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Dark City Ch. 02

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If you have never seen a dead body, the first thing that hits you is the smell; the more brutal the murder, the more pungent the stench. When Jim Springer arrived on the scene the smell was overpowering. Tied to a chair in the park was his ex wife Janet, her throat cut and the finger where the wedding band had been was removed.

At that moment, the only force more powerful than the smell was the flood of emotions that nearly doubled Jim over. For a brief second, he relived their life. He was her first and he remembers, to this day, the look on her face when he first entered her. He remembers the fight they had when he first decided to join the department. And he remembers the night she made up with him….

He came home from his first day of patrol to a seemingly empty house. He looked around for his spouse, but she appeared to have gone out. He went to the bedroom, carefully laid out his uniform over a chair and commenced to showing.

After toweling off, he walked into the room to a jaw dropping sight. Janet was a small girl, only 5’4. Her body was extremely lithe, with small tits and an extremely tight ass. She struck the most innocent figure possible.

Innocently sexy had been her MO. Innocent, until he saw her waiting for him, in the bedroom. She had on his uniform hat, tie and gun belt with nothing else. The long end of the tie lay neatly between her breasts. The gun belt was slung low over her hips, the small tuft of auburn pubic hair peeked out at him from below the buckle. The cap was cocked to one side, barely covering her pigtails. In her hand was his service revolver, aimed at his chest, a gun he knew to be loaded.

“Come over here, now!” she ordered to him, as she motioned to a chair, “And leave the towel.”

The towel dropped to the floor, leaving him naked and exposed. She motioned for him to sit down. Slowly she moved around him, showing off her shapely ass, her tight thighs and calves. Her dark brown Escort bayan nipples were pulsing, pushing out toward him.

She moved behind him, grabbing his arms. She pulled them back as Jim heard the familiar click of handcuffs, binding him to the chair.

She laid the gun down and turned toward him. “Won’t be needing that, will we?” she said with a laugh. Well, we have seen the gun and the cuffs, what else is there?”

She pulled the nightstick from its holder and playfully slapped it in her hand. “What do you use this for, I wonder?”

She slowly widened her stance and lifted up on the gun belt. The pink lips of her vagina became visible and she slowly rubbed the onyx weapon between her legs. Four or five motions left and clear trail of visible excitement. She produced the shift to his lips, which he gladly tasted the nectar of his wife. She tossed the stick to the ground and threw off the hat as well. She knelt before him, taking his hard cock in her hands and gave the underside a quick kiss.

“When I saw you this morning, in your uniform, I was so fucking hot. I couldn’t keep my fingers out of my pussy all day. And all I could think about was showing you just how proud of you I am.”

With that she grabbed the hilt of his cock and allowed her mouth to engulf it, working it up and down. When she withdrew it from her mouth, it was wet and slick. A few more licks up the shaft were followed by her tongue sucking and opening the head of his dick.

She swallowed him again, rolling his balls with her hand, all the while listening to his moans and feeling his prick jump in her mouth. She pulls off of him, and, while stroking him, asks quietly, “are you almost there?”

All he can do is grunt an answer.

With that, she climbs onto him, gun-belt still around her waist. His cock slides effortless into her. The two lock eyes and never break their eye contact as she slowly rides up and down his shaft. Bayan escort He grunts as she reaches behind, cupping his testicles.

“Yes baby, yes baby,” she cries, leaning forward, her taught nipples diving into his mouth.

He remembers the feeling, sucking her nipple as she bore on to him. He relishes in the orgasm that built from within his core. As he came into her womb he felt at one with her.

His mind fast-forwards to the breakup. It all started with the night he was shot and the worry she endured until she knew he was ok. They split up amicably, knowing she couldn’t endure the worry any longer.

“Detective Springer?” Officer Iesha Rotic interrupts his reveille.

“Officer Rotic, I presume?”

“Call me Iesha.”

“Jim,” h responded, offering his hand. He was taken aback at the young officer. She was tall, thin and had incredibly beautiful auburn hair. Her body was lean, fit. She looked as if she took the job seriously.

The two walked over to the crime scene to get a closer look.

“What have you got?” Jim asked. “Victim had her throat cut, left to right. She has been dead about 5 hours. There are little signs of resistance. Other than that, there is not much to go on. We are pulling cell records and such, trying to figure out what she was doing here at 3 a.m.”

Jim goes to Janet’s body, closes her eyes and delicately kisses her forehead.

“The number 1, carved in her chest. Any ideas?”

“Only one. That she could be the first in a series of victims.”

“We need to find the bastard who did this. Before it happens again.”


“Yep. You’re with me on this.”

“OK, I will do a work up on this background stuff. Maybe you should take the day, relax. I know you have a lot going on. I will get with you if something comes up.”

Jim drove home, in near disbelief. His goal of keeping his profession at a distance was over. It was in his face now.

He Escort arrived home and began removing his clothes as he walked through the door. He could hear giggling from the bedroom. “Shan must have a guest,” he thought to himself.

He walked into the bedroom and was caught off guard as beautiful red head with pale skin and pert breasts was climbing off of Shan’s face. She sat up with a grin, wiping the girl juice from her face.

“Hey hun, this is Kim.”

Kim shyly smiles at him, attempting to cover herself.

Jim climbs into bed with two women, separating them.

“What is it, lover?” Shan asks.

Jim leans into her, telling her all that had happened that day.

The women are speechless. Shan cannot believe the emotional state of man she thought invincible.

Jim feels tiny nipples press against his back as Kim moves in to kiss him. Shan joins the kiss as the two goddesses aim to distract, at least for a moment, this wounded man. Kim urges Jim to his back as Shan begins to kiss down his body. They begin to share his cock, passing it from mouth to mouth, while the other sucks in his balls.

Jim is lost in it, disappearing in a world of wet, warm tongues.

He is pulled to his knees, as Shan takes the lead in address his cock.

She works it deep into her throat, forcing Jim to gasp as she swallows him. Kim kisses his back, using her hands to massage his balls. Her hands run up and down his ass crack, forcing his cock to jump deep inside his lover’s mouth.

He feels her tongue running up and down his bum, sending shockwaves of illicit pleasure through him. The pressure placed on his asshole acts like a trigger, sending load upon load of semen into Shan’s throat, seeping out of the side.

She allows the cock to spring from her mouth, greeting Kim in a kiss that exchanges his seed from tongue to tongue — a kiss he cannot help but join.

He falls backward, the stress of the day and the exhaustion of his orgasm taking their toll.

The two girls put their heads on his chest, occasionally kissing.

“What now?” Shan asks.

Kim plays with the limp, wet penis. “I think we need to wake him up.”

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