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What Ever Lola Wants…

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This is my account of how the woman who became my wife and I got back together after a separation of over ten years and how our relationship developed to the point of my proposing to her. I am writing my feelings on what happened to us and posting them on our friend Debre’s submissions to Literotica. I have not read Lola’s account of what happened (she won’t submit it until I submit mine) and likewise she has not read my account. Lola thought that by doing this we would not influence one another in our viewpoints of what transpired.

I lost Lola more than ten years ago and found her again last year. When Lola and I were children together she was that sort of free spirit who was not afraid of anything or anybody. She made such an impression on me that after I lost touch with her I kept searching for her in all the girls I dated. I wanted to find someone with the same free spirit of adventure and lack of inhibitions to spend my adult life with. When I did find her again I felt that she was no longer quite the free spirited fun loving girl who would accept any dare that I knew as a young boy. One afternoon in my apartment changed all that and I knew then that I had found the woman I had been looking for, I just had to have the courage to accept it.

I was a straight A student in high school so it came as a shock to my councilors and teachers when I told them I intended to go to a technical college and become an electrician. I did not want to want get a degree in something useless like sociology and become some sort of academic or middleclass parasite preying upon the taxpayers for my salary and the less fortunate in the community for my clients. I wanted to be productive and I wanted to actually do something that I could see the results of and be proud of.

I made a lot of money in the booming California development and by the time I was 24 I had my own small company and two other employees. I bought a condo near Bird Rock in La Jolla and I was enjoying bachelor life in Southern California. Often I would surf for an hour or two before starting work in the mornings to catch those glassy early morning waves that would so beautifully peel off of Bird Rock.

I met Mike Schiavone surfing there. At first I thought he was a bit of a jerk (my first impression was right), but he was one hell of a good surfer. We gradually became friends and Mike sent me a lot of contracts that were very helpful in the early development of my business. Mike was a little older than me (30) and a small guy, but I admired his fearlessness in the surf and in everything he undertook. When he found out how close I lived he asked if he could store his board in my garage and I didn’t see a problem with that.

The end of August we had a very large south swell with a steady, but not too strong, offshore wind. It was a Saturday afternoon and Mike and I and about twenty other surfers were out at The Rock when a huge clean up set came through that took all of us out of the water except Mike. Somehow he got outside of the break line and when an even bigger set of waves came through he was in the right spot to paddle into a wave that most surfers would have been happy to just get over. The crowd on the beach got very quiet when he took the drop and turned toward The Rock instead of going left away from it. We all watched as Mike came shooting out of a tube and climbed higher on the wave with his board to clear The Rock as the wave lined up and began to close out. Mike dropped back into a tube that developed in front of him, but he never made it out and wound up washing over some rocks into the beach with only half a surfboard attached to his ankle strap.

Mike only had a few abrasions from his wipe out, but the significant outcome of that ride was Deidre. She had been watching on the beach and since she was studying to become an RN she was the first on the scene to offer first aid. Deidre was just 19 and very sweet and impressionable. Mike was quick to take advantage of her concern and asked her if she would help him back to his place.

When the two of them became a steady item I was amazed, and, I have to admit, a little jealous of his good fortune. Mike was a wise guy and a cynic and Deidre was a beautiful sweet girl who always saw the best in everybody. Deidre was 5’8” and Mike was 5’5” at the most. You did not often see absolute knockouts like her on the arms of small and not that attractive guys like Mike.

I wanted to be happy for him, but I did not feel that he treated Deidre with the consideration she deserved. He joked about taking her virginity and how she had cried about it and said that she had always wanted to wait until she was married. He had little respect for her as a person or for her professional aspirations. He would often say things like “She wants to be a nurse so she can sponge a lot of strange cocks and not feel guilty about it.”

Mike and Deidre would come by my place a lot to swim or to be a part of our Friday barbeque parties and I began to develop feelings for Deidre and Mike knew it. One night after he was really a shit Deidre bedava bahis said to me “Mark I wish that I had met you first” just then Mike came back into the room.

The next day when we were out surfing Mike asked me if I wanted “a little taste of Deidre.”

