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Chatroom Fantasy to Reality

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The dimly lit motel room only added to my fear of what I might experience over the next two hours. I had been communicating online with several people who were interested in talking about sex. I had succumbed to a weakness of talking with strangers on-line. This obsession had begun years earlier when I discovered I could chat on-line anonymously with people who were interested in kinky sex. It started with the usual male/female chats. These were pretty vanilla but over time the chats became increasingly graphic and darker. Like a moth drawn to a flame, I became more and more seduced by what appeared to be “harmless” fun.

A married man, I successfully hide my on-line chats from my wife. She thought anything outside of the missionary position in the bedroom was kinky, dirty sex. Keeping my secret activity that started before I met her became a secret challenge. So far I had succeeded.

Deluded with a false sense of self-confidence, I continued my chats. It was easy because my wife’s work as an auditor for a major CPA firm often required her to be out-of-town two or three days a week. She liked the work but it had affected our relationship. With an office job I was at work every day at 8:00 and usually home by 6:00 that evening. There were several infrequent business trips each year but for the most part I was home.

One evening I got on-line and started looking for a new chatroom. The ones I usually visited were becoming boring with the same old chats by the same old people. Googling for adult chat rooms, I Stumbled across a site called, “Meet Special People”. The description of this site read:

“Meet new people who are uninhibited and very open minded. They are exciting and not restricted by old ideas. Frank and honest talk is what this site is about.”

While many of these sites are nothing special, I decided to try this one just for something new. After the usual registration, determining a username (Jam1234), and agreeing to the terms of the site, I signed in. My initial impression was that this was just like any other site. But I typed in “Hi, I am new here”. Within a few seconds I received a text from “FUFred”.

FUFred: Welcome Jim1234, I see you are new here. I like to chat with new people and help them learn about this group.

Jim1234: Thank FUFred, yes, I am new. I stumbled across this site tonight and would try this one. How long have you been on here?

FUFred: I have been here for about 3 years. It is a great place to meet people who like to think outside the box or think about the box if you please. You will meet some interesting people.

At that point several other people texted welcome messages and tried to start a conversation. At that point FUFred sent another text.

FUFred: Before you chat with everyone it is probably a good idea for you and I to have a private chat so I can guide through all the do’s and don’t’ of “Meet Special People”. Here is my personal chatroom.

Jam1234: Thank you I will click on your link

FUFred: This makes chatting more personal and allows for open, uninhibited talk about very personal, private things. I am a psychologist by profession, so I apply my code of ethics to everyone I chat with in this private space. Anything someone shares with me will never leave this chatroom. I want you to be free to share whatever you want to talk about. Is that ok?”

Jam1234: Yes, that is a bit different from some of the other chatrooms I have been on.

FUFred: How long have you been chatting adult chatrooms?

Jam1234: It has been at least 4 years on and off.

FUFred: What do you like to chat about?

Jam1234: Anything and everything about sexual relationships. I find what people think and do very interesting.

FUFred: Does interesting also mean arousing?

Taken back by the question I wasn’t certain how to answer. At that point FUFred sent another text.

FUFred: I understand that my question might make you embarrassed or uneasy. Let me share some of my experience based upon both my professional life and time on this site. Most all people have sexual fantasies that they keep secret. They do that because of fear of being criticized or worse being thought of as a pervert of some type. In fact all people have these secrets. Men and woman have them. It is those personal fantasies that fill their imagination when they relieve their sexual tension by masturbating. bursa üniversiteli escort For many the desire to act out their fantasies becomes stronger until they either try to experience them or they attempt to bury them. The burial approach usually leads to frustration, anger, and often miserable relationships. Does that make sense?

Jam1234: Well, yes, I guess so.

FUFred: I have a client that spent years and a great deal of money trying to bury his fantasies. Nothing worked and he became increasing miserable. Then we met. After a few short sessions, he became liberated. Those so-called dark desires were experienced and he I much happier today. Also his relationship with his spouse changed for the better.

Jam1234: That sounds amazing how did he do that?

FUFred: It was a simple matter of allowing him to believe, which is true, that his fantasies were not unique, strange, or perverted. By sharing them with me a heavy burden was lifted. His experiencing them allowed the final break with the chains of his past repression.

Jam1234: That sounds complicated to me. Where did he begin?

FUFred: Let’s do an experiment Ok?

Jam1234: Sure

FUFred: Since you know everything shared here is confidential tell me what is your sexual fantasy.

That question stopped me. I was reluctant to share that.

Jam1234: I don’t know.

FUFred: Nice try but I know the truth and so do you. You have sexual fantasies. How do I know that? The fact that you go into chatrooms to speak to others indicates you are searching for something. Let me ask you are your married and how is your sex life, if you are?

