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My Powerful Aunt Krisztina Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: If you only like real things, (things that could actually take place in reality) please choose another story to read. I only like to read and to write fiction. All characters and facts are pure imagination. Please read this story’s previous chapters to better understand this one.

We had lunch and I went to my room to take a nap. I don’t know how much I managed to sleep, but suddenly I realized I was awake and my aunt was standing before me. She was wearing a tight pink bustier that appeared to be too small for her sturdy frame. It allowed full exposing of her washboard stomach. Her 5.5” high-heel transparent platform shoes made her tanned legs look endless. Her calves were pretty muscular, but the shape of her legs was very smooth. An outrageously short pink skirt showed her beautiful toned thighs. Despite my exhaustion I quickly became excited. She stood before me, so I could admire her, arms crossed under an impressive rack.

“Get up,” she said with a tempered voice. “A slave must pay respect to his mistress!”

“Yes, my mistress, I was charmed by your beautiful body and I was not respectful! Forgive me!” I said, jokingly. She didn’t seem to notice my humor. “Get undressed. You may sit down on the couch. Do you like my body, slave?”

“Yes, my mistress! You are perfect!”

“Would you like to see my entire naked body, slave?” She asked coyly.

“Yessss,” I hissed through my clenched teeth. I was getting turned on fast.

“Yes, what?”

When I didn’t answer, my aunt Kris flicked her nicely manicured fingernails over my erection. “Yes, Mistress.”

“You forget too quickly. Maybe I should repeat the lessons I teach you!” she continued, flexing her muscular arms.

“Yes, Mistress!” I repeated quickly.

“Right, then. I will get undressed. What is rule number one?”

“No wanking!”

“OK, I’m glad you remember. I think you deserve to see my tits. “

She stripped off, very playfully, her bustier, tempting me a long time, until I could see her luscious tits. Her nicely shaped abdomen was tantalizing close to my face, her sweet pussy perfume enticed me. Her slim ankle was fondling my calves.

“Do you think I’m sexy?”

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“Would you like to fuck my ass right now?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She put her long forefinger under my chin and jabbed it deep in my flesh, until she could hypnotize me with her deep, heavy-lidded blue Bahçeşehir escort eyes.

“You must beg me.”

The pressure on my balls was maximum.

“Please Mistress, I beg you to let me admire your wonderful body.”

“That’s not what you asked before!”

“Please let me fuck your ass, Mistress!”

She turned her back to me, and in an instant her skirt encircled her ankles. She leaned forward, her palms touching the floor. I was still sitting on the edge of my bed, so her bare butt’s perfectly tanned skin was now beautifully exposed right at my eye’s level.

“You like my ass, don’t you?”

“I like your ass very much, mistress!”

“What do you like about my ass?

She was so close… so voluptuous…. So tempting…I squeezed the hard flesh of her ass cheeks firmly. My hand slowly slid over the smooth satin skin, circling the perfect shape.

“You have the shapeliest ass I’ve ever seen. What else can I say about a body the greek goddesses would envy?”

She turned slowly to face me and suddenly grabbed my wrist, squeezing unbelievably hard. Her strong hand was a painful vicegrip.

“This is going too far. Did I allow you to touch me?” she whispered softly.

“I beg you to forgive me, goddess, I was not able to keep my hands off!”

Fixing my widened eyes, she stepped on my feet, pressing my toes with her sharp high heels. It hurt like hell and I bit my lips not to scream, while she tenderly played with my hair. Her amazing tits were almost touching my face. She lifted my chin using one sharp forefinger.

“You don’t want to piss me off, do you?” I could hardly hear her low erotic voice.

“No, mistress, I beg you to have mercy!”

She leaned over me, licking my left ear, then she stepped back, cupping her breasts. She was allowing me to breathe some air, at last.

“Have you experienced anal sex before?”

“No, mistress!”

“You are virgin! Are you going to behave?” She played with my nipples. The heat in the room was suddenly unbearable.

“Yes, Mistress. I promise I’ll behave.”

“Or what?”

“Or to be punished if I dissapoint you.”

She forced me spread my legs with her knees, stepping in. My erection was fully exposed. She gently touched my twitching turgid cock with her right knee.

“OK, slave! Let’s put it like this: This is my cock and you will get it very, very hard for me once again. Or…”

“Or Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan I’ll be punished.”

“Mistress!” she screamed, trapping my balls full of cum between her sharp fingernails.