When I asked what he meant he said, “Mark don’t fall for the little slut. If you want some I can arrange it, hell you would be doing me a favor. I can’t seem to satisfy her.”

“Mike” I said, “the girl is no slut. She was a virgin until you got your dirty little hands on her and now you are trying to set her up for a three-way! What in God’s name makes you think she would ever…”

“Mark a virgin is just a girl waiting to become a slut. Deidre is well on her way to her ultimate destination. If I’m not the one to take her there someone else will be.”

“God you are so full of shit!” I said as I paddled into a wave.

The next Friday barbeque Mike came over with Deidre for a swim. Deidre had on a very sexy string bikini I had not seen her wear before and she gave me a shy smile when she noticed me noticing her. We were all down at the pool when Mike said, “Deidre and I are going to change into something warmer before the barbeque gets going.”

They had both been in my apartment for a pretty good amount of time when I decided that I would change into something warmer too. When I opened my apartment door I could hear Deidre’s voice coming from my bedroom and she was saying, “Mike I don’t know….would you really want me to do something like that, yeah I like him and think he’s cute, but…oh I love it when you do that with your tongue…”

I could not believe it Mike was doing her on my bed! I wanted to go into the bedroom and say, “Mike you have your own place why don’t you get dressed, change my sheets and go there.” I decided to sit down and watch TV and to make sure it was loud enough for the two love birds to know I was in the apartment.

When I turned on the TV I heard Deidre say, “Mike Marks back.”

And then Mike called out, “Mark do you want to come in here and give me a hand?”

“Mike are you nuts!” Exclaimed Deidre.

I sat on the couch waiting to see what would happen next, but it was suddenly quiet in the next room until I heard Deidre try to stifle a moan of pleasure and then “Mike why are you stopping…Mike I can’t say that…”

And then Mike called out, “Mark come in her and give me a hand.”

I answered from the couch, “I don’t think Deidre wants that Mike.”

After a few seconds of silence I heard Deidre say, “Mark I think I do want that.”

I walked into the room and there was Deidre on her back naked in the middle of my bed with Mike licking her sweet little pussy. She looked up at me and said, “Oh God this is so bad, but I do want to….”

Her nipples were so erect and hard and there was a slight sheen of sweat on her body and when she put both of her arms down to curl her fingers into Mike’s hair it propped up her breasts like an offering to me. Mike pulled away from her totally wet and open outer lips and Deidre looked at me standing there in my indecision and simply said, “Please”.

That was all the encouragement I needed. I stepped out of my trunks and entered her sweet warmth in one long beautifully delicious thrust. Deidre’s eyes widened and she gasped for breath as her finger nails dug into my back and her mouth sought mine and as we kissed she said, “You’re so much bigger than Mike…I had no idea…Oh yeah, Oh Mark, Oh God, Oh, Oh.”

Then I heard Mike saying, “Do you like it Deidre, do you like his big hard cock in your sweet little pussy?”

By now Deidre was thrashing around under me totally out of control her hips thrusting up into me as she grunted with each thrust.

Then Mike said, “Tell me Deidre, tell Mark, tell us.”

And suddenly the flood gates opened up. As I felt her vaginal walls spasm in ecstasy and clamp down even harder on my penis Deidre practically screamed, “Yes, yes I like his big hard cock in my little pussy. I like it so much. Yes, I like it.”

And as I began to ejaculate Mike asked her, “Do you want to do this again Deidre?”

And she answered, “Yes, oh God yes!”

That was when Mark walked up to the bed and dangled his semi hard cock over her mouth and Deidre opened her mouth and sucked him into her mouth.

Over the next few months Deidre became our sex slave. She would do anything with us. She would often have us both sit on the couch and alternate sucking our cocks. She would pay the least amount of attention to the one closest to cumming until she could get us both to cum in her mouth at the same time. She began to laugh at her early feelings of guilt and remorse at what she was doing and prided herself in the prowess that she was developing with us.