Jam1234: Yes, I am married to a wonderful woman, but our sex life sucks. Not literally—it is turn of the lights, take off your clothes, assume the missionary position, and then put your pajamas on and go to sleep. Not what you would consider an erotic life.

FUFred: I see. Sounds pretty vanilla. Does your wife know that you visit chatrooms?

Jam1234: No, if she did, I would be considered a pervert or worse.

FUFred: I see. You must feel like your sexual interests are caged and locked up.

Jam1234: Honestly, I do. Getting into chats helps relieve some of that tension. I guess it becomes substitute sex.

FUFred: It certainly sounds that way. Do you masturbate while chatting with people on line?

That question stopped me again. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to answer that because it is so personal.

Jam1234: I don’t want to answer that

FUFred: I understand, by answering it you make yourself vulnerable and possible you would think I thought less of you as man. Am I right?

Jam1234: Yes, I can tell you are a professional.

FUFred: There is always the fear that if you release your dark thoughts, you will be judged and not thought of as a good person. That fear is not unique. I respect your feelings but let me continue.

Jam1234: Ok.

FUFred: What are you wearing at this moment?

Jam1234: Jeans, t-shirt, and socks.

FUFred: Ok, any underwear?

Jam1234: Yes.

FUFred: Most people find wearing clothes when on this chatroom to be too binding. If I asked you to take off all your clothes except your underwear would you do it? Before answering that question. You are suppressing your nature desire to be free of them for fear of what I might think. So I want you to take a leap-of-faith and just take off everything but your underwear. I assume you are alone.

After several minutes of thinking about what had been said and realizing no one not even FURred to see me I started to take off everything except my boxers.

Jam1234: Ok, I will give this a try. I am already down to my boxers.

FUFred: That is great. Now how do you feel at this moment?

Jam1234: Good, comfortable.

FUFred: People self-evaluate their sex by what they find between their legs. I want you to pull the elastic band on your underwear so that you can look and see what is between yours.

That seemed silly but I did as I was told.

Jam1234: I have a penis.

FUFred: Very good. Now when your fantasy pops into your imagination tell me what happens to your penis.

That seemed even sillier than the last one, but I was becoming more intrigued with the questions and becoming aroused.

Jam1234: I suspect you already know escort bayan the answer is that it becomes erect.

FUFred: Yes, I did. So if you removed your underwear and were talking with me while you were totally nude, what would happen? Why don’t you go ahead and slip them off.

Now I was becoming more aroused and had no problem taking my underwear off. Sitting there naked my cock became hard.

Jam1234: You know what happens.

FUFred: LOL, yes I do are you naked?

Jam1234: Yes,

FUFred: Very good. Now you are in an aroused state, free of restrictions. Now I want to release you from your inhibitions that prevent you from living the way you want to live. This inner craving you have can start of be released now. If I gave you permission to masturbate right now, what fantasy would drive you?

This became a challenge. How can I share my deepest fantasy with a stranger? He seems to know me even though we have never met. I am aroused, naked, and someone is telling me to masturbate and share the fantasy. This is very strange but I am finding it very erotic. I hesitate.

FUFred: I understand that this is a big step. I also know that you really want to do this not for me but yourself. You want the release and freedom it will give you. Your body needs the release. Your hard cock is screaming for relief, and your fantasy wants to come out. You can share it with me. Let’s start by you touching yourself.

I no longer wanted to restrain myself. I wanted to stroke and relieve the growing sense of urgency. I put my hand on my throbbing cock.

FUFred: So what is the fantasy running through your imagination. Is about you and women or perhaps what you consider a taboo, you are imaging men? This is a safe place so tell me.

Jam1234: You know you have me excited and you know I am going to share something very personal. I just don’t know why I should.

FUFred: You are correct I know you are going to share with me without any holding back. Why, because tonight, at this point in your life, you have decided to liberate yourself.

Jam1234: Twelve years ago I read a story in a magazine about a man, named Jim, who became a sex slave. Jim was on a business trip. After a long day he was having a drink in the hotel bar. A good-looking man sat down at the other end of the bar. Jim noticed that he was very nicely dressed and good looking. After a few minutes the stranger introduced himself as Tony and started talking with Jim. After several more minutes he moved to the stool next to Jim. They talked about sports and their work. At some point Tony suggested that they move to a table because it would be more comfortable.

They continued to talk as the conversation became more personal and slowly drifted into discussions about. Sex. Tony started to share more intimate details about a friend who discovered that he enjoyed sex with men. Tony’s persuasive voice and growing dominance started to intrigue Jim. Gradually, Tony moved next to Jim. Then Tony’s hand went to Jim’s shoulder. Jim did not pull away as they continued to talk. He started to become aroused but tried not to show it.

Tony’s soft but dominant manner caused Jim to want to know more. His cock started to get hard. Trying to hide his arousal Jim crossed his legs.

