocking tops. The tan stockings with black patent heels were a nice touch. “You know Dave and Keith will be here this morning don’t you? Or is that why you have that on?” I smiled.

“Yeah, you’re catching on Dad,” winked Mary Claire flipping up the front of her skirt revealing semi-sheer panties and bare thighs. Max had looked up from his seat at the table and his eyes widened on that maneuver.

Evie had told her husband that Carol was living at the Appleton home. In turn he told Keith when he picked him up. They were greeted at the door by Veronica who again caused Dave an instant erection, which didn’t go unnoticed. While Veronica was greeting them Ashley and Katrina came down in short shorts, pantyhose, heels, and scoop neck tops. Dave and Keith were walking to the kitchen when Carol, who’d prepped herself for this meeting after talking to Evie earlier in the week, extended her hand to Keith and said, “Hi. I’m Carol McDonough, pleased to meet you.”

“Hi, Carol, I’m Keith Mays and this is my father-in-law, Dave Hawks.” Carol exchanged pleasantries with both and continued into the kitchen for coffee.

My wife-to-be didn’t detect any unspoken signals of recognition but I noticed Carol breath a muffled sigh of relief as she walked away. I had a sense that she knew one or both of the men.

After all were seated, Cheryl, wearing a knee length slightly flaired dark brown skirt, a light tan sweater top, dark chocolate hose and brown patent three inch heel pumps, entered the room just in front of Lauren. Lauren looked stunning yet beautiful in a ruffled-front blouse under a single button navy blue jacket with a matching knee length skirt, grey stockings, and grey patent three inch heel peep toe pumps.

I stood to introduce them both to Dave and Keith who stood as well. “This lovely brunette is Cheryl Babcock, our new household manager. This stunning blond is Lauren Franklin our new Casibom Giriş CPA and financial advisor. They’ll both be available during the remodel and will be here every day during to help address any questions that may arise in their areas of expertise. Lauren’ll be taking pictures and preparing a summary email report for my wife and me during our honeymoon. If she weren’t going to do that the suspense would likely kill me. If there is something of significance that necessitates a call to me, Lauren will have my cell number and should be the one to call me.”

“They’ll both occupy the new office so the furniture and finishes there are up to their discretion. If Alyssa makes it today they can relate that to her and work with her on the selection of furniture. Lauren will be living in the bedroom suite adjacent to the office. She can decorate and furnish the suite however she sees fit. She’ll also meet with Alyssa as soon as possible to order her items.”

“Scott and Veronica, I really don’t know how you do it, every time I come you’ve added more beauty to your household. I honestly look forward to working with both of you,” smiled Dave, eying both Lauren and Cheryl from head to toe.

“I’m sorry this is Max, Cheryl’s son,” I smiled. Each man firmly shook Max’s hand before he moved off to the far side of the table.

“Now, let’s sit, enjoy breakfast, and see where we are,” smiled Veronica.

At that moment Cindy breezed in the front door in her usual very short skirt and heels saying, “Sorry I didn’t come last night. The combination of these long shifts and the extra shifts are keeping me exhausted. I was almost too tired to make it to my apartment. Not that I am complaining mind you, the extra money is helping me build my savings account.” She walked around the table greeting and kissing everyone. She even kissed Dave and Keith on the cheek as she was introduced to Keith. Lauren and Cheryl were all smiles after Cindy kissed them. She gave a particularly affectionate kiss to Max. She came and stood behind my chair briefly with her hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear, “Love you, missed you since Wednesday,” and kissed my ear. She sat in chair which Mary Claire pulled in from the kitchen.

As we were eating Dave asked me if he could get a head start on the balance of the foundation work. Apparently the inspector for that part of the project wouldn’t make himself available to do inspection work after five. Hence, if one key pouring window or two were missed they could be potentially delayed for sixteen to eighteen hours waiting his inspections. Getting the remainder of the foundation work done by Thursday morning would alleviate Dave’s concerns about this one inspector. The rest of the inspectors had agreed to do after-hours and weekend inspections as needed. I agreed that he could begin today if he wanted too if it were necessary to keep the job on schedule.

Keith was sitting next to Max and asked if he was in college. Max told him that he was a senior in high school and didn’t know what he was going to study if he went to college. Keith asked if he’d like to do some after school laborer work for this project. He’d probably get four to six hours a day and could work up to twelve hours on the weekends. Though he’d be paid ten bucks an hour in cash on Fridays, Keith explained he was not being paid under the table and that the various government forms would need to be completed and identification inspected. Max told him that’d be great and he could be there at about two every day since he was only taking five classes a day.

I noted, “I think everyone is moving out on the twelfth instead of the thirteenth so you can cut water, sewer and power then if you need too. Oh, Cheryl, while I’m thinking about it, call a moving company to empty the house on the twelfth into a trailer and demur it across the street, well up in the driveway. Dave’ll tell you when you can begin the move back in, probably the Saturday before we return. You can use the kitchen in 19 to store all perishables and pantry items.” I noticed Cheryl making notes in her folio.

“Guess it’s a timely buy for us,” Veronica smiled putting her hand on top of mine just as the doorbell sounded.