I had very mixed feelings about the whole situation because I thought I was falling in love with her. Mike could see my deepening feelings for Deidre and he would laugh at me and tell me to grow up. I told Mike that we both should be ashamed of ourselves for what casino siteleri we had turned her into. That Deidre was a very sweet girl even if she was going out of control sexually. Then when Mike thought I was going to propose to her he introduced her to the twins and she walked out of our lives.

Ken and Keith were identical twins. They both lived in the condominiums, but each had their apartment in different pool complexes.

The twins dated Deidre for about six months and then she moved up to LA and started doing porno films and none of us ever saw her again except in her films.

Mike admitted to me that he was having trouble satisfying Deidre because he was just too small for her when he decided to invite me into their (actually my) bed. He told me that was why he preferred petite women and jokingly said, “If the tables are ever turned, keep me in mind.”

All this is background to try and explain to you Lola why I did what I did that afternoon.


It was one of those perfect early fall afternoons in Southern California. It had rained the night before and the sky was bright blue and the sun was warm but not too hot. I had decided to run down to Amelia’s and get a couple of her homemade tamales and a bean burrito to take back to my condo. I really wasn’t thinking about much other than watching the game, downing a couple cold ones and chowing down on some great Mexican food and a jar of Trappey’s Chili’s. The take out was only a block down La Jolla Drive from my condo and I often picked up food their.

As I walked past Luigi’s restaurant I noticed a really attractive girl sitting at one of the outdoor tables on the street side intently sprinkling parmareggiano on her pasta. Her head was bent over her plate so I could not really see her face totally, but what a killer body she had I thought as I walked by. Then something came back to me about how she was putting the cheese on her pasta. She wasn’t actually sprinkling it on she was holding her spoon between her thumb and middle finger and tapping the spoon with her index finger. She was not sprinkling her pasta on she was tapping it on. I took about ten more steps and for no reason that I could think of suddenly a childhood photograph that I still had in a frame on my wall flashed in my mind’s eye. Two kids leaning out of a tree house and smiling down at the photographer, and then I thought about Lola, the other kid in that photograph and wondered what had happened to her? We each had secret names for one another taken from the first two initials of our first and last names. I took about ten more steps down the street before it hit me!

“I tap my cheese on, you sprinkle it on and that’s the difference between us.” I heard that voice still clearly in my memory speaking to me from the past as I walked along. That was when I stopped in my tracks and turned around. Now I could only see the back of her head (and one great ass), but there was something so familiar about her. I walked back past her about 20 feet and then turned and slowly walked past her table again. The dimples were all in the right places, she had those same full pouty lips, but I still was not sure. Just then she looked up and saw me staring. The sun was in her eyes and she squinted to see who was watching her eat with a quizzical frown. I still wasn’t sure and continued to walk past her, but stopped a few feet behind her and then knew how to find out if it was her. From a few feet behind her I said, “Losa?”

The fork dropped to the plate and she spun around and said, “Masa?”

The next few weeks were the most carefree joyous and spontaneous weeks of my life. It wasn’t long before I became aware that Lola still had her innocence and I was very patient with her about that. I still do not know why, but one day she simply told me that she wanted me to make love to her.

That was when our troubles began. Lola was still the uninhibited free spirit I knew as a young boy in everyway except in regard to sex. I began to have second thoughts about us when I realized just how inhibited she was in regard to sex. The first time we made love was a disaster. I knew that I had caused her more pain than pleasure and over the next few weeks things did not get any better. Lola was too small for my size and no matter how hard I tried to warm her up before penetration I always caused her a great deal of discomfort. I wanted to give her her first orgasm, but knew that it would not happen during regular intercourse.

I loved going down on Lola and I could tell, after her initial reluctance, that she enjoyed receiving oral sex too. I could lick and kiss her for hours down there and often did, but she still no matter how hard I tried I could not seem to get her to cum.

One afternoon Lola came over for a swim. I was eating Mexican and eating those yellow chili peppers that I have loved since childhood. I had had a few beers and was feeling playful so when Lola walked by in her string bikini I undid the bottom and pulled her bahis siteleri to me and said, “How about a little Italian for dessert?”

I nibbled on her for a few minutes and when I thrust my tongue up into her I heard a sharp intake of breath as she twisted away from me and said, “I’m on fire!”

