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Letter from Peoria

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Dear Shoeblossom

I would never have guessed that there was so much kinkiness in the quiet state of Illinois, but we do kind of live it up in a Midwestern fashion!

There are dungeons in Cicero and Skokie and Champagne, and I’ve been bound and tortured, teased and tormented in all of them.

During my college years in Chicago, as a fairly rich preppie, I was able to sample the cruel and entitled Goddesses that reigned that city.

I did a year of study abroad, and learned to answer to the appellation “Kleinschwanz”.

And, for the past eleven years, I’ve been the slave-sub to the various tenants in the building I own.

I am a man of means and so I can give very good breaks in the rent and I meet a lot of attractive and impoverished artists of both sexes who need an inexpensive place to live.

Most of the world isn’t aware that I, T. Burrows Mondrian IV, studly captain in competitive polo is also is the biggest pussy-boy in all of Peoria!

I was once a player on an indoor football team and all star in five sports in high school and two at university, but I seemed to lean towards submissiveness in my sexual arena.

Before I bought the apartment building, I got a lot of my training from my first wife, Auburn…she was a good example of what you give up for to get the thrills, right?

I had been living it up as a wealthy bachelor, and I met Auburn, a former Hollywood starlet extra, working as a drama coach at the University of Illinois. Auburn had been an ice blonde given to tight black dresses and pearls, and she made me give up a lot of my friends so she could have the kind of social life she liked…

She re-decorated the place in ways that disgusted me, but when I complained, Auburn would take my pants down and whip me with her racquetball paddle.

And, when I wanted to go on golf trips or see my pals, Auburn would strip me and diaper me in these horrible Depends adult diapers, and make me sit around the parlor in the diaper, sucking a pacifier while her crazy artist friends poked fun at me…in my house, eating on my bill!

The first time I complained coming home to Auburn making it with our landscaper she made me lie down naked on the floor and she stomped my balls with her high heel, and then had the damn gardener take off his belt and give me thirty!

I spent the last six years of the marriage…when not working, kneeling in a corner and awaiting her commands. I missed my broader life, but found my adoration of her to be so all consuming.

And then Auburn found someone more compelling in Tunisia, and heartbroken, I sold my mansion and purchased the apartment building and filled it with sadists!

And life is wild here. Last night I spent sitting naked in the bathtub of Rick in Apt B-109. Rick had wrapped a chain around my testicles, and attached a Y clip to my nipples so I had to sit crouched in the tub.

If I straightened up to ease my aching back, my nipples and my balls were both strained and pulled, HARD.

Up my rectum, Rick had stuffed an ear of corn, doused in habaneras peppers and garnished with Icy Hot.

And Rick clipped a Victor rattrap to my balls, just below where the chain pulling my nips was.

This so that when I did relax into the hunch to relieve my nipples there would be increbi9le pinch with my testicles pushing against the horrible wood and metal trap.

My mouth and asshole were exhausted Starzbet as a result of Rick’s earlier ministrations with his big cock, and of course he is a master with the blacksnake whip, three feet long, that I bought him.

At some point in the evening, Rick invited Orbit O’Neill, known on our block as the “Albino Wino” to come in and urinate in my mouth, and of course I had to give him a hummer and eat the dingle berries out of his ass, and give him a hundred dollar tip afterwards.

I’m not gay and I don’t think Rick is either. On my non-sub days, we go and get brews together and watch Bulls and Cubs games, and sometimes we work out, tell dirty jokes, that kind of thing.

I’m a fairly masculine guy and so is Rick, and I can actually kick his ass when we do arm wrestling or Tae Kwon Do, but now and then the masochistic itch hits me, and I text him upstairs and ask if “Master Richard” is available.

Then, instead of showing up in a concert tee and ripped jeans, I put on (as I did last night) a frilly pink nighttime, a sort of baby doll horror show from the Doris Day flicks of the early sixties. (Which would make Rick Rock Hudson?)

So last night was quite typical. After I texted, Rick called and said “I haven’t had my dick sucked by a cute little sissy, get dressed in your lingerie and come down here!

Make sure those legs are shaved and your nut sack too, I will pull any strays out of your scrotum with tweezers, bitch!”

So, after applying bright blue eye shadow and rouge and cherry lip-gloss and of course a silly wig, I stepped into my transvestite store size fourteen double wide high heels.

I began mincing down the hall. One of the doors burst open and Theodosia McIntyre stuck her bitchy head out.

Theo and her husband Alston are nice people I met at a leather bar in Cairo, and it didn’t take much to get them to relocate here, and they do enjoy being residents in my kinky digs!

Alston is locked in a chastity belt and telecommutes approving small business loans, so he can be a sub full time!

“I got the call from Rick that you were getting into your precious negligee and were going to be dancin’ down the hall. So, I let Alston do his monthly jack-off a day or two early and look how much waste we have here!”

She paused. “You better drink up, Burr, or I’ll tell Teddi!”

I have an odd relationship with Theo, in that her niece, also christened Theodosia but nicknamed Teddi.

Teddi is only nineteen, and goes to Princeton (on my dime) and only comes home on vacations.

