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Darq Ness Lightens Up Ch. 01

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Author’s note. The following story contains scenes of a black woman in consensual bondage and interracial sex. If you are offended by either of these don’t blame me if you read the story. Also, the computer names used in the story do not, as far as I’m aware, refer to any actual people.

Chapter one – Two sides of the coin

Angela leaned forward in her chair and pounded on the mahogany conference table with her fist. “No Edward! Not good enough. At this rate you’ll be 2% over budget by the end of the fiscal year. You’ll just have to do better. Every department has to get down to 5% below last years figures.”

Edward looked at her helplessly, like all the other department heads in the conference room. The CEO had hired Angela last week. She was a replacement for the last Vice President, a move that the group had at first thought was a good one. The last Vice President, Bob by name, had been pleasant to work with but bad at his job. The business had suffered. After only two years on the job he’d been sacked, and the search for a replacement had produced Angela.

She was nothing like Bob. Instead of an easygoing white man they’d been given a no nonsense black woman. During the obligatory “meet the new boss” luncheon on her first day at work she had come across as amiable but probing. She had wanted to get up to speed quickly. Her first week on the job had been one of giving brusque orders in the hallways and casual chatting behind the closed door of her office.

Now they were in their first official meeting with her. They knew that she’d been hired to cut costs, increase revenue and bring the company in the black. They knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. The meeting so far had proven them right.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Ed replied glumly. Then Angela shifted her focus onto the next department head. She knew they could do it. They had to. It was her job to see that they did. She smiled inwardly, enjoying the challenge of bringing this group up to snuff. The previous VP had been lax, a quality that she didn’t intend to bring to the table.

She had made a career out of being a hard hitter, of taking organizations by the throat and pushing them to accomplish things instead of resting on their laurels. Most who knew her saw a tough, demanding woman. One who managed her employees with a velvet fist.

Few knew her other side, and she preferred it that way.

By the time she got in her car to go home for the evening it was getting dark. It had been a tough day and she was ready to unwind. Her car chirped twice as she remotely unlocked it, it’s interior lights coming on invitingly.

Sliding into the driver’s seat she closed the door, turned on the ignition and then lifted her skirt up, past her knees and further Kurtköy Grup Escort until it was bunched around her waist. She had worn no panties or hose today. Her dark brown legs and shaved pussy felt the breeze of the car’s air conditioning as she drove out of the parking lot.

Anyone in a vehicle further off the ground than her car would be able to see her womanhood when she passed near the streetlights. The thought made her excited and she caressed her left breast while she was stopped at a red light. Another car was beside her on the left but the driver was not seated high enough to see the way her skirt was raised.

No one saw her the entire time she was on the road, but she turned in her driveway quivering anyway. She had never done something like that before. Always in the past she’d been the consummate professional, the driven yet straight-laced lady. It had felt good to be wanton like that.

Inside the house she practically flew to the computer and punched the on button. She looked at the clock. It wasn’t yet 9 pm. She had time to change into something a bit more comfortable. Standing up she began to strip, slowly enjoying the way the material felt against her skin as she shucked them. She was not thin, but not extremely overweight either. Men admired her long legs and dusky complexion.

She was a natural B cup, with large dark areolas and short, thick nipples. She wished that she could have gotten away with not wearing a bra to work in addition to being panty-less. Her professional demeanor however had to take precedent over any other considerations.

Going to her closet she took out a shoebox and opened it to reveal various leather cuffs. She selected two plain black ones and quickly snapped one on each wrist. Then she took out a plain silver necklace to which was attached a small cardboard sign with the word “Property” on it in black marker.

Her co-workers and family would have been shocked to see her acting this way, wearing the signs of her inner self. They were used to seeing her give orders, take charge of situations and people. It never occurred to them that a part of her longed to give that up, to have someone else be in charge.

Her friends and family might not know of Angela’s desire to submit to a man, surrendering the control she maintained in all other areas of her life, but Anthony knew what she wanted. She had met him on-line two months back via a yahoo group for singles and now was chatting with him twice a week via the computer. Anthony loved taking charge. At first they had simply chatted about normal matters. Then one day after she had had a particularly grueling workday he’d told her to take a bubble bath. Yes, told her to.

She had laughed at that and told him Kurtköy Manken Escort she would. He’d responded that that was good because he’d be quite cross with her if she didn’t. He also wanted her to email him the next day and describe what that bath had been like.

Intrigued by his demeanor she had taken that bath, and the bubbles had never felt more relaxing. The water soothed her, but so too did the thought that he had told her to do it. A strange mixture of emotions had run through her as she lay there soaking up the heat from the scented water.