My response to that was, “Good I aim to please.”

And then she said, “No, I mean I really am on fire.”

It took us both a few minutes to realize that the chilies I had been eating were irritating her mucous membranes. I have to admit that even after I realized what had happened I did not think that Lola was in that much discomfort and in fact found the situation to be a turn on and I thought some hot sex would cool down the situation. When I entered Lola she seemed wetter than she had ever been this soon in our love making, but I could not put the fire out and Lola asked for a cold wash rag. That was when I remembered the popsicles I had in the freezer.

I took a popsicle out of the freezer and gave it a few licks to make it wet and then came back to the bed and re-entered Lola’s burning little pussy. When Lola said, “Mark where is the wash rag, I’m really on fire?”

I answered, “I have my own cure for flaming pussies.” And withdrew from her and slipped the popsicle in.

Lola giggled and said, “Oh that’s cold!”

After a few strokes of the popsicle I re-entered her with my hot cock and said, “This is my famous hot and cold pussy treatment.”

Lola sighed and said, “I think I like it”

Perhaps it was the silly spontaneity of it all. Maybe my testosterone levels where at a high. Maybe Lola’s estrogen levels were high. Maybe chili peppers are the true Spanish Fly. Perhaps it was the popsicle. Neither of us knows why, but we got into some serious lovemaking that afternoon that turned into some serious fucking.

I wanted so badly to finally give Lola her first orgasm and for a little while I thought I might finally succeed. Lola seemed less inhibited during sex than at anytime since we had been together and I could feel her opening up to me more than ever before. I could tell she was very close to cumming by her breathing, by how erect and hard her nipples were under my chest and by how she was meeting my every thrust. When I could not stop myself from cumming into her sweet hot and tight little pussy I groaned in frustration and she called out, “No not yet, please not yet!”

When I withdrew from her and rolled onto my back she was on before I could even start to apologize. Lola had never been keen on oral sex and I still had not even cum in her mouth, but suddenly she was sucking my wet limp penis with all of our combined cum into her mouth with an enthusiasm and voracity that I have never experience from any woman before.

I could feel myself growing harder in her mouth until I knew if I did not stop her I would cum again, this time in her mouth for the first time. But then I thought of how close she had been and knew that she was still well lubricated from our previous lovemaking, so I pulled myself out of her sweet sucking mouth with a popping noise and re-entered her hot soaking pussy for a second round of lovemaking.

Lola was now getting more and more frantic. She mumbled something about wanting to taste my cum, but she began to sink her nails into my ass cheeks as she pulled me as deeply into her as she could. I could feel her vaginal walls beginning to finally relax and allow her to loosen up in order to accommodate my size in her petite frame. For the first time I think that Lola was becoming totally comfortable with the size of my penis in her tight little pussy. We were both totally bathed in perspiration and we were both beginning to grunt with each penetration. I was now pulling myself back until just her outer lips were clasping the tip of my penis before I re-entered her to my maximum length. I could feel Lola beginning to quiver with her need for release and my total concentration was on lasting, lasting until I finally met her needs for the first time.

I had been concentrating so hard and we both had been making so much noise that neither of us either heard nor saw Mike Schiavone come into the room. When I looked up and saw him standing behind the head of the bed I lost my concentration and began to cum too soon for a second time.

Lola felt me cumming in her and begin to frantically plea with me not to stop. Not to leave her so close to finally experiencing her first orgasm. She was so frantic and I was so frustrated and I said to her, “Do you want Mike to give us a hand?”

Lola shocked me when she emphatically said, “Yes, Oh God Please Yes!”

I was kissing her as Mike easily entered her totally saturated pussy. When I broke the kiss Lola called my name questioningly because (I thought at the time) that she was worried about how having Mike help satisfy her would effect our relationship. After calling my name that one time though she closed her eyes and was totally into what was happening to her. I watched as another man fucked the woman I loved and knew that by allowing this I would unselfishly be allowing her the pleasure that she so badly wanted and deserved. But then Mike began to cum into her too soon as well and Lola began to cry and beg us to not stop. Through her tears she said, “Please, one of you, please…”

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