Last Christmas, Teddi inserted a ring in my urethra, a nasty metal thing and it allows urination but not orgasms. Teddi sis an adorable chestnut haired minx and I love her dearly, but she is a handful.

Teddi has long mandated that she will only take out my urethral ring out when she comes home for breaks, about four times a year. (She summers in New Jersey, too) and if I want out of the ring for orgasm purposes I have to please Auntie Theo.

Theo sends pictures and reports of my progress, and then when Teddi’s back, I can jerk off on her toes! Whee!

So, when Theo peeked out of her apartment last night with a full glass of Alston’s backed up, vile semen, I knew I had to drink the whole thing.

“Normally I fill an ice cube tray with Alston’s monthly ejaculate” Theo went on breezily, “You know that, Burr, as you’ve been down to suck on them with Alston Starzbet Giriş now and then when you watch Bulls games.

But when I heard you were coming down the hall, I decided to let Alstie jack himself twice in a row, since he’s that horny. I seriously considered having you suck him off…you’d like his Willy! Oh, don’t make a face, Burr!”

I thought of Alston, who was probably kneeling with a sounding iron in his pee hole and a metal anal intruder up the back…he must have been so damn grateful for two cums in a row, and now it would be going down my hatch.

“It really looks like a lot” I said, viewing the contents suspiciously.

“Well, I had some semen saved from old Mr. Chase, who lives in the next building [yes, I own that one, too] Mrs. C gave me her husband’s chastity key on her deathbed.”

Theo laughed nastily, sounding like Jeff Green’s wife Susie on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” I thought of old, disgusting Mr. Chase.

And then Theo continued ” So Mr. comes here to clean our place under my whip and then, if it’s sparkles, I let him go down on me, and then I unlock him. I give the old geezer a long teasing with my French manicure, and when he gets super excited…”

Usually I have Alstie suck him off, but Alston did have strep recently, so I had Mr. Chase jack into a glass, so you have the benefit of both men’s sperm, lucky you, Burr!”

She leaned down and flicked the end of my cock with her French tips and then gave the ring a nasty twitch.

“And there’s so much there, you can have a nice swallow. Don’t choke! And you’d better do it quick or I will shoot Teddi a text and she won’t even come home for her spring break and you will be backed up cum-wise for months, Burr!”

I knew there was a chance that Teddi would be tempted not to come home. She has begun dating a fire chief who lives quite close to where she lives in Princeton-Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Apparently, Teddi has somehow turned the fire chief into a full time maid for the other firefighters around the firehouse. Firefighters kind of hang out in the firehouse, waiting for the bell to ring…they play pool and watch television, and now big, manly Chief F__ has to sexually service them all, men and women, and wears a similar lingerie set to mine!

Teddi is in love, and so if I made the slightest mistake, she would just stay there. Apparently the Chief has asked her to marry him about five times, although if she split up with him, I am sure the other firefighters would keep him busy, beating his ass and taking unlimited oral from him. I wonder how long it takes the Chief to get out of his lingerie when the siren rings…or does he just put his raincoat on over it?

As I chugged the glass of sperm miserably, Theodosia again took my suffering cock by the urethral ring and neatly ran a needle through the head. She loves playing Pincushion.

“You have to leave this needle in-Lemme put a few more in, on your foreskin, until Rick lets you go tomorrow morning. Burr, stop wincing. It’s not masculine or terribly attractive.”

Theo laughed as I downed the last few droplets of Alston’s repulsive sperm.

“I’d put a metal ball press on you as well, a nice addition but it’s on Alston right now just to show him that although I let him have two jack-offs to maximize the amount of backed up scuzz his buddy Burrows would have to swig, Alston shouldn’t expect further tenderness Starzbet Güncel Giriş from me!”

Theo chuckled again and slammed the door in my face after snatching the glass back. I was lucky in a way that Teddi wasn’t there.

Teddi might have unlocked the evil ring in my pee-hole and added a heavy barbell, maybe a two gauger that would have bounced on the end of my schlong as I continued to plod down the hall in those ill fitting high heels.

Teddi had recently sent me an e-mail with pictures of a ball stretcher that I’m to purchase on her next visit. She is a demonic little thing, but she has huge full lips that she likes to gloss hot pink and perfect 36C honeys…

And Teddi sometimes lets me suck the nipples if I can take 20 from her heated fireplace poker.

I’ve tutored her a bit over e-mail. She is unable to memorize much, and I had the details of the Magna Carta memorized as well as the order of English kings and all the American presidents-I’m also good with formulas and cosines and love the sciences…

But being bright isn’t quite what turns Teddi on, methinks.

Teddi is seriously considering putting me in a Prince Albert piercing but instead of putting rings in the holes of my scrotum and glans just shoving a padlock through the piercing and letting it swing heavily between my legs while she’s back in school.

How I miss that cruelty…

But there are distractions. Further on down the hall in B112 is “Peoria Pumice” who once ran a whorehouse on the West Coast as “Pomona Pumice” and then “Pasadena Pumice” before she itched for the Midwest.

Pumice is a tease denial queen who lives off the generous contributions of the men she holds keys on, the poor chastity belt boys.

Pumice loves dealing with me because she can diddle around with my stiff erection when I drop in, and never give me a release, as that is Teddi’s department when she comes home on vaycay.

Sometimes Pumice’s former fellow California whores, Zuki, Skye and Kyra visit and then all four women strip me down, tease me and have me perform between their legs for hours.

I leave with a stiff cock, the damn ring bouncing at the end, soaked with pre-cum and such numb jaws.

And last night was much of the same. Pumice called me in and her rich curly strawberry blonde mop bounced as she giggled at my tranny regalia.

Pumice’s father, a geologist who named her after the Pumice stone, is apparently a notorious ladyboy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The poor creature has to go out in full drag and suck off cowboy-ish drug dealers and bring the tips back to his cruel older daughter, Flinti…

“So let’s see how Burr’s little boo-boo is doing” Pumice said last night as she pulled my junk out from under my nightie and twisted and tickled the evil ring at the tip.

I watched as she paused to put on a fresh coat of hot pink lip plumper, and gaped at that jiggling cleavage.

“So you’re going to see Rick and be his little faggot queen, are you?”

Pumice rubbed my swelling glans with the flat of her palm, and then tickled the underside of my cock with her sparkly nails and I gasped in acute frustration.

“Teddi hasn’t been home to give you a release in a while has she, my little homo?” Pumice giggled again and her carriage rose and fell majestically.

She has such dexterous fingers!

After my full balls bounced out of there, I went to see Rick, and he put me through it, and all day today I have been uncomfortably sitting on a chair, typing term papers to send to Teddi at school so she will have time to relax…

I’m quite happy, but worry that I’ve lost my mind!

Best, Burr the Boob

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A Tempting Time to Come

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This is my first story, and I will add more. Give your feedback please! It’s all true, but names have been changed.


I laid in bed watching Netflix. He wasn’t going to come over. I had asked. And he said no. But all I could think about was him. It was the last night before I had to leave. It was our last chance for one last adventure. Wasn’t there anyway I could talk him into it?

I jump up and walk across our dorm room over to my roommate, “why won’t he come?! It’s the last chance we have. Doesn’t he know that?”

“You know what? Let’s make him have to come over. He won’t be able to resist!” Amy says as she sits up in bed.

That might work I think to myself. God, I wanted him so bad I would do anything it took. “What do you have in mind?” I inquired.

“Well, if we send him a picture he just can’t resist, then he will have to come running.”

Now, I didn’t know exactly what to say. I had never explicitly done something with only Amy before. Yeah, feriköy escort she’s been around and witnessed quite a lot, even partaken in some of Henry and I’s crazy accounts. But never just the two of us. “Oh what the hell, if it’ll get him to come over, let’s send him something he can’t resist!” I say, considering to myself that I trust Amy enough.

“Perfect!” She says, as we begin to get ready, we strip out of our clothes and underwear and grab our special outfits. Mine consisted of a fishnet design, covering my entire body with built in underwear and bra, although it didn’t cover much. The thin fabric over my breasts sits at just the right spot, covering my nipples from sight, and displaying the underside of my breast.

Amy had an outfit similar to mine, however it was a tube dress of black fishnet material. Underneath she wore a lacy black push-up bra, and black thong.

I scoot over to my desk and sit in front of my mirror, gathering gülbağ escort my long dark hair into a high ponytail which I fasten with a long red ribbon. Next, I apply my regular makeup, with the addition of dark black winged eyeliner, enhancing my golden flecked green eyes. Lastly comes the tube of bright red lip stick. I look over, and see Amy is doing the same.

“So how should we do it this time?” She asks at last.

I pull out our bag of goodies, and grab 3 ropes, an arm sleeve, and Saran Wrap. I grab the post on the corner of my bed which extends above my head. “Well, let’s start here.” I say with a wink.

Amy walks over, and roughly grabs my arms, and I can tell she is as excited as I am. She forces my arms into the arm sleeve, so tight I can barely move my arms at all. She spins me around so my back is on the post, and says with a sly look in her eye, “I think I’ll do it like this”. And looks rope though the arm sleeve, and over the top of kağıthane escort the post onto the first notch. I’m forced to bend my arms at the elbow, and go on my tiptoes, as my arms are raised above my head. I have to admit to myself, I am enjoying this more than I thought I would. And Henry wasn’t even here yet.

Next, she takes one of the ropes, and loops it under my breasts, making them even more pronounced that they were before. She “accidentally” brushes against my nipples many times while tying my torso to the post, looping the rope between my breasts and over them as well. I can’t help it as I feel my nipples harden under my thin fabric. I know she can tell. They become more and more sensitive with every brush, and I have to control myself to keep from groaning.

Next, she takes my left leg, and bends it up at the knee, takes the second rope, and ties my ankle to the base of my bed. I know it looks awkward, and I’m having a hard time standing on the tiptoes of my one leg. But that is her point. Lastly, she grabs the Saran Wrap, and forms a gag of some sorts. She stuffs it in my mouth, and wraps it around my head before I have a chance to protest.

Quickly, she grabs my phone, says “Smile!” snaps a few pictures, and then said “sent! Now let’s see if that gets him over here.”

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