So relaxed was she by the bath that emailing him a description slipped her mind. He was rather curt with her the next time they chatted. Yes, he was glad she enjoyed the bath but he was annoyed that she had not emailed him. Cutting the chat session short that night he told her to spend the next half hour or so writing that email like he’d told her to.

Embarrassed at her failure to do what he’d told her to do, she complied. When they chatted again he told her that he enjoyed the email very much, and then asked what work-outfit choices she had available for the next day. She rattled off a list of three or four outfits, he’d told her which of them he would like her to wear. Asking him if he afterwards wanted an emailed description of what it was like, he naturally said yes.

She complied with both orders that time. Wearing the blue dress he’d picked out for her had been nice, and she had thought of him several times during the day. She was amazed at how he took charge in little ways, making her feel things she didn’t quite understand.

From there it continued. He began asking her what was in the fridge, then telling her what foods to prepare for lunch and diner. He had told her to start drinking six glasses of water a day. If she didn’t drink the allotted amount he was invariably curt with her, reducing their chat time for that evening. If she managed to drink the six glasses he told her to reward herself some way; a bubble bath or ice cream for example.

She loved it. He took charge in ways that she enjoyed. Soon he upped the ante, telling her to not wear panties to work. That had added an element of sexuality to the mix that made her weak in the knees.

She looked at the clock. It was almost nine o’clock. Time to log on to the computer. She sat down in the chair and clicked on the link to start their usual chatting program. She logged in as “Darq_Ness”, her screen name for the last two years. It was five until nine, and Anthony was not on-line yet. She waited.

At nine o’clock his name, AnthonyB5643, appeared on her screen. A chat window popped up on her computer a few seconds later. It was from him.

AnthonyB5643: Greetings girl.

Darq_Ness: Kurtköy Masöz Escort Greetings Sir. How was your day?

AnthonyB6543: Not bad. Work went ok today.

Darq_Ness: I’m glad to hear that Sir. Mine was good too.

AnthonyB6543: Excellent. you wore the outfit I told you to wear?

Darq_Ness: Yes Sir. The teal top and black skirt.

AnthonyB6543: Very good. How was the ride home?

She grinned. Riding home with her skirt up had been his idea. She had gotten wet just thinking about when he originally told her to do it. Through his words on the screen she could hear his amusement at her experience.

Darq_Ness: It was wonderful Sir. I’ve never done that before.

AnthonyB6543: Did anyone see you?

Darq_Ness: No Sir. Unfortunately they did not.

AnthonyB6543: Well perhaps next time they will. 🙂

Darq_Ness: Next time sir?

AnthonyB6543: Yes. you do want there to be a next time do you not?

Darq_Ness: Oh yes Sir! I was not protesting.

AnthonyB6543: Good.

She felt weak in the knees. He was going to have her do it again! The proper lady in her protested, but the eager wanton spoke louder. She knew she would do it if and when he told her to.

AnthonyB6543: On another related note, I have some interesting news.

Darq_Ness: Oh? What is that Sir?

AnthonyB6543: I am going to be in your area a few weeks from now.

AnthonyB6543: On a business trip.

AnthonyB6543: In a past conversation you told me of a local event near you.

AnthonyB6543: Called Fourth Friday.

Darq_Ness: Yes Sir. It is a large monthly public BDSM munch here.

AnthonyB6543: To which you have never gone, correct?

Darq_Ness: That is correct Sir.

AnthonyB6543: Let’s meet there.

Angela stared at the computer screen. She had wanted to meet Anthony for some time. He had wanted to meet her as well. Now he was coming to her city on business. Her heart sped up. She was nervous about going to a public event. What if a co-worker saw her there, or a relative?

Despite her nervousness she knew what her response would be. Curiosity and desire would win out. She would go if he told her to. Eagerly she typed out her response. In truth, she wanted to go to such an event.

Darq_Ness: I would like that Sir.

AnthonyB6543: Good. I want you to wear something sexy that evening.

AnthonyB6543: A short skirt and somewhat revealing top. No panties or bra.

Darq_Nes: Yes Sir. I will do that.

They chatted for another hour, discussing both vanilla and kinky topics. He had an easy way of chatting that she enjoyed. After they finished chatting she checked her email, responding to a couple from friends. She left the cuffs on, enjoying the feel of them against her skin.

At 11 pm she went to bed, taking with her the vibrator she enjoyed best. For a half hour she fantasized about meeting Anthony. In her vision he was the consummate Dom and made her do things for him with an intimidating yet nurturing presence.

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