Katrina answered the door and ushered Alyssa to the kitchen. “My goodness, is this a convention? Sorry I’m late. I finally got my stomach to calm down late last night. Just in case I wanted to wait an hour after eating breakfast before heading over here. Let me distribute four copies of a checklist. I need selections today because I must order them by noon Monday to guarantee they’ll be here when you return.” The lists were being read when she continued, “Veronica, I have a good idea of what you want for the master suite but I want to run some ideas past you. While I have five art recommendations for you I want to hold off showing them to you for a few more days so I can widen my range of recommendations.

“Who do I talk to about the new office, the downstairs bedroom suite, any Casibom Yeni Giriş new den furniture, any new furniture for the other three bedrooms? Am I correct that I’ll work with Katrina and Ashley on the old master suite and that the current bed is staying there?”

“Yes, it stays,” Veronica offered. “Ready? Besides the new master suite, Carol and I will talk to you about the one smaller bedroom upstairs. The bedroom past the kitchen will be Mary Claire’s discretion. The new office, Cheryl and Lauren; the new bedroom suite attached to the office will be Lauren. Carol and I will select the décor for the living areas on this floor, the foyer, stairway décor and pool furniture. I’ve already found three statues for the pool area. I think we have the kitchen well in hand but for any other equipment needs, connect with Mary Claire and me.”

“Scott’s domain is the den, and you are correct that the enlarged old master bedroom is Katrina and Ashley. All furniture is to be top of the line. You may run room budgets by me or Scott, but they don’t have to be detailed. At this point I’m more concerned about décor and quality than I am about costs. The architect has specs for all bathroom fittings and fixtures which are Dave’s responsibility. All paint colors will be approved by Mary Claire and me.” Hearing her name used in conjunction with a significant item of the remodel, Mary Claire brightly smiled as Veronica looked at me and asked, “Cindy for the Katrina’s old bedroom?”

“Of course,” I replied. Then looking at her, “Can you move in after the honeymoon?”

“I’d love too, of course,” brightly replied Cindy.

“Lauren’s in charge of equipping the basement exercise room and she may look to you for advice on finishes,” I added.

After Alyssa finished her list of names and rooms, Dave and Keith finished making notes either on paper or in Dave’s case on his electronic notepad, I announced, “I’m only available until eleven thirty, so Alyssa I’ll talk to you first. If this process of meeting with everyone takes the rest of the day I’m sure that Veronica’ll feed you.”

With that Dave and Keith stood and again openly admired all the female pulchritude arrayed around them with smiles from everyone. “Alyssa, move next to me and why don’t the rest of you stay nearby or in here and wait your turn. Max you can wander around with Keith,” I suggested. After the three of them wandered off toward the door to the pool, I told Alyssa that my wants for the den were simple. “Two couches with cushions that were no less than seven feet long facing a dark walnut coffee table. The couches could be mocha, black or burgundy. I’ve asked Veronica to find me a suitable antique leather topped desk with antique side chairs. She’s been looking online and has wanted to show me some items but I’ve refused to look. I want her to surprise me. So don’t be surprised if she seeks your thoughts and assistance in getting the desk bought and shipped. As for the existing couch and coffee table, they could be used elsewhere or disposed of. The wingbacks could stay if the colors weren’t too far off. I want a sixty-inch plasma above the fireplace with a forty-two inch plasma on either side. The floor is now a wide dark plank and it could stay that way and we’d eventually get a few area rugs. My photo studio is to be painted a neutral eggshell white. I’ll worry about furnishing the studio after it’s built and I eyeball the space.”

“I understand why you want to see the studio before making your decisions. For the den, would you want a surround sound system and stereo to be installed too?” she asked.

“Thanks catching my oversight, most definitely. I hope you’ve got enough stamina to handle this today, you do look like you feel a bit better than when you walked in,” I remarked to Alyssa.

“Thanks, I hope so too. I’m feeling stronger and better than I did when I left this morning. This is a huge job and I’m doing my best to make sure it goes well,” smiled Alyssa.

As I looked out the door to the pool I heard two pair of feet going down the basement stairs, assuming that it was Keith and Max I went out the door and spied Dave at the furthest corner of the batter boards making some notes.

“Dave, have you got a few minutes?” I asked walking toward him.

“Sure, just you or is Veronica going to join us?” he smiled hopefully.

“Sorry, just me for now. What’s your schedule for next week? Remember I’d mentioned that I’d like to get together with you for lunch one day, and it just occurred to me that I hadn’t followed up. My mind seems to be wandering a bit these last couple of days,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it. You’ve obviously got a lot on your plate for the next couple of weeks, so give me a day and I’ll be there,” he smiled.

“Monday, coming, the fifth. If I go beyond that we probably won’t get another chance until after our honeymoon.”

“Monday it is. Where?”

“How about noon at the Meadowlake country club? Do you know where it is?

He nodded, “I’ll be there. It’s only two or so miles from my home.”

After we talked about a few other details of the project, I started to return to the house when I stopped. “By the way, how did your meeting with the County and State P and Z go yesterday?”

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