At that moment Tony said, “No need to be ashamed of your body’s reaction to my sharing.”

He then moved his hand to Jim’s thigh. At that moment Jim did not object or move away. Jim was becoming compliant. Tony’s hand went to Jim’s crotch. Stroking it Jim did not object or resist. Tony kept talking as if nothing special was happening. Because the table is in a darken part of the bar, Tony was able to unfasten Jim’s belt, unzip his pants and pull the top of his underwear down just enough. At that point Tony slipped his hand inside the underwear and felt the throbbing, erect cock.

Re-arranging his clothes so it did not draw attention, Tony told Jim that he would help him get to relieve his tension if Jim would take Tony to his hotel room. In his erotic state, Jim immediately got up and led Tony to the elevator on their way to the 4th floor. Now in control of the situation,. Tony asked Jim for his key. Once inside the room, Tony ordered Jim to strip. His commanding manner and voice persuaded Jim to obey and within a minute Jim stood naked in front of Tony.

Jim submitted to escort bursa whatever Tony wanted to do with him. After being examined and his cock and balls played with by Tony, a knock on the hotel room door sent fear into Jim’s erotic filled senses. Was it the cops?

Tony opened the door and a male and female entered the room. They were “friends” of Tony and wanted to party. Soon they were both naked and on the bed with Jim. Following Tony’s direction, the female started sucking Jim’s erect cock. With Tony reassuring it was alright, the male penetrated Jim’s ass. The combination of those acts caused Jim to explode as cum flowed into the woman’s face. After a few minutes of rest the male again penetrated Jim causing a second orgasm. Then he passed out from exhaustion.

Waking up naked in his room, Jim wasn’t certain whether he had actually had that night of sex or was it simply a vivid fantasy. But a text on his cellphone had pictures of him naked and having sex with the male shook him. The note read, “You now belong to me. Whatever I want you will do, or these pictures will find their way to your wife and employer. I have their addresses. You are now my sex slave sub. Be ready to obey.

FUFred: That is not as an unusual fantasy as you might think. When did you orgasm?

I was still bewildered that I had even shared that fantasy. How did he know I had a orgasm.

FUFred: I suspected you had your moment of release when the male fucked you in your fantasy. That was when you had a pause before completing the story.

Jam1234: You noticed I paused for a minute or so before continuing?

FUFred: Yes, I did. So what did you learn?

I was afraid to ask.

FUFred: Let me lay it out for you as simply as possible. Before you were married you were searching for something but didn’t know what. You came across a story about a man who was forced to have sex with another male. This story formed a permanent and dominating craving in your imagination which continues to this day. You desire to be forced to have sex with a male which is taboo to you. This feeling continues to grow, and you continue to suppress it. That is what you are looking for when you chat. Not the actual meeting but the chance to relive this fantasy and masturbate.

All I could think was how did he get all that out of me. Is he right am I gay? Do I really want to be fucked in the ass? Before I could answer:

FUFred: Question: are you still naked? And a second one, do you still have an erection?

I really didn’t want to answer either question but something inside compelled me to do so.

Jam1234: The answer is yes to both your questions.

FUFred: That tells me that I found your driving fantasy. The one that keeps playing in your head. The orgasm you had did not end it. You are still aroused and probably will be all night. I just liberated your fantasy. The craving did not go away after your orgasm.

Jam1234: I am not gay. I love women.

FUFred: This does not mean you are gay, but it probably indicates you are bisexual. That if you were not restrained by your inhibitions, you would be happy with sex from both males and females. Hence you are feeling good when both a man and woman had sex with your hero. The challenge you have is that regardless of all the chatrooms you ever will visit, until such time as you release your inhibitions, this craving will grow even stronger. I suspect if you look back over the past 12 years, it has become more of an obsession.

He is right about that point. This fantasy has become stronger over the years. There are times when I feel I can no longer control myself. It is probably why I keep going into chatrooms and watching porn.

Jam1234: Thank you for exploring this with me tonight.

FUFred: Before you leave you need to spend another minute with me. As I said earlier your fantasy is not unique. Many men have similar ones. In women it usually involves being seduced by a lesbian. The main point is being forced to give up their “taboo” repressions. You have that as well. If you could experience this fantasy without anyone knowing about it, the intensity and dominance of it would greatly diminish or even go. You might however, open the door for other fantasies to fill the one you lost. That could have a positive impact on your marriage or the opposite. I can’t tell you that.

Jam1234: How would I do that?

FUFred: I have a permanent room at the Star Lite motel located on route 92 north of Lutz. The door has a combination door lock, so you never have to talk with anyone. You enter the room. Remove your clothes and wait. Leave your inhibitions at the door and do without question what you are told.

To be continued.

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