“Forgive, me, mistress!”

“OK. Will you take the risk to try satisfying me?”

“Yes, my goddess!”

“You learn fast! Do you still want to take me from behind? To fill my little puckered hole with your hunk of meat?”

“Yes, mistress, I hope you will let me fuck your arse!”

She kneeled and unleashed my throbbing cock. She looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, sparkling wickedly, while her sweet tongue was greedily licking the precum from the tip of my vibrating penis.

I desperately wanted to fuck my aunt one way or another. She took a jar of Vaseline, carefully spreading a lot of it across my enormous cock. Once she had my tool covered in lube, she worked her fingers in and out of her ripped ass, gasping.

She wrapped her hand around my extremely stiff cock, moving up and down slowly. Her hand began slowly stroking it from the base all the way up to the engorged, expanded, bulbous head. The glistening head was shaped like a big, red mushroom.

Finally with me hard and fully lubed, she ordered me to shove it in deeply. She bent her long shapely legs to give me access to her glory hole. I squeezed her bare ass flesh; finger flitting over her ass crack. I placed the swollen head of my cock at the entrance of her wonderful ass and pressed lightly. I teased her clit for a moment, taking it between my fingers and gently lashing it back and forth. This made her sigh.

“Get in there, slave, and don’t play games with me, OK? I want you to fuck my ass hard right now, or I’ll fuck yours!”

I shifted my weight to get a better position. Kris reached back and I felt her hand gripping tight my shaft before I could get there. I knew she could do whatever she said, so I pushed. I felt some resistance.

“Push harder, you, bastard!”

I slowly begin to slide my manmeat back into her ass. Her sphincter muscle relaxed and allowed the stiff cock inside. I hear a ‘plop’ and I was completely inside her, faster than I thought! I could feel her clenching and unclenching her hole. It was almost more than I could stand. I grabbed the back of her hair, rolling all of her blonde locks into my palm like a golden rope.

I touched her wet pussy, beginning to gently caress her. The Escort Bahçeşehir fingers easily slipped deep down inside her. I could feel my cock with my fingers through the membranous walls of her pussy and butthole.

“Yes, that’s better!” To my surprise, she orgasmed, coating my hand with a lot of cum.

“Fuck me, bastard!”

I was thrusting as hard as I could, gripping her hips as tight as I could, enjoying the amazing feeling of my penis sliding through her hot hole.

The big dragon tattooed on her back looked menacing between her strong muscles. I was sweating in streams, all my body was concentrating on those hard thrusts, but she was complaining that I was not strong enough! She was pushing back every time I was moving, and I had to use all my strength in my legs not to be thrown back by her powerful ass. Her long hair was falling free, hiding her beautiful face.

“Come on, cocksucker, harder,” she moaned.

I was sure I couldn’t fuck her harder. The pace of our fucking was unbelievable. Sweat was streaming from me in rivers, I was moving harder and faster than I’d ever done in my life! Her relentless ass pulsed around my cock as another powerful orgasm ripped through her body. She enjoyed her wild sensations for a few seconds and urged me on.

“Push it harder, I want to cum again soon! Fuck me harder, baby! Yes like that! Harder! Harder, I demand you! Come on, fill my arse!!”

In that moment I understood that I was really her toy. I was not a man anymore. I was just a giant pole slamming deep inside her, completely at her will. I was barely able to stand on my feet, my body shuddering, gasping for air at every rocking of her hips. I lost count of her orgasms.

I leaned her down on the couch on ,so. I was able now to let go of one hand to play with her slippery cunt, the other one stuck under her heavy breasts.

Her words melted in a loud groan which could scare me if I wasn’t getting the best fuck of my life. I was not sure I was fucking a woman anymore. She was more like a beast roaring her insatiable lust. I was facing the unlimited, unleashed power of a goddess.

I pinched her clit brutally and immediately her back arched. I lost my balance so I had to grab her powerful arms not to fall over.

She cum like I had never seen a woman cum before. Juices flowed out of her pussy, filling my cupped hand. Her cum was everywhere. I was groaning, holding her by the shoulders for support.

It was too much for me, so I erupted like a volcano. I nearly blacked out; I fell over her body. I bit the back of her strong neck as the sensations slowed down. After, I walked away to the shower. My legs were trembling like hell. Now I was definitely her slut, completely at Her will. I was all hers.

More to come!

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