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Sara , Laura Ch. 06 – Game Night

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Sara stared at the wall, totally, completely still. Her stomach was over-full with butterflies from the evening’s preparation, spent trying on every pair of socks, every skirt, every t-shirt and blouse that she owned, trying to alchemize the perfect outfit for the occasion.

‘Game Night’.

The oddly-named biweekly sex party hosted by Jessie underneath her adult store, where, much to Sara’s dismay, she would be forced to interact with people who already knew about her little secret. The butterflies tried to force their way up and out at this thought. She was only newly-comfortable with herself, and even then in private. The idea added more wings to the swarm within her. She hadn’t eaten again today, both an unfortunate side effect, and the cause of her nausea. It wasn’t really the people. Not really. It was a person, specifically.


After all of Jessie’s wheedling and cajoling, she had agreed to go, if only so she could see Laura outside of therapy and express her feelings. Jessie had also promised that Laura would reciprocate those feelings, but Sara couldn’t even begin to dwell on that hopeful thought without putting herself through a strange combination of joy, anxiety, and sadness that was difficult to beat back.

When her phone buzzed, signalling Jessie’s arrival outside, she had to fight back anxious tears. Nearly every emotion she could put a name to was fighting for supremacy within her, and it seemed like all the worst ones were winning at the moment. Sara grabbed her keys from the hook by the door and closed the door softly behind her, fearful that any sudden noise would frighten her back into her house, never to leave again.

No! Sara thought angrily, mentally kicking herself, her old self. She had come so far, everything she had put herself through was for the express purpose of escaping the grip of her anxieties. Of living an actual life, for herself. She held herself a straight and tall as she could as she marched to the elevator. Sara had put on her big girl panties, or at least the cock-and-ball-supporting man-panties Jessie had given her for tonight, and was going to take action.

Despite that cocky, self-assured attitude, the elevator trip down to the main lobby felt like a trip to the gallows. She was glad none of her neighbours were taking the trip, so nobody would see her leaning on the elevator hand-rails for support as her legs grew weaker and weaker beneath her, or how she tried hiking her skirt up to various heights to show more or less leg. When the elevator door dinge and slid open, the roulette wheel had landed on ‘more’, and she went with it, striding confident once more through the lobby and out the front door into an unusually chilly evening.

Sara heard Jessie before she saw her, an obnoxiously loud bass that rattled teeth and shook glass being a fairly obvious giveaway for the fun, edgy adult store owner. Sara pulled the door open and flopped down into the passenger seat, her ears screeching in protest. Jessie turned the music down and let out an exaggerated wolf whistle that made Sara laugh.

“God damn hun, you are looking hot as fuck!” the blue-haired woman exclaimed, eyes wide and hungry. “You sure we can’t just head back upstairs and…” her voice trailed off, accompanied by two quick eyebrow flashes and a grin that nearly split her face in two.

Sara laughed again, feeling some of the anxiety blow away. “Come on, don’t you think I’d have fun at game night? Or are you embarrassed of me?” she asked, sticking her tongue out ever so slightly.

“It’s not your fun I’m worried about hun, it’s mine. I’m afraid all your time is going to get monopolized and I won’t get a piece of you for myself,” Jessie said, throwing the car into gear and speeding out of the drive with style.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Sara said coyly, “you’ve had a pretty big piece already, and if you behave yourself I’m sure I can find a way to fit you into my schedule.” The words had barely left her mouth before being interrupted by laughter. It sounded unnatural hearing herself flirt like this, and perhaps she might think it embarrassing later, but for now she enjoyed watching Jessie rub her thighs tightly together and squirm almost imperceptibly in the driver’s seat. Having that kind of effect on someone was something she was surprised to find she enjoyed.

“Open the glove compartment, I’ve got a present for you,” Jessie said, one hand limply gesturing towards the storage in front of Sara’s lap. Sara opened it cautiously. The last present Jessie gave her were the man-panties she now wore, the panties that she took 20 minutes to figure out how to put on, and what went where. A small red bottle of vodka nearly tumbled into Sara’s lap, along with years worth of papers that had been tossed in haphazardly.

“I thought you might, uh,” Jessie started, then paused in quiet astonishment as Sara cracked the lid and started downing the contents.

Please don’t puke, please don’t puke, Sara thought as she finished Kurtköy Fetiş Escort a long pull on the bottle and screwed the cap back on. She hadn’t ever been much of a drinker, but Jessie’s interrupted thoughts were correct, she would need the encouragement tonight.

“Yeah, well, uh, go me,” Jessie said then laughed.

Sara’s face flushed almost immediately. She imagined she could feel the alcohol seeping into her veins, bolstering her confidence, both real and feigned. Happily, the butterflies inside flew a little softer, though her head was already beginning to swim in the booze.

“Yeah, I just, uh, you know, it’s a party right?” Sara sputtered in awkward explanation. It was, but not any kind of party she had ever been to, or ever would have dreamed she’d go to.

Jessie reached over without looking and put one hand on the middle of Sara’s thigh, squeezing. “I know, hun,” she said, her voice and eyes now softer, “it’s all okay.” In that moment, it almost was. Jessie understood Sara’s fears, in her own way, but Sara still felt very alone in that car.

Neither of them said anything for a long while. Sara let her brain stew in the alcohol, hoping for some great insight into her own feelings. Jessie’s eyes kept that same soft, faraway look until they pulled up outside of New Romantics. She reached over and squeezed Sara’s thigh again.

“It’s gonna be fun!” she said grinning, regaining her excited composure. Sara bobbed her head in agreement. The vodka was also telling her it was going to be a fun night, and despite any thoughts she had to the contrary, she was outvoted 2-to-1.

As they crossed the quiet, empty street, Jessie grabbed Sara’s hand and pulled her close up to her side.

“I dealt with your cover too, so don’t worry about that,” Jessie said offhandedly as she opened the door to the now-darkened store.

“How much is cover?” Sara asked. It was a good thing Jessie handled it, she hadn’t brought any cash.

“A hundred bucks,” Jessie said casually, now holding the door politely for Sara.

Sara’s jaw and stomach both dropped. “A hundred?” Sara nearly shrieked, “Holy shit!”

Jessie shrugged, her bright blue fringe bobbing. “I don’t know what to tell you,” she said seriously, “steam cleaners aren’t cheap.”

Sara froze for a moment before letting out a cackling laugh that sent her stumbling sideways into the wall of the store. Jessie giggled and grabbed Sara’s arm, pulling her through the door, “ease up there drunky brewster, the party hasn’t even started yet!”

Sara half-staggered into the store ahead of Jessie. A door at the opposite end of the interior was illuminated, the only light on in the whole place. Sara thought it looked creepy in the dark, though that was mostly due to the silicon human torsos adorning the walls. Beyond the illuminated door was a long, narrow staircase down into the basement of the store. Sara tried to think of something funny to say involving a secret murder dungeon, but the joke slipped out of her well-lubricated brain before she could find it. Instead she followed Jessie down the stairs, silent except for the clacking of her uncomfortably heels on the linoleum. A landing at the bottom of the staircase presented another door, this one as unassuming as the one up top. Jessie stopped short of the door, turning to face Sara. Her face was concerned, serious.

“You know you don’t have to go, right?” she said, grabbing Sara’s hands. “I won’t make you, and you don’t have to.”

Sara nodded thoughtfully. “I know,” she said, “I want to go. It’s time.” Her words were a little more slurred than she would have liked, but they were honest. The flapping in her stomach was at an all-day low.

Jessie pushed the door open. Sara was assailed by her senses. A gust of air brought the sweet smell of some type of incense, paired with a subtle note of sweat. The voices, talking, laughing, murmuring, a background hum that, to Sara’s ear, practically buzzed with sexual potency. The room beyond was surprisingly extravagant, considering it was the basement of an adult store. Leather furniture dotted the room, beautiful old wooden furniture accenting the muted warmth of the tan walls. A sunken seating area dominated one corner, a couch wrapping around the curved interior like something out of the 1970’s, and a large well-stocked bar taking up the opposite wall. People of all stripes, old, young, thin and heavy-set were draped over every piece of furniture in the large, high-ceilinged room, all in various states of undress though none were fully nude. The lighting was both warm and dim, adding to the salacious ambiance.

“Wow,” Sara said, “it’s so nice!”

“Yeah, mom was a freak,” Jessie replied, nodding, “aren’t I lucky?” She grinned, and pulled Sara inside.

Nobody seemed to notice Sara and Jessie as they entered, mostly wrapped up in their own conversations. As they made their way across the room, hands clasped, Sara felt more than a few eyes Kurtköy Gecelik Escort settle on the pair. Jessie seemingly paid them no mind, but Sara could feel hungry gazes trying to peer through her clothes. Several of them had seen the picture Jessie had shared, she knew, Sara’s large cock looming menacingly over Jessie’s faux-stunned face. Her blue-haired friend had shared screenshots of the comments she had received regarding said photo, and despite her best intentions, Sara kept going back to look at them. As much as she was embarrassed to admit it, even to herself, the shock and awe had really turned her on.

A particularly intense gaze enticed Sara to turn and find the source, spotting a dusky-skinned girl who couldn’t have been more than 20. Her dark, curly hair framed an adorable round face, and she didn’t look away when Sara stared back at her, instead leaning forward over the table she sat at, revealing deep cleavage between breasts that threatened to pop out of her clothes. Sara backed down first, turning away shyly, though she could still feel the girl’s eyes boring through her clothes.

“Make a friend?” Jessie asked, nudging Sara’s ribs. She pushed Sara into a seat at the bar.

“Uh, I dunno,” she replied, “people are staring at me.”

Jessie smiled, “well of course they are, hun, the smart ones have figured out who you are already. Can you blame them?”

The small, self-confident part of Sara couldn’t blame them for looking, but the rest of her wanted them to stop.

“So, what do you do here?” She asked, changing the subject quickly. Her skirt, pulled high as it was would have outed her quickly, if she dwelled on those thoughts much longer.

“There’s an obvious answer, but I feel like that’s not the answer you’re looking for,” Jessie replied, grinning like a cat that had cornered a mouse.

“I just-“

“I know, I know hun,” Jessie said, waving off Sara’s attempted protest, “really, it’s like any social club. Mill about, talk to people, maybe make some new friends. There’s a sauna too, through the back,” she pointed to a hallway at the back of the room that was lined with doors. “Everyone here is cool, pretty friendly,” she said, surveying the room, “and there’s private rooms in the back, too, if your evening goes that way.” At this, Jessie turned to Sara and raised an eyebrow conspiratorially.

“Oh, I see,” Sara said softly, “I guess I just kind of have a hard time starting conversations with people. I didn’t go to a lot of parties when I was younger,” she explained.

Jessie half-shrugged, “sure, sure, but really there’s nothing to be nervous about,” she said, unknowingly parroting almost every therapist she had ever spoken to, “like I said, the folks who come here are really nice. It’s by invitation, so I at least kind of know everyone here.”

Sara looked away, choosing instead to stare at the collection of bottles behind the counter. The butterflies were returning, and the bartender was busy mixing drinks at the other end of the bar. The only person she really wanted to talk to was Laura. If she was even here, Sara hadn’t seen her yet.

Jessie’s hand clapped Sara’s shoulder, jarring her back into the moment. “Well, I’m off to talk to some friends, good luck!”

Sara was stunned, feeling the boozy-redness in her face drain away, replaced by a shocked white. “Wh-what?” Her stomach dropped out beneath her, and her legs went numb. Surely Jessie wasn’t going to leave her all alone here. She couldn’t. Her lips flapped open and shut uselessly.

Jessie had already hopped off the seat and was walking backwards away from the bar. She waved cheerfully, seemingly unaware of Sara’s sudden terror. Her heart slammed fearfully in her chest, her only friend here had abandoned her in the metaphorical lion’s den. Sara’s hand shook as she reached out for the retreating Jessie, but she was already gone, lost amongst a group of people. Sara turned back to the bar, feeling a scream rising in her belly, trying to tear its way out. She swallowed hard, trying to push past the lump in her throat that was cutting off her breathing.

Someone suddenly plopped down in the seat next to hers. A hand appeared in her vision, a dusky olive with nails painted a deep red.

“Hi,” said a soft voice, breathy but not explicitly sexual. Sara slowly turned her head, feeling the joints in her neck creaking uneasily. The girl who had watched her coming in had taken Jessie’s departure as an invitation. Sara took the hand and shook it, stiffly and robotically.

“Hi,” Sara responded shakily. As she looked into the girl’s face, she was captured by bright green eyes that sparkled beautifully, even in the dim lighting. The girl was on the heavier side, not that Sara felt very inclined to judge anybody based on that, but she carried the weight very well. Sara supposed this was the kind of person the word ‘voluptuous’ was invented to describe. Squeezed into tight jeans, her large thighs looked strong, Kurtköy Genç Escort and her wide hips spoke to certain strange idea a lot of men had about ‘child-bearing’ hips. Even the small tummy that peeked out over the waist of her jeans accentuated her soft, inviting curves.

“Are you Jessie’s friend?”

Sara’s face flushed red again, her ears burning. She knew the question sounded innocent, her and Jessie had come in together after all, but there seemed to be unspoken implications. Had she seen the photo? There was no way to know, as Sara wasn’t a part of the chat group. The girls only smiled serenely, her face not giving away any secrets.

“Uh, yeah, I’m Sara.” Sara realized she was still shaking the woman’s hand and let it go. Her palms were suddenly sweaty, and she didn’t want anyone to think she was a weirdo.

The girl smiled, and folded her arms together on the bar top, pushing her breasts together temptingly. The automatic part of Sara sent a thrill down her spine and pulled her into staring at them for longer than she had meant to. She looked up, stricken with a budding humiliation, but the girl smiled at her and slowly moved her shoulders back and forth alternatingly, her breasts shifting and wobbling slightly. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Hi Sara,” she said quietly, “I’m Niobe. Can I buy you a drink?”


Jessie swung her legs back and forth nervously from her seat across the room. Craning her head back and forth, she pulled her phone out and began to dial. Laura was supposed to have been here already, waiting to corner Sara. Placing the phone to hear ear, she anxiously chewed on the nails of her other hand. The phone rang dully five times before going to voicemail.

“God damn it!” Jessie spat as the automated voice at the other end instructed her on how to leave a message. Her blood ran hot. The voicemail beeped once.

“Laura, we’re here, where are you? Call me, now.” She said sternly before hanging up and replacing the phone in her pocket. She chewed her bottom lip. They’d been here for five minutes and already things were going sideways. Sara was going to be seriously upset if Laura didn’t show. She dialled Laura again, but hung up when the voicemail message began. She began playing out the scenario in her head, trying to account for Sara’s fragile state. The best Jessie could do for her, if Laura didn’t show up, was to distract Sara with other enthusiastic attendees. She made a mental list of the chat members who had most vociferously hounded her for more information regarding the photo.

That’s plan B, she thought, quietly fuming, if Laura doesn’t show I’ll have to keep Sara busy.

“And then I’ll wring Laura’s neck,” she muttered to herself, clenching her phone so tightly she thought it might break.

“Isn’t Laura usually the one who does the choking?” A voice asked her from behind. Jessie spun in her seat, coming face-to-face with a handsome man of about forty.

Jessie forced a chuckle, “Hey Mike.”

“Hey yourself,” he replied. Mike was tall and handsome, the square-jawed rugged type. Jessie didn’t typically find herself on that side of the aisle, but if she did, Mike was usually topping the list. “You seem peeved.”

“Yeah, just Laura was supposed to meet me here and I can’t get ahold of her. You haven’t heard anything, have you?”

“No, sorry,” Mike said simply, shrugging.

A lightbulb, a small one, kicked on in Jessie’s head. If she was going to instigate plan B tonight, she needed to lay the groundwork now.

“Hey, you remember that photo I sent out to the group?” She asked. It was a silly question, it would have been difficult to forget it.

Mike laughed, “oh yeah, I remember. Hell of a thing,” he smiled, “Jen saved it, couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Is he here now?”

“SHE’s here,” Jessie corrected, and Mike nodded understandingly, “she-“

“Is that her at the bar talking to Niobe, then?” Mike interrupted, gesturing vaguely over his shoulder at the bar. Jessie leaned over dramatically in her seat to peer across the room. Sure enough, Niobe was seated right next to Sara at the bar, seemingly deep in conversation with the shy girl.

Jessie nodded, then righted herself. “Yeah that’d be her,” she said with a small amount of concern. Niobe had recently blown up Jessie’s phone begging for information on who the mystery cock belonged to. Jessie had held back, only promising that it would be present tonight. She furrowed her brow with mild concern. Niobe was nice, she would never have been invited back if she wasn’t, but she was insistent and often insatiable. The kind of girl who would swallow a man whole and demand more. It was all in good fun, of course, but Sara might not be so prepared for that as some of the regulars. “Maybe I should intervene…”

“Oh, let her go Jessie, she knows when to step back,” Mike said, tutting her in an almost fatherly way.

“I guess, but Sara is new to this kind of thing. She’s shy.” Jessie felt more like Sara’s mother than her friend and occasional-lover.

Mike raised an eyebrow thoughtfully, “you know Jen would absolutely l-o-v-e to meet her,” he said conspiratorially.

“Yeah, that’s kind of what I had in mind actually.” Jessie replied.

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