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Her submission Ch. 1

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Female Ejaculation

I stand over you as you sleep. Slowly I pull the sheet back to reveal your naked body. I watch as your nipples harden in the cool air. Just as you open your eyes I grab your arms and pin them over your head. You scream in terror before you realize it is me then moan in pleasure and fear of what I might do to you. You resist as I put the leather cuffs on your arms and tie them to the headboard. Kicking your legs wildly as I try to grab your ankle, I curse softly as your foot hits my chest. Pinning your leg down I slip the leather band around your ankle and buckle it closed. Yanking the rope very tight I tie it to the bottom corner of the bed. The other leg is soon bound like the first and I watch as you try to pull on the ropes that hold you spread eagle on the bed.

Smiling as I stand and remove my clothes then kneel over you naked. I run my fingers lightly over your body and feel you tremble at my touch. Letting my fingers carries your breasts and nipples bring a moan to your lips. You tense as I pinch and pull on them softly until they are as hard as tiny pebbles. Reaching to the floor a grab black leather bag and sit it on the bed. You hold your breath and watch wide eyed as I remove two silver nipple clams from it. As I put the first one on and tighten the screw you begin to beg me not to. Turn after turn I flatten your nipple until the tip looks like it will burst. The second clamp brings tears to your eyes and I watch then roll down your cheeks as I finish tightening the screw. The clamps lay on your breast, nipples a light blue from the pressure. You scream as I pull them together and attach the hooks. The full weight of your breasts now pulls on both of your nipples, held only an inch apart.

Again I reach in the bag and take out a handful of spring clamps with serrated edges. Your body thrashes against the ropes as I move my hands between your legs. I place the first clamp on your outer lip and you begin to writhe in pain, screaming as the 6th one is attached. Brushing my fingers over the silver as I admire my work, three clamps on each of your lips. I bring the last clamp before your tear filled eyes and let you see the wickedly sharp teeth. Your mouth opens in kuşadası escort a silent scream when I tell you that it is for your clit. You pull desperately at your bonds as the pressure builds on your clit and the teeth sink in. As I release it and you feel the full bite of the cold metal on your pussy, your body goes limp and you surrender to the pain and pleasure.

I trail my finger tips up and down your tightly bond body, feeling you tremble under my hands. You watch as I pull the wooden rod from the bag. I run the smooth thin flexible rod up and down your legs and then hit you with it on the bottom of your foot. Your body arches up from the bed as the fire spreads from your foot up your leg… Again and again the rod bites into your tender flesh, leaving thin red welts on your fair smooth skin. A dozen times to each leg leaves you striped from ankle to the top of your thighs. Your screams of pain echo through the room and your moans of pleasure fill the silence between them. With quick flicks of my wrist I bring the rod down across your stomach five times, the thin wood bending and wrapping around you to your sides with each blow. I rub your stretched nipples with the tip of it than move to your arms. Just two hits to each arm, but length ways on them. The marks running from the leather bands on your wrists to your shoulder.

I take careful aim and start on your breasts, each movement of my hand brings you fresh and greater pain. Each blow shakes your breasts and causes the clamps to slip a tiny bit. I look into your eyes and hit the two clamps where they are hooked together. The force of the blow pulls both clams off your nipples and you scream as the blood flows back into them. I wait as they swell to twice their normal size then hit each one with the tip of the rod. Each strike brings more tears of pain to your eyes and soft whispers of harder to your lips. As I move between you wide spread legs you arch your body and lift your pussy for me. I push gently at the clips that are sunk into your tender lips and clit and I faintly hear you beg for me to hit you. I smile as I swing the rod and knock of the first clip, you flinch but then push your hips kuşadası escort bayan higher. Five more times the wood meets cold steel and each time a silver clamp falls to the bed. Now only one remains attached to your swollen clit and I hit it several times softly. I can see and hear you cumming from the exquisite pain you are feeling radiating from the most sensitive part of your body. Then you are pushed even higher as I hit harder and knock the clamp loose, your body thrashes on the bed as you cum long and hard. I sit back and watch as you ride the waves of pleasure coursing through your body. Finally you lay still, gasping for air and watching me with pleading eyes.

In a low voice I ask you what you want now and listen as you beg in a hoarse voice for me to fuck you. You promise me you will do anything I want if I will just make you cum again. I lean over you and bring my face inches from yours. I ask you if you are sure about that and you say yes. I smile softly and tell you that I will give you more pleasure than you could possible imagine but that you will be mine from then on. You will be my toy to use however I want whenever I want. An uncertain look crosses your face for a moment then you whisper “yes I will be yours forever”. I quickly move my mouth to your breasts and start kissing and licking your bruised and swollen nipples. As my mouth eases the pain in your tits my fingers stroke your abused pussy. My fingers lightly brush your clit and you start cumming again, your orgasm rises and falls but doesn’t stop. Every where my body touches your the welts on your skin are rubbed gently keeping your pain and helplessness fresh in your mind. I move my body lower kissing your stomach as I work my way down. I blow softly on your dripping slit then kiss your tortured pussy. Pressing my tongue against your clit pushes you further into your orgasm and I begin licking and sucking. I eat your pussy until you are almost limp and your groans of pleasure have turned into one long moan.

I move quickly and retie your legs to the headboard, leaving your body bent almost double with your legs wide spread and your pussy open and exposed. I press the escort kuşadası head of my hard cock into your wet hole and slam forward. Your body rocks from the force of my invasion and you start cumming again. I fuck you with long slow strokes that keep you cumming. My balls slap into your ass over and over as I hammer into your willing body. Long minutes stretch into hours and your body now barley moves and your head rolls from side to side. I can tell that you are almost spent from your long now painful orgasm. I scream and cum deep inside of you as your eyes roll back and you pass out from the pleasure that I have given you. I keep fucking into your limp body until my dick is soft and slips from your worn pussy then I sit on the edge of the bed to wait.

As you finally open your eyes you try to move but find yourself still tightly tied to the bed, spread eagle again. Your head turns and you see me standing by the side of the bed. You watch as I pick up a long metal rod with a wooden handle. I put the end into the flame of a large candle that sits on your nightstand. Terror fills your eyes again as you watch the thin metal heat and turn red. I bring the rod before your eyes so that you can see the finely crafted “M” bent into the end of it. You raise your head and watch as I move the smoking metal between your legs. You strain to see what I am doing and begin to beg and plead with me. I look into your eyes and smile as I remind you that you are now mine to do with, as I will. You scream as the heat from the rod reaches your skin but it is still an inch from your body. I warn you not to move or something might get burned and you stop struggling. Then I press the hot metal against your pussy only a fraction of an inch above your slit. I hold it there for a slow count of five, your body trembling and your mouth hanging open. Then I remove it and place a piece of ice on the burned spot bringing a sigh to your lips. I put the rod away and begin to untie you then help you sit up. Taking your arm I lead you to the full-length mirror and show you what I have done. At first you won’t look but then your need to know over powers your fear. Bending toward the mirror you can see the angry red welt on your pussy. You tremble in shock at the permanent way I have marked you as mine. Then you turn to me and whisper “Thank you master” as you fall to your knees at my feet. A big bright smile comes to your face as I wrap the leather collar around your neck and buckle it